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Podcast Notes: EPISODE 4 of 9/11 SYNCHRONICITY released: August 12 2006

Welcome to 9/11 Synchronicity, the podcast designed to strike accord in the public mind and inspire
the American People to exercise their rights and take meaningful action in the search for the Truth
behind the events of September 11 , 2001.

Good morning, good afternoon or good evening to you, whenever you may be listening or re-listening
to this transmission. Today’s program was released by the 8thestate Archives on August 12, 2006 and it
is titled: Episode 4: How to Rise above the Fear by dis-covering History

Thank you for Tuning-In, you’re participating in 9/11 Synchronicity, I am your host, Richard Grove and
you can find additional information on this podcast as well as documentation of topics we discuss
herein, by visiting 8 the state dot com and 911 Synchronicity dot com.

We’ve been really busy the past week, and as I’m sure you’re all aware, so has the Fear Machine that we
work against. We’re going to address how to deal with the exponentially increasing fear campaigns
later on in the discussion with Who Killed John O’Neill producer Ty Rauber, in light of the new Alex
Jones “predictions” of terrorist attacks in the near future.

The opening song was a Public Service Announcement called “the War vs. Us All”, a song inspired
from a letter from Death Row Inmate Mumia Abu Jamal to hip-hop activist Immortal Technique, who set
it free so that we can be, just a little more objective in our thoughts.

I’d like to share my appreciation and thanks for the help we’ve gotten from Antoinette in Southern
California, Cyril in Oakland, Needs. & Mutual Concepts for the song: Time to Act, you can find that on
Myspace and Tom @ Zebra Traffic Records, who distributes Life, a partnership who
will be well chuffed to hear that their waves are being received across America as the closing song
sends us on our way with “Peace Not War” aka here in the states as “Bush and Blair”

I spoke to Adam from for a few hours earlier this week, is a great site for
people who are just beginning- so check it out and consider using it as a tool to refer people to the
basic questions that lead to their awakening and introspection on the matter.

Matt over at the 9/11 News podcast seems to be coming along quickly, and I’ve found that particular
podcast to be the perfect compliment to what I think we all need- a consise update on the 9/11 news
world, without any fear… just the facts.

Speaking of facts, Ty Rauber and I appeared on Jack Blood’s Deadline Live show this past week, and
the interview is posted on both and; and essentially there wasn’t
enough time for us to get the facts out that we think that people need to realize, so I plugged Ty in and
we’ll get to share those facts at the end of this podcast.

We’ve got a lot to cover today, because as the fear escalates, so must our attention and study of these
matters of self-preservation. I’m going to read an article, “World Trade Center wreckage turning up all
over the place” which can be found on on the Jerry Mazza page featuring his prodigious
work and study into the contextual history that brings us all here today.

I’m also going to play a short clip from Dave Emory, who has been researching matters of fascism for
over 30 years now; the clip is pretty old, but very pertinent especially in light of the new streams of fake
fear being doused upon the public mind. Emory’s work is impeccable, though he’s not yet on board
with the 9/11 saga… he simply has been too close to see the forest for the trees, but it’s just a set of
information which he has not consumed- and being the logical researcher that he is- he’ll come around.
Dave has a new podcast on iTunes called: Dave Emory on, you might even want to listen to
his recent podcasts Economics 9/11, because even though he thinks that We’re conspircay nuts for

                           9/11 SYNCHRONICITY PODCAST NOTES                                               1
asking basic questions… he’s close enough to realize that the Saudis are a proxy for anglo-saxon
bankers soon enough.            The Dave Emory mp3 came from Jan Irvin’s archives @ and Jan will be a guest on the program here in the next few
weeks to talk about his recent book, and his study of the drug trade as it affects our politics and
culture, and how it supports the black markets in which our opponents fester and flourish.

There’s also a Mike Malloy clip from Air America, where he recounts the 14 influences of a fascist
society, so that we can see if the comparisons to Bush and Hitler are accurate; I thought that it was
something that everyone should hear, at least once.

We’ve posted the latest Alex Jones “prediction” on under MultiMedia, it’s pretty
interesting as long as you step out of the fear-trap… Ty’s points on that later are words that more
people should consider, as the fear starts to get deeper, we all need to learn how to swim to stay above
it… and I think that we talk about a diverse number of topics which should invoke some Google
searching on your part… it’s a new segment that we may spin off, called Get Smart.

Lastly, I’d like to thank Jeff in Canada for placing a call to Popular Mechanics and sending us the
results… I think that it’s a great example of what people have the power to do, and a great experience
for us all to consider doing more of. Hats off to Jeff in Sault Ste Marie, you’re now officially on a list.

That’s it- from here I’m going to let it fly, this episode is long- but all of the information is important in
context, and I promise that as you grow with the program you will learn something new each time you
re-listen- all it takes is consuming enough quality information to “trip the breaker” in your head, and
from there you just seem to “get it” and it just keeps on coming like a stream of truth. Here’s to
breaking the dam, You’re participating in 9/11 Synchronicity.

([7:42:23 PM] Ty Rauber says: Terrorism plot foiled by British Operation - As many as 18 are arrested on
suspicion of scheming to bow up U.S. Bound Aircraft
[7:42:34 PM] Ty Rauber says: The Register Guard Thursday August 10 )

Well that brings us to that point once again, where you and I go on our separate ways for the next week;
but remember this: you’re growing stronger just by listening- so think what happens when you re-
listen- anyway, thanks for all of the great emails and if you’re a listener who hasn’t emailed yet- give us
a shout and let Lisa and me know about what you think, and what we could be doing to supplement
your journey. Thank you for choosing to Tune in, and for not dropping out. Here’s a little lesson from

(Bush and Blair by Life)

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