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									              Hit The Road J.A.C.K. Newsletter
                    September 2005 – Volume 2 Issue 5
                           Created By Kimberly & Jerry Peterson

Articles of Interest
A Brand New Look

   Change - Isn’t that one of the reasons we chose this lifestyle?

An Abundant Supply of Critters

   Will the day ever arrive again when the conversation does not include mice?

Is This A Typical Workamping Experience?

    Being our first experience I am so curious if this happens at all places or are we really at the “Kaibab

Our Monthly Pick
   This month is a fellow Workamper who has taught us just how God had intended us to treat one

Our Favorite Inspirational Quotes
   Here are a few we came across during our adventure thus far.

Jerry’s NASCAR Trivia Corner
   Jerry shares some of his knowledge.

RV Know How
   Black Tank Rinsing
Unfolding Journeys
   So many adventures to share, updating our website and so much more.

Comments, Suggestions and Questions are still very welcomed from our
                              A Brand New Look
This is the perfect time to give our Newsletter a new look since we are getting new
outlooks and brand new attitudes ourselves. By expanding our Newsletter we will be
able to include more stories, a special section that will be all about NASCAR that will
include many trivia facts. Jerry will be contributing most of this information in “Jerry’s
NASCAR Trivia Corner” section. There will also be a section about the many things we
are learning about the RV lifestyle. Even though you will find useful information in many
of the articles throughout our Newsletter the section “RV Know How” will include
exclusive ideas about our newfound RV life. Some of our favorite features will remain
such as “Our Monthly Pick” and “Our Favorite Inspirational Quotes”, we feel both of
theses sections will be around for the lifetime of our newsletter due to the many
wonderful people and things we are coming into contact with on our journeys. Our
“Recipes on the Road” will be revamped and will not be as consistent right now due to
the limitation in our meal making ventures due to our location. Once we get on the road
for the NASCAR tour then we should once again be able to share some of our favorite
recipes using the area’s seasonal favorites in the different places we are visiting at the

For the past few months our Newsletter has been lost in this never never land we have
been in, but now after much research we have found some ways to keep in touch with
the real world out there. Circumstances are still not the best because of our remote
location but we are doing all that we can to get our stories out to you as soon as we are
able to do this. All addresses in our address book prior to August of 2005 were lost so if
you were on our distribution list please re-send us your information so we may continue
to keep in touch with you.

We are truly making many changes in our lives and this is one of the reasons we chose
this lifestyle. The continuous changes, changing jobs, changing scenery, changing
backyards and at times these changes take place daily at others the changes are a bit
more subtle but either way we are really looking forward to doing this for many years and
sharing our stories along the entire way. ☺

                   An Abundant Supply of Critters
Located in a National Forest it is inevitable for critters to be around and that includes
coming into the rooms and our rigs. This caused plenty of havoc for us until we
researched the RV articles for suggestions to take care of this problem. It’s hard to say
which one worked the best because we tried them all and have continued them all even
now. We have dryer sheets scattered around the entire area of our rig even in our bed.
Jerry has filled every tiny little crack or hole with foam and traps are set in the basement
of the rig just in case one gets in. Absolutely no food is kept anywhere below waste
level in the entire place and every bit is put away and not left out. We have two electric
repellent contraptions in the outlets and then last but certainly not least we have “Nasty

What is “Nasty Cat” you may ask? Well, how do I explain this eloquently? First, you
take some used kitty litter and clean out the big clumps and then put the rest into a
plastic baggie. Keep the baggie partially unzipped and put in the basement of your RV.
Just a word of advice and that is to keep the baggies closed while traveling or secured in
a place to avoid spillage. This has been the most effective method of all but of course
there are a few obvious drawbacks to this solution. You will need to know someone
with a cat and willing to give you the stuff because if you have a cat yourself then you
probably do not have a critter problem in the first place. Also, for the first few days you
will notice mouse droppings around the bags, as if it has scared “it” out of them. So far
in this rig we have not seen one inside but we learned after my first experience with a
mouse in our first rig that I am not tolerable at all to these critters. This story I will share
in a future article about our first few nights in the beginning stage of this adventure. It
will include my reactions to mice in our home, apparently a side of me Jerry has never
seen and I hope to never see again. The sight of me standing on the couch screaming
and banging my head on the ceiling was a real shocker to him. He has always thought
of me as a strong-minded, self-sufficient woman but this incident has changed how he
now sees me. ☺

          Is This A Typical Workamping Experience?
Neither of us have ever done seasonal work before so maybe this is the way it is in this
lifestyle. Commitments are very important to us and doing your best while fulfilling this
commitment also ranks high with us but we have noticed that many other people out
here do not feel the same. Since this assignment had begun way back in April we have
encountered many obstacles and a few were real deal breakers but we both hung in
there and at times things are easier but then again most times things have not changed
at all. We have seen people come and expect the best of everything and give nothing
in return. We have encountered whiners who constantly complain about everything but
do nothing to contribute to bettering things. Just a short time ago we actually had a
person set up their camper to begin working the following day and instead called and left
a message that they would not be able to work here after all. Whatever problem they
may have had they never gave anyone an opportunity to even begin to fix it.

Things like this not only put the owners/management in a bind but it really puts a heavier
load on fellow Workampers. In only one season we have seen all sorts of personalities
and we have to admit there have been some really tough times where we could have left
but we know that we will fulfill our commitment. And by doing this we will walk away
with so much more knowledge and the best opportunity that we ever had to work with
some absolutely wonderful people. We have learned so much from many of the people
here and the area has been a real pleasure for us, yes, even with the frigid
temperatures. We know that we will be wintering in Phoenix and now know that our
winter will be much warmer than our entire summer here at the North Rim of the Grand
Canyon but we still wouldn’t have missed or traded any of it for nothing else. ☺

                                Our Monthly Pick
Have you ever met someone that you knew that from that day on they would be a part of
your life and the friendship would continue growing. Well, this is how we feel about a
fellow Workamper we met this season. Not only does she have the same values about
life that we have but she has also taught us so much about the way God intended
people to treat one another. We are here as many of you know without a vehicle and
we have not been sure if we really wanted to get a car or truck depending on if we
choose to tow a trailer or tow our dingy with a bus conversion. Things are up in the air
and we were renting a vehicle for the beginning and that was getting mighty expensive
and that is where Sherry White came into our lives. She opened her heart and for the
entire season has allowed us to use her vehicle to get off the mountain on our days off.
Her giving and sharing does not stop there, she is the most giving person I have ever
met in my life and she does it without thinking about it at all. Her kindness has inspired
us both to become better people and we hope someday soon that it comes natural to us
the way it is with her. ☺

                 Our Favorite Inspirational Quotes
“So many dreams at first seem impossible. And then they seem improbable. And then
    when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.” – Christopher Reeve

            “Nothing is a punishment, everything is a teaching.” – Unknown
                     Jerry’s NASCAR Trivia Corner
Only two drivers in Motorsports history have won both the Indianapolis 500 and the
Daytona 500. Those drivers are A.J. Foyt and Mario Andretti.
It amazes me that all of this trivia comes from his memory and will remain with him for a very long

                                    RV Know How
Try closing your gray tank overnight prior to dumping your black tank. This has been so
beneficial because the extra whoosh helps to clear out any and all materials without
wasting fresh water. It’s still a good idea to rinse with clear water after but it just doesn’t
have to be as long. ☺

                               Unfolding Journey’s
   We are winding down at the Kaibab Lodge and as of now we have nothing lined up.
    Follow us for our progress in finding work and wintering in Phoenix.
   Many more stories of our adventures at the Lodge and the many lessons we have
   Our shortcuts for finding work at all the tracks for our upcoming NASCAR tour to
    begin in February.
   Also, many new updates on our website. Adding a place to share other’s interesting
    websites that we have come across on our adventures and much more.

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The both of us are outgoing, fun, caring and loving people who are open to new
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