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									                               December 7, 2007
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Council             Indicates items that meet a Council Goal

The LODown Weekly News                                                     December 7, 2007

City Manager’s Office

2007 Unsung Heroes. Since 2001, the City has recognized people in Lake Oswego who
help their neighbors and improve the community without seeking or receiving pay or
recognition. Twenty nine awards have been presented since the program’s inception.
On Tuesday night, the Council brought that total to thirty-two, with the three new
awards for 2007.

Of the seven nominations this year, each has made contributions, all were very
deserving of the award, making the job of our judges very difficult. The eight judges
this year really did their homework in reviewing the nominations. They actively
participated in detailed, thoughtful deliberations.

The 2007 Unsung Heroes are Kirsten Vollan, Erin O’Rourke Meadors, and Bob Guyan.

                 Above: Erin O’Rourke Meadors, Kirsten Vollan, and Bob Guyan.

Kirsten Vollan - Ms. Vollan was selected for her work on the Daffodil Festival.
According to her nomination, “Kirsten’s passion for flowers has led her to become an
advocate for children as well as beautify the City of Lake Oswego.” This year will be
the 5th year of the Daffodil Festival. It began with a group of volunteers introducing the
children and Forest Hills Elementary to daffodils. After the demonstration, the children
planted over 1000 bulbs. Now they have multiplied for all to enjoy. Since then other
schools, buildings, and parks have been planted. Her husband sums it up best, “It is
her love of flowers and the nurturing aspect of providing their joy to children that
maintains her passion.”

Ms. Vollan was nominated by Susan Reinhart.

The LODown Weekly News                                               December 7, 2007

Erin O’Rourke-Meadors - Her nomination said it well, “In a city known for citizen
involvement, Erin is exemplary.” Some of Ms. O’Rourke-Meadors contributions
    • Westlake Homeowner's Association, President (four terms),
    • Forming Westlake Neighborhood Association,
    • Chair City of Lake Oswego Budget Committee,
    • Community Center Committee,
    • Member, League of Women Voters,
    • Member, League of Women Voters Garden Tour,
    • Volunteer Voter Action,
    • Volunteer State Convention,
    • Volunteer Lake Oswego School District Technical Advisory Committee for the
      AIDS Curriculum,
    • LONAC, Member and Land Use Committee Member,
    • Oswego Heritage Historic Home Tour Committee, and
    • City of Lake Oswego Affordable Housing Committee Task Force and Secondary
      Dwelling Unit Working Group.

Ms. O’Rourke-Meadors was nominated by Marylou Colver.

Bob Guyan - Mr. Guyan is recognized for establishing a database of volunteers for the
Library and work in the ACC Computer Learning Center. Some notable service
    • In 1994, Mr. Guyan set up a database of volunteers who gave time to the Lake
      Oswego Library.
    • He is a devoted member of the Lake Oswego Computer Learning Center (CLC)
      at the Adult Community Center. He also set up a database of participants at the
    • His interest in digital photography has led him to share his talents by teaching
      classes and co-hosting the Digital Photography Interest Group, which meets
    • He helps others work through computer problems.
    • For about 10 years he has been a member of the CLC Advisory Board
    • He is extremely informed about computers and is generous with his time he
      donates to the CLC.

Mr. Guyan was nominated by Kay Kerr.

What is the City Council Up To? The following is a recap of Council meetings held
during the past week.

The LODown Weekly News                                             December 7, 2007

Special Meeting, December 4, 2007

    •   Reviewed the evening agenda and future schedule
    •   Reviewed the Lake Oswego/Tigard Joint Water Supply Partnership

Regular meeting, December 4, 2007

    •   Mayor Hammerstad introduced Metro Councilor Carlotta Collette
    •   Presented Unsung Hero Awards to Kirsten Vollan, Erin O’Rourke-Meadors, and
        Bob Guyan
    •   Finance Director Richard Seals presented the 2007 Audit
    •   Authorized hiring of employees
    •   Accepted the Declaration of the Vote for the November 6, 2007 Election
    •   Held a public hearing and approved Resolution 07-63, adopting budget
        adjustments for the 2007-09 biennium and making appropriations
    •   Held a public hearing on the Lake Oswego/Tigard Joint Water Supply
        Partnership; the hearing was continued to December 18
    •   Approved Ordinance 2503, an ordinance approving a development agreement
        between the City of Lake Oswego and Renaissance Homes, Inc., authorizing
        development by a master plan of partitions for the parcel located at 12800
        Goodall Road (Tax Lot 500 of Tax Map 21E 04BA), and adopting findings (LU 07-
    •   Awarded public improvement contract to NW Kodiak Construction LLC, for the
        2005-2007 Annual Water Main Rehabilitation Project

City Council Meeting Schedule
Meeting                             Date       Start Time      Location
City Council Special Meeting        12/11/07   6:00 p.m.       Council Chambers
City Council Special Meeting        12/17/07   4:00 p.m.       Main Fire Station
City Council Special Meeting        12/18/07   7:30 a.m.       Council Chambers
City Council Special Meeting        12/18/07   4:00 p.m.       Police Conference
(Closed Session)                                               Room
City Council Regular Meeting        12/18/07   6:00 p.m.       Council Chambers

“Protect and Save”

Fire Department Collects Christmas Toys. The Fire Department is happily accepting
New, Unwrapped toys for the 2007 Christmas Toy Program.

The LODown Weekly News                                                 December 7, 2007

Toys collected will be distributed along with food baskets to needy families throughout
the area by the Tualatin Valley Elks Lodge.

There is a large demand this year for toys and the collection has been slower than usual.
Please take the time to pick up a toy and drop it by any of our four fire stations in town
by December 14.

                       Nov.29-Dec. 5 Month to Date                 Year to Date
Emergency Medical      45            45                            1839
Fire Related Calls     14            14                            740
Hazardous/Services     03            03                            71
Motor Vehicle Accident 02            02                            118
Mutual Aid             08            08                            438
Water Rescue           02            02                            14
TOTAL CALLS            74            74                            3220

“Your Community Resource for Information and Enrichment”

Art Show. The Library is hosting an art show featuring pieces created by Lake Oswego
High School art teacher Katie Erb Brink. On display are Brink’s “monotypes,” which
are single images that are repeated, elongated or altered to illustrate movement and
energy. “To me, art is a process…of building and taking away layers. I want the
movement of line and the transparency of layers to create a composition that
encourages the viewer to continue to explore each piece.” The display also includes a
series of oil on canvas landscape paintings inspired by hiking, climbing, and traveling
throughout the Pacific Northwest and California. Brink earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts
in Printmaking and a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies at Oregon State University.
She received a Masters Degree in Education from Lewis and Clark College. Brink’s art
will be on display at the Library throughout December.

December Displays and Booklists. One of the December displays on the main floor
features winter holiday books, including Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, and New
Year’s. Another new main floor display, “Our Checkered Past,” features historical
fiction. The display on the second floor, “Simplicity,” focuses on living the simple life,
downsizing, and uncluttering the household. Fiction Librarian Kiera Taylor has created
several new holiday booklists, including holiday mysteries, holiday fiction, Christmas
fiction, Christmas films, and classic Christmas films. The Children’s Room displays are
featuring holiday books and movies.

The LODown Weekly News                                                     December 7, 2007

November Circulation. The public checked out a total of 116,534 items from the Library
during November, resulting in a 1.2% increase in circulation over November 2006.
Popular adult collections included mysteries (3%), compact discs (8.8%), and DVDs
(13.2%). Popular youth collections included teen graphic novels (21.7%), teen
nonfiction (40.9%), teen audiobooks (22.7%), children’s easy nonfiction (9.8%),
children’s picture books (4.9%), children’s compact discs (1%), children’s audiobooks
(5.8%), and children’s DVDs (10.1%). The number of holds filled increased 4.6%,
telephone renewals increased 3.9% and self renewals went up .3% over November 2006.

Children’s Craft Programs. Children’s librarians presented two craft programs for
preschool children on Tuesday and Wednesday. The children created holiday cards.
Die-cut cards, stickers, and other materials were provided.

Cassette Recycling Solution Found. While the Technical Services Department has been
successful at finding ways to recycle many of the by-products of processing work, one
of the most problematic disposal issues has been old video and audio cassettes, whose
complex construction and blend of component materials make them unacceptable to
any free local recycling organization.

Because the Library disposes of an average of 25 pounds of this cassette material every
month, it was decided that, even if it meant paying for the disposal, it was important to
be environmentally responsible with this volume of waste material. During November,
the first load of old cassettes was shipped to GreenDisk, one of a growing number of
eWaste recyclers. GreenDisk recycles electronic waste products and attempts to re-use
their materials in the manufacture of new products.

Food and Eating. From the shopping list to the toothpick, these new books cover a
wide range of subjects dealing with food and eating. Bon appétit!

   •    Chef's Story: 27 Chefs Talk About What Got Them Into the Kitchen
   •    The Devil in the Kitchen: Sex, Pain, Madness, and the Making of a Great Chef
   •    Food, Film and Culture: A Genre Study
   •    Gastroanomalies: Questionable Culinary Creations from the Golden Age of American
   •    Milk Eggs Vodka: Grocery Lists Lost and Found
   •    Moveable Feasts: From Ancient Rome to the 21st Century, the Incredible Journeys of the
        Food We Eat
   •    No Reservations: Around the World on an Empty Stomach
   •    Out of the Frying Pan: A Chef's Memoir of Hot Kitchens, Single Motherhood, and the
        Family Meal
   •    The Pantry: Its History and Modern Uses

The LODown Weekly News                                                  December 7, 2007

   •   Secret Ingredients: The New Yorker Book of Food and Drink
   •   Taste: The Story of Britain Through Its Cooking
   •   The Toothpick: Technology and Culture
   •   The Year of Eating Dangerously: A Global Adventure in Search of Culinary Extremes

Maintenance Services

Major Weather Puts Maintenance into High Gear. When major weather events are
predicted, the Maintenance Services Department moves from more routine work to
planning and response for snow, wind and rain. On Friday, forecasts were monitored
and potential staffing and equipment needs identified for the weekend: for snow, it was
sanding trucks and plows; for wind, it was chainsaws and other equipment for tree and
limb removal, and generators for power back up for various City facilities.

The good news? Wind and snow didn’t amount to much. Nearly five inches of rain in
three days (more rain than we had in the ‘96 floods), however, created storm and
sanitary sewer issues and landslides for Lake Oswego. Fortunately, flooding was not as
severe in Lake Oswego as in other communities. Our streets were fairly clean from
regular sweeping, and our major drains that can lead to significant flooding if blocked,
were checked and cleared before the weekend. These efforts reduced potential flooding
locations, but service requests to respond to localized flooding or for sand bags were
received from residents. We also had three land slides; two small ones on Iron
Mountain and Oak Terrace; and a larger one on Green Bluff where the road way was
closed until Wednesday.

New Interceptor Overflow Response. The biggest challenge for the Maintenance
Services Department was the interceptor sewer overflow. While the City continues on
track to replace the undersized interceptor, we know the existing system is likely to
surcharge and cause overflows under heavy winter rains. Interceptor overflows first
occur at a manhole on Cardinal Drive near Bryant. In the past, our response was
focused on minimizing the area of impact and notifying residents as the flow made its
way to the nearby Blue Heron Canal.

This year, our response was different. Working with DEQ last winter, the City
developed a strategy for lessening the amount of overflow that could reach the canal.
The Overflow Response Plan we devised makes use of vacuum trucks, or ‘vactors’ as
they are commonly called. These trucks are normally used to clean debris out of waste
water lines and storm drains. (Their suction capacity is so strong that the City also uses
them to excavate soil when doing utility work.). When overflows began on Monday
morning, crews had already been stationed on Cardinal Drive with the City’s two
vactor trucks in rotation to continuously capture the flow so it would not enter the lake.

The LODown Weekly News                                                 December 7, 2007

In addition, the City rented a third vactor from a private party to ensure that most
overflows were captured. This system was very effective and 90% of the overflow at
this manhole was captured. Overflows also occurred at three manholes in the main
canal (21,000 gallons total) where the City doesn’t have the ability to station equipment
or otherwise stop the flow.

Why is this such a success story? Since 1994, the Cardinal manhole has overflowed 21
times and these flows have gone directly into the lake. This time, the potential Cardinal
overflow into the canal was reduced from over 100,000 gallons to less than 10,000
gallons. Ideally, no flow would ever enter the lake, but an approach is now in place that
significantly reduces potential waste water from reaching the lake when the interceptor
is overwhelmed. Overflows stopped late Monday and flows are back to normal.

Parks & Recreation
“Discover Active Living”

Holiday Market. Last Saturday and Sunday, the West End Building was festively
transformed into a traditional European holiday market. The third annual Lake Oswego
Holiday Market was a huge success, as visitors enjoyed the pleasures of the winter
season from indoors. The event featured holiday crafts and décor, winter greenery,
ornaments, German sausages, winter harvests from local farmers, and gifts galore. Live
entertainment was also enjoyed by a variety of talented musicians from local choral
groups and student pianists to a ten-person hand bell choir. The community turned out
in force, despite the wind and rain, to get a jump-start on their holiday shopping and
make merry with friends and neighbors. Thanks to all who attended the Market, to the
vendors who brought their lovely hand-made wares, and to volunteers who
contributed their time and talent to the event. Special thanks to Erin O’Rourke-Meadors
for donating four gift baskets that were raffled off, with proceeds going to the McKenzie
Lounge. The raffle raised $326 for the Teen Program. See you again next year!

Christmas Ship Viewing. Each December, two fleets of brightly decorated motor boats
parade the waters of the Columbia and Willamette Rivers, thrilling all who see them. A
new holiday event this year brings the community out to watch the spectacular boats,
and enjoy complimentary hot chocolate. Bring the family and be at Foothills Park by
6 p.m. tomorrow, Saturday, December 8.

        NOTE: If the Christmas Ships cancel on Saturday, December 8, because of
        high water levels and debris in the Willamette River on Saturday, this event
        will be rescheduled pursuant to the Christmas Ships schedule.

The LODown Weekly News                                                December 7, 2007

McKenzie Lounge. The Snow Season Kick Off Party is this Friday from 5 to 10 p.m. All
teens are invited to join us for music, door prizes and a few munchies. Cover charge at
the door is $3 and includes a door prize ticket. Prizes have been donated by Players,
Columbia Sportswear, Mt. Hood Meadows and more! The hottest snowboarding
movies will be shown, provided by Exitrealworld.com.

Indoor Playground. Fall programs are winding down except for the Indoor Playground
on Monday, Wednesday and Friday through December 28. Get the kids (up to 6 years)
out of the bad weather and into some indoor fun. The Indoor Playground is open on
Christmas Eve morning, so send grandma or dad over here with the kids to play off
some holiday energy while you finalize shopping and wrapping presents!

Stuffed Animal Drive! Please join the Youth Action Council in supporting children by
donating a NEW stuffed animal to their stuffed animal drive. All new stuffed animals
will be donated to the Providence Pediatric Unit. The toy animals will be distributed to
children undergoing treatment and surgery at the hospitals this includes the emergency
room, day surgery, cancer treatment and other medical needs child patients may under
go. Drop boxes are located at the West End Building, City Hall, Waluga Junior High
and the High Schools. Donations need to be dropped off by December 20. The hospital
suggested new stuffed animals about the size of 6 to 8 inches would be ideal. The
animals need to be new so that they will have less risk of allergens and contaminants
for the sick children in their care.

Adrenaline Junkies! Join ASAP for an evening of high-octane fun at the Portland Rock
Gym on Friday, December 14, from 4:15 to 8:45 p.m. Two solid hours of rock climbing
plus hands-on instruction from Portland Rock Gym pros. Dinner is provided, so bring
your appetite and adrenaline for a night that will leave you grasping for more! Fee is
only $34 and a special waiver is required, so drop by ASAP and pick it up from the
Teen Program staff.

Java Jam, December 8. The Java Jam planning team presents “The Dig,” a monthly live
concert featuring local bands are Johnny On the Spot, The Jezebel Spirit, and Katalyst.
Experience this all-ages show and support live, local music! Saturday, December 8, 8 to
11 p.m. at My Place Deli, 3975 Mercantile Drive.

Men’s City League Basketball. There’s only about a week left to register the minimum
eight players and form a team for the 2008 Men’s Basketball Season. The payment and
registration deadline is Wednesday, December 19, by 4:30 p.m. Games begin the week
of January 21 and run through early April. For more information on forming a team
and also register players, go to www.lakeoswegosports.com and click on the blue
“online registration” button.

The LODown Weekly News                                                December 7, 2007

High School City League Basketball. The 2007-2008 season is off to a fast start despite
this week’s threat of bad weather shutting things down. Most teams played their first
games this week and will have played three games by Winter Break. Check out the
progress of your favorite team by visiting our website at www.lakeoswegosports.com.
 Click on the yellow “High School Basketball” button then on “scores & standings” in
each division.

Adult Community Center. The Computer Learning Center’s (CLC) Users Group
welcomed guest Todd Feinman from the Library, who presented part four of his series
on “The Invisible Web.” Anyone interested in computing is welcome to stop by the CLC
every Monday beginning at 9:30 a.m.

The Widowed Group met on Wednesday to deal with the mixed emotions which can
occur around the holidays for those who have lost a loved one. The members of this
group understand and offer support and suggestions for dealing with this time of year.
They meet monthly on the first Wednesday, and are led by group facilitator, Garen
Weitman, Psy.D.

The Friday Matinee had about 15 participants who stayed after lunch for the movie of
the week, “Deck the Halls.” The Center offers current movies at 1 p.m. on the first
Friday of every month and movie classics on the third Monday of every month. This
activity is free and so is the popcorn!


Development Review Commission. On December 3, the Development Review
Commission held a public hearing and approved the following request:
  • LU 07-0060, a Development Review application to perform an exterior remodel
      of an existing commercial structure and removal of 18 trees to accommodate the
      new landscape plan. The property is located at 4 at Monroe Parkway.

Neighborhood Planning.
   Planning staff attended the LONAC meeting on December 1.

   The Palisades Neighborhood Plan Committee met on December 3 to continue
   discussions and revisions to the draft neighborhood plan.

Infill Task Force. The Infill Task Force met on December 6.

The LODown Weekly News                                                  December 7, 2007

Pre-application Conferences. On December 6, pre-application conferences were held
   A three-lot minor partition in the Lake Grove neighborhood.
   A Resource Conservation delineation and protection area designation in the Forest
   Highlands neighborhood.

Upcoming Meetings.
  Planning Commission will meet on December 10 and will hold a public hearing on
  code amendments limiting the use of the planned development process and waiving
  the required open space dedication for small subdivisions.
  The Historic Resources Advisory Board will meet on December 14 and is scheduled
  to adopt findings in support of placing the Dew house on the City’s list of significant
  historic resources.
   The Palisades Neighborhood Plan Committee will meet on December 10 to continue
   work on the neighborhood plan.
   The Lake Grove Plan Implementation Committee will meet on December 12 to
   discuss plan implementation priorities.
   Staff will attend a Waluga Neighborhood Association board meeting on December
   13 to discuss the process for further implementing their neighborhood plan.


Council Adopts City Sustainability Plan. The City Council adopted the City of Lake
Oswego Sustainability Plan on November 20. The Plan’s development was guided by
the City’s Sustainability Steering Committee, which includes members from across City
divisions and facilities. The Plan focuses on City operations and provides an overall
vision, ten guiding principles, and a detailed set of goals and actions to guide the City’s
journey toward sustainability.

You may ask, what does sustainability mean to the City? As defined in the Plan,

The LODown Weekly News                                                     December 7, 2007

       A sustainable Lake Oswego is a community that meets the vital human needs of
       the present without compromising our ability to meet future needs. This requires
       consideration of both long-term and short-term effects on ecological, economic,
       and community systems. Operating sustainably means that we are leaving a
       legacy for the community of Lake Oswego and the planet.

The Plan will help to ensure that wise business decisions are made regarding the
investment of public funds while promoting the conservation and efficient use of
natural resources and the consideration of the social implications of our actions. It is
anticipated that improved processes will result in efficiencies that save time and money,
enhance and restore the natural environment, and contribute to a healthy and vibrant
workplace and community where all can thrive.

Action area teams, comprised of Steering Committee members and additional key staff,
crafted the main components of the Plan, the Sustainability Action Areas. This section
of the Plan sets goals and milestones, includes recommendations for projects, and
establishes performance measures to track progress in four actions areas:

   •   Energy and transportation;
   •   Water conservation;
   •   Procurement: purchasing and contracting; and
   •   Waste reduction and recycling.

The Plan concludes with recommendations for subsequent action areas in the coming
year, the on-going role of the Steering Committee and Action Area Teams, and annual
reporting to the City Council and the community on progress. The Plan is intended to
be a living document that guides the City’s work, with periodic updates to show
progress and refine milestones, as needed.

Stay tuned for more information on how you can get involved. The Plan and its
Appendix are located on the City’s web site at
http://www.ci.oswego.or.us/plan/Sustainability/Sustainability_Plan.htm. For more
information, contact Susan Millhauser, Sustainability Planner, at 503-635-0291 or by
email at smillhauser@ci.oswego.or.us.


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