132 — Antiques and The Arts Weekly — June 5, 2009

                        BODNAR'S AUCTION SALES
                                                                     THURSDAY JUNE 11, 2009
                                at the UKRAINIAN CULTURAL CENTER 135 Davidson Ave. Somerset, NJ
                                            PREVIEW: WEDNESDAY 8 P.M. TO 9:30 P.M. - THURSDAY 8:30 A.M.
                                      Box-lots will begin at 9:00 am, Costume Jewelry 12:30 pm, Fine Jewelry 4:00 pm
                              Main Auction of Individual Items 5:30 pm, Hallway Furniture 7:00 pm, Main Sale Furniture 8:30 pm

  Auctioneer's Note: We will be selling an untouched Estate Collection from a doctor's home from North                  Glass, quality Murano glass figurines and paperweights, plus much more!
  Brunswick, NJ. This home is packed with the finest selection of quality glassware, porcelain, jewelry, and fur-       OVER 100 POUNDS OF QUALITY STERLING SILVER!
  niture. Some highlights include a large selection of Waterford crystal including complete stemware set, vases,        Sterling to include; "One of the Best" 7 piece Ornate Victorian Tea Sets with sterling tray, 108 pieces Wal-
  bowls, wall sconces, to tableware, collection of Royal Doulton figurines, collection of Boehm figurines, selec-       lace "Francis I", Coin Silver tea pot signed Benedict circa 1840, Heirloom "Damask Rose", Gorham "Sover-
  tion of quality Stieff pewter, selection of quality silver-plate, over 100 pounds of quality sterling silver, large   eign" set, Tiffany & Co., S. Kirk and Son heavy Repose set, International "Royal Danish" set, Gorham "Mel-
  selection of Karastan Estate rugs, furniture including Willet, Baker, Drexel, Drexel Heritage, American Drew,         rose" set,
  Penn. House, Harden, Stickley, and other signed pieces, a large selection of fine art by well know artists, Dec-      Items of interest to include; A large selection of quality Art including original drawings, pen & inks, oil on
  orative Art items, nice new black ebonized baby grand piano, over 200 pieces of 14k & 18K fine jewelry includ-        boards and canvas, lithographs, and prints including, Horace Mann Livens (1862-1936), Otto Wilhelm Eduard
  ing Tiffany & Co. pins, broaches and watches, Cartier 18K ladies watch, large selection of Omega watches,             Erdmann (1834-1905), Hart Philadelphia, John A. Ruthven, Bruce R. Bleach, Tarkey, over 150+ pieces of qual-
  nice selection of quality sterling silver and costume jewelry, large selection of quality tableware & dinnerware      ity art, large selection of over 1000+ pieces of quality costume & sterling silver jewelry, 200+ pieces of fine
  including Wedgewood Florentine, Lenox set, Coalport Rainbow set, Royal Doulton set, Mason's set, plus other           estate jewelry to be offered with no reserve including Tiffany & Cartier,
  quality tableware! This will be an all-around high quality sale to be offered with no reserves, all fresh to the      COLLECTION OF 300+ MOVIES POSTERS SPANNING 50 YEARS INCLUDING MANY 3-SHEETS!
  market items! See you at the sale!                                                                                    elegant lighting including chandeliers, lamps and sconces, signed Waterford chandelier, Waterford sconces,
  TOKAI BLACK LACQUERED BABY GRAND PIANO SERIAL #52620 IN SHOWROOM CONDITION!                                           pair of figural cut glass lamps, pair of figural bronze lamps, some clocks including Atmos clock, cathedral
  Quality Glassware and Porcelain to include: Wedgewood Florentine, Noritake Barrymore, Syracuse China                  bronze mantel clock, plus others, metal ware including bronzes, inkwells, brass items, toleware, etc., Crafts-
  Apple Blossom, Mason's Charlruse, Royal Doulton Winthrop set, plus other quality dinnerware & tableware,              man ride-on tractor, lawn tools, TV's and appliances, 10+ Estate rugs mostly Karastan, large selection of qual-
  selection of quality figurines including a collection of Boehm bird figurines, Royal Doulton figurines, Goebel fig-   ity pewter items signed Kirk Stieff, Colonial pewter by Boardman, Lunt, etc., one of a kind black & white picto-
  urines, collection of Hummels, Lladro, Nao, Herend birds, Coalport birds and other quality bird figurines, col-       rial of the 1939 World's Fair in a photo album with most of its negatives behind each photo, OVER 1-TON OF
  lection of over 100 pieces of quality Lenox, large collection of Waterford crystal including 100+ pieces of           200+ LOTS OF QUALITY SILVER-PLATED TABLEWARE SPANNING 100 YEARS!
  stemware, LCT Tiffany Art Glass tall vase, quality colored glass and stemware, decanters, some early pieces                                          FOR COMPLETE DETAILS CALL1-866-349-7378
  of cut glass, large selection of quality Victorian glass including opalescent pitcher with glasses, Victorian Art                                      

                                               McMurray Antiques

                                                           Presents our absentee mail/phone bid cataloged auction #40 of
                                                              Patent Medicines, Pills, Tins, Apothecary/Drugstore and Advertising items.
                                                     Closing date: Saturday, June 20th , 10:00 pm EST
                                                                                                  Some of the highlights to include:

 Labeled Patent Medicines: Warners: Large size Log Cabin Extract, Safe Nervine, Safe Remedies Co.,                      Mitchell’s Rheumatic Plasters box, other plasters etc…
 scarce Dr. McLean’s Sarsaparilla, Rare King’s Sarsaparilla Celery & Compound (Pittsburgh), Foley’s Sarsa-              Veterinary: Packages = Nice International Heave Remedy and Medicinal Stock Food Tonic, Seneca Cow
 parilla, Foley’s Kidney Cure, Howe’s Arabian Milk Cure, Moyer’s Cough Cure, Radam’s Microbe Killer, Dr.                Remedy, Superior Condition Powders, Dr. Weare’s Heave Remedy and Worm Expeller boxes, R&R Tonic for
 Miles’ Blood Purifier, Restorative Nervine and Tonic, Dr. Kay’s Renovator, Jaynes Blood & Nerve Tonic,                 Poultry, Baum’s Cream Rock Hoof Packing, Norwood’s Veterinary Kidney Powders, Dr. Korinek’s Lice Powder,
 cobalt blue Odell’s Hair Color Restorer, Stell’s Snake Oil, Lutz’s Stomach Bitters, 4 Log Drakes Plantation            International Louse Killer. Labeled bottles = Norwood’s Veterinary Chill and Fever Drops, Sloan’s Quick Cure,
 Bitters, Dr. Clarke’s Sherry Wine Bitters, Nibol Kidney & Liver Bitters, Kickapoo Cough Syrup and Oil, Dr.             Morris English Stable Liniment, Security Gas Colic Remedy, Royal Gall Remedy, 3 different sized Merchant’s
 Green’s Nervura, Dr. Ayer’s Senopos, Jayne’s Expectorant, Kidd’s Cough Syrup (Pittsburgh), 3 diff. open                Gargling Oils, Dr. Daniels = Wonder Worker Lotion, Cough, Cold, Distemper and Fever Drops, scarce Liquid
 pontiled label only medicines, Sears Roebuck & Co. Angels Oil and more! Most with original boxes!!!!                   Worm Drops. Tins: Morrison’s Stable Salve, small size Newton’s Heave, Cough, Distemper & Indigestion Com-
 Tins: Cough Drops = Unusual Hoadley’s “Our Own” Black Cough Drops, Large & Colorful Menthol & Honey                    pound, Hill’s Quick Healing Powder, Save the Horse Ointment sample tin, Dr. A.C Daniels’ Uderkream,
 (Lyman’s Ltd), Colton’s for Cough & Colds, Geo. E. Sawyer’s Electric Cough Drops. 5 Lb. Hoadley Jamaica                Glover’s Digestive Pills. Rare box for one dozen Hill’s Humane Salve tins with 3 original tins inside. Insect tins:
 Ginger Tablets, 5 Lb. Mellor & Rittenhouse Licorice Lozenge store tin. Tooth Powders: Euthymol (Parke-                 Nice Bull Dog Brand Fly & Insect Powder, Jaynes’ Magic Insect Powder, Worcester Imperial Magic Dust and
 Davis), Dr. Graves w/box, scarce Pande, Luxor sample, 2 diff. Drucker samples, Arnica Tooth Soap, scarce               more!! Advertising: a great Sign from the F. C Sturtevant Co., Hartford, Ct. for Imperial Egg Food, and a scarce
 Sozodont sample bottle w/box etc…Other tins: Walgreen Baby Talc, Taylors Blue Bird sample talc, Jayne’s                porcelain thermometer for Park & Pollard Co. Lay or Bust Feeds, and a Dr. A.C. Daniel’s wood thermometer.
 Expectorant Tablets (Opium), Make-Man Tablets, No-To-Bac, Indian Tobacco Antidote, Confer’s Headache                   Paper & Books: Rare, Hops & Malt Bitters Co. trade card, Almanacs: Shaker, Warners, Kickapoo, Plantation
 Tablets, Ajax Tablets, Magic Regulators, Dr. Hobson’s Eye Salve, Rhodes’ Dandruff Remedy, Belgum Oint-                 Bitters, Dr. Clark Johnson’s, Dr. Fenner’s, Electric & Quackery etc…Scarce booklet for Hood’s Old Sayings,
 ment, Seabury’s Corn Plaster, Scott’s Blood Tablets and Santal Pepsin Capsules tins, Seroco = Dr. Wor-                 Proverbs & Quotations. 1914 Peter VanSchaack Catalogue, Rudolf Drey Apothecary Jar book etc…
 den’s Female Pills, Dr. Hammond’s Nerve & Brain Tablets, Seroco Cure for Tobacco Habit, group lots etc…                Advertising: Signs: Great, Reverse on Glass Hostetter’s Stomach Bitters, Jayne’s Expectorant/Tonic Ver-
 Pills: Kickapoo Herblets, Morrow’s Ked-Ne-Oids, Jaeckel’s Herb Remedy box, Wood Ovals: Moffat’s Veg.                   mifuge (John Adams), Lydia Pinkham’s Tablets, Scarce 1887 Warners Safe Cure Prize Map and Tippecanoe
 Life Pills, Dr. Hibbard’s, Dr. Strong’s, Kingsley’s Iron & Mandrake Pills. Lilly Borozin Toilet Powder can etc…        sign – The Best for Malaria, Tired Feeling, Dr. Hall’s Catarrh Remedy. Unusual, automated Hadacol
 Apothecary: Pair of Hobnail stacking Showglobes, Hanging globe w/wall bracket, Pr. of counter show-                    counter/front window display, 1905 Dr. Caldwell’s Calendar, 1900 & 1918 Hood’s Calendars, Hood’s Sarsapar-
 globes, Nice original Leech Jar, Porcelain “Drugs” jar, Milkglass Apothecary jars, Label Under Glass                   illa “The Auto Race” puzzle w/box, and Rainy Day Puzzle w/box, nice celluloid sign for Queen Louise Cream,
 Apothecary jars including cobalt blue, amber Wyeth, shield label Jars, Great, complete Parke-Davis & Co.               3 different Ayer’s cardboard Die-Cut Counter displays, Rare, 19” tall The Owl Drug Co. Poison display bottle,
 Materia Medica Specimen Case with 288 tins, Wood McCormick’s Homeopathic countertop display cabinet                    Listerine store display bottle, cast iron S.S.S. For the Blood string holder, wood shipping crates and more!!!
 with glass top, Rare, Eastman Capsule Filler w/box, Ideal Capsule Filler w/box, 2 = B&K suppository machines                                                        NEXT AUCTION FALL 2009
 w/box, Johann Schmidt Cachet Apparatus w/box, Wood pill finishers, Tablet Mold, Ceramic Pill Tile, Boxed                                        For a fully illustrated catalog with color pictures send $15.00 to:
 Humphrey’s Homeopathic Specifics case with 35 medicines, lead nipple shields, Phenix Dispensing Tank,                                        McMurray Antiques & Auctions, P.O. Box 393, Kirkwood, N.Y. 13795.
 Quassia Cup etc…                                                                                                                                                 Email:
 Cosmetic: 4 diff. Elysian bottles with nice labels, 4 diff. colorful & graphic complexion powder boxes,                             Phone (607) 775-5972. or Phone/Fax (607) 775-2321 Post auction price list included.
 complete Palmer’s Lotion Soap countertop display box. Nice J. Ellwood Lee Sulphur Torches box,                                                       I am currently accepting quality items for future sales.

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