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       curriculum vitae
       Personal information
             Surname / First name          Badinici Alexandru
                             Address       str. Iuliu Maniu nr. 12, ap. 1, Oradea, 410104, BH, Romania
                          Telephone        (+40) 747.79.54.63                                Mobile: (+39) 349-6266207
                               E-mail      madeintransylvania@gmail.com

                          Nationality      Romanian

                        Date of birth      17 April 1973

                              Gender       male

      Desired employment /
         Occupational field

             Work experience
                                Dates      March 2001 - March 2005
       Occupation or position held         Trainer in the Pool of Trainer
Main activities and responsibilities       I planed, ran, facilitated and evaluated as part of international teams training courses in Belgium,
                                           France, Germany, Lithuania, Hungary, Spain on:
                                           Organisational management               Project management
                                           Time management                         Financial management
                                           Communication                           PR and Media
                                           Marketing                               Lobbying and campaigning
                                           New Information Technologies            Group dynamics
                                           Evaluation and assessment               Personal development

  Name and address of employer             European Youth Forum, 120 rue Joseph II, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
       Type of business or sector          training

                                Dates      March 2001 – October 2004
       Occupation or position held         Regional Marketing Coordinator (for Bihor, Arad, Satu Mare counties)
Main activities and responsibilities          Designed and implemented over 30 Internet and telephony campaigns
                                              Coordinated the market research in Western Romania
                                              Managed the company’s public relations with over 600 business and 3.000 residential clients
                                                   o Organised annual business meetings
                                                   o Direct mailing (letters, e-mails, greeting cards)
                                                   o Organised and ran personal tailored business meetings and consultations (in the
                                                       language of the client)
                                                   o Organised need assessment meetings
                                                   o Presented the most appropriate service to business clients
                                                   o Signed Internet service contracts
                                             Prospected new business markets in Bihor county (Salonta, Marghita)
                                             Managed the relations with the local written, audio and video media
                                             Monitored the competition on the regional Internet and telephony market
                                             Managed and presented a weekly 15 minute TV program and a newsletter about the Internet
                                             Wrote a weekly column about Internet in a local newspaper
                                             Participated in sales training courses: Time management, Sales techniques, Negotiation
                                               techniques, Presentation abilities, Advanced sales techniques
  Name and address of employer             Romania Data Systems, Str. Independentei nr. 24, Oradea, 410065, judetul Bihor, Romania
       Type of business or sector          Internet and fix telephony

            Page 1 - Curriculum vitae of
                     Badinici Alexandru
                                Dates      March 2000 - July 2000
       Occupation or position held         Trainee for the Multimedia Unit, Directorate General Education and Culture
Main activities and responsibilities          Assisted national agencies in Central and Eastern Europe
                                              Organised 4 conferences
                                              Wrote reports and press reviews on multimedia
                                              Designed a web page and a CD on multiculturalism
  Name and address of employer             European Commission, 100, Rue Belliard, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
        Type of business or sector         European institutions

                                Dates      February 1995 – October 2004
       Occupation or position held         Steering Board Member, Project Co-ordinator
Main activities and responsibilities             Organised 16 seminars, training courses, international youth exchanges, human right
                                                 Designed and managed Oradea’s virtual guide (www.prinoradea.ro)
                                                 Led a national coalition for the right of conscientious objection of 70 non-governmental
                                                  organisations and 70.000 people
                                                 Hosted and sent over 400 volunteers in summer work camps (short-term voluntary service
                                                 Organised the renovation of the medieval citadel of Oradea (summer 1999)
                                                 Setup an international youth festival (Arte Diem)
                                                 Organised a regional Romanian-Hungarian youth festival in the village of Biharea, Romania
                                                  (August, 2003)
                                                 Managed budgets of over 10.000 Euro
                                                 Established in November 1997 a local branch of the organisation in Oradea, Romania

  Name and address of employer             Youth Action for Peace, 3, Avenue du Parc Royal, 1020 Brussels, Belgium
        Type of business or sector         Non-governmental

     Education and training
                                Dates      October 2004 – September 2005
     Title of qualification awarded        Master degree
                  Principal subjects       Banking and Entrepreneurship
   Name and type of organisation           University of Udine, UniCredit, Conegliano, Milano, Italy
            providing education
Level in international classification      ISCED 5A - field of education code 34

                                Dates      October 1994 - June 1998
     Title of qualification awarded        Four year university degree (Licenta)
                  Principal subjects       European Studies
                                           Research and final paper on international marketing.
   Name and type of organisation           Faculty of European Studies, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj, Romania
            providing education
Level in international classification      ISCED 5A – field of education code 31

                                Dates      October 1992 - June 1997
     Title of qualification awarded        Five year university degree (Licenta)
                  Principal subjects       Marketing
                                           Research and final paper on marketing of bank services.
   Name and type of organisation           Faculty of Economics, Marketing, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj, Romania
            providing education
Level in international classification      ISCED 5A - field of education code 34
            Page 2 - Curriculum vitae of
                     Badinici Alexandru
       Personal skills and

                Mother tongue           Romanian

              Other languages
              Self-assessment                     Understanding                                    Speaking                       Writing
               European level (*)          Listening              Reading          Spoken interaction   Spoken production

                          English              advanced             advanced             advanced              advanced              advanced

                           French              advanced             advanced             advanced              advanced            Intermediate

                            Italian            advanced             advanced             advanced              advanced            Intermediate

                         Spanish               advanced             advanced             advanced              advanced            Intermediate

                      Hungarian                advanced             advanced             Advanced              advanced            Intermediate

                         German                 basic                 basic                basic                 basic                 basic

Social skills and competences                    Team building abilities due to the training I followed and gave out at European level.

                                                 Sharp insight on European heritage, cultures and languages gained through a hands-on-
                                                  experience and research for the book I am writing;

                                                 Good ability to adapt to multicultural environments, gained though my work experience
                                                  abroad (for example at the European Commission);

                                                 Good communication skills gained through my experience in TV, radio, written press and
                                                  as marketing manager. I am able to speak freely and pass clearly a message to different
                                                  target groups. I also specialised in preparing press releases, information materials,
                                                  briefings, updating web pages.

                                                 Disciplined and committed thanks to regular sport trainings (I am practicing martial arts
                                                  since March 2000).

                                                 Sensible and aware of the social responsibility and role of an institution/firm gained
                                                  through my work and volunteering experience.

                                                 Initiative, pro-active and icebreaking approach due to my interest in other people and due
                                                  to my work and sporting experience.

                                                 Network-maker. I always developed networks of outstanding individuals and institutions
                                                  around the world as a consequence of my work and travels abroad.

       Organisational skills and                 Experience in planning, running and evaluating campaigns as a regional marketing
                 competences                      manager and a human right leader both at national and international level.

                                                 Sharp text drafting, reporting and presentation skills acquired through training and work

                                                 Confident with the Internet environment and its applications due to my 4 year work in an
                                                  Internet provider company. I also created and updated 4 different websites.

                                                 Sense of organisation developed from the experience in running press conferences and
                                                  public meetings for both business and non-governmental sector.

                                                 Leadership proven in an international youth association where I established and managed
                                                  a national coalition of 70 organisations and 70.000 people. I was elected for two years in
                                                  the international steering board of the association.

         Page 3 - Curriculum vitae of
                  Badinici Alexandru
                                                   My personal life and professional background have provided me with the opportunity to
                                                    live and work in multicultural environments, where adaptability, flexibility, sense of respect,
                                                    ability to convey a message and capacity to listen to / learn from others were essential
                                                    skills. I am used both to work in teams and to lead a working group.

                                                   As a result of my professional experience, both in Brussels and abroad, I have been able
                                                    to develop certain skills in terms of work planning, dealing with tight deadlines,
                                                    coordination of tasks/ views and sense of initiative.

                                                   I am focused, target oriented and positive.

                                                   Willing to improve knowledge in technical, linguistic, and management fields if needs be

Computer skills and competences            Good command of MS Office tools: Word, Excel, PowerPoint
                                           Good command of Internet tools: Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Opera, Outlook Express,
                                           Microsoft Outlook, Pine
                                           Good command of web page editors: Dreamweaver, Front Page
                                           Basic knowledge of graphic design applications: Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator
                                           Other tools: File Transfer Protocol, data bases
                                           Can manage IT technical problems as they arise.

  Artistic skills and competences                  Journalistic and writing skills. I am currently writing a book on Europe. I also published
                                                   Photography. I did a course on art photography and presented my work through
                                                    exhibitions in Brussels and Timisoara.
                                                   Expertise on Art Nouveau style in Belgium, France, Hungary, Spain, Austria, Italy,
                                                    Romania due to a personal research and photo inventory of major Art Nouveau heritage
                                                    and architects (Otto Wagner, Odon Lechner, Vago brothers)

   Other skills and competences            Swimming and Aikido
                                           Simultaneous translation from Romanian into English/French/Italian/Spanish/Hungarian and from
                                           English/French/Italian/Spanish/Hungarian into Romanian as well as from/to any of the mentioned

                Driving licence(s)         Category B

            Page 4 - Curriculum vitae of
                     Badinici Alexandru

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