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Medicines for Passover 20105770 by ldd0229

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									                        Medicines for Passover 2010/5770

This list has been compiled by Rabbi A                 NP     Labello Lip Care
Adler BPharm MRPharms, a practising                    P      Lypsil Lip Balm
pharmacist, in consultation with the                   P      Nivea For Men Active Care
food technologists of the London Beth                  P      Nivea Natural Volume
Din.                                                   P      Nivea SOS
                                                       NP     Numark Lip Balm
General points regarding medication
for Passover:                                          CONSTIPATION
• In general all solid dose tablets and                Products such as Senokot Granules and
capsules are in order for Passover use.                Califig contain actual Chametz and should
Wherever possible, tablets or capsules                 not be kept over Passover.
should be used rather than liquid
preparations. Flavouring may contain                   P      Bisacodyl Tablets
wheat-derived ingredients.                             NP     Boots Compound Syrup of Figs
• Many liquid and chewable preparations                P      Boots Senna Laxative Tablets
contain ingredients such as sorbitol and               NP     Boots Vegetable Laxative Tablets
glucose, which may be wheat derived.                   NP     Califig
This includes sugar free antibiotic liquids            D      Celevac Tablets
• Inedible creams, ointments and inhalers              NP     Co Danthramer Liquid
are all permissible. Avoid those which                 NP     Docusol Paediatric Solution
advertise Chametz ingredients on the                   P      Dulcolax Tablets
packaging (eg Aveeno cream, based on                   D      Duphalac Syrup
oats).                                                 P      Eliminease Powder
• Do not alter any prescribed                          NP     Ex Lax Senna Chocolate
medication without consulting a                        P      Fibresure Powder
doctor.                                                P      Fybogel Mebeverine
                                                       P      Fybogel Sachets Lemon
                                                       P      Fybogel Sachets Orange
    Legend                                             P      Isogel Granules
    D      Dairy & Suitable for                        P      Ispagel Orange
           Passover                                    D      Lactulose Solution
    P      Parev & Suitable for                        NP     Laxoberal Liquid
           Passover                                    NP     Lepicol Powder
    NP     Not suitable for Passover                   P      Lepicol Vegetarian Capsules
    NK     Not Kosher all year round                   P      Manevac Granules
    S      Supervised for Passover                     NP     Movicol Sachets Chocolate
    KLBD Certified for Passover by                     NP     Movicol Sachets Half
           the LBD.                                    P      Movicol Sachets Plain
                                                       P      Movicol Sachets Plain Paediatric
                                                       P      Normacol Granules
                                                       P      Normacol Plus Granules
OVER THE COUNTER MEDICINES                             P      Normax Suspension
                                                       NP     Picolax Sachets
ANTI SMOKING                                           NP     Regulan Sachets
NK    Nicorette Chewing Gum                            NP     Regulose Solution
NP    Nicorette Microtabs                              NP     Senokot Granules
NK    Nicotinell Gum                                   P      Senokot Syrup
NP    Nicotinell Lozenges                              D      Senokot Tablets
NK    Niquitin CQ Gum
NP    Niquitin CQ Lozenges                             COUGHS & COLDS
                                                       NP   Actifed Multiaction Chesty Coughs
CHAPPED LIPS                                           NP   Actifed Multiaction Dry Coughs
P       Chapstick                                      P    Actifed Multiaction Tablets
Excluding grape flavour.                               NP   Beechams All In One Liquid
                                                       P    Beechams All In One Tablets
P         Chapstick Medicated Gel

                                              Page 1
NP   Beechams Cold & Flu Hot                      P    Galpseud Tablets
       Blackcurrant                               NP   Gees Linctus
NP   Beechams Cold & Flu Hot Lemon                NP   Hills Balsam Chesty Cough Liquid
NP   Beechams Cold & Flu Hot Lemon &              NP   Hills Balsam Chesty Cough Liquid
     Honey                                               Children
P    Beechams Flu Plus Caplets                    NP   Hills Balsam Dry Cough Liquid
NP   Beechams Powders                             NP   Hills Balsam Pastilles Chesty
NP   Beechams Powders Tablets                            Cough
NP   Benylin 4Flu Liquid                          NP   Hills Balsam Pastilles Extra Strong
P    Benylin 4Flu Tablets                         NP   Hills Balsam Pastilles Nasal
NP   Benylin Chesty Coughs Non                           Decongestant
     Drowsy Syrup                                 P    Jackson's Little Healers
NP   Benylin Chesty Coughs Original               NP   Lemsip Cold & Flu Sachets
       Syrup                                             Blackcurrant
NP   Benylin Children's Chesty Coughs             NP   Lemsip Cold & Flu Sachets Lemon
       Syrup                                      NP   Lemsip Max All In One Liquid
NP   Benylin Children's Dry Coughs                NP   Lemsip Max All In One Sachets
       Syrup                                             Breathe Easy
NP   Benylin Children's Night Coughs              NP   Lemsip Max All In One Sachets
       Syrup                                             Lemon
NP   Benylin Children's Tickly Coughs             NP   Lemsip Max All In One Sachets
       Syrup                                             Wild Berry & Hot Orange
NP   Benylin Cold & Flu Max Strength              NP   Lemsip Max Cold & Flu Sachets
       Sachets                                         Blackcurrant
P    Benylin Day & Night Tablets                  NP   Lemsip Max Cold & Flu Sachets
NP   Benylin Dry Coughs Blackcurrant                     Breathe Easy
       Syrup                                      NP   Lemsip Max Cold & Flu Sachets
NP   Benylin Dry Coughs Non Drowsy                       Direct
       Syrup                                      NP   Lemsip Max Cold & Flu Sachets
NP   Benylin Dry Coughs Original Syrup                   Lemon
NP   Benylin Mucus Cough Night Syrup              NP   Lemsip Max Flu Sachets Lemon
NP   Benylin Mucus Cough Syrup                    NP   Lemsip Max Sinus Sachets
NP   Benylin Tickly Coughs Non Drowsy             NP   Medised Suspension
       Syrup                                      NP   Meltus Baby Cough Linctus
NK   Bronalin Decongestant                        NP   Meltus Chesty Coughs & Catarrh
NK   Bronalin Dry Cough Syrup                     NP   Meltus Chesty Coughs Congestion
NP   Bronalin Expectorant                         NP   Meltus Chesty Coughs Sugar Free
P    Bronalin Junior                              NP   Meltus Dry Coughs Congestion
NP   Buttercup Syrups                             NP   Meltus Family Chesty Coughs
NP   Cabdrivers Cough Linctus                            Honey & Lemon
P    Care+ Simple Linctus                         NP   Meltus Junior Chesty Coughs
NP   Covonia Catarrh Relief Formula                      Catarrh
NP   Covonia Chesty Cough Mixture                 NP   Meltus Junior Dry Coughs
NP   Covonia Cold & Flu Formula                          Congestion
NP   Covonia Dry & Tickly Cough                   NP   Mucodyne Paediatric Syrup
       Linctus                                    P    Mucodyne Syrup
NP   Covonia Night Time Formula                   NP   Night Nurse Liquid
NP   Covonia Original Bronchial Balsam            P    Nurofen Tablets Cold & Flu
NP   Day Nurse Liquid                             P    Odrik
P    Do Do Chesteeze                              NP   Olbas Pastilles
NP   Expulin Paediatric Linctus                   NP   Olbas Pastilles Blackcurrant
NP   Famel Expectorant                            P    Otrovine Mucron
NP   Famel Original                               NK   Owbridges Chesty Cough Mixture
NP   Fisherman's Friend Honey Syrup               NP   Owbridges Dry Tickly Cough Syrup
P    Galcodine Linctus                            NP   Pavacol D Mixture Sugar Free
P    Galenphol Linctus                            NP   Pulmo Bailly Liquid
P    Galenphol Paediatric Linctus                 NP   Robitussin Liquid
P    Galenphol Strong Linctus                     P    Sinotar
P    Galpseud Linctus                             P    Sinutabs

                                         Page 2
P      Sudafed Compound Tablets                NP      Dioralyte Powder
NP     Sudafed Elixir                          P       Dioralyte Relief
P      Sudafed Non Drowsy                      NP      Electrolade Granules All Flavours
         Decongestant Tablets
P      Sudafed Plus Tablets                    P       Imodium   Capsules
P      Sudafed Tablets                         NK      Imodium   Instant Melts
NP     Tixylix Baby Syrup                      NP      Imodium   Oral Solution
NP     Tixylix Catarrh Syrup                   NP      Imodium   Plus Caplets
NP     Tixylix Chesty Cough Syrup
NP     Tixylix Cough & Cold Syrup              Also for coughs.
NP     Tixylix Day Time Syrup                  NP      J Collis Browne's Mixture
NP     Tixylix Dry Cough Syrup                 NP      J Collis Browne's Tablets
NP     Tixylix Night Time Syrup
NK     Unichem Cough Syrup                     P       Junior KAO C
NP     Uniflu                                  NP      Kaolin & Morphine Mixture
NP     Venos Dry Cough Mixture                 NP      Kaolin Paediatric Suspension
NP     Venos Expectorant Cough Mix             D       Normaloe
NP     Venos Honey & Lemon Syrup               NP      Rehidrat Powder
NK     Vicks Medinite
NK     Vicks Vaposyrup Chesty Cough            GLUCOSE TABLETS & GEL
NK     Vicks Vaposyrup Chesty Cough            NP   Dextro Energy
         Blocked Nose                          P    Glucogel
NK     Vicks Vaposyrup Dry Cough               NP   Lucozade Energy
NK     Vicks Vaposyrup Dry Cough
         Blocked Nose                          HAYFEVER & ALLERGIES
NP     Zinc Defence                            NP   Allerief Syrup
P      Zincomed Tablets                        P    Benadryl Plus
NK     Zubes                                   NP   Benadryl Solution
                                               P    Benadryl Tablets
DENTURE PRODUCTS                               P    Cetirizine
P    Bracemate                                 P    Chlorpheniramine Syrup
P    Cushion Grip                              P    Chlorpheniramine Tablets
P    Dentomycin Gel                            NP   Clarityn Syrup
P    Dentu Créme                               P    Clarityn Tablets
P    Dentuhold                                 P    Daneral SA Tablets
P    Dentural Cleaner                          P    Haymine Tablets
P    Fixodent Fresh                            NP   Hismanal Suspension
P    Fixodent Hygiene                          P    Hismanal Tablets
P    Fixodent Neutral                          NP   Neoclarityn Liquid
P    Fixodent Original                         P    Neoclarityn Tablets
P    Periochip                                 P    Periactin Tablets
P    Poli Grip Super                           NP   Phenergan Elixir
P    Poli Grip Ultra                           P    Phenergan Tablets
P    Poli Grip Ultra Cream                     P    Piriton Syrup
P    Poli Grip Ultra Fresh Cream               P    Piriton Tablets
P    Polident Cream                            P    Tavegil Tablets
P    Sea Bond                                  P    Telfast Tablets
P    Steradent Cream                           P    Vallergan Syrups
P    Steradent Powder                          P    Vallergan Tablets
P    Steradent Tablets                         NP   Zirtek Syrup
P    Ultra Corega                              P    Zirtek Tablets
P    Wernets Powder
                                               HOMEPATHIC PREPARATIONS
DIARRHOEA                                      Due to the large number in the market it
P    Arret Capsules                            is impossible to give information about
NP   Diocalm Dual Action Tablets               individual preparations. However all liquid
P    Diocalm Tablets                           homeopathics are formulated with ethyl
P    Diocalm Ultra Tablets                     alcohol. Many solid homeopathisc are
NP   Dioralyte Effervescent Tablets

                                      Page 3
formulated with lactose. These should be            NP      Milk of Magnesia Tablets
treated as Dairy.                                   NP      Mucogel Suspension
P       Don Harrisson (liquid products)             NP      Pepcid
P       Goulds (Solid & Liquid products)            NP      Pepcid 2 Tablets
D       Nelsons (solid products)                    P       Peptac Liquid
NP      Nelsons (liquid products)                   P       Pepto Bismol Suspension
NP      Weleeda (liquid Products)                   P       Pro Banthine Tablets
                                                    NK      Remegel
INDIGESTION & ULCERS                                NP      Rennie Deflatine
NP    Alka Seltzer Tablets                          NP      Rennie Dual Action Tablets
NP    Altacite Plain Suspension                     NP      Rennie Fruit
NK    Altacite Plus Suspension                      NP      Rennie Ice
NK    Altacite Tablets                              NP      Rennie Liquid Relief
P     Alu Cap                                       NP      Rennie Peppermint
NP    Andrews Antacid Tablets                       NK      Rennie Soft Chews
P     Andrews Liver Salts                           NP      Rennie Spearmint
P     Antepsin Suspension                           NP      Rennie Sugar Free
P     Antepsin Tablets                              NP      Settlers Antacid Tablets
NP    Asilone Gel                                   NP      Slippery Elm Food
NP    Asilone Suspension                            NP      Tagamet Effervescent
NP    Asilone Tablets                               NP      Tagamet Syrup
NP    Benefiber                                     P       Tagamet Tablets
P     Bisodol Extra                                 NP      Thompson Slippery Elm Food
P     Bisodol Indigestion Relief Tablets            NP      Topal Tablets
      Bisodol Tablets                               NP      Tums
P     Braggs Charcoal Tablets                       P       Valoid Tablets
P     Buscopan Tablets                              NP      Windeze Tablets
P     Carbellon Tablets                             P       Zanprol
P     Cytotec Tablets                               NP      Zantac Dispersible Tablets
P     Gastrocote Liquid                             NP      Zantac Syrup
NP    Gastrocote Tablets                            P       Zantac Tablets
NK    Gavilast
P     Gaviscon Liquid Advance Aniseed               INFANT COLIC
P     Gaviscon Liquid Advance                       NP   Asilone Infant Suspension
        Peppermint                                  P    Colief Infant Drops
P     Gaviscon Liquid Aniseed                       P    Dentinox Colic Drops
P     Gaviscon Liquid Cool                          NP   Gaviscon Infant
P     Gaviscon Liquid Double Action                 P    Infacol
P     Gaviscon Liquid Peppermint                    P    Instant Carobel
P     Gaviscon Liquid Peppermint                    NP   Nestargel
        Sachets                                     NP   Nurse Harvey's Gripe Mixture
NP    Gaviscon Tablets Advance                      NP   Woodwards Gripe Water
NP    Gaviscon Tablets Cool
NP    Gaviscon Tablets Double Action                LIQUID FEEDS & DIETARY PRODUCTS
NP    Gaviscon Tablets Extra Lemon                  (For seriously ill patients)
NP    Gaviscon Tablets Extra Peppermint             The products listed here as suitable for
NP    Gaviscon Tablets Lemon                        Passover are free from actual Chametz,
NP    Gaviscon Tablets Peppermint                   though in most cases contain kitniot. It is
P     Kolanticon Gel                                important to use separate vessels for
P     Lanes Charcoal Tablets                        preparing and serving these items on
NP    Maalox Plus Suspension                        Passover.
NP    Maalox Plus Tablets                           Please note that the strawberry,
NP    Maalox Suspension                             blackcurrant and raspberry flavours of
NP    Magnesium Trisilicate Mix                     these products sometimes contain E120,
P     Magnesium Trisilicate Powder                  which is Not Kosher. If they do,
NP    Merbentyl Syrup                               alternative flavours should be used.
NP    Merbentyl Tablets
P     Mil Par                                       D       Alicalm
NP    Milk of Magnesia Liquid                       D       Alitraq

                                           Page 4
P       Aminogran                                 D    Fresubin Protein
NP      Build Up Custard                          D    Generaid Plus
NP      Build Up Hot Chocolate                    D    Infantrini
NP      Build Up Milk Shakes                      D    Introlite
NP      Build Up Original                         NP   Isoleucine
NK      Build Up Soups                            NP   Isosource Energy Fibre
P       Calogen                                   NP   Isosource Junior
P       Calogen Extra                             D    Jevity
NP      Caloreen                                  D    Jevity Plus
NP      Clinutren 1.5                             D    Ketocal
NP      Clinutren Dessert                         P    Liquigen
NP      Clinutren Fruit                           P    Maxijul
NP      Clinutren Iso                             P    Maxijul Super Soluble
NP      Complan Banana                            D    Milupa LPD
NP      Complan Chocolate                         P    Milupa PK2
NP      Complan Original                          P    Milupa PK3
P       Complete Amino Acid Mix                   NP   Modulen IBD
P       Dialamine                                 D    Monogen
D       Diben Drink                               D    Nepro
P       Duocal                                    P    Nutilus
P       Elemental 028 Extra Orange &              P    Nutricia Compact
          Pinapple                                P    Nutricia Pre Op
P       Elemental 028 Extra Summer                D    Nutrini
          Fruits                                  D    Nutrini Energy
P       Elemnetal 028 Extra Grapefruit            NP   Nutrini Multifibre
D       Enrich                                    NP   Nutrini Multifibre Energy
D       Enshake                                   NP   Nutrini Multifibre Low Energy
D       Ensure                                    D    Nutrini Peptisorb
Not chicken flavour.                              D    Nutrison 1000
                                                  D    Nutrison 1200
D       Ensure Plus                               D    Nutrison Concentrated
Flavours containing E120 should be                D    Nutrison Energy
avoided.                                          NP   Nutrison Energy Multifibre
                                                  D    Nutrison Low Sodium
D      Ensure Plus Yoghurt Style                  D    Nutrison MCT
D      Entera                                     NP   Nutrison Multifibre
NP     Entera Fibre Plus                          D    Nutrison Protein Plus
D      Forticare                                  NP   Nutrison Protein Plus Multifibre
NP     Forticreme Complete                        P    Nutrison Soya
D      Fortijuice                                 D    Nutrison Standard
D      Fortimel                                   D    Osmolite
D      Fortini                                    D    Osmolite Plus
NP     Fortini Multi Fibre                        D    Oxepa
D      Fortisip                                   D    Paediasure
D      Fortisip Compact                           NP   Paediasure Fibre
D      Fortisip Extra                             P    Paediatric Seravit
NP     Fortisip Fruit Dessert                     P    Pectigel
NP     Fortisip Multi Fibre                       NK   Pepdite
D      Fortisip Yoghurt Style                     NK   Pepdite Module
D      Frebini                                    P    Peptamen HN
D      Frebini Energy                             P    Peptamen Junior
NP     Frebini Energy Fibre                       P    Peptamen Unflavoured
D      Fresubin 1000                              P    Peptamen Vanilla Cup
D      Fresubin 1200                              D    Peptisorb
P      Fresubin 2Kcal Drink                       D    Perative
D      Fresubin Energy                            NP   Polycal Liquid
NP     Fresubin Energy Fibre                      NP   Polycal Powder
D      Fresubin Original                          P    Polycose
NP     Fresubin Original Fibre                    NP   Pro Cal

                                         Page 5
NP     Pro Cal Shots                                NP   Betadine Gargle & Mouthwash
D      ProMod                                       NP   Biotene Mouthwash
D      ProSure                                      P    Ceplac Disclosing Tablets
D      Protifar                                     NP   Chlorhexidine Mouthwash
P      Provide Extra                                NP   Corsodyl Dental Gel
D      Pulmocare                                    NP   Corsodyl Mouthwash
D      Quick Cal                                    NP   Corsodyl Spray
NP     Reconvan                                     P    Corwin
D      Renilon 7.5                                  NP   Dentyl Mouthwash
P      Resource                                     NP   Dentyl Toothpaste
NP     Resource 2.0 Fibre                           NP   Difflam Oral Rinse & Spray
NP     Resource Benefiber                           NP   Eludril Mouthwash
NP     Resource Dessert Energy                      NP   Eludril Spray
NP     Resource Fruit Flavour Drink                 NP   En-De-Kay Fluodrops
NP     Resource Junior                              NP   En-De-Kay Fluoride Mouth Rinse
NP     Resource Protein                             NK   En-De-Kay Fluotabs 3-6
NP     Resource Shake                               NK   En-De-Kay Fluotabs 6+
NP     Resource Thicken Up                          NP   Fluorigard Dental Rinse
NP     Resource Thickened Drink                     NP   Fluorigard Drops
D      Scandishake Mix                              NP   Fluorigard Tablets
NP     Sondalis 1.5                                 NP   Glandosane
NP     Sondalis Fibre                               NP   Listerine Active Strips
NP     Sondalis Iso                                 NP   Listerine Mouthwash Advanced
NP     Sondalis Junior Liquid                              Tartar Control
NP     Sondalis Junior Powder                       NP   Listerine Mouthwash Cool Citrus
NP     Stresson                                     NP   Listerine Mouthwash Coolmint
D      Suplena                                      NP   Listerine Mouthwash Fresh Burst
D      Supportan                                    P    Listerine Mouthwash Original
D      Survimed                                     NP   Listerine Mouthwash Softmint
D      Tentrini                                            Sensation
P      Tentrini Energy                              NP   Listerine Mouthwash Stay White
NP     Tentrini Energy Multifibre                   NP   Listerine Mouthwash Teeth & Gum
NP     Tentrini Multifibre                                 Defence
P      Thick & Easy                                 NP   Listerine Mouthwash Total Care
D      Two Cal                                      NP   Macleans Mouthwash
NP     Valine                                       NP   Merocet Solution
P      Vita Joule                                   NP   Nigroids
NP     Vita Pro                                     P    Nystan Suspension
P      Vita Quick                                   NP   Odol Mouthspray
P      XP Analogue                                  NP   Odol Mouthwash
P      XP Maxamaid                                  NP   Oral B Disclosing Solution
                                                    P    Oral B Disclosing Tablets
NAUSEA & VOMITING                                   NP   Oral Balance Mouthwash
NP   Avomine Tablets                                P    Oral Medic
NP   Joy Rides Tablets                              NP   Oraldene
NK   Kwells                                         NP   Paradontax Gel
NP   Motilium Suspension                            P    Reach Dental Floss Unflavoured
P    Motilium Tablets                               P    Retardex Oral Rinse
NP   Sea Legs Tablets                               NP   Retardex Oral Spray
P    Serc Tablets                                   NP   Retardex Toothpaste
P    Stemetil Syrup                                 NK   Saliva Orthana
P    Stemetil Tablets                               NP   Salivix
NP   Stugeron Tablets                               NP   Sensodyne Disclosing Tablets
                                                    P    Sensodyne Interdens Dental Floss
ORAL HYGIENE                                        NP   Theramed Liquid
Only supervised Toothpastes should be               KLBD Zohar Toothpaste
used, as other contain ingredients which
may be derived from wheat sources.

                                           Page 6
PAIN KILLERS                                    P      Nurofen Sinus
All painkillers in tablets form are             P      Nurofen Tablets 200mg
permitted. Soluble tablets should be            P      Nurofen Tension Headache
avoided, as they may contain wheat-             NP     Padma 28
derived ingredients.                            P      Panadeine Co
                                                NP     Panadeine Soluble
P      Acupan Tablets                           P      Panadol Actifast Tablets
P      Anadin Extra Soluble                     P      Panadol Extra Soluble
P      Anadin Extra Tablets                     P      Panadol Extra Tablets
P      Anadin Ibuprofen Tablets                 P      Panadol Night Tablets
P      Anadin Max Strength                      NP     Panadol Soluble
P      Anadin Paracetamol                       P      Panadol Tablets
D      Askit Powder                             P      Panadol Ultra Tablets
NP     Aspav Dispersible Tablets                P      Paracetamol & Codeine Tablets
P      Aspirin & Codeine Tablets                P      Paracetamol Plus Caplets
P      Aspirin Non Soluble                      NP     Paracetamol Soluble
P      Aspirin Nu Seals                         P      Paracetamol Tablets
P      Aspirin Soluble                          P      Paraclear Extra Strength
NP     Aspro Clear                              NP     Paraclear Tablets
NP     Aspro Paraclear                          NP     Paracodol Soluble
NP     Brufen Syrup                             P      Paramol Tablets
P      Brufen Tablets                           P      Phensic Tablets
NP     Co Codamol Soluble                       P      Ponstan Forte Tablets
P      Co Codamol Tablets                       P      Propain
P      Codis Tablets                            P      Quinine Bisulphate
NP     Crampex Tablets                          P      Quinine Sulphate
NP     Cuprofen Liquid                          NP     Resolve
P      Cuprofen Max Strangth Tablets            NP     Resolve Extra
P      Cuprofen Plus Tablets                    P      Sainsbury'SParacetamol Caplets
P      Cuprofen Tablets                         NP     Solpadeine Headache Soluble
P      Disprin CV                               P      Solpadeine Headache Tablets
P      Disprin Direct                           P      Solpadeine Max Tablets
P      Disprin Extra                            NP     Solpadeine Plus Soluble
P      Disprin Tablets                          P      Solpadeine Plus Tablets
NP     Feldene Dispersible Tablets              P      Solpadol Caplets
NK     Feldene Melt Tablets                     P      Solpadol Effervescent
P      Feminax Tablets                          NP     Solpadol Tablets
P      Fenopron Tablets                         P      Solpaflex
P      Fever Few                                P      Syndol Tablets
P      Hedex Tablets                            P      Synflex Tablets
P      Ibuprofen Tablets                        P      Tylex Effervescent
P      Imigran Recovery                         P      Veganin Tablets
P      Indomethacin                             P      Voltarol Tablets
NP     Jointace
P      Librofem                                 PAIN KILLERS JUNIOR
P      Migraleve                                NP    Aspro Junior
NP     MST Continus Suspension                  NP    Calpol Fast Melts
P      MST Continus Tablets                     NP    Calpol Infant Sachets
P      Nu Seals Aspirin Tablets                 NP    Calpol Infant Suspension
P      Nurofen Back Pain                        NP    Calpol Six Plus Sachets
P      Nurofen Caplets                          NP    Calpol Six Plus Suspension
P      Nurofen Express Caplets                  NP    Calprofen
P      Nurofen Granules                         P     Disprol Junior Tablets
NP     Nurofen Liquid                           NP    Disprol Suspension
P      Nurofen Long Lasting                     NP    Fenpaed Suspension
NP     Nurofen Meltlets                         NP    Medinol Over 6 Suspension
P      Nurofen Migraine Pain Tablets            NP    Medinol Under 6 Suspension
P      Nurofen Plus Tablets                     NP    Nurofen Syrup Orange
NP     Nurofen Recovery Tablets                 NP    Nurofen Syrup Strawberry

                                       Page 7
NP      Orbifen Oral Suspension                      S    Highfield Multivitamins & Minerals
NP      Paraclear Junior Tablets                            A-Z
                                                     S    Highfield Vitamin B6
SLEEP   REMEDIES & TRANQUILLISERS                    S    Highfield Vitamin C
P       Kalms Sleep Tablets                          S    Highfield Vitamin C &
P       Kalms Tablets                                       Bioflavanoids
NP      Natrasleep                                   S    Highfield Zinc
P       Natures Aid St Johns Wort                    NP   Abidec Drops
P       Nytol                                        NP   Adcal Chewable
D       Nytol Herbal                                 NP   Adcal D3 Chewable
P       Quiet Life                                   NP   Adcal D3 Dissolve
P       Sominex                                      NP   Adios Max Slimming Tablets
                                                     NP   Adios Slimming Tablets
SORE   MOUTHS                                        NP   Ascorbic Acid Tablets
P       Anbesol Adult Stregth Gel                    NP   Becosym Forte Tablets
P       Anbesol Liquid                               NK   Becosym Syrup
P       Blistex Cream                                NP   Becosym Tablets
NP      Bonjela                                      NP   Benerva Tablets
NP      Bonjela Cool                                 NP   Berocca Tablets
P       Cymex                                        NP   Bio Strath Elixir
NP      Daktarin Oral Gel                            NP   Biovital
P       Frador Liquid                                NP   Boots Multivitamin Complete A toZ
NP      Fungilin Lozenges                            NP   Calcia Chewable Tablets
NP      Medigel Gel                                  NP   Calcia Tablets
NK      Medigel Pastilles                            NP   Calcichew D3 Forte Tablets
P       Pyralvex                                     NP   Calcichew D3 Tablets
NP      Rinstead Pastilles                           NP   Calcichew Tablets
NP      Soothagel                                    P    Calcium Ergocalciferol Tablets
NP      Soothake Gel                                 NP   Calcium Sandoz Syrup
NP      Soothake Tincture                            NP   Centrum Performance
                                                     NP   Centrum Select 50+
SORE THROATS                                         NP   Centrum Tablets
Lozenges & Throat Sweets usually contain             NK   Collagen Capsules
ingredients such as glucose, which may be            P    Confiance Tablets
wheat derived and should be avoided.                 NP   Cytacon Liquid
                                                     NP   Cytacon Tablets
TEETHING                                             NP   Dalivit Liquid
P     Anbesol Teething Gel                           NP   Detoxil
D     Ashton & Parsons Infants' Powders              NP   Efalex Liquid
NP    Bonjela Teething Gel                           NP   Effico Tonic
NP    Calgel                                         NP   Ephynal
NP    Dentinox Gel                                   NP   Evening Primrose Oil
NP    Dinnefords Teejel                              NP   Feroglobin Liquid
NP    Teegel Teething Gel                            P    Ferrocontin
                                                     NP   Ferrograd C Tablets
                                                     P    Ferrograd Folic Tablets
                                                     P    Ferrograd Tablets
VITAMINS, MINERALS & HERBAL                          NP   Ferrous Gluconate Tablets
REMEDIES                                             NP   Ferrous Sulphate Tablets
                                                     P    Fersaday Tablets
Many vitamin preparations are derived                NP   Fersamal Syrup
from wheat sources and should be                     P    Fersamal Tablets
avoided over Passover.                               NK   Floradix Liquid
The following are supervised for Passover            NP   Floradix Tablets
by Rabbi Adler:                                      NP   Folic Acid Solution (Rosemont)
Highfield Vitamins (020 8455 1517)                   P    Folic Acid Tablets
S       Highfield Cranberry                          NP   Foresight Vitamins
S       Highfield Folic Acid                         NP   Galfer Syrup

                                            Page 8
NK      Glucosamine & Chondroitin                    NP   Wassen Garlic Tablets
          Tablets                                    NK   Wellman 50+ Tablets
Best avoided but in cases of medical need            NP   Wellman Conception Tablets
a rabbi should be consulted. Glucosamine             NK   Wellman Drink
MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) is an                  NP   Wellman Fizz
alternative which is approved for Pesach             NP   Wellman Original Tablets
and can be obtained in Health Food Shops             NP   Wellman Sport Tablets
and Chemists.                                        NK   Wellman Tricologic Tablets
                                                     NP   Wellwoman 50+ Tablets
P      Glucosamine Tablets                           NK   Wellwoman Active Probiotic
NP     Halycitrol Syrup                                     Tablets
NP     Hofels Garlic Perles                          NP   Wellwoman Fizz
NP     Jaaps Health Salts                            NP   Wellwoman Inner Cleanse Tablets
P      Kay Cee L Liquid                              NK   Wellwoman Tricologic Tablets
NP     Ketovite Liquid                               P    Wild Ocean Kelp
NP     Ketovite Tablets                              NP   Yeast Vite Tablets
NP     Kwai Tablets                                  NP   Yestamin Powder
NP     Life Stream Spirulina
NP     Menopace                                      WOMEN’S HEALTH
NP     Metatone Tonic Original                       P   Aqua Ban
NP     Minadex A,C,D Tablets                         P   Cymalon
NP     Minadex Tonic                                 NP  Cystopurin
NP     MorEPA
NP     Mr Multy Tablets                              PRESCRIPTION ONLY MEDICINES
NP     Niferex Elixir                                P    Abilify
NP     Orovite Tablets                               NP   Abilify Dispersible
NK     Perfectil                                     D    Acarabose
P      Phosphate Sandoz Tablets                      P    Accolate
P      Preconceive Tablets                           P    Accupro
NP     Pregaday Tablets                              P    Accuretic
NP     Pregnacare Tablets                            P    Acepril
NP     Pregnancy Support                             P    Acetazolomide
NP     Pro Plus Tablets                              P    Acezide
NP     Pyridoxine Tablets                            P    Acidex
P      Quest Acidophilus Capsules                    P    Acnamino
NP     Redoxon Chewable Double Action                P    Acomplia
         Vitamin C + Zinc                            P    Actidose
NP     Redoxon Effervescent Double                   P    Actidose Aqua Advance
         Action Vitamin C + Zinc Orange              NP   Actiq
NP     Redoxon Effervescent Vitamin C                P    Actonel
         Blackcurrant                                P    Actos
NP     Redoxon Effervescent Vitamin C                P    Acutane
         Orange                                      P    Adalat
NP     Redoxon Protector Tablets                     P    Adalat Retard
NP     Regina Royal Ginseng                          P    Adartrel
NK     Sanatogen Jelly Vitamins                      P    Adifax
NP     Sanatogen Vital 50                            P    Adipine
NP     Sandocal Tablets                              P    Adizem
NP     Selenium Ace Tablets                          P    Advil
NP     Seven Seas Tonic                              NP   Agenerase
P      Slow Fe Folic Tablets                         P    Akineton
NP     Slow Fe Tablets                               P    Aknemin
NP     Solvazinc Tablets                             P    Aldactide
P      Spatone Iron Plus                             P    Aldactone
P      Spirulana                                     P    Aldomet Tablets
P      Sunerven                                      NP   Alendronate Syrup
NP     Sytron Syrup                                  P    Alendronate Tablets
NP     Vita Fibre Tablets                            P    Alimemazine
NP     Vitamin B Compound Tablets                    P    Alkeran

                                            Page 9
P    Allegron                                      P    Baclofen
P    Allendronic Acid                              P    Bambec
P    Allopurinol                                   P    Baratol
NP   Almogran                                      P    Baycaron
NP   Aloclaire                                     P    Bendroflumethiazide
P    Alophen Tablets                               P    Benzhexol
NP   Alupent Syrup                                 P    Besavar XL
P    Alupent Tablets                               P    Beta Adalat
P    Amantadine                                    P    Beta Cardone
P    Amaryl                                        NP   Betahistine
P    Amias                                         P    Betaloc
P    Amiloride                                     P    Betim
P    Amiloride Solution (Rosemont)                 P    Betnelan
P    Amilospare                                    P    Betnesol
P    Aminophylline                                 P    Bexarotene
P    Amiodarone                                    P    Bezafibrate
P    Amisulpride                                   P    Bezalip
P    Amitryptilene                                 P    Bezalip Mono
P    Amitryptilene Solution (Rosemont)             NP   Biorphen Liquid
P    Amlodipine                                    P    Bisoprolol
P    Amnivent                                      P    Bondronat
P    Amytal                                        P    Bonefos
P    Anafranil                                     P    Bonviva
NP   Anafranil Liquid                              P    Bradilan
P    Androcur                                      P    Brevibloc
P    Anestan                                       P    Brevinor
P    Angitil                                       P    Brexidol
P    Anquil                                        P    Britiazim
P    Anturan                                       P    BritloFex
NP   Anylopin                                      P    Broflex Liquid
P    Anzemet                                       P    Bromcriptine
NP   Apresoline                                    P    Buccastem
P    Aprinox                                       P    Budenofalk
P    Aprovel                                       P    Bumetanide
P    Arava                                         P    Burinex
P    Arcoxia                                       P    Burinex A
P    Aricept                                       P    Burinex K
P    Arimidex                                      P    Buspar
P    Aromasin                                      P    Buspirone
P    Artane                                        P    Cabaser
P    Arthrotec                                     NP   Cacit D3 Effervescent
P    Arythmol                                      NP   Cacit Effervescent
P    Asacol                                        NP   Calceos
P    Asantin Retard                                P    Calciferol
P    Asendis                                       P    Calcium 500
P    Atarax                                        P    Calcium Folinate
P    Atenolol                                      P    Calcium Lactate
P    Ativan                                        P    Calcium Leucovorin
P    Atorvastatin                                  P    Calcium Resonium
P    Atromid-S                                     P    Calcort
P    Avandamet                                     NP   Calfovit D3
P    Avandia                                       NK   Cam Syrup
P    Avelox                                        P    Camcolit
P    Avlocor                                       P    Campral EC
P    Avodart                                       P    Candersartan
P    Axid Capsules                                 P    Cantil
P    Azathioprine                                  P    Capecitabine
P    Azelastine                                    P    Capoten
P    Azilect                                       P    Capozide

                                         Page 10
P    Capsuvac                                   P    Co Diovan
P    Capto Co                                   P    Co Dydramol Tablets
P    Captopril                                  P    Co Tenidone
P    Carace                                     P    Codafen
P    Carbamezapine                              P    Codanin
P    Carbimazole                                NP   Codeine Phosphate Suspension
P    Cardene                                    P    Codeine Phosphate Tablets
P    Cardene SR                                 P    Colazide
P    Cardicor                                   P    Colchicine
P    Cardioace                                  P    Colestid Granules
P    Cardiophen XL                              NP   Colestid Granules Orange
P    Cardura                                    P    Colestid Tablets
P    Cardura XL                                 P    Colestyramine Sachets
P    Carisoma                                   P    Colestyramine Tablets
NP   Carnitor Solution                          P    Colofac Liquid
P    Carvedilol Tablets                         P    Colofac MR
P    Casodex                                    P    Colofac Tablets
P    Catapres                                   P    Colomycin Syrup
P    Caved S                                    P    Colomycin Tablets
P    Cedocard                                   P    Combivir
P    Celance                                    P    Competact
P    Celebrex                                   P    Comtess
NP   Celectol                                   P    Concerta
P    Celiprolol                                 P    Concordin
P    Cellcept                                   P    Convulex
P    Celocoxib Tablets                          P    Copegus
P    Celsentri                                  P    Coracten
NP   Centyl K                                   P    Cordarone X
P    Cerazette                                  P    Cordilox
P    Champix                                    P    Corgard
P    Chemdyur                                   P    Cortisyl
P    Chendol                                    P    Coversyl
P    Chenofalk                                  P    Coversyl Plus
P    Chlordiazepoxide                           P    Cozaar
NP   Chlorpromazine Solution                    P    Cozaar Comp
P    Cialis                                     P    Crestor
P    Cilest                                     P    Crixivan
P    Cimetidine                                 P    Cyclizine
P    Cimetidine Solution (Rosemont)             P    Cyclo Progynova
P    Cipralex                                   P    Cyclokapron
P    Cipralex Drops                             P    Cyclophosphamide
NP   Cipramil Drops                             P    Cymbalta
P    Cipramil Tablets                           P    Cymevene
P    Circadin Tablets                           P    Cyprostat
P    Citalopram                                 P    Cysticide
P    Climagest                                  P    Cystrin
P    Climaval                                   P    Dalmane
P    Clinoril                                   P    Danazol
P    Clobezam                                   P    Danol
P    Clomid                                     P    Dantrium
P    Clomipramine                               P    Daonil
P    Clopidogrel                                P    Dapsone
P    Clopixol                                   P    Daraprim
P    Clozaril                                   P    Darifenacin
P    Co Amilofruse                              P    DDAVP
P    Co Amilozide                               NK   DDAVP Melts
P    Co Aprovel                                 P    De Nol Tablets
P    Co Atenolol                                P    Declinax
P    Co Codaprin                                P    Delta Cortril

                                      Page 11
NP   Denivit                                     P    Dostinex
P    Depakote                                    P    Dothiepin
P    Depixol                                     P    Doxazosin
P    Deseril                                     NP   Doxycycline Capsules
NK   Desmomelt                                   P    Doxycycline Dispersible Tablets
P    Desmopressin                                P    Dromadol
P    Desmotabs                                   P    Duodopa Gel
P    Destolit                                    P    Duphaston
NP   Detrunorm                                   P    Dutonin
P    Detrunorm XL                                P    Dyazide
P    Detrusitol                                  NK   Dyspamet Suspension
P    Dexamethasone                               P    Dytac
P    Dexedrine                                   P    Dytide
NK   DF118 Elixir                                P    Ebixa
P    DF118 Tablets                               NP   Ebixa Drops
P    DHC Continus                                P    Edronax
P    Diamicron                                   P    Efexor
P    Diamorphine Hydrochloride                   P    Efexor XL
P    Diamox                                      NP   Effercitrate Granules
P    Diamox SR                                   NP   Effercitrate Tablets
P    Dianette                                    P    Elantan
P    Diazepam                                    P    Elantan LA
P    Dibenyline                                  P    Eldepryl
P    Diclofenac                                  P    Eldepryl Syrup
P    Dicloflex                                   P    Elleste Duet
P    Diclomax Retard                             P    Elleste Solo
P    Diclovol                                    P    Eltroxin
NP   Diconal                                     P    Emcor
NP   Dicynene                                    P    Emend
P    Didronel                                    P    Emeside Capsules
NP   Didronel PMO                                P    Emeside Syrup
P    Digoxin Elixir                              P    Emflex
P    Digoxin Tablets                             P    Emselex
P    Dihydrocodeine Continus Tablets             P    Enalapril
NK   Dihydrocodeine Elixir                       P    Endoxana
P    Dihydrocodeine Tablets                      P    Entacapone
P    Diloxanide                                  P    Enterotabs
P    Diltiazem                                   P    Entocort
P    Dilzem                                      P    Epanutin
P    Diovan                                      P    Epanutin Infatabs
P    Diphenoxylate                               NP   Epanutin Suspension
P    Dipyridamole                                P    Ephedrine
P    Dipyridamole Suspension                     P    Epilim
       (Rosemont)                                P    Epilim Chrono
P    Disipal                                     NP   Epilim Liquid
P    Distamine                                   P    Epivir
P    Ditropan                                    P    Equasym
NK   Ditropan Elixir                             P    Erbitux
P    Ditropan XL                                 P    Erycen
P    Diumide K                                   P    Esmeron
NP   Diurexan                                    P    Estracyt
P    Dixarit                                     NP   Ethambutol
P    Dolasetron                                  P    Ethinyl Oestradiol
P    Dolmatil                                    P    Ethmozine
P    Dolobid                                     P    Eucardic
NP   Domperidone Suspension                      P    Eudemine
P    Domperidone Tablets                         P    Evista
NP   Dopram                                      P    Exelon
P    Doralese                                    P    Exelon Solution

                                       Page 12
P    Ezetrol                                      P    Gopten
P    Famotidine                                   P    Haldol
P    Famvir                                       P    Haloperidol
P    Fansidar                                     P    Harmogen
P    Fareston                                     NP   Heminevrin
P    Farlutal                                     NP   Heminevrin Syrup
P    Fasygin                                      P    Hexopal
P    Faverin                                      P    Hexopal Forte
P    Felodipine                                   P    Hiprex
P    Femapak                                      P    Histryl
P    Femodene                                     P    Hydergine
P    Femodette                                    NP   Hydralazine
P    Femoston                                     P    Hydrea
P    Femseven                                     P    Hydrocortone
P    Femtab                                       P    Hygroton
P    Femulen                                      P    Hypovase
P    Fenbufen                                     P    Hytrin
P    Fentazin                                     NP   Idrolax
P    Feprapax                                     P    Ikorel Tablets
P    Flecainide                                   P    Imdur
NP   Fleet Phospho Soda Oral Solution             P    Imipramine
P    Flexin                                       NP   Immunace
P    Flexotard                                    NP   Immunovir
P    Flomaxtra                                    P    Imuran
P    Florinef                                     P    Indapamide
P    Fluanxol                                     P    Inderal LA
P    Fluconazole                                  P    Indivina
P    Fludara                                      P    Indocid
P    Fluouracil                                   P    Indoramin
P    Fluoxetine                                   P    Inegy
P    Flupentixol Tablets                          P    Innovace
P    Flurbiprofen                                 P    Innozide
P    Flutamide                                    P    Inovelon Tablets
P    Fluvoxamine                                  P    Inspra
NP   Fort E Vite                                  P    Invirase
P    Fosamax                                      P    Ionamin
P    Fosavance                                    NP   Ismelin
P    Frisium                                      P    Ismo 10
P    Froben                                       P    Ismo 20
P    Fru Co                                       NP   Ismo Retard
P    Frumil                                       P    Isocarboxazide
P    Frusene                                      P    Isoket
P    Frusol Solution                              P    Isoket Retard
P    Furosemide                                   P    Isoniazid
P    Gabapentin Tablets                           P    Isosorbide Dinitrate
P    Gabitril                                     P    Isosorbide Mononitrate
P    Gamanil                                      P    Isotard XL
P    Gastrobid                                    P    Istin
P    Gelclair                                     P    Ivabradine
P    GemFibrozil                                  P    Januvia
P    Givitol                                      NP   Kaletra
P    Glibenclamide                                P    Kalspare
P    Glibenese                                    P    Kalten
P    Gliclazide                                   P    Kapake
P    Glipizide                                    NP   Kapake Effervescent
P    Glucobay                                     P    Kemadrin
P    Glucophage                                   P    Keppra
NP   Glyceryl Trinitrate                          NK   Keppra Oral Solution
P    Glytrin Spray                                P    Keral

                                        Page 13
P    Ketocid                                  P    Lormetazepam
P    Ketoprofen                               NP   Loron
P    Kinidin                                  P    Losartan
P    Kivexa                                   P    Losec
P    Klean Prep Sachets                       NP   Luborant
P    Kliofem                                  P    Lustral
P    Kliovance                                P    Lyrica
NK   Konakion                                 P    Lyrinel XL Tablets
P    Konsyl                                   P    Lysovir
P    Kytril                                   P    Madopar
P    Labetalol                                P    Madopar Dispersible Tablets
P    Lamictal                                 P    Malarone
P    Lamictal Dispersible Tablets             P    Manerix
P    Lamisil                                  P    Marevan
P    Lamisil Once                             P    Marvelon
P    Lamotrigine                              P    Maxolon Syrup
P    Lamprene                                 P    Maxolon Tablets
P    Lanoxin                                  P    Maxtrex
P    Lanoxin PG Elixir                        P    Mebeverine
P    Lansoprazole                             P    Medikinet Tablets
P    Lanvis                                   P    Medrone
P    Lariam                                   P    Megace
P    Lasikal                                  P    Melatonin
P    Lasilactone                              P    Meloxicam
NP   Lasix Paediatric Liquid                  P    Menadiol
P    Lasoride                                 P    Meprobromate
P    Lederfen Capsules                        P    Meptid
P    Lederfen Tablets                         P    Mercaptopurine Tablets
P    Lescol                                   P    Mercilon
P    Leukeran                                 P    Mesalazine
P    Levitra                                  P    Mestinon
P    Levodopa                                 P    Metenix 5
P    Levonelle                                P    Metformin
P    Levonelle One Step                       P    Methadone
P    Levothyroxine                            P    Methadone Mixture Liquid
NP   Lexpec Solution                          P    Methionine
P    Librium                                  P    Methotrexate
P    Lingraine                                P    Methyldopa
NP   Lioresal Liquid                          P    Metoclopramide
NP   Lioresal Tablets                         P    Metopirone
P    Lipantil                                 P    Metoprolol
P    Lipitor                                  P    Metyrapone
P    Lipostat                                 P    Mexetil
P    Lisinopril                               P    Mianserin
P    Liskonum                                 NP   Micardis
P    Livial                                   NP   Micardis Plus
P    Lodine                                   P    Microgynon 30
P    Loestrin                                 P    Microgynon ED
P    Lofepramine                              P    Micronor
NP   Lofepramine Syrup                        NP   Microval
P    Lofexadine                               P    Midamor
P    Logynon                                  P    Mifegyne
P    Lomotil                                  P    Mimpara
P    Loniten                                  P    Minocycline
P    Loperamide                               NP   Minodiab
P    Lopid                                    P    Mintec
P    Lopressor                                P    Mintezol
P    Loratadine                               P    Minulet
P    Lorazepam                                NP   Mirapexin

                                    Page 14
P    Miraxid                            P    Neulactil Forte Syrup
P    Mirtazapine                        P    Neurontin
P    Mistamine                          P    Nexium
P    Mizolastine                        P    Niaspan
P    Mizollen                           P    Nicef
P    Mobic                              P    Nicorandil Tablets
P    Mobiflex                           P    Nicotinamide
P    Modafinil                          P    Nifedipine
P    Modalim                            P    Nifensar XL
P    Moditen                            P    Nimodipine
P    Moducren                           P    Nimotop
P    Moduret                            P    Niopam
P    Moduretic                          P    Nitrazepam
P    Mogadon                            P    Nitrofurantoin
P    Molipaxin                          P    Nitrolingual Spray
NP   Molipaxin Liquid                   P    Nitromin Spray
P    Monit                              P    Nitronal
P    Monocor                            P    Nivaquin Syrup
P    Monomax                            P    Nivemycin
P    Morcap SR                          P    Nizatidire
P    Morphgesic SR                      P    Nizoral
P    Morphine Oral Solution             P    Nizoral Suspension
P    Morphine Tablets                   P    Nolvadex
P    Mortens                            P    Nootropil
P    Motipress                          P    Nootropil Liquid
P    Motrin                             P    Norcuron
NP   Moviprep                           P    Norethisterone
P    MXL Capsules                       P    Norgeston
P    Myambutol                          P    Noriday
P    Mycobutin                          P    Norimin
P    Mynah                              P    Norinyl 1
P    Mysoline                           P    Norprolac
P    Nabilone                           P    Nortryptiline
P    Nabumetone                         P    Norvir
P    Naftidrofuryl                      P    Novonorm
P    Nalorex                            P    Noxafil
P    Napratec                           P    Nozinan
P    Naprosyn                           P    Nutrizym
NP   Naprosyn Suspension                P    Nuvelle
P    Naproxen                           P    Nuvelle Continuous Tablets
P    Naproxen EC                        NP   Nystatin Solution (Rosemont)
NP   Nardil                             P    Olanzapine Tablets
P    Naritriptan                        NP   Olbetam
NP   Natecal D3                         P    Omeprazole
P    Natrilix                           P    One Alpha Capsules
P    Natulan                            NP   One Alpha Drops
P    Navelbine                          P    Opilon
NP   Navidrex Tablets                   P    Opizone
NP   Navispare Tablets                  P    Optimax
P    Navoban                            P    Orap
P    Nebilet                            P    Orelox
P    Neo Mercazole                      NP   Orgalutran
P    Neo Naclex                         P    Orgaran
P    Neocon                             P    Orlistat
P    Neogest                            P    Oruvail
P    Neomercazole                       P    Ovestin
P    Neostigmine                        P    Ovex
P    Neotigason                         P    Ovranette
P    Neulactil                          P    Ovysmen

                              Page 15
P    Oxazepam                                     P    Pripsen Sachets
P    Oxbutynin                                    NP   Pripsen Tablets
P    Oxprenolol                                   P    Pro Viron
P    Oxycontin                                    NP   Procarbazine
P    Oxymethalone                                 P    Prochlorperazine
P    Oxynorm                                      P    Procoralan
P    Oxynorm Liquid                               P    Procyclidine
P    Palladone                                    P    Progynova
P    Paludrine                                    NP   Promazine Syrup
P    Pancrease                                    P    Prondol
P    Pancrex                                      P    Propecia
NP   Pariet                                       P    Propylthiouracil
P    Parlodel                                     P    Proscar
P    Paroven                                      NP   Protelos
P    Paroxetene                                   P    Prothiaden
P    Pentasa                                      NP   Protium
P    Pentasa Sachets                              P    Provera
P    Pentazocine                                  P    Provgil
P    Perdix                                       P    Prozac
P    Perindropil                                  P    Pure Synergy
P    Periostat                                    P    Puri Nethol
P    Persantin                                    P    Pylorid
P    Persantin Retard                             P    Questran Sachets
P    Pertofran                                    P    Questran Sachets Light
P    Pethidine                                    P    Ramipril
P    Phenobarbitone                               P    Ranitidine
P    Phenoxymethyl Penicillin Tablets             D    Ranitidine Effervescent
P    Phenytoin                                    NP   Ranitidine Solution (Rosemont)
P    Phyllocontin Continus Tablets                P    Rapilysin
P    Phyllocontin Paediatric Tablets              P    Rasilez
P    Physiotens                                   P    Razoxane
NP   Pindolol                                     P    Rebetol Capsules
P    Pioglitazone                                 NP   Rebetol Oral Solution
P    Piroxicam                                    P    Reductil Capsules
P    Pizotifen                                    P    Refolinol
P    Plaquenil                                    NP   Regurin
P    Plavix                                       P    Relifex Tablets
P    Plendil                                      P    Relpax
P    Popranalol                                   P    Remedeine
P    Potaba Capsules                              P    Reminyl
P    Pravastatin                                  P    Reminyl Liquid
P    Praxilene                                    P    Reminyl XL
P    Praziquantel                                 P    Renagel
P    Prazosin                                     P    Requip
P    Prednisolone EC Tablets                      P    Resonium A
P    Prednisolone Soluble                         P    Restandol
P    Prednisolone Tablets                         P    Retrovir
P    Prednisone                                   NP   Retrovir Syrup
P    Pregabalin                                   P    Revatio
NP   Pregnyl                                      P    Rheumatac Retard
P    Premarin                                     P    Ridaura
P    Premique                                     P    Rimonabant
NP   Prempak C                                    P    Risperidal Quicklets
P    Prescal                                      P    Risperidal Solution
P    Preservex                                    P    Risperidone
P    Prestim                                      NP   Ritalin Tablets
P    Priadel Liquid                               P    Rivotril
P    Priadel Tablets                              NP   Roaccutane
P    Primolut N                                   P    Robaxin

                                        Page 16
P    Robaxisal Forte                  P    Stelazine
P    Rocaltrol                        P    Stilnoct
P    Rohypnol                         P    Strattera
P    Ronicol                          P    Suboxone
P    Ropinerol                        NP   Subutex
P    Rosuvastatin Tablets             P    Sulfinpyrazone
P    Rovamycin                        P    Sulphasalazine
P    Rowachol                         P    Sulpiride
P    Rowatinex                        P    Sulpitil
P    Rythmodan                        P    Sulpor Solution
P    Sabril                           P    Supralip
P    Sabril Sachets                   P    Surgam Tablets
P    Salbutamol                       NP   Surmontil Tablets
P    Salofalk                         P    Suscard
P    Sandimmun                        D    Suscard Buccal
P    Sando K                          P    Sustac
P    Sebivo                           P    Sustanon
P    Seconal                          P    Sustiva
P    Sectral                          P    Sutent
P    Securon                          P    Symmetrel
P    Selegeline                       NP   Symmetrel Syrup
P    Selexid                          P    Synphase
P    Serdolect                        P    Syprol Solution
P    Serenace                         P    Syscor
P    Serenace Liquid                  P    Tambocor
P    Serophene                        P    Tamiflu
P    Seroquel                         NP   Tamiflu Suspension
P    Seroxat                          P    Tamoxifen
NP   Seroxat Liquid                   P    Tamsulosin
P    Sertraline                       P    Tanatril
P    Sevredol                         P    Tarceva
P    Sildefanil                       P    Targretin
P    Simvastatin                      P    Tarivid
P    Sinemet                          P    Tarka
P    Singulair                        P    Tasmar
NP   Singulair Chewable               P    Tavanic
P    Sinthrome                        P    Tegretol
P    Sitagliptin                      NP   Tegretol Chewtabs
P    Skelid                           NP   Tegretol Liquid
P    Slofenac SR                      P    Tegretol Retard
P    Slow K                           P    Telzir
P    Slozem                           P    Temazepam
P    Sodium Amytal                    NK   Temazepam Elixir
P    Sodium Slow                      NP   Temegesic Sublingual Tablets
P    Sodium Valproate                 P    Temodal
P    Solian                           P    Tenben
P    Solian Liquid                    P    Tenif
P    Somnite Suspension               P    Tenoret
P    Sonata                           P    Tenoretic
NP   Soneryl Tablets                  P    Tenormin
P    Sotacor                          NP   Tenormin Suspension
P    Sotalol                          P    Tenoxicam
NP   Spiroctan Tablets                P    Tensipine
P    Spironolactone                   P    Terazosin
P    Sporanox                         P    Terbinafine
P    Stalevo                          P    Teronac
P    Staril                           P    Tertroxin
P    Starlix                          P    Tetrabenazine
P    Staveno                          P    Teveten

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P    Thioridazine                    P    Vermox Suspension
P    Thyroxine                       P    Vermox Tablets
P    Tiagabine                       P    Vertab SR
P    Ticlid                          P    Vesanoid
P    Tildiem                         P    Vesicare
P    Tildiem Retard                  P    VFend
P    Tizanidine                      P    Viagra
P    Tolbutamide                     P    Viazem
P    Topamax                         P    Videx
P    Toradol                         P    Vigabatrin
P    Torecan                         NP   Vigranon B Liquid
P    Torem                           P    Viracept
P    Toremifine                      NP   Viracept Powder
P    Toviaz Tablets                  P    Viraferone
P    Tramacet                        P    Viridal
P    Tramadol                        P    Viskaldix
P    Tramadol Solution               NP   Visken
P    Tramadol SR Tablets             P    Volsaid
P    Trandate                        P    Voltarol Rapid Tablets
P    Tranexamic Acid                 P    Voltarol Retard Tablets
P    Trasicor                        P    Warfarin
P    Trasicor Slow                   P    Welldorm
P    Trasidrex                       NP   Welldorm Elixir
P    Trasylol                        P    Wellvone Suspension
P    Trazadone Tablets               P    Wellvone Tablets
P    Trental                         P    Xanax
P    Triadene                        P    Xatral
P    Tridestra                       P    Xatral XL Tablets
NP   Trileptal                       P    Xeloda
P    Trinordiol                      P    Xenical
P    Trinovum                        P    Xyzal
P    Triperidol                      P    Yasmin
P    Triptafen                       P    Yentreve
P    Trisequens                      P    Yutopar
P    Tritace                         P    Zamadol
P    Trizivir                        NP   Zanaflex
P    Ucerax                          P    Zanidip
P    Uftoral                         P    Zavedos
P    Ultrogestan                     P    Zeffix
P    Univer                          P    Zelapar
P    Urdox                           P    Zemtard
P    Urispas                         P    Zestoretic
P    Uromitexan                      P    Zestril
P    Ursofalk                        P    Ziagen
NK   Ursofalk Suspension             NP   Ziagen Solution
P    Ursogal                         P    Zileze
P    Utinor                          P    Zimbacol XL
P    Utovlan                         NP   Zimovane
P    Vagifem                         NP   Zispin Soluble
P    Valcyte                         P    Zocor
P    Valdoxan                        P    Zocor Heart Pro
P    Valsartan Capsules              P    Zofran
P    Valtrex                         NP   Zofran Liquid
P    Vardenafil                      NK   Zofran Melts
P    Vascardin                       NP   Zoleptil
P    Vascase                         P    Zolpidem
P    Venlafaxine                     NP   Zolvera Solution
P    Vepesid                         P    Zomorph
P    Verapamil                       P    Zonegran Capsules

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NP      Zopiclone                                        P    Co Trimoxazole Tablets
P       Zoton                                            P    Dalacin C Capsules
NP      Zoton Fastabs                                    P    Diflucan Capsules
P       Zoton Suspension                                 P    Diflucan Suspension
P       Zumenon                                          P    Distaclor Capsules
P       Zyban                                            P    Distaclor Suspension
P       Zydol                                            P    Doxycycline Tablets
P       Zydol Soluble                                    P    Erymax Capsules
P       Zyloric                                          P    Erythrocin Tablets
P       Zyprexa                                          NP   Erythromycin Granules
NP      Zyprexa Velotabs                                 NP   Erythromycin Granules Sugar Free
P       Zyvox                                            NP   Erythromycin Suspension Sugar
NP      Zyvox Suspension                                        Free
                                                         P    Erythromycin Suspensions
ANTIBIOTICS                                              P    Erythromycin Tablets
All antibiotics in tablet and capsule form               NP   Erythroped Forte Granules
are permitted. Sugar free varieties of                   P    Erythroped Granules
liquid antibiotics should be avoided. If a               NP   Erythroped Granules Sugar Free
doctor prescribes an antibiotic liquid for a             NP   Erythroped Pi Granules
child, try to obtain one sweetened with                  P    Flagyl S Suspension
sucrose rather than sorbitol. You can ask                P    Flagyl Tablets
your pharmacist for advice.                              P    Floxapen Capsules
                                                         P    Floxapen Syrup
NP      Aciclovir Suspension                             P    Floxapen Syrup Forte
P       Aciclovir Tablets                                P    Flucloxacillin Capsules
P       Amoxicillin Capsules                             P    Flucloxacillin Suspension
NP      Amoxicillin Suspension Sugar Free                NP   Fucidin Suspension
P       Amoxicillin Syrup                                P    Fucidin Tablets
P       Amoxil Capsules                                  P    Fulcin Tablets
NP      Amoxil Paediatric Suspension                     NP   Furadantin Suspension
NP      Amoxil Sachets                                   P    Furadantin Tablets
NP      Amoxil Syrup                                     NP   Galenamox Liquid
P       Ampicillin Capsules                              P    Itraconazole Capsules
P       Ampicillin Syrups                                P    Keflex Capsules
NP      Augmentin Dispersible Tablets                    P    Keflex Suspension
NP      Augmentin Suspension                             P    Keflex Tablets
NP      Augmentin Tablets                                P    Klaricid Paediatric Suspension
P       Baxan Suspension                                 NP   Klaricid Suspension
P       Baxan Tablets                                    P    Klaricid Tablets
P       Cefaclor Capsules                                P    Ladropen Capsules
P       Cefaclor Suspension                              P    Macrodantin Capsules
P       Cefalexin Syrup                                  P    Magnapen Capsules
NP      Cefalexin Syrup Sugar Free                       P    Magnapen Syrup
P       Cefalexin Tablets                                NP   Metronidazole Suspension
P       Cephradine Capsules                              P    Metronidazole Tablets
P       Ceporex Capsules                                 P    Minocin MR Tablets
P       Ceporex Syrup                                    NP   Minocin Tablets
P       Ceporex Tablets                                  P    Nystan Oral Syspension
P       Ciprofloxacin Tablets                            P    Oxytetracycline Tablets
NP      Ciproxin Liquid                                  P    Penicillin Syrup
P       Ciproxin Tablets                                 NP   Penicillin Syrup Sugar Free
P       Clarithromycin Capsules                          P    Penicillin Tablets
P       Clarithromycin Suspension                        P    Phenoxymethyl Penicillin Elixir
P       Clarithromycin Tablets                           P    Rifadin Capsules
NP      Co Amoxiclav Suspension                          P    Rifadin Syrup
P       Co Amoxiclav Tablets                             P    Rifater Tablets
P       Co Fluampicil Caspules                           P    Rifinah Tablets
P       Co Fluampicil Liquid                             P    Salazopyrin En Tablets
P       Co Trimoxazole Suspension                        P    Salazopyrin Suspension

                                               Page 19
P      Septrin Adult Suspension                  P     Sumatriptan Tablets
P      Septrin Forte Tablets                     P     Zomig
NP     Septrin Paediatric Suspension             NP    Zomig Rapimelt
P      Septrin Paediatric Tablets
P      Septrin Tablets
P      Suprax Suspension
P      Suprax Tablets                            Legend
P      Tetracycline Tablets                      D      Dairy & Suitable for
P      Tetralysal Capsules                              Passover
NP     Trimethoprim Suspension                   P      Parev & Suitable for
NP     Trimethoprim Tablets                             Passover
NP     Trimopan Suspension                       NP     Not suitable for Passover
P      Trimopan Tablets                          NK     Not Kosher all year round
P      V-Cil-K Capsules
                                                 S      Supervised for Passover
P      V-Cil-K Paediatric Syrup
                                                 KLBD Certified for Passover by
P      V-Cil-K Syrups
                                                        the LBD.
P      V-Cil-K Tablets
P      Vancomycin Capsules
P      Velosef Capsules
P      Velosef Syrup
P      Vibramycin Capsules
NP     Vibramycin D Tablets
P      Zinnat Suspension
P      Zinnat Tablets
P      Zithromax Suspensions
P      Zithromax Tablets
NP     Zovirax Suspension
P      Zovirax Tablets

P    Bricanyl SA Tablets
NK   Bricanyl Syrup
P    Bricanyl Tablets
P    Nuelin SA Tablets
P    Slo Phyllin Capsules
P    Uniphyllin Continus Tablets
P    Ventolin Syrup
P    Volmax Tablets
P    Zaditen Capsules
P    Zaditen Tablets

P    Cafergot
NP   Clotam
P    Clotam Rapid
P    Imigran
P    Imigran Radis
P    Maxalt
NK   Maxalt Melt
P    Midrid
P    Migard
P    Migramax
P    Migravesse Forte
NP   Migril
P    Naramig
P    Paramax Powder
P    Paramax Tablets
NP   Sanomigran Elixir
P    Sanomigran Tablets

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