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Week by liwenting


									Week                      1: Convection Currents              2: Continental Drift            3 Sea Floor Spreading           4 Theory of Plate Tectonics
Academic Standards   1.b, 3.c, 3.d, 4.c, 7.e              1.a, 1.c                       1.a, 1.f, 7.g                       1.a, 1.f, 7.e,
Skills Addressed     Observation, team-building,          Cooperative analysis,          Cooperative analysis, verbal        Cooperative analysis, verbal
                     verbal communication,                verbal communication,          communication, peer                 communication, peer
                                                          peer assessment,               assessment,                         assessment,

Activities           Day 1: Begin with GEMS               Day 1:Reading Text Sect.,      Day 1:Sea Floor Spreading           Day 1:Introduce Theory of
                     activity:                            Overhead Transp. #5, 7         Models, Session 7 (Field            Plate tectonics, Discuss
                     Day 2: Observing Convection in       Homework S.R. 1-2              Work in Iceland)                    Homework S.R. 1-5
                     Water                                Day 2: Continent Puzzles       Homework S.R. 1-4                   Day 2: Lab One (FES)
                     Day 3: (Homework)                    Day 3: (FES) reading           Day 2: Sea Floor Spreading          Day 3: (FES) reading
                     Convection Currents Worksheet,        Homework S.R 1-3              Models (FES)                         Homework Workbook 1-5
                     p. 24-29 (GEMS)                      Day 4: Graham Cracker          Day 3: (FES) reading                Day 4: GEMS Convention,
                     Day4: Class Reading FES,             Continental Drift               Homework Workbook 1-3              session 8
                     Section Review, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 1-5   Homework:                      Day 4: Reading and                  Homework: Workbook
                      Homework: section review 1-4           Workbook 1-3                Overhead Tranp.: # 3                WordWise, (p. 12)
                     Day 5: Chapter Review (FES)          Day 5: Review vocabulary       Homework: Workbook 1-3              Day 5: Review Vocab
                     Homework: 1-5                        and concepts,                  Day 5: Journal Writing:             and Concepts, Wrap-Up
                                                          Homework: Flipbook for          Question: What is Sea Floor
                     ENCYCLOPEDIA Activity:               Pangea                         Spreading, Why does it
                       Create first entry                                                occur?
Materials            Bins, Cups (styro), H2O, food        Graham Crackers, tin           Paper, scissors                     FES worksheets, paper for
                     color (red&blue), ice, plant         pans, peanut butter, plastic                                       encyclopedia
                     trays, (p. 5, Conv.Curr.)            knives, etc.
Text                 FES p. 15-17                         FES p. 18-22                   FES p.                              FES p.
                     CC p. 5-10                           FES workbook, p. 6-7           FES workbook, p. 8-9                FES workbook, p. 10-12
                     Density (GEMS)                       Geology NSTA                   Geology NSTA                        FES Lab Manual, p. 1-16
Vocabulary           Convection Current, radiation,       Continent, drift, Pangea,      Mid-Ocean Ridge, sonar, sea floor   Plate, Scientific Theory, Plate
                                                                                         spreading, deep ocean trench,       Tectonics, Fault, Transform
                     mantle, conduction, liquid, solid,   fossil
                                                                                         subdustion,                         Boundaries, Divergent Boundary,
                     Molten, heat transfer, magma,                                                                           Rift Boundary, Convergent Boundary
Product/Assessment   Two models, homework (FES),          Homework, Worksheets,          Homework, Worksheets,               Homework, Worksheets,
                     Encyclopedia Entry, Journal          Encyclopedia Entry 2           Encyclopedia Entry 3                Encyclopedia Entry 4
Week               5 Earth’s Crust in                  6 Measuring              7 Earthquake          8 Monitoring Faults                9
                   Motion                              Earthquakes          Hazards and Safety                                        REVIEW
Academic Standards 1.c, 1.d, 1.e, 1.f, 7.e          1.g, 3.a, 7.c           1.g, 2.d, 3.a             1.f, 1.g, 2.d, 3.a
Skills Addressed   Observation, data                Observation, data       Observation, data         Observation, data
                   Recording, team-                 Recording, team-        Recording, team-          Recording, team-
                   building                         building                building                  building
Activities         Day 1: Field trip to Academy     Day 1-5: Earthquake     Day 1: Earthquake Prep    Day 1: Locating an
                      of Science Earthquake         Table activities        Week Materials            Epicenter FES              Review Week
                      Exhibit                       “Shake, Rattle, and     (            Resources p 59-61
                      Homework: Journal Entry       Roll” FES p. 43          Homework:                Homework Workbook
                      Day 2: Discuss field trip     Homework:               Section Rev 2-3           2-4 pp 20-21               Assessments
                      And Stress/Crust Activity     Section Rev 2-2         Day 2: Emergency
                      (FES p. 44), overhead trnsp   Homework:               Planning Discussion       Day 2: Chapter Review,     Complete first 2
                         # 8,9                      Workbook, 2-2           Worksheet FES             with overhead # 8, 9, 10   sections of
                      Homework: :SecRev 2-1         Homework                resources guide pp. 51-   Homework: S.R. 2-4
                      Day 3: GEMS Plate             FES Resource Guide      52                        (FES)
                      tectonics, Session 1          pp. 47-48               Day 3: What Forces        Day 3: Chapter
                      Homework: Encyclpd Ent.       Homework                Shaped Io? FES p. 100     Assessmt, (FES), p.
                                                    Lab Manual, #2          Homework:
                      Day 4: Session 2 (Field                               Workbook, 2-3             Day 4: Encyclopedia
                      Work in CA)(GEMS)             Try This (FES, p. 56)   Homework                  Completion Day
                      Homework: Workbook 2-1                                Worksheet, 2-3            Homework:
                                                                            Day 4: Make Safety
                      Day 5: Finish Session 2                               Posters                   Day 5: Quiz Prep
                                                                            Day 5: Present Safety
                                                                            Homework: Encyclpd.
Materials             Clay, wood blocks, etc.House building                 Poster making             Text, Resources            Assessment
                                             materials                      materials                                            Materials
                                             Earthquake table
                      FES transparency 8 & 9 FES transparency               FES transparency
                                             10                             11
Text                  FES, p. 44-53          FES, p. 42                     FES, p. 62-67             FES, p. 62-67              Resource Pro Test
                      FES workbook, p. 13-16 FES, p. 54-59                  Workbook: p.18-20         Workbook: p.59-61          Builder (CD Rom)
                                                    Workbook: p.16-18       Lab Manual p. 20          Transparency Book
                                                    Lab Manual p. 20                                  (FES)
Vocabulary            Earthquake, stress, fault,
                      strike-slip fault, noramal


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