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									                                   Community Colleges

1) Capital Community College – - General Education Assessment. - Institutional Assessment Portfolio.

2) Cascadia Community College -
Cascadia Community College is a Vanguard Learning College. The general education
outcomes can be accessed from the public website by clicking on “About Cascadia.” - Learning
Outcomes. - Learning Model.

3) Community College of Baltimore – - General Education Requirements.
This is a Vanguard College. The General Education Requirements can be accessed from the
public website by clicking on “Academics.”

4) Coffeyville Community College - - Site has a thirteen page Assessment of
Student Academic Achievement Plan dated May 2004. Assessment process focuses on critical
thinking and comprehensive skills of graduates. Computer literacy noted in Academic
Achievement guide. In the plan document, there is an assessment time cycle and graph of
responsibilities. Within the next five years, the Assessment Committee hopes to have electronic
portfolios available to each student.

5) Estrella Mountain Community College – - Click on DSAAAC link toward the bottom of
the page. Site has a thirty-eight page Plan for Institutional Effectiveness. Overall Institutional
Effectiveness is measured and defined for each discipline. See page 11 of Institutional Plan
guide. Workforce Readiness is outlined in Academic Plan.

6) Johnson County Community College –
This website has details about General Education Student Learning Outcomes and Rubrics. - General Education Outcomes. - Assessment Process. - Suggested assignment for
Assessment. - Rubrics.

7) Kauai Community College –
This website includes templates for instructional and non-instructional programs, as well as
General Education Outcomes and an assessment concept map. - Assessment of Learning
Practices and Skills. - General Education Outcomes. - Comparison of AS and AA Degree Student
Learning Outcomes - Program Review for Instructional
and Non-Instructional Programs. - Assessment Committee. – Assessment
Resources on the Web. – Assessment Concept Map. - Writing Rubric.

8) Kirkwood Community College -
This is a Vanguard College. -
Learning Outcomes.
Kirkwood has several pages on their website that are dedicated to learning outcomes as well as
a page that accesses their assessment plan. -
Kirkwood’s Assessment Plan
College’s 2002 report “Assessment of Student Academic Achievement Program” which
discusses comprehensive assessment structure that includes assessment in vocational,
transfer, and general education programs.

9) Mesa Community College - - Student Assessment. - Student
Assessment FAQ. - Office of Planning and Research
Mission Statement.
Assessment is defined for the institution on this site and includes Program Review, Workforce
Readiness, Arts and Humanities, Cultural Diversity, Information Literacy. All assessment
comes under the Office of Research and Planning.

10) Middlesex Community College - - Academic Program Review - Academic Program Review - Template - Template - Template - Template
Academic Program Review at Middlesex Community College enables faculty and administrators
to conduct program self-studies in a consistent and systematic manner. Information is
gathered, analyzed, and used to make recommendations to sustain program quality and to
continue program development. Resource allocation and budgetary considerations are
paramount in the review process. Program review recommendations that have been supported
over the past eight years include: additional equipment for labs and classrooms, faculty and
coordinator positions, curricular modifications, and work-based learning experiences.

11) Monroe community college - - Four phases of guidelines for
department/program review are outlined.

12) Moraine Valley Community College –
Moraine Valley is a Vanguard College. - Assessment
Strategies. -
Assessment Committee.
Implementing Assessment of Student Academic Achievement as a Component of the College’s
Institutional Effectiveness outlines steps for department review and the development of a five-
year assessment cycle for all departmental programs. Program review is covered in the “Three-
Year Institutional Effectiveness Plan”.

13) Palomar College -
Palomar is a Vanguard College. - Statement of Principles on Assessment. - Report and Proposal on the Assessment of Learning
at Palomar.

14) Quinsigamond Community College – - Program Effectiveness Portfolios.
Click on “Program Portfolios” to view a portfolio.

15) Rochester Community and Technical College - - Assessment of Student Learning. - Assessment Plan. - Assessment Committee. - Assessment Resources and Highlights. - Assessment of Student Learning Process;
Program/Department Review Process. - An Assessment Glossary.

16) Sinclair Community College - - Program Outcomes Reports. - Learning Outcomes.
Sinclair is a Vanguard College. This website provides resources for conducting assessment
and program review. Includes introduction and history, policies, guiding principles, learning
outcomes and methodologies, institutional methodologies, master syllabi, program outcome
reports from 2000-2004, assessment data, strategic plans, resources, and dictionary of
assessment terms. A search on workforce development brought up related links. Program
review is part of Sinclair Community College's Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP)
Project Plan.

17) Valencia Community College - - Rubrics

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