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									                          NING LIU (NINA)
                     6805 Oak Ave, San Gabriel, CA 91775

OBJECTIVE        Web Design, and Illustration Positions.



EDUCATION        University of Southern California
                 Bachelor of Science, Computer Science (Graduated: May, 2003)
                 Minor in, Multimedia and Creative Technologies

                 Coursework towards major includes:

                     Data Structures                Discrete Methods
                     Software Engineering           Theory of Computation
                     Operating Systems              Translation of Programming Languages
                     Distributed Systems            High-Speed Networking
                     Computer Architecture          Computer protocols
                     Algorithms                     Databases
                     Compiler Design                Media Systems

                 Coursework towards minor includes:

                     Web Designing                  Interactive CD production design
                     Animation                      Graphic Design
                     Filming                        Video/Movie Production
                     Fine Art                       Multimedia
                     3D Imagery

                 *For details on software knowledge, see TECHNICAL PROFICIENCY below.

EMPLOYMENT       Production Coordinator, Jan, 2004 – Present
                 Disc Marketing Inc.
                  Responsible for several web and CD design projects using:
                     Macromedia Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop,
                     Illustrator, Distiller and etc.
                  Management and maintenance of several different websites
                     including writing, editing and posting materials. Ex:
                    Responsible for the editing of clips used in varies DVD projects.
                    Oversaw the production of several different E-CD productions,
                     including quality assurance and design testing.
                    Assisted in the making of several different E-CD projects, and
                     manipulated content provided by the client for final production.

                 Help Desk Technician, AIS – User Support, Jan., 2003 – Dec., 2003
                 Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California
                  Help troubleshoot any software and hardware related issues over the
                    phone. Supported issues include: MS Office tools, MS Outlook
                    Exchange, Miscellaneous Internet applications, computer hardware
                    problems, Internet connection configuration: Ethernet and wireless
                    cards configuration, VPN configuration, etc.
                  Assisted in the design and the production of the Course Management
                    System at the University of Southern California.

                 AIM Intern, AIM (Art In Motion), Jan., 2003 – June, 2003
                 School of Fine Art, University of Southern California
                  Website monitoring and correction using HTML.
                    (may be removed for aim V).
                  Different commercial designs.
                  Converting different type of submitted media entries to the same
                    format. Ex: transfer MiniDV, CD, DVD, VHS Tape to quicktime
                    format DVD.
                  Preparation for Gallery Opening.
                  General office work.

                 Computer Technician, ABBC Tech-Support, May, 2000 – Aug., 2001
                 Health Science Campus, University of Southern California
                  Helped troubleshoot any problem related to Computer, tasks
                    included: hardware, printers, scanners, software (different OS
                    installation and various programs) troubleshooting.
                  Helped set up workgroups, and network printers.

                 Data Entry Assistant, I.P.R., 1999
                 University of Southern California


                 Operating Systems:
                 Windows 9x, ME, 2000, XP, OS 9x and X for Machintosh, UNIX, Linux
                 and DOS.
                 Troubleshooting skills:
                  Extensive experience in the installation and troubleshooting process
                    of different Operating Systems.
                  Extensive experience in the wireless technology, and the
                    software/configuration method involved, such as: VPN client,
                    different wireless utility, and the wireless zero configuration
                    capability of windows XP.
                  Very good understanding of the relationships and compatibility
                    between different hardware.
                  I have listed my knowledge of a wide range of different software
                    packages below.

                 Programming languages:
                  C language                        CGI mechanism
                  C++                               SQL
                  Java                              HTML
                  Cool                              Javascript
                  Lingo                             Assembly

                  MS Office Suite                   Adobe Photoshop
                  Norton Antivirus                  Adobe Illustrator
                  Timbuktu                          Adobe AfterEffect
                  Novell Netware                    Adobe AfterEffect
                  Corel WordPerfect                 Adobe Premiere
                  Director 8.5, 8.0                 SoundForge
                  Flash MX                          Final Cut Pro
                  Dreamweaver MX                    Diff. web browsers

                 Other Knowledge:
                 Filming, footage editing, CD production, Windows Media and
                 QuickTime video codecs, and etc.

LANGUAGES        English and fluent spoken and written mandarin Chinese

MOVIE PROJECTS   The Gathering: This movie is a clay-mation style movie of different
                 kinds of stuffed animals marching to a war. The innocent connotation of
                 the stuffed animals to reflects the uncertainty of human wars.
                  This movie is composed in Final Cut Pro

                 GPS Police: This 30+ seconds piece is an animated short commercial
                 about the use of GPS (Global Positioning System).
                  This commercial is composed in Adobe AfterEffects
             The Search: This short film is an experimental piece that is solely
             composed of still images, and it depicts a man’s journey to find
              This film is composed in iMovie

             Giggle Search Engine: This short commercial reflects the electronical
             traces that each individual leaves on the World Wide Web.
              This commercial is composed in Adobe Premiere

             Feathered: This short film is a short film about a prostitute’s struggle to
             find salvation. However, after her encounter with whom she thought was
             her savior, realized she ended back to where she was.
              This short film is composed in Avid Express

REFERENCES   Available upon request

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