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     "You did not choose Me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit, and that your fruit should remain"

                                          Zimbabwe Mission Trip 2009

As I reflect on the recently completed Christian mission trip to Zimbabwe, Africa, many memories,
thoughts and ideas come to mind. We prayed and did what the Holy Spirit told us. Many of you had
prayed for us and also sent financial support. From a physical viewpoint, the money that you sent en-
abled us to go. From a spiritual viewpoint, your prayers and ours were heard by God and He honored His
word with action. The results were exciting on a daily basis. Linda and I made a conscious decision to
be totally focused on every aspect of the trip and its responsibilities several weeks before the June 8 de-
parture date.

This is sometimes difficult to do considering daily responsibilities at home, work and church. In a tele-
phone conversation with Dick Moore, a Christian friend, he assured me that "you will minister to people
in the airports to and from Zimbabwe in addition to the scheduled ministry." Being somewhat shy about
speaking out with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit (I Cor. 12: 1 -11), Dick was adamant that these were only
his thoughts and he was not prophesying. I recognized his statements as definitely prophetic and ac-
cepted them as such.

The results: I witnessed in depth and ministered to at least 8 people in the airport and on the planes. One
of these people, a young lady managing a small shop in the Johannesburg, South Africa airport terminal,
commented in our conversation that her nose, cheekbone and face muscles on the left side were sore.
Her boyfriend of 3 years had bitten her hard enough to cause the bones and muscles to be sore 2 days
later. Yet, there were no teeth marks on her skin.

Immediately, I suspected that he was being controlled by demons. She stated that she was a Christian,
but the boyfriend followed the "traditional" African religion. I had already learned on this trip that tradi-
tional religion in Africa is not traditional fundamental, conservative Christianity as we understand it in
America. Rather, it is a combination of ancestor worship, witchcraft and/or voodoo. My counsel to her,
"your boyfriend is being controlled by demons. You had better get rid of him! You told me that after 3
years of serious dating, he has not talked with you about marriage. He physically harms you. This is an
indication of how he will treat you the rest of your life if you do marry the young man. Get rid of him.
You are unequally yoked." (2 Cor. 6:14-18)

When she had time between serving customers, I prayed for her, then left to catch my plane. So goes
"ministry in the fast lane" in Africa. Previously, I had ministered to 2 young men who each had a grand-
mother that were "mediums". A medium operates in witchcraft. Their specialty is calling forth the spirits
of dead people to seek counsel concerning current or coming affairs. When dealing with these types of
affairs, you had better know your spiritual authority. Read carefully Matthew 28:18 and Mark 16:15-20,
especially vs 17 & 18.

As during the past 4 trips to Zimbabwe, Linda and I were among 8 American guest speakers to the Hope
for All Nations Ministry Conference, hosted by Dr. Edwell and Constance Nhira, natives of Zimbabwe.
Audiences often numbered over 400. Ministers came from Zimbabwe and some from Mozambique, a
neighboring country. Among comments heard from various ministers was, "This is the strongest ministry
team of all 7 years of the conferences. The impact that you are making seems to be more effective than
ever before." Certainly, each of us were inspired by the receptiveness of the audiences. Being led by the
Holy Spirit, we spoke with a higher level of boldness and confidence than previous years.

One Saturday, a men only conference was scheduled. When my turn to speak came, I opened with the
statement, "Today, I am going to be bottom line frank and honest. I am going to hit you where you live
in your daily relationship with your wives. God's principles will make your husband-wife relationship
much better than ever before." So, I talked about Adam and Eve being "naked and not ashamed." In the
original Hebrew that is defined as totally, completely uninhibited with each other spiritually, mentally/
emotionally and physically. As the husband is the God ordained leader within the husband-wife relation-
ship, he should be and do as Jesus - lead through serving. And, of course, Ephesians 5:2 1, " Be subject
to one another in the fear (reverential awe and respect) of Christ." As the husband leads and expresses
love to his own wife, he should create the atmosphere where she is free to express her love to him. Also,
I correlated this to the customs and traditions of the African husband-wife relationship and strongly en-
couraged them to change to conform with biblical principle. The audience of over 200 men gave me a
strong ovation and many, many individual compliments. One young businessman happily commented to
me a week later, " Jerry, I am treating my wife like you said, and it works!" Even after I arrived home,
my Zimbabwe host stated, "Jerry, your message to men was the most impressive that I have ever heard
you preach. So, yes, the Holy Spirit was speaking through me as stated in Matthew 10: 19,20.

In the June, 2008 newsletter, I commented concerning the 2,000,000% inflation rate and 90% unemploy-
ment. July 1, 2008, a 3 oz. chocolate bar cost 100 billion dollars. We paid $ 10,000,000,000 for 4 loaves
of bread. I have in my possession, a 5 billion dollar bill, a 50 billion dollar bill and a 10 trillion dollar
bill. God spoke to me on July 2, 2008, and said this, "I have heard the cry of My people in Zimbabwe. I
have come down from heaven and seen their afflictions. I have started the process of change in Zim-
babwe." In June, 2008, grocery store shelves were empty except for candy, jelly and a few other unnec-
essary items. June, 2009, grocery store shelves were well stocked. People were shopping again. Unem-
ployment was about 85%, so many people still did not have money to purchase needed items. The coun-
try is now using United States currency, so runaway inflation has stopped. The "process of change" both
economically and politically is making a big difference in the country. June, 2010, will show as big or
bigger change in the country as has happened during the past year.

I wrote a letter of a prophetic nature and asked that copies be sent to the primary Zimbabwe newspaper,
The Herald, Prime Minister Tsvangari and President Mugabe. When my copy is sent to me, I will in-
clude it in a future newsletter. God is making changes in the country of Zimbabwe. He is using the per-
sonnel connected with Hope for All Nations Ministry, Full Gospel Businessman Int'l., these 2 small
town Okies and many other people to accomplish His purposes and answer the prayers of His people in
Zimbabwe. Praise God!

Reviewing the calendar while we were in Zimbabwe, Linda spoke 15 times. This was to general audi-
ences of 200 to 400, and women's meetings of close to 400. One Saturday, she and others of the mission
team spoke to 3 separate church audiences each of 300-400 children. These 1,000-1,200 children were
fed a meal from the food drums you donated money to stock and send. Hundreds of these children re-
ceived their salvation that Saturday. She gave them God's phone number, Jeremiah 33:3, "call to me and
I will answer you...” Linda still speaks with joy concerning the children's responses. She and I also
spoke to the graduates of 3 different bible schools. There, we passed out bibles to each of the graduates
and heard their unique testimonies of God calling each of them into the ministry. They were so very im-
pressed and humbled to receive their bibles with their very own name engraved on the cover. Your offer-
ings paid for those bibles. During the past year, we had shipped 16 drums filled with food, school sup-
plies, toiletry items and many other necessary supplies for life and survival. The full drums each
weighed between 250-300 lbs. Your offerings paid for the full drums and the shipping costs of $455
each. The 11 member mission team shared the cost and work of filling and shipping the drums. With
food and other supplies now available for local purchase, we plan to buy the food and other desperately
needed items in Zimbabwe next year. This will eliminate the expensive shipping costs and still achieve
our purposes. As peace and safety is now in Zimbabwe, we also plan to travel to rural villages on 1 or 2
weekends. The rural villages' pastors are begging us to come to their villages. These are places where
some of the younger children have never seen a white man or woman. If you question the purpose and
value of sending food and other supplies to the several hundred people that received your gifts, then re-
view James 2:15-17. "If a brother or sister is without clothing and in need of daily food and one of you
says to them, "Go in peace, be warmed and be filled. And yet you do not give them what is necessary for
their body, what use is that? Even so, faith without works is dead, being by itself."

So, what did I do while in Zimbabwe? During the 3 week Hope for All Nations Ministry Conference, I
spoke 17 times to varied audiences. After the mission team left, I stayed for 4 additional weeks speaking
in churches, to Full Gospel Businessmen and doing one on one ministry. This included ministering 19
times in some capacity during those 4 weeks. So I ministered a total of 36 times in 17 weeks, plus the in
depth witnessing and ministry during the 4 days travel time already mentioned in this letter.

Again, your offerings enabled us to travel and be a ministry impact on the people of Zimbabwe. The re-
sults of the overall ministry efforts were many more salvations and many more people of all ages I bap-
tized in the Holy Spirit than on previous trips.

Is God's word concerning giving true? Luke 6:38 states, "Give and it shall be given back to you, good
measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over shall people give back to you." One day a
stranger in ragged clothes asked me for clothes to wear. It is winter south of the equator. Feeling com-
passion for the man, I went to the house and filled a sack with pants, shirts and underwear, plus a $10
bill. Two days later, a businessman asked me to go riding with him and his wife. They bought me a
beautiful leather jacket, 2 shirts and an African colored necktie. I was greatly blessed. I have prayed
blessings over them. Also, we pray God's blessings over you for your generous giving that paid for our
trip to Zimbabwe. Our preliminary budge for the June-July, 2010 trip to Zimbabwe is $12,000.

Linda and I also strongly desire places to minister here in America. May we come to your church? Our
messages are about Foreign Missions, Mark 16:15-20 and God's Supernatural Power in Your Daily Life.
These are themes that are woven into the messages that the Holy Spirit gives us. Our calendar has many
open dates. Please call us so we can schedule a ministry date for your church.

As I consider the ministry times and review the daily journal, I am reminded of speaking 4 times in 2
churches by candlelight. There was no electricity in those suburbs the nights we ministered there. One
night, the church had only 3 candles. Everyone was praying when we arrived. No one left, even though
there was no heat on that rain damp, cold, dark night. I strongly commended the people for their commit-
ment and devotion to God. No matter the circumstances, they were determined to hear the message from
the American Missionary.

There are so many other events that I would like to relate, but space restricts those accounts. We ac-
knowledge and commend Pastors Emmanuel and Eunice Chambwedzeka for the superb hospitality in
their home for 7 weeks. They provided transportation and scheduled meetings with Full Gospel Busi-
nessmen in addition to 5 meetings in the church that they pastor and several other churches. Dr. Edwell
and Constance Nhira are to be commended for their year round work in organizing the Mission Trip and
schedule. We are very grateful to Pastors Garry and Reba Wilson of our home church, the Sanctuary, for
their strong, consistent support.
In a message to me from God a few years ago, He commanded me to, "Be an impact and bring results!
"That was accomplished on this trip. Previous spiritual foundations were built upon and new foundations
were laid in preparation of future building. A criteria that I like to use to judge success of a ministry trip
comes from Acts 8:5-8. Philip the Evangelist went to the city of Samaria. He proclaimed Christ, healed
the sick and cast out demons. When he left, there was joy in the city. All of these events happened during
the 7 weeks.

Thanks so very much for your support.

Following the commands of God,

Jerry & Linda Clark

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