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BIG LOW No Tears in Paradise


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‘No Tears in Paradise’
Smoked Recordings (via Munich Distribution Services in the Benelux)
Benelux Release date: January 18, 2005
GENRE: Singer-songwriter/alternative folk
INSTRUMENTS: (Dan Tuffy) songs, stories, acoustic & electric guitars, home-made banjo bass, upright bass, (Marc
Constandse) bandoneon, kora, cajon, drums and various percussion (Michiel Hollanders) dobro & velofoon
HISTORY & FACTS: Big Low released their 1 album ‘Ghost-Hunt Migration’ (Smoked/Munich SR001) in 2001- the
album received stunning reviews. Songwriter Dan Tuffy is currently also the manager/bassist of Balkan improvisation
group Parne Gadje and was a member of Australian psychadelic folk/pop group Wild Pumpkins at Midnight (1986-
1998). Dan has been resident in NDL since 1992. ‘No Tears in Paradise’ is Big Low’s 2 album. A ‘Big Low’ is a
surfing term for an intense low pressure system that generates waves for surfers. Any idiot knows that.
OTHER PROJECTS: members of Parne Gadje also form the line-up of Big Low. Dan and Big Low guitarist Michiel
Hollanders are currently co-producing the new Stuurbaard Bakkerbaard album.

Tell us a story Dan…..

“My music has always been about the past. I rarely write songs about now or tomorrow. I don‟t have anything against
now or tomorrow. I just can‟t write it till it‟s happened, that‟s all. I‟ve got hundreds of stories inside me. I‟ve inherited
them. I don‟t need to go looking for things to write about. Listen, I grew up around cattle stations, rivers and lonely
stretches of coast in a country largely inhabited by ghosts. There are places up the river I‟ve been to where I‟ve heard
dead people speaking to me through the undergrowth. I counted 17 snakes on the hill behind Mackenzie Creek shack
one afternoon. I once saw a man jump from an oil tanker on the horizon into the sea during a tropical lightning storm.
My aboriginal friend Jimmy Thaidy used to rub lizard oil on his legs before we had to run out onto the rugby field to
face the timber-cutting giants of Dorrigo. Stories aplenty – no worries.”

“Most of the songs on ‘No Tears in Paradise’ are semi autobiographical pieces of „faction‟. The opening track
„Afternoon‟ is an old Jonathan Richman tune. I have always loved the zen-like simplicity of this tune and am very
happy that my version sounds so different to his. „At the Parade‟ comes from a re-occurring dream I‟ve had about
travelling in some mad caravan through a sunlit orchard surrounded by serpents. „Ti-Tri Bush Mix‟ is me and my
surfing mate Wil coming back down to the coast after a few weeks working on the inland trail. „We Gunna Die Out
Here‟ recounts the depraved descent into hell that many early Australian explorers had while searching the countries
scorched interior for a mythical inland paradise that didn‟t exist. All they got was dust, flies and pestilence. In fact, I
see uncanny parallels between my life and those early explorer lunatics. All I‟ve got after years in the „outback‟ of the
music business is dust, flies and pestilence as well. I can, however, console myself with the fact that what I‟m singing
is about is real (I‟ve actually been lost in the bush so as far as „We Gunna Die out Here‟ is concerned I know what I‟m
talking about). „Black Snake Story‟ is a conversation with a snake I once had. I might be imagining that but, seriously, I
have talked with snakes: I always say hello if I see one. The last verse of „The Ballad of Edward Fitzgerald‟ is lifted
directly from Edwards‟ gravestone which is out the back of Kunderang Station on the Great Dividing Range – a place
etched in my heart forever.”

“Alles aan dit debut van Big Low klopt…de oorspronkelijkheid schuilt merkwaardig geneog vooral in de percussie, die mooi
gesereered klint als een heimachine in de verte….Tuffy weet de lege einders van zijn geboorteland opmerkelijk dichtbij te halen”
DE VOLKSKRANT – november 2002

“lekker in het gehoor liggende alt.pop, een gekreukelde liedje, filmuziek met een tikketje Morricone, Big Low bestrijkt een breed
spectrum op een prima plaat uit de singer-songwriter/folk sector” OOR – november 2002
“op zomaar een woensdagavond in Merleyn beleef je de betekenis van pure eerlijke muziek. Voor een vergelijk met Big Low mag
je gerust de grote namen uit de kast halen zoals Waits, Dylan of 16 Horsepower maar eigenlijk is het niet nodig want Big Low is
eigen genoeg” PITCH FANZINE – NIJMEGEN october 2003

“een wonderlijke vermengeling van Amerikaanse oerklanken, gepepered met Europese folklore, en nog eens versterkt door het
gebruik van zingende zag, velofoon, kora en andere rariteiten. Met dat instrumentarium kunnen ze liedjes van verlangen zingen,
maar ook opzwepend uitpakken” DE VOLKSKRANT – januari 2005

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