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Cedar Hill Quilters Guild



                          Cedar Hill Quilters Guild
                                   March 9, 2009
                                    Vol. 20, #3


                     Next Meeting: April 13, 2009
        April Refreshments                   April Door Prizes
        Charlotte Humphrey                     Claudia Klipp
        Charlotte Humphrey                     Maryln Zelenz


The meeting was opened by President Suzie Harris. The minutes of the last
meeting with a date change, were accepted.


Membership dues for 2009 are due. Dues for this year are $24. There were
25 members present at this meeting. Julie Landrith, was our visitor.

Charity projects

Remember that there is a sign in sheet for donation or charity projects, we
are trying to keep track of time spent working on these projects to maintain
our tax exempt status.

Name                Other            Coverups Quilts     Sheets      Wheelchair
Charlotte                                         1
Jeanne Takano       2 quilt tops
Pat Kempe                                         1
Marsha Moore                                      1

Danna Jackson for                              1
Marcie Hughson
Judy Purcell                                   1
Jean Larke                                                            3
Total                                          5                      3

Sunshine and Shadow-

Both Ann and her husband are having knee problems.

Block of the Month

There is no new BOM this month. We are still collecting the February
“Rocky Road to Dublin” block.


Retreat- The guild has resigned up for retreat at the Compass Centre for the
1st weekend in March 2010. Donna has volunteered to be the retreat

Country Days Raffle Quilt- Most of the compass stars that were handed out
have been returned, they are all beautiful. There are a few still outstanding.
Annette Debose and Pearl Nettles will set the stars on to the background
fabric. Once that is done, they will work out the final setting design. I'm
sure there will be other opportunities to volunteer once the setting is chosen.

Christmas Morning Raffle quilt- Barbara and Charlotte brought a block
pattern for the raffle quilt. The blocks are 8” finished and made from red,
yellow/gold, and green, they may be orderly or scrappy.

July Salad Supper- There will be a pincushion exchange (like the Christmas
ornament exchange), wrap these instead of brown bags. Judy has
volunteered to do a pincushion workshop in June or July.

Keep an eye out for good ideas. Claudia has been scouting the web and
found this interesting history.

Antique and Vintage Pin Cushions

Pincushions were first recorded in history during the Tudor reign in 15th
century England. Metal pins were very costly and precious items in those
early days and before the 15th century were kept in small cases made of
bone, ivory, or silver. During the Tudor era, simple stuffed shapes started to
be used instead of the cases. They began by being made of colorful and
elaborately decorated silks and linens, replete with tassels and laces.

During the 18th century new materials were used to hold the pincushions or
"pynpyllowes" as they were then called. Wood, ivory, and silver were
carved and fashioned into various shapes. Hanging pin balls were also very
popular and were usually decorated with some kind of embroidery, needle
weaving, knitted silk, or patchwork.

Pincushions began to be made commercially during the 1800's and became
popular souvenirs commemorating historical events. From the 17th to the
19th century, "pin stuck" pincushions were made. The decoration was made
entirely of pins. It was impractical as a working pincushion since the
decoration was spoiled if any of the pins were removed. Beads became
popular too, and the pincushions were soon filled with them so that they,
too, became just a decorative item.

During the Victorian era there was a great deal of emphasis on the parlor
room and it became the perfect place in which to display the novelty
pincushions of the era. Pincushions were made in the shape of shoes, fans,
dolls, teacups, umbrellas, fruits, and vegetables. They were hung on the
walls or placed on occasional tables.

Today the most familiar pincushion is the red tomato but, as we have seen,
they can be made of many different materials in many different shapes.

TAQG Report

Sharon Schambler will be the speaker at this years TAQG rally. TAQG is
requesting a donation of 2 mini-quilts from each guild for auction at the
rally. Each guild is also asked to donate items for the “goody bags”. A
decision needs to be made as to how we are going to participate.

If you would be willing to donate a mini-quilt for our guild, or have ideas for
the “goody bag” please contact Marlyn.


The March program was presented by B&T Studios (Barbara Ann McCraw
& Teresa Sherling) Two Visions - One Soul. This was a wonderful trunk
show of duplicate quilts made by 2 friends with differing techniques and

The program for April is "Stuffed Animals or Dolls & their quilts"
Challenge. Please remember to bring your stuffed animal or doll with their
miniature quilts to show. Entries will be voted on by the group and prizes
will be awarded. Anyone with a miniature, whether they have a doll or
stuffed animal or not, is encouraged to enter it in this month's program
contest. If you didn’t make the miniature yourself, bring it anyway. We want
a lot of quilts to view and talk about.

Please bring in your scraps. May’s Mystery-Annette, Karen and Suzy have
worked out a program, "May's Mystery Madness", the program will have a
scrappy theme, so we are requesting those that can, bring in quilting fabric
scraps for donation to the program. The scraps should be no smaller than
2x2" and no larger than 10x10". It can be any size in between, any shape,
etc. Bring it in, we are collecting through May, so you have plenty of time
to clean out your scrap pile.

Presidents Challenge- The challenge will be revealed at the May meeting.
There will be a game that night and a challenge presented for the September

June's Program will be presented by Debbie Maddy of Calico Carriage Quilt
Designs. We still need to decide if we will host a workshop with Debbie
during the day before our guild meeting. Workshop would be held at Just
Stitchin' - thank you Deborah! Workshops available:

If you are interested in attending a workshop, please contact Annette at and include 1 or 2 workshop choices so that we
can decide which to book.

Door Prizes- winners: Mamie Bell, Judy Purcell

Name tag fat quarter winners: Jeanne Takano, CJ, Rita


The guild is considering thinning out some of the older books from the
library. If you have a new book wish, contact Ann Anderson.

If it was ready, I’d a showed ya. - The website now contains a folder with
photos of projects we were unable to show off at the guild meetings. Some
times things aren’t ready to show at one meeting, but are gifted away before
the next one. Send in your photos so we can ooo and ahh, and give you the
accolades you deserve. (Everyone loves eye candy.)

Member bio

Helen Carr-

When I was 6 yrs old a neighbor gave me a "sampler embroidery" for
Christmas. It contained the outline of 6 animals. At the end of school
everyone had a part in a school play. I was grandmother sitting in the
rocking chair doing embroidery. That was the beginning of my sewing.

 My mother had a quilt frame hanging from the ceiling all winter making
quilts for our needs. I don't remember helping her very much but I started
my first quilt top soon after my first son was born in 1954. I didn't finish it
but later my friend’s mother finished the top and passed it on to my Mother
who quilted it and gave it back to me. It is on my bed today.

 I purchased Foam & Fabric store in 1973. It wasn't long until someone
came in and asked me if I would teach quilting lessons. That started my
craze of quilting. I may stop for a while but I am always going back to
quilting. If I walk through a store and see a piece of fabric I immediately see
a quilt.

  Ok I do other things. I teach Sunday school at Cedar Heights Baptist
Church where I have been a member since the day it was organized in 1971.
I am the volunteer coordinator for Bridges Safehouse in Cedar Hill.

  Between high school and now I was married for 51 years to my husband
Bobby, We had 3 boys, 5 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. I now
live by myself and enjoy life.

Show and Tell

Charlotte Humphrey- Picture of new grandbaby finally home from the hospital after 35

Judy Purcell- 1. Totebag-family tree 2. 2 pillowcases

Pat Kempe- Picture of new great granddaughter Amelia Claire Berman 2 wks old

Danna Jackson- quilt made from Faberge egg fabric

Claudia Klipp- Black, white and red project finished on retreat

Jeanne Takano- quilt Leatha’s Tesselating Windmills

Gladys Janssen- Polka dot girls quilt top

Local Happenings

Just Stitchin: New hours: Tuesday and Friday: 10AM-8 PM, Wednesday and Thursday
10 AM- 5 PM, Saturday 9 AM- 3 PM. The store will be closed on Monday and Sunday.

Woodlands Area Quilt Guild: will be having their "Bloomin' Crazy For Quilts" Show
on June 12 & 13, 2009 in The Woodlands, TX.

Hill Country Quilt Guild: Pigment of my Imagination Quilt show, May 22-24, 2009,
Fri. & Sat. 10:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m., Sun. 12:00- 4:00 p.m., Kerrville, Texas.

Quilters Guild of Arlington: Celebrate! Annual Festival of Quilts. May 8-9, 2009,
10am - 5pm. Arlington, Texas.

This is a local show, that will welcome your entries. Entry Forms must be postmarked by
April 15, 2009.

Quilt guild of Arlington invites you to join them for a workshop with Marsha
McCloskey, “Winter’s Star” April 15, ($40 for members, $45 for non-members) and a
lecture April 14 ($5 non-members). Please contact CHQG member, Peggy Billingsley
for more information.

Quilt Plano 2009: Quilters Guild of Plano is making a call for quilt entries for their
show, August 14-15. For more information, contact Joan Stevenson 972-618-8188

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