Consignment Agreement by maclaren1


									Consignment Agreement
1.   Consignments are accepted during regular business hours. (No consignments accepted on
     Saturdays or in July or December)
2.   All articles must be freshly laundered and free of any odors. Please deliver clothing
     neatly folded in boxes or bags.
3.   We accept clothing all season items all the time.
4.   It is at our discretion as to what makes it to the sales floor.
5.   We will accept all clothing but the following will/ may be donated to charity:
                        -clothing with drawstrings near the head or neck
                        -clothing that is excessively pilled, stained, torn or missing buttons
                        -clothing with zippers that are broken or tough to move
                        -clothing that is more then 10 years old
                        -incomplete sets
                        -we DO NOT accept stuffed animals, puzzles
6.   Consigned goods will be displayed in the store for four months, the mark down schedule
     will be as follows:
                              After 1 month – 30%
                              After 2 months – 50%
                              After 3 months – 70%
7.   It is the Consignor’s responsibility to contact the store when his or her contract
     expires. It is the consignors responsibility to contact the store with regards to credit.
     Pay outs are on demand in the form of cash or check. Any monies not claimed within one
     year of the ending of the contract will become property of the store.
8.   The Consignor receives
                                           – 40% on clothing, toys, etc.
                                           – 50% on large toys (i.e. Exersaucer)
                                           – 60% for furniture over $50.00
9.   Articles are left in the store at the Consignor’s risk. Sproutz Kidz Inc. is not
     responsible for loss due to theft, fire or any other cause.

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Rev. July 15, 2005

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