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                                                                                              Issue 03, July 2006

Introduction                                    e.quip Inservices

      his edition includes an             As part of our education service,
                                                                                           Upcoming Events
      introduction to our new             e.quip offers on-site inservices to      •	   Sept 2006 - New e.quip
      therapist    advisor     Sarah      prescribers on a range of topics              Catalogue available
Campbell, equipment focus on              related to the DVA RAP ordering
chairs/armchairs and compression          process. Inservices can be tailored                  Access our
stockings, information regarding the      to suit prescriber’s needs and are                  DVA Catalogue
release of version 2 of our catalogue     free of charge.                                       online at:
and e.quip inservices.                                                    
                                          Past inservices have covered topics
  e.quip’s Physiotherapist                such as:
In June, Sarah Campbell joined the        • DVA RAP ordering process
e.quip team as our therapist advisor.     • Equipment display and
Sarah is a physiotherapist who has          demonstration
worked extensively in aged care over      • Demonstration of e.quip’s web
the past four and a half years.             and CD-ROM catalogues

                                          If you would like to book an inservice
                                          for your department or organisation,
                                          please contact Sarah at e.quip on
                                          tel. 1300 137 442.
                                                                                   e.quip Specialist Equipment
                                                  New Catalogue                    Services were present at the Aged
                                            Our updated catalogue is here!         Care Expo and at the Australian
                                                                                   Physiotherapy Association
                                                                                   National Conference in May 2006.

                                                                                   Congratulations to our winners of
Sarah has had varied clinical                                                      the aromatherapy door prize: Bob
experience with a particular focus on                                              Evans from Mt Alexander Hospital
working with the elderly.                                                          and Anne Daly from Austin Health.

Sarah has an excellent knowledge
of equipment and assistive devices
and provides an advisory service to
prescribers over the phone. Sarah                                                  Contents
can assist     with any equipment         Version 2 of our catalogue contains                                                       1
                                                                                   Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 	 		
queries prescribers may have.             new products now available on the
                                                 DVA RAP schedule.                                                             1
                                                                                   e.quip’s	Physiotherapist	 . . . . . . . . . 	 		
Sarah also has a particular interest in   Contact e.quip to request a copy to
                                                   be posted to you.               e.quip	Inservices	&	New	Catalogue	 	 	      1
education and training and forms part                                                                                          1
                                                                                   Upcoming	Events	. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 	 		
of e.quip’s education service.
                                  If you would like to contact e.quip Services:
                      tel: 1300 137 442 fax: 03 9325 1788 email:
Equipment Focus                         The Hi-Care Seating System (AC06-
                                        0017a) incorporates a two way stretch
Chairs and Armchairs                                                          Q	Does e.quip do installations?

                                        / breathable fabric which produces A	 Yes,	 Endeavour	 Industries	 do	 all	 of	
           e have a range of seating low levels of skin sheer and excellent
                                                                                our	 rail	 installations,	 non-slip	 tread,	
           options available in the vapour permeability to help keep skin       step	 modifications,	 and	 minor	 home	
           e.quip catalogue. High dry.                                          modifications	including:	rods	for	shower	
backed and low backed armchairs are                                             curtains,	 weighted	 shower	 curtains,	
covered in sections AC01 and AC02. The Sof-Care Seating System (AC06-           sliding	doors	and	Ross	safety	hinges.
You will find chairs with a great range 0017b) uses the same upholstery as    	 Bannister Rails:
                                                                              	 Endeavour	 will	 always	 check	
of features including height and depth Hi-Care, however is finished in a        measurements	 and	 fixing	 points	 before	
adjustability, fixed or variable lumbar traditional fabric of your choice.      a	 bannister	 rail	 is	 made	 and	 installed.	
support, adjustable seat angle, neck                                            When	 ordering	 it	 is	 useful	 to	 include	
and lateral support, available in a                                             a	 diagram	 detailing:	 measurements,	
range of finishes and fabrics. Electric                                         location	 of	 the	 rail	 (for	 example	 front	
                                                                                or	 rear	 entrance)	 and	 left	 or	 right	
and manual recliners and lift chairs                                            ascending.	 For	 an	 example	 diagram	
are available in sections AC06 and                                              and	 tips	 when	 measuring	 and	 ordering	
AC09. There is also a range of back                                             bannister	 rails	 refer	 to	 Pg	 7.14	 of	 the	
wedges and supports available in                                                e.quip	catalogue	(Version	2	Aug	2006).	
section AE01 to assist with improving                                         	 Handrails and Grab Rails:
                                                                              	 There	 are	 example	 diagrams	 of	 special	
posture, comfort and support when                                               application	 rails	 for	 toilet,	 shower	 and	
sitting.                                                                        bath	 in	 the	 e.quip	 catalogue.	 	 When	
                                                                                      ordering	include	a	diagram	detailing	rail	
The Hi-Care / Sof-Care Seating                                                        locations	and	measurements.
System was designed for those who                                                   	 Always	 include	 a	 diagram	 with	 the	
                                                                                      RAP	 direct	 order	 form	 when	 ordering	
require relief from pressure areas                                                    rails.	 Endeavour	 always	 use	 qualified	
that long term sitting can produce.                                                   tradesmen	to	carry	out	our	work.	If	there	
This seating system can be used
                                        Compression Stockings                         need	 to	 be	 any	 significant	 changes	 to	
with chairs manufactured by Artistic. We stock OAPL and Venosan                       the	original	specifications,	the	prescriber	
                                                                                      will	always	be	contacted.
                                      compression stockings in a range of
The seating and backrest surface is lengths and compression levels                  Q	What style of alternating air overlays
constructed from pressure sensitive (AR25). They apply graduated                       do you stock?
foam that memorises the supported compression therapy, which means                  A	 We	 supply	 the	 Huntleigh	 range	 of	 air	
shape, returning to its original form compression is greatest at the ankle             overlays,	they	are	designed	to	be	used	
after pressure is removed. The and reduces up the leg.                                 on	 top	 of	 the	 existing	 mattress	 on	 any	
                                                                                       hospital	 or	 domestic	 bed.	 The	 electric	
                                                                                       alternating	system	supports	the	user	at	
                                          Anti-Embolism stockings (18-                 low	pressures	and	provides	active	relief	
                                          20mmHg) are commonly used post               by	 a	 series	 of	 individual	 cells	 which	
                                          operatively for oedema management            gently	 inflate	 and	 deflate	 alternately,	
                                          and in immobile agedpatients.                over	 a	 10min	 cycle.	 Pressure	 relief	
                                                                                       allows	 oxygenation	 and	 perfusion	 of	
                                          Class I stockings (20-30mmHg) are            tissue	 to	 occur,	 preventing	 breakdown	
                                          light therapeutic and indicated for          and	 enhancing	 healing.	 The	 Alpha	
                                          mild oedema, heavy aching legs,              Trancell	Overlay	is	ideal	for	those	at	low	
                                                                                       to	 medium	 risk	 of	 developing	 pressure	
                                          and slight varicosity.
                                                                                       sores.	 It	 has	 a	 user	 weight	 capacity	 of	
                                                                                       120kg.		Order	AB15-0001	for	overlay	and	
                                        Class II stockings (30-40mmHg) are             AB15-0002	for	the	accompanying	pump.	
                                        medium therapeutic and used for                The	 AlphaXcell	 Overlay	 is	 suitable	 for	
multi-layer seat suspension system pronounced oedema, varicose veins
                                                                                       those	at	medium	risk	of	pressure	sores	
incorporates a steel frame, fitted with with tendency to swelling, chronic
                                                                                       or	with	existing	pressure	sores	up	to	and	
a variable layer of rubber webbing, venous insufficiency, recovery from                including	grade	2.	It	has	a	user	weight	
supporting the base seat foam.          ulceration and to prevent recurrence           capacity	of	140kg.	Order	AB15-0005	for	
                                        and after vein surgery.                        overlay	 and	 AB15-0004	 for	 the	 pump.

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