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									 We warmly welcome you to our Sunday Services
 Jesus said “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart I have overcome the world”
 John 16:33

 7 February: 2nd Sunday before Lent
 10:30      Holy Communion                                                                    Newsletter                                                February 2010
            Exodus 16:1-23 (71) , Luke 8:22-25 (979) (G Sheath)
            Sidespeople: R.Robertson, E Woods Counting: E Woods, G Sheath
            Refreshments: A Lee, P Lee                                                        Can we all agree?
 6:00       Service of the Word
            Matthew 6:25-34 (918) (M Hyland)                                                           emocracy has a great deal to commend it. It guards against tyrants taking
            Sidesperson: M Hyland                                                                      power and using that power simply for their own ends. It gives people the
 14 February: Sunday before Lent                                                                       opportunity to voice their concerns and change the government of the day
                                                                                              through the electoral process. Yet it can never solve the world’s problems and form a
 10:30      Morning Prayer followed by Fellowship Lunch in the Hall
                                                                                              utopian society. Even if someone thinks a President or Prime Minister is doing the
            Exodus 20:1-17 (74) , 1 John 3:1-3 (1159) (F Olarewaju)
            Sidespeople: F Mibuulo, B Ogundimu Refreshments: V Aigbirhio, E Skeete            right thing the problem of self interest on the part of the electorate may result in a
 6:00       Holy Communion                                                                    good policy being watered down in order to get it onto the statute book.
            2 Corinthians 3:12-4:2 (1095), Luke 9:28-36 (982) (H Owen)                        As mentioned in a recent sermon the fact that leaders cannot guarantee support for
            Sidesperson: M Hyland                                                             their policies is not new. Although Jesus gained a great deal of support on his travels
 21 February: 1st in Lent                                                                     he was not universally welcomed, as his visit to Nazareth in Luke 4 reveals. At first he
 10:30      Holy Communion                                                                    was welcomed by those who witnessed his arrival back in his home town. Later they
            Exodus 33:1-23 (88) , Luke 4:1-13 (973) (Justin Walsh)                            were critical of him because he did not do what they wanted him to do. When he spoke
            Sidespeople: L Bailey , P Cutts Counting: P Twinberrow, J McQuillen               about a prophet not being accepted in his own town and illustrated this with reference
            Refreshments: R Mibuulo, N Azikiwe                                                to two prophets of the Old Testament they tried to get rid of him (v29). As far as is
 6:00       Evening Prayer                                                                    known Jesus did not return to Nazareth.
            Jonah 3:1-10 (879), Luke 18:9-14 (993) (A Brown)
                                                                                              For many today Jesus is a figure from the past. To others he is a teacher: a good
            Sidesperson: M Hyland
                                                                                              man but no more. Others, however, would agree with the words of the apostle
 28 February: 2nd in Lent                                                                     Peter who, in answer to a question from Jesus, said, ‘You are the Christ the Son
 10:30      Family Service                                                                    of the living God’. Today two thousand years after his birth people still cannot
            Sidespeople: A Lee, P Lee Refreshments: F Olarewaju, B Ogundimu                   agree on the relevance and significance of Jesus’ life. The scriptures reveal a
 6:00       Holy Communion                                                                    similar story; as John says at the beginning of his gospel, “He [Jesus] came to his
            Philippians 3:15-4:1 (1115), Luke 13:31-35 (989) (H Owen)                         own home, and his own people received him not. But to all who received him,
            Sidesperson: M Hyland                                                             who believed in his name, he gave power to become children of God”. The season
                                                                                              of Lent which begins in the middle of February gives us a fresh opportunity to
                                                                                              reflect on the life of Jesus and what it means for us today.
Wed          3rd     8pm          Prayer Meeting 106 Herbert Road
Tues         9th     8pm          Deanery Synod at All Saints Plumstead ‘Safeguarding
                                  children and vulnerable adults’ - Speaker: Jill Sandham
                                                                                               All Saints Church exists to help people live the best life possible through our
Wed          17th    10.30am      Ash Wednesday Holy Communion in Church
                                                                                               commitment to serving God, the community and one another.
Thurs        25th    2pm          Lent Study 1 at 106 Herbert Road
Thurs        25th    8pm          Lent Study 1 at 106 Herbert Road
                                                                                      "           (
The Sunday School meets on Sunday morning at 10.30am and operates at present          Falcon Camp holidays provide challenge, excitement, fun, rest and laughter for
with two classes for children 3-4 and 5-8 year olds. Children continue to come        8-18 year olds, some of whom face disadvantage in their day-to-day lives. Each
into church for the first part of the service with those aged 3-8 leaving after the   summer almost 30 holidays take place throughout the country providing respite,
readings for their own groups in the Hall except on the 4th Sunday in the month.      fellowship and adventure to over 500 children and young people. The holidays are
With further help it would be possible to have an older class. Please speak to        especially designed for fun and excitement featuring some of the following
Sarah or Joanne if you want to know more about helping in Sunday School.              activities: outdoor pursuits, swimming, team games, theme parks, arts and crafts,
Children under 3 years are encouraged (with their parents or carers) to make use      farm animals and trips to the seaside.
of the room near the hall where there are toys suited to their children’s needs. A    As a charitable organisation Falcon Camps, which is administered by the Church
loudspeaker extension enables parents to hear the service with their children.        Pastoral Aid Society, aims to provide subsidised, quality holidays for children
          !                                                                           and young people, many of whom wouldn’t otherwise get a holiday. In order to
Please continue to remember Ros Burton, Debbie Latter and Mick and Doreen             continue and develop this vital ministry Falcon Camps encourages individuals and
Wenham in your prayers. They all continue in reasonable health. Also remember         churches to sponsor a place for a child.
in prayer those who were confirmed at All Saints in December.                         The Camps are run by teams of committed and enthusiastic volunteer leaders who
                                                                                      are passionate about communicating God’s love through their words and actions.
"                #      $                                                             Many children and young people hear and respond to the gospel message for the
We are arranging some study groups during Lent starting on Thursday 25th              very first time on a Falcon Camp. Some who enjoy these Christian holidays have
February. There will be two groups, meeting on that day at 2pm and 8pm. A             a connection with a church youth group. In the past we have helped a number of
booklet for the studies will be available. We look forward to seeing you. Please      our young people to attend a Falcon Camp at Halls Green in Kent. If you are a
speak to Harry or Dele if you have any questions. In order to have some idea of       child or know a child who would be interested please talk to Harry or look at
numbers please sign the list at the back of church if you hope to attend.   
%             % &                                                                     As our Lent Project for 2010 we are seeking to support the work of Falcon
At a meeting last year the PCC agreed to support the Crosslinks BEST scheme           Camps. If you wish to contribute, envelopes will be available during Lent at the
which links churches in this country with theological students around the world.      back of church. Please put the envelopes in the plate on Sundays and remember
In December All Saints began supporting Denshill Davids who is engaged in the         the work of Falcon Camps in your prayers.
two-year Ministry Apprentice programme at St Thomas, Heideveld in South               '
Africa. During his studies Denshill is receiving theological training through St      Thank you to those who continue to help with cleaning the church. There are now
Stephen’s Church Claremont. When his training is completed at the end of 2010         a group of people who meet regularly to clean and tidy the church. If you would
he has a view to working in the local community and areas he grew up. Denshill is     like to help in this way please speak to Linda Bailey who arranges the cleaning
married and has a baby daughter Leah. Please remember Denshill and his family         party.
in your prayers.
                                                                                      ) $$               *
                '                                                                     Ripplings Pre-school is a long established pre-school which meets in All Saints
If you wish to donate flowers for the Communion table please sign the list in the     Church Hall from 9.15am - 12.15pm Monday to Friday and caters for children
entrance. Alternatively if you wish to contribute to the Flower Fund, donations are   from 3 years of age. It is registered with Greenwich Council and provides a
much appreciated. Thank you to all who give towards the flowers in Church. If         welcoming environment for young children. For further information either
anyone would like to be involved in arranging flowers in church then please speak     telephone 8854 3628 or call at the pre-school during the morning Monday to
to Linda Bailey. We are always on the lookout for new flower arrangers.               Friday.
              $"                                                                      '          +
Please join us for lunch in the Hall on Sunday 14th after the Morning Service. All    For information about activities at All Saints (including weddings and baptisms)
are welcome and we look forward to seeing you.                                        please contact Rev Harry Owen (8854 2995) or call at the Vicarage, 106 Herbert
                                                                                      Road, on Monday evening between 7pm - 8pm.

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