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					                                   Dead Men
                                   Tell No Tales
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                         Purveyors of outstanding loot from Billy Bones’s locker.                    12/18/2007

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               Pirates of the Caribbean                                    chessPC Pirates of the Caribbean 2 Chess Set $44.95
                                                                           Life Pirates of the Caribbean Game of Life Choose a ship and
                  Toys, Games & Activities                                 travel the high seas in search of loot as you chart a course for Isla
afPOCcp Pirates of the Caribbean Action Figure: Cursed                     Cruces, but keep a lookout for Davy Jones and the Kracken. Contains
Pirate (7 inch) Includes a cutlass, pistol, and hat. $15.95                a gameboard, 35 Life cards, 25 Life tiles, 8 captain cards, 9 ship
afPOCwt Pirates of the Caribbean Action Figure: Will Turner                cards, 8 mascot cards, 6 ships, 3 rocky channels, 3 islands, and a
(7 inch) Includes two cutlasses, flexible cape, hatchet, hat, and an       stack of paper treasure (money). $29.95
alternate head. $15.95
               afDMCdj Davy Jones Action Figure
               Measures 7” and comes with his hat,
               treasure chest, heart, walking stick, and
               base. $21.95
               afDMCjs       Jack Sparrow Action
               Figure Measures 7” and comes with
               his pistol, cutlass, hat, rum bottle, and
               base. $21.95                                                       chessPC                             Life
  afDMCdj                                                  afDMCjs         gpDMCbp Dead Man’s Chest Trading Card Game (Booster
afDMCm Maccus Action Figure Measures 7”. $21.95                            Pack) Discontinued
afDMCwt Will Turner Action Figure Measures 7”. $21.95                      AWEDB       At World’s End Doodle Bag $6.95
afDMCbb Dead Man’s Chest Action Figure: Bootstrap Bill (7                  AWEFlit     At World’s End Flitter Velvet Doodle $6.95
inch) $21.95                                                               DMCDB       Dead Man’s Chest Doodle Bag $5.29
afDMCes Dead Man’s Chest Action Figure: Elizabeth Swann                    DMCFlit     Dead Man’s Chest Flitter Velvet Doodles $5.29
(7 inch) $21.95                                                                               DMCSB        Dead Man’s Chest Reusable
afDMCjp       Dead Man’s Chest Action Figure: Jack Sparrow                                    Sticker Book $6.99
with Palm Tree (7 inch) $21.95                                                                DMCVel       Dead Man’s Chest Velvet
                        afDMCp Dead Man’s Chest Action Figure:                                Doodles $5.98
                        Palifico (7 inch) $21.95                                               puzPJS       Photomosaic Jack Sparrow
                        afDMCcb Dead Man’s Chest Action                                       Puzzle $12.95
                        Figure: Captain Barbossa (7 inch) $21.95                              puzPJT       Photomosaic Jack Sparrow
                        afDMCc        Dead Man’s Chest Action                                 Trio Puzzle $12.95
                        Figure: Clanker (7 inch) $21.95                         puzPJT
                        afDMCcj Dead Man’s Chest Action
      afDMCcb           Figure: Cannibal Jack (7 inch) $21.95
afDMCcn Dead Man’s Chest Action Figure: Captain
Norrington (7 inch) $21.95
afAWEjs At World’s End Action Figure: Jack Sparrow (7
inch) $21.95
afAWEp At World’s End Action Figure: Pintel (7 inch) $21.95
afAWEr At World’s End Action Figure: Ragetti (7 inch) $21.95
afAWEsf At World’s End Action Figure: Sao Feng (7 inch) $21.95
             afJD12 Johnny Depp/Jack Sparrow Action Fig-
             ure (12”, with sound) This large 12”, highly detailed                      afJD18a                          afDMCdj
             action figure of Captain Jack Sparrow comes to life with
             a push of a button, quoting lines from The Curse of the                 Pirates of the Caribbean Posters & Art
             Black Pearl such as: “I’m Captain Jack Sparrow,” “Can         JDpp Johnny Depp Portrait Poster 25” x 36”. $8.95
             you sail under the command of a pirate or can you not?”       JDcrp Johnny Depp Crossing Blades Poster 24” x 34”. $6.95
             and “Do you have the courage and fortitude to follow          JDdp Johnny Depp Door Poster 21” x 62”. $15.95
             orders and speak true in the face of danger and almost        JDfp Johnny Depp French-style Poster 25” x 35½”. $8.95
certain death?” Jack comes with his hat, bottle of rum, pistol, cutlass,
compass, and an extra hand. $36.95
            af12DJ Davy Jones Action Figure (12 inch) $35.95
            afDJ12s         Davy Jones Action Figure (12” with
            sound) $36.95
            af12JS Jack Sparrow Action Figure (12 inch) $37.95
            af12WT Will Turner Action Figure (12 inch) $35.95
            afDJ12s Davy Jones Action Figure (12”, with
            sound) $36.95                                                        JDpp           JDcrp           JDdp     JDfp
            hkDJ Davy Jones Head Knocker $19.95                            JDjssp Jack Sparrow Savvy Poster 22” x 34”. $8.95
   hkJS     hkJS Jack Sparrow Head Knocker $19.95                          pJSW Jack Sparrow Wanted Poster $8.95
                                                                           pJWd Jack & Will Door Poster $15.95
afJD18a       At World’s End Jack Sparrow Talking Action
                                                                           jwNATp Jack & Will Not All Treasure Poster 22½” x 34”. $8.95
Figure (18” with sound) $49.95
                                                                           jwTOp Jack & Will Taking Over Poster 36” x 24”. $8.95
                                   3                             (800) 770-9807
               OBdfhp Orlando Bloom I’d Die For Her Poster            bustCB Captain Barbossa Pirates of the Caribbean Mini-
               Measures 22” x 34”, shipped rolled. $4.95              Bust $54.95
               OBdp Orlando Bloom Door Poster 21” x 62”.
              OBpp Orlando Bloom Portrait Poster 27” x                         Pirates of the Caribbean Household Items
              40”. $12.95                                                                    calPC07 Pirates of the Caribbean 2007
              POCAPp Pirates of the Caribbean Attacking                                      Calendar $10.95
              Pirates Poster 27” x 40”. $16.95                                               calPC08 Pirates of the Caribbean 2008
  POCBPp POCBPp Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl                                         Calendar $13.95
Poster 27” x 40”. $16.95                                                                     calPCM8 Pirate’s of the Caribbean Mini-
POCSCp Pirates of the Caribbean Skull & Cross Swords                                         Calendar 2008 $6.99
Poster Reprint of the advance promotional poster. 27” x 40”. $16.95                          calPCS8 Pirates of the Caribbean 2008
POCSp Pirates of the Caribbean Skeleton                                    calPC08           Special Edition Calendar $16.99
Poster 27” x 40”. $16.95                                              JSTT Jack Sparrow Tabletop Standup $8.95
JSSp Jack Sparrow Swamp Poster $6.95                                  mugJSP Jack Sparrow with His Pistol Mug The box claims this
pJSWE Jack Sparrow w/ Will & Elizabeth                                product is dishwasher safe, but we recommend hand wash only. $14.95
Poster $8.95                                                          TSRA Pirates of the Caribbean Talking Skull Room Alarm
POC2Vp Pirates of the Caribbean 2 Voodoo                              $39.95
              Poster $16.95
              pDMCe          Dead Man’s Chest
              Elizabeth Swann Poster $16.95             POCSp
              pDMCj         Dead Man’s Chest Jack Sparrow
              Poster $6.95
              pDMCJSm Jack Sparrow Dead Man’s Chest
              Movie Poster $16.95
              pDMCjsp Jack Sparrow with His Pistol Poster
   pDMCe      $8.95                                                              mugJSP                     TSRA
pDMCjw Dead Man’s Chest Jack & Will Poster $6.95                      penAWED At World’s End Dangling Skull Pen $3.95
pDMCjwe Dead Man’s Chest Jack, Will, Elizabeth Poster $6.95
pDMCw Dead Man’s Chest Will Turner Poster $6.95
pDMCWTm Will Turner Dead Man’s Chest Movie Poster $16.95                           Pirates of the Caribbean Buttons
pDMCjsp Jack Sparrow with His Pistol Poster $8.95                     PCCS Pirates of the Caribbean Collector’s Set Includes two
pAWEft At World’s End Fog Trio Poster (27” x 39”) $16.95              1½” buttons, a 4” x 5” sticker, and a 3¾” x 3½” patch. $10.95
pAWEjfc At World’s End Jack Sparrow in Fog Closeup                    butPCjd Pirates of the Caribbean: Johnny Depp Button 1½”
Poster (24” x 36”) $8.95                                              in diameter. $1.39
                                                                      butPCss Pirates of the Caribbean Skull & Swords Button
                                                                      1½” in diameter. $1.39
                                                                                            butPCset Pirates of the Caribbean Four-
                                                                                            button Set A four-piece set of 1½” collector
                                                                                            buttons from The Curse of the Black Pearl. $6.49
                                                                                            butP2je Jack Sparrow Explosion Button
                                                                                            Measures 1½”. $1.39
                             pAWEft                                                         butP2js Jack Sparrow Sunset Button
     pDMCjsp                                        pAWEjfc                                 Measures 1½”. $1.39
pAWEcf At World’s End Jack Sparrow & Crew in Fog Poster                                     butP2st Skull & Torches Logo Button
(24” x 36”) $8.95                                                           butP2js         Measures 1½”. $1.39
pAWEsc At World’s End Skull & Crossbones Poster (27” x                butCJAl       Captain Jack Autographed Button (large) $2.95
39”) $16.95                                                           butCJAs       Captain Jack Autographed Button (small) $1.39
pAWEtfl At World’s End Jack Sword Thrust in Fog Poster                 butCJC        Captain Jack Close-Up Button $1.39
(large logo, 24” x 36”) $8.95                                         butCJP        Captain Jack Pop-Art Button $2.95
pAWEtfs At World’s End Jack’s Sword Thrust in Fog Poster              butCJM        Captain Jack Man of Mystery Button $2.95
(small logo, 27” x 39”) $16.95                                        butPCJS       Purple Captain Jack Sparrow Button $2.95

          Pirates of the Caribbean Decorations                                 Pirates of the Caribbean Iron-on Patches
                                                                            These embroidered patches can be ironed or sewn on.
American-made, 100% acrylic, woven throws that offer versatility
as wall hangings, floor rugs, or blankets. They measure               patAWEL At World’s End Logo Patch $5.49
approximately 62” x 47” (including 2½” multi-colored fringe).         patCJAG Captain Jack Aztec Gold Patch $5.89
tapCJ Captain Jack Sparrow Tapestry/Throw Blanket $39.95              patSav Pirates of the Caribbean Captain Jack Sparrow
tapWJ Will & Jack Tapestry/Throw Blanket $39.95                       Savvy Patch Detailed silkscreened patch, 3” square. $4.79

                                  4                           (800) 770-9807
patPCsss Pirates of the Caribbean Skull & Swords Patch                rJSB Jack Sparrow Button Ring Replica $11.95
(small) Measures approximately 4” x 3¾”. $5.95                        rJSD Jack Sparrow Dragon Ring Replica $11.95
patPCssl Pirates of the Caribbean Skull & Swords Patch                rJSS Jack Sparrow Stolen Ring Replica $11.95
(large) Measures approximately 8” x 7½”. $10.95                       nPOChbp Pirates of the Caribbean Hector Barbossa Pendant
                                                                      nPOCtd Pirate’s of the Caribbean Tia Dalma Necklace $11.95
                                                                      POCjsb Pirates’s of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow Beads $12.95

                                                                          Pirates of the Caribbean Clothing & Costumes
              patPCsss                     patPCssl
                                                                                  Captain Jack Sparrow Costume Includes shirt,
                                                                                  vest with sewn in fabric sash and two attached belts
              Pirates of the Caribbean Stickers                                   with buckles, and boot covers. Pants, moustache and
POCgdsb Pirates of the Caribbean Glow in the Dark Sticker                         goatee, and hat with attached braids not included.
Book $6.95                                                                        cosJScs Captain Jack Sparrow Costume (child,
                POCusb Pirates of the Caribbean Ultimate                          small) Fits boy’s sizes 4-6. $39.95
                Sticker Book Contains more than 60 fantastic          cosJScm Captain Jack Sparrow Costume (child, medium)
                full-color stickers of all your favorite characters   Fits boys’ sizes 7-8. $39.95
                and their effects. These easy-peel stickers can       cosJScl Captain Jack Sparrow Costume (child, large) Fits
                be used more than once. Learn all about the           boys’ sizes 10-12. $39.95
                swashbuckling world of Captain Jack Sparrow,          cosJStw Captain Jack Sparrow Costume (early teen) Fits
                his terrifying foes, and his unlikely allies Eliza-   early teen boys’ sizes 14-16. $39.95
                beth Swann and Will Turner. Paperback book, 8”        cosJSt Captain Jack Sparrow Costume (teen) Fits teenage
   POCusb       x 11”, 8 pages, 63 stickers, $6.99                    boys’ sizes 38-40. $73.95
                                                                      cosJSa Captain Jack Sparrow Costume (adult) Fits adult
                                                                      men’s sizes 42-46. $73.95
             Pirates of the Caribbean Key Rings                       phJSa Deluxe Jack Sparrow Hat w/Beaded Braids (adult)
These crystal-clear lucite keychains measure 2¼” x 1¼” and            phJSc Deluxe Jack Sparrow Hat w/Beaded Braids (child)
have the Pirates of the Caribbean logo on the reverse side.           $21.95
krCJ Captain Jack Key Ring A still of Captain Jack with his           wbDJ        Davy Jones Wristband $5.95
name across the bottom. $3.95                                         wbPCilj Pirates of the Caribbean I Love Captain Jack
                       krPCil Pirates of the Caribbean I Love         Wristband 2¾” wide, design is approximately 2” x 1¼”. $5.95
                       Capt. Jack Key Ring $4.49                      wbPCss Pirates of the Caribbean Skull & Swords Wristband
                       krPCjd Pirates of the Caribbean Johnny         3⅛” wide, design is approximately 2⅛” x 2¼”. $5.95
                       Depp Key Ring A still of Captain Jack.         tsNTPjsize Jack Sparrow: Never Trust a Pirate Fitted Junior
       krPCil          $4.49                                          Tee (girls, sizes S-L) $24.95
krSAV Captain Jack Sparrow Savvy Key Ring $4.49                       tsPDMasize Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men T-Shirt
krP2jse     Jack Sparrow Explosion Key Ring $3.49                     (adult S-L) $32.95
krP2jsp     Jack Sparrow with His Pistol Key Ring $3.49               tsPOCjsize Jack Sparrow: Pirates of the Caribbean Fitted
krP2jss     Jack Sparrow Sunset Key Ring $3.49                        Junior Tee (girls S-L) $24.95
krPCss      Pirates of the Caribbean Skull & Swords Rubber
Key Ring    Measures approximately 2¾” x 2¾”. $5.95
krJAWE       Jack At World’s End Key Ring $3.49
krCom        At World’s End Pewter Compass Key Ring $6.29
krAWEL       At World’s End Logo Pewter Key Ring $6.29
krDJK        Davy Jones’ Key Pewter Key Ring $6.29
krTDL        Tia Dalma’s Locket Pewter Key Ring $6.29
                                                                               tsNTPjsize      tsPDMasize           tsPOCjsize
              Pirates of the Caribbean Jewelry
charmJP Captain Jack’s Pistol Charm (sterling silver) $24.95
charmJS Captain Jack’s Sparrow Charm (sterling silver) $49.95              Pirates of the Caribbean Miscellaneous Items
pendBP Barbossa’s Pistol Pendant (tarnish-resistant silver)           jourAWE    At World’s End Personalized Journal $4.79
$69.95                                                                jourCJ   Capt. Jack Pirate’s of the Caribbean Personalized
rCC10 Cursed Crewman Ring (size 10, tarnish-resistant silver)         Journal $4.79
$139.95                                                               POCBT P.o.t.C. Bubble Toons (sugar free) $1.95
rCJ9      Captain Jack Ring (size 9, tarnish-resistant silver)        POCSD Pirates of the Caribbean Spin Drops $1.95
$239.95                                                               POCtb Pirates of the Caribbean Treat Bag $1.29

                              5                           (800) 770-9807
                Pirates of the Caribbean Books                               POCss Pirates of the Caribbean: A Storm at Sea $3.99
                                                                                      DJC Dead Man’s Chest: Davy Jones’s Curse
ArtPOC The Art of Pirates of the Caribbean This large book                                    $3.95
                           presents a definitive, exclusive look into the                     DMCco Dead Man’s Chest: The Chase is On $3.95
                           preparation and production of the successful                       DMCss Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s
                           movie trilogy. Overflowing with hundreds                           Chest: Swann Song Paperback, 8” x 8”, 24 pages, 12
                           of full-color images, the book showcases                           movie scene photos, $3.50
                           concept drawings, set designs, and costume                         SJS Dead Man’s Chest: Search for Jack Sparrow
                           sketches, as well as the intricate props,              DMCco       $3.99
                           set pieces, and even special effects that                              AWEf  At World’s End: Force of Will $3.99
                           contribute so much to the Pirates mythology.                           AWEmj At World’s End: The Mystic’s Journey
                           Even the cover is visually arresting, imitating                        $3.99
         ArtPOC            the leather-covered log of a ship’s captain.                           AWEsing At World’s End: Singapore! $4.99
For Pirates fans everywhere, this treasure chest of art and design from                           AWEsjs At World’s End: Saving Jack Sparrow
the entire movie trilogy is a visual feast that promises hours of endless                         $3.99
browsing pleasure. Hardcover, 12” x 14”, 156 color illustrations, 273                             UW At World’s End: Untamed World $3.99
b/w conceptual drawings, 160 pages, $50.00
BMTH Bring Me That Horizon $24.95                                                  AWEsing
            POCmkm Pirates of the Caribbean: From                                JScs Jack Sparrow: The Coming Storm The story of Jack
            the Magic Kingdom to the Movies by Jason                             Sparrow and the Sword of Cortés starts here. Softcover, 5¼” x 7½”,
            Surrell Take a virtual tour through the attraction                   135 pages, 6 illustrations, $4.95
            showcasing variations and enhancements at each                       JS2 Jack Sparrow: The Siren Song by Robb Kidd Part two
            Disney theme park, including the very latest ideas                   of the Sword of Cortés storyline. Softcover, 5¼” x 7½”, 124 pages,
            for show enhancement. Also, get an insider’s view                    5 illustrations, $4.99
            of the motion picture that launched a franchise.                     JSpc Jack Sparrow: The Pirate Chase Part three of the Sword of
                   Softcover, 10½” x 8½”, 19 illustrations 295 pictures          Cortés storyline. Softcover, 5¼” x 7½”, 119 pages, 6 illustrations, $4.95
  POCmkm           15 black and white, 280 colored, 144 pages, $22.95            JSsc Jack Sparrow: The Sword of Cortés Part four of the
POCcvg Pirates of the Caribbean Complete Visual Guide $19.95                     Sword of Cortés storyline. Softcover, 5¼” x 7½”, 122 pages, 5
             POCn Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of                         illustrations, $4.95
             the Black Pearl Movie Novelization adapted by                       JSQSC Jack Sparrow: The Quest for the Sword of Cortés
             Irene Trimble Softcover, 5½” x 7½”, 15 pictures,                    (box set of four books) The first story arc collected. $15.95
                 122 pages, $4.95                                                JSAB Jack Sparrow: The Age of Bronze The fifth book in the
                 DMCjn Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s                      young Jack Sparrow series. Softcover, 5¼” x 7½”, 144 pages, $4.95
                 Chest Junior Novelization Paperback, 5¼” x                      JST Jack Sparrow: The Timekeeper The eighth book in the
                 7½”, 158 pages, 12 movie scene photos, $4.99                    young Jack Sparrow series. Softcover, 5¼” x 7½”, 128 pages, $4.95
                 AWEn At World’s End Novelization $4.99
    POCn         DMCgn Dead Man’s Chest Graphic Novel $3.99
                   DMCcd Dead Man’s Chest Storybook & CD
                    DMCms Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead
                    Man’s Chest: The Movie Storybook Relive
                    the swashbuckling adventure with this photo-packed
                    storybook. Hardcover, 8½” x 11¼”, 62 pages, 31                     JScs               JS2              JSpc               JSsc
                    photos, $8.99
                    AWEms At World’s End Movie Storybook
    AWEms           Hardcover, 8½” x 11¼”, 31 color movie images, 67
pages, $8.99
                BHS Battle for the High Seas in 3-D! $5.99
                POCusb Pirates of the Caribbean Ultimate
                Sticker Book (from The Curse of The Black Pearl
                and Dead Man’s Chest) More than 60 full-color                              Look for quarters in many of our pictures
                stickers. Can be used more than once. Paperback, 8” x
                11”, 8 pages, 63 stickers, $6.99                                                     for size comparison.
                DMCSB Dead Man’s Chest Reusable Sticker
  DMCSB Book $6.99
POCpb Pirates of the Caribbean Poster Book $7.99                                                  Gift certificates are available.
FinalS At World’s End: The Final Showdown Activity book                                         Please call for more information.
with stickers. $3.99
POCFss Pirates of the Caribbean: From Ship to Shore (book
& magnets) $13.95
POCgs Pirates of the Caribbean: Ghost Ship $3.99
POCmp Pirates of the Caribbean: The Missing Pirate $3.95
                                         6                                (800) 770-9807
                  Chests & Treasure                                              C4 Spanish Treasure Coin Replicas (type 4)
                            Treasure                                     Made of nickel and plated with various metals to look like silver or gold.
ballFG Faceted Gemstone Rubber Balls (12 per package) $8.95              One side is shown antiqued and the other with the shiny finish.
BallJl Faceted Jewel Rubber Balls (large, 2”, dozen) $12.95                                      Antique Finish
BallJs Faceted Jewel Rubber Balls (small, 1½”, dozen) $5.95                    C41as        C42as   Obverse C41ag                  C42ag
jewlBC Brightly Colored Treasure Jewels (144/pkg) $32.95
JewlRC Rough-cut Treasure Jewels (¼ lb. bag) Acrylic jewels,
various colors and sizes, largest pieces about 1”. $2.95

 Our acrylic treasure jewels are just under 1” in length and just
 over ¼” thick. SHAPES: Oval, Round, and Emerald. COLORS:
 Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst, Emerald.
 JewlB Treasure Jewels (Bag of 144) Assorted shapes and
 colors. $14.95
 JewlS Individual Treasure Jewels Assorted. $0.19 each                                                              C43ag
                                                                               C43as             C44as                                C44ag
                                                                         C41as Two Reale Coin Silver (Small, 1”, type 4-1) $0.39
                                                                         C41ag Two Escudo Doubloon Gold (Small, 1”, type 4-1) $0.39
                                                                         C42as Two Reale Coin Silver (Small, 1”, type 4-2) $0.39
                                                                         C42ag Two Escudo Doubloon Gold (Small, 1”, type 4-2) $0.39
                                                                         C43as Four Reale Coin Silver (Medium, 1¼”, type 4-3) $0.59
                                                                         C43ag Four Escudo Doubloon Gold (Medium, 1¼”, type
                                                                         4-3) $0.59
                                                                         C44as Eight Reale Coin Silver (Large, 1½”, type 4-4) $0.99
                                                                         C44ag Eight Escudo Doubloon Gold (Large, 1½”, type 4-
                                                                         4) $0.99
                                                                                              Shiny Finish
                                                                              C41ss    C42ss      Reverse     C41sg      C42sg
jewlTQa Quality Treasure Jewel (amber) $4.49
jewlTQd Quality Treasure Jewel (diamond) $4.49
jewlTQe Quality Treasure Jewel (emerald) $4.49
jewlTQg Quality Treasure Jewel (gold) $4.49
jewlTQl Quality Treasure Jewel (lavender) $4.49
jewlTQr Quality Treasure Jewel (rose) $4.49
jewlTQs Quality Treasure Jewel (sapphire) $4.49
jewlTJd Jumbo Treasure Jewel (diamond) $10.95
jewlTJl  Jumbo Treasure Jewel (lavender) $10.95                              C43ss             C44ss             C43sg              C44sg
jewlTJr  Jumbo Treasure Jewel (rose) $10.95
jewlTJs Jumbo Treasure Jewel (sapphire) $10.95                           C41ss Two Reale Coin Silver (Small, 1”, type 4-1) $0.46
jewlTJy Jumbo Treasure Jewel (ruby) $14.95                               C41sg Two Escudo Doubloon Gold (Small, 1”, type 4-1) $0.46
jewlTGid Gigantic Treasure Jewel (diamond) $17.95                        C42ss Two Reale Coin Silver (Small, 1”, type 4-2) $0.46
jewlTGil Gigantic Treasure Jewel (lavender) $17.95                       C42sg Two Escudo Doubloon Gold (Small, 1”, type 4-2) $0.46
jewlTGir Gigantic Treasure Jewel (rose) $17.95
                                                                         C43ss Four Reale Coin Silver (Medium, 1¼”, type 4-3) $0.67
jewlTGis Gigantic Treasure Jewel (sapphire) $17.95
                                                                         C43sg Four Escudo Doubloon Gold (Medium, 1¼”, type
jewlTGIy Gigantic Treasure Jewel (ruby) $19.95
jewlTGAd Gargantuan Treasure Jewel (diamond) $23.95                      4-3) $0.67
jewlTGAe Gargantuan Treasure Jewel (emerald) $29.95                      C44ss Eight Reale Piece of Eight Silver (Large, 1½”, type
jewlTGAl Gargantuan Treasure Jewel (lavender) $23.95                     4-4) $0.99
jewlTGAr Gargantuan Treasure Jewel (rose) $23.95                         C44sg Eight Escudo Doubloon Gold (Large, 1½”, type 4-
jewlTGAs Gargantuan Treasure Jewel (sapphire) $23.95                     4) $0.99
jewlTGAy Gargantuan Treasure Jewel (ruby) $29.95
                                                                        c44p Plastic Treasure Doubloons (144 per package) Plastic
                                                                        version of our C44sg. $8.95
                                                                        C1 Treasure Coins (type 1, bag of 144 coins) Plastic, 1¼” across. $5.95
                                                                        C2 Treasure Coins (type 2, Bag of 144) Gold-colored plastic
                                                                        coins with a Skull and Crossed Swords on one side and an opened
                                                                        Treasure Chest on the other. 1¼” across. $6.95
                                                                        c4gold Replica Spanish Doubloon (3 per package) $1.49
      jewlTGAd                  C1                   C2                 c4sil Replica Spanish Pieces of Eight (3 per package) $1.49
                                 7                               (800) 770-9807
C5c Gold-plated Spanish Four Escudo Cob Doubloon (type
5 cob, 18k gold) $1.75                                                                       csSC       Replica Spanish Cob Coin Set
C5l Gold-plated Spanish Four Escudo Doubloon (type 5                                         $10.95
large) Pewter plated with real 18k gold, 1¼” across. $1.95                                   csSD Replica Spanish Doubloon Coin
                                                                                             Set $10.95
                                                                                             csST Replica Spanish Treasure Coin
                                                                                             Set $10.95
                                                                    cCRpou Captain Rackham Coins & Pouch $3.49

                                                                                        cLPC Lucky Pirate Coins & Pouch Includes
                                                                                        five 1¼” metal coins with the Captain Rackham
                      C5c                      C5l                                      skull & swords emblem on one side and various pi-
C5s Gold-plated Spanish Two Escudo Coin (type 5 small)                                  rate symbols on the other side. Includes a 3½” x
Pewter plated with real 18k gold, 1” diameter. $1.49                                    4¾” velvet pouch with drawstring and a white Cap-
C6k Gold-plated 1486 Knight Coin Pewter plated with real 18k                            tain Rackham design on one side. $10.49
gold, 1½” diameter. $2.49
C8 Pieces of Eight Pewter, 1½” diameter, cut into pieces of eight   FGoldB         Box of Fool’s Gold $3.69
(one half, a quarter, and two eighths). $1.69
                                                                                              These nuggets of pyrite are perfect for adding
                                                                                              variety and glitter to a treasure chest.
                                                                                              FGoldL Fool’s Gold (large chunks, 1 lb.)
                                                                                              FGoldS Fool’s Gold (small chunks, ½ lb.)
            C6k                        C8
c9BT     Buried Treasure Doubloon $0.74                                 These shiny plastic-beaded necklaces are 32” long. 12 per package.
c9DM     Dead Men Tell No Tales Doubloon $0.74                          nGold Gold Treasure Necklaces $2.49
c9SMT    Shiver Me Timbers Doubloon $0.74                               nSilver Silver Treasure Necklaces $2.49
c9WP     Walk the Plank Doubloon $0.74
cAF     Assorted Foreign Treasure Coins (½lb. bag) $21.95
cAFs Assorted Foreign Treasure Coins (Shiny ½lb. bag) $31.95

                    cAG Aztec Gold Coin 2” across, ersatz
                    gold. $1.79
                                                                                         nGold                       nSilver
                                                                    nJAM Jeweled Aztec Medallion Necklace This metal medallion
                                                                    featuring a red plastic jewel measures 2” in diameter and comes with
cRC13      Round Chinese Replica Treasure Coins (13mm,
                                                                    a 24” chain. $4.95
100 per package) $4.49
                                                                    nG Gold & Silver Necklaces (12 per package) Plastic, 48” long,
cRC19      Round Chinese Replica Treasure Coins (19mm,
                                                                    three designs and two colors. $7.95
50 per package) $5.95
                                                                    nP Pearl Necklaces (12 per package) Plastic, 48” long. $7.95
cRC20 Round Chinese Replica Treasure Coins (20mm, 100
per package) $6.95
cRC25 Round Chinese Replica Treasure Coins (25mm, 50
per package) $6.95
cRC26 Round Chinese Replica Treasure Coins (26mm, 4
per package) $3.95
cRC38      Round Chinese Replica Treasure Coins (38mm,
25 per package) $6.95
                                                                                 nJAM                    nG                    nP

                                                                                              OMGD One Million Gold Doubloon Bill
                                                                                              Captain Kidd is pictured on the front of the
                                                                                              bill while the back shows a battle between two
                                                                                              pirate ships. These are the size and shape of
        cRC20                                                                                 real dollars. $0.39

                                8                                  (800) 770-9807
                            Pouches                                        tcwSun     Sun Skull Wood Treasure Chest Discontinued
PouchD Dead Men Tell No Tales Treasure Pouch Satin pouch                    These rough wooden treasure chests with metal fittings trimming
with our Skull & Swords design and “Dead Men Tell No Tales” un-             the edges are handmade and may vary slightly in size from box
derneath, both in shiny gold, 4¼” x 4¾”. $1.49                              to box. They have two hinges on the back, allowing them to easily
PouchR Captain Rackham Treasure Pouch satin pouch with                      open and close.
shiny silver skull & swords design, 4¼” x 4¾”. $1.49                        May have sharp edges due to the metal flashing and nails used
                                                                            in the construction of the boxes, use caution when handling.
                                                                            tcwRl Rough Skull & Crossbones Treasure Chest (large)
                                                                            Measures approximately 19½” x 11¼” x 11”. Decorated with a skull
                                                                            and crossbones carved into the top. $39.95
                                                                            tcwRm Rough Skull & Crossbones Treasure Chest (medium)
                                                                            Measures approximately 8” x 7” x 7½”. Decorated with a skull and
                                                                            crossbones carved into the top. $19.95
               PouchD                      PouchR                           tcwRs Rough Skull & Crossbones Treasure Chest (small)
                                                                            Measures approximately 5¾” x 4⅛” x 3¾”. Decorated with a skull
                                                                            and crossbones carved into the top. $12.95
                     bagSS Smiling Skull Drawstring Bags
                     (12 per package) These cloth drawstring bags
                     have a friendly skull face printed on one side.
                     They measure approximately 6” x 4½”. $7.95

                     sackSl Large Skull Sack This polyester
                     skull sack is 7” diameter with a depth of 8”.
                     It will hold jewels, coins, dice, keys, or some
                     limes to keep away the scurvy. $13.49                            tcwRl                tcwRm                tcwRs
                     sackSm Medium Skull Sack                   100%
                     polyester drawstring bag, measures 6” at widest
      sackSl         point and 6” long when laid flat. $10.49

                     Treasure Chests
Wooden Treasure Chests (nested pairs, three colors) Larger
                       ones are 5¾” x 5” x 4”, smaller
                       ones are 4¼” x 3¼” x 3¼”.                                 tcwRSSl               tcwRSSm           tcwRSSs
                       TCw1bl Black $11.95                                 tcwRSSl Rough Skull & Swords Treasure Chest (large)
                       TCw1br Brown $11.95                                 Measures approximately 19½” x 11¼” x 11”. Decorated with a skull
                       TCw1g Gold $11.95                                   and swords carved into the top. $39.95
                                                                           tcwRSSm Rough Skull & Swords Treasure Chest (medium)
Wooden Treasure Chests (type 2, nested pair)                               Measures approximately 7¾” x 7¼” x 7¼”. Decorated with a skull
TCw2bl Black $11.95                                                        and swords carved into the top. $19.95
TCw2br Brown $11.95          TCw2g                                         tcwRSSs Rough Skull & Swords Treasure Chest (small)
TCw2g Grey $11.95                                                          Measures approximately 5¾” x 4⅛” x 3¾”. Decorated with a skull
tcwBl  Buccaneer Treasure Chest (large) $64.95                             and swords carved into the top. $12.95
tcwBs  Buccaneer Treasure Chest (small) $36.95                             Skull & Crossbones Boxes These are some of our best-crafted
tcwPSl Pirate Skull Treasure Chest (large) $64.95                          boxes. The bottom of the interior is lined with a plush material, the
tcwPSs Pirate Skull Treasure Chest (small) $36.95                          color of which may vary.
                 TCwC Treasure Chest Box with Chains                                        boxSC3 Skull & Crossbones Box (3¼” x
                 This wood treasure chest box features a red                                3¼”) Exterior measures 3¼” x 3¼” x 2¼” and
                 cloth-lined interior, hinged lid with metal latch                          is incised with braiding all around, interior is 25/8”
                 which uses chains as a lid stop, and wood                                  square with a depth of 1½”. In addition to the
                 slats with brass tacks on all sides of exterior.                           classic skull & crossbones on the
                 Measures 5” x 3¼” x 3”, interior measures                                  lid, three sides are etched with
                 4½” x 2½” x 2½”. $14.95                                                    the Egyptian ankh, symbolizing
tcwCA   Chain & Anchor Wood Treasure Chest $25.95                                           enduring life, apparently used
tcwCAl  Captain Avery Treasure Chest with Secret                                            here to balance the death’s head
Compartment (large) $24.95                                                 on top. $16.95
tcwCAm Captain Avery Treasure Chest with Secret                            boxSC6 Skull & Crossbones Box (6” x
Compartment (medium) $21.95                                                6”) Exterior measures 5¾” square x 2¾” high,
tcwCS   Caribbean Skull Wood Treasure Chest $26.95                         interior is 2” deep. $32.95                             boxSC6
tcwSS   Skull & Swords Wood Treasure Chest $25.95                                    9                             (800) 770-9807
boxPP Pirate’s Plunder Box with Secret Lock $35.95
TCwS Wood Treasure Box with Skull Metal skull & crossbones                                             LBPT Little Box of Pirate Treasures
on top, carved sides, red felt interior, 6” x 4” x 2½”. $14.95                                         This miniature pirate’s chest contains the
                                                                                                       following treasures: eyepatch, earring, two
                                                                                                       pirate’s coins, rope for nautical knot-tying,
                                                                                                       Jolly Roger pirate flag, 4 pirate wanted posters,
                                                                                                       pirate’s bandanna, a booklet and pamphlet
                                                                                                       that teach kids how to tie sailor’s knots and
                                                                                                       recognize different types of sailing ships,
                boxPP                    TCwS                                 a pirate’s treasure map, and a hardcover pirate’s journal filled with a
tcpPC       Pirate Captain Polyresin Treasure Chest $30.95                    thrilling sea story that begins at a Caribbean port in the year 1715 and
tcpPS       Pirate Skull Polyresin Treasure Chest $26.95                      tells of a search for buried treasure. Boxed set, 32-page hardcover,
                                                                              24-page booklet, 15 pieces total, 4¾” x 7¼” x 2½”, $20.95
                                                                                                                       LLP Lift the Lid on Pi-
                                                                                                                       rates Kit This cardboard
                     CTC Clear Treasure Chest Plastic, 4” x                                                            treasure chest contains:
                     3¼” x 2½”. Treasure sold separately. $2.49                                                        treasure box with a secret
                                                                                                                       drawer, a working replica
                                                                                                                       of a 16th-century ship’s
                                                                                                                       compass, a model of a pi-
PTCt Plastic Treasure Chest (tan) Can be latched with its key.                                                         rate ship for you to make,
3” x 2” x 2⅝”. $1.79                                                                                                   a realistic metal replica of
PTCdb Plastic Treasure Chest (dark brown) 3¼” x 2¼” x                                                                  a piece-of-eight Spanish
2¼”, does not latch. $0.59                                                                                             coin, a facsimile map of the
                                                                                                                       Spanish Main, nine stickers
                                                                                                                       to use on the map or else-
                                                                              where, a length of rope with which to practice tying sailor’s knots,
                                                                              and a 24-page full-color booklet. 8½” x 5½” x 4¼”, $22.95

                    PTCt                  PTCdb                                                                  Banks
TCpaper Paper Treasure Chest Boxes (6 per package) Made
                                                                                  These banks have a slot in the top for slipping in your treasure coins,
of thick paper, 4” x 4½” x 3” when assembled. $4.79                               but the slot is not visible from the front or the sides. Later you can
tcPTfb Treasure Chest Pirate Treasure Favor Box (8 per                            retrieve your coins through the hole in the bottom. They are made of
package) Cardboard. $5.49                                                         a sturdy resin.
TC2 Jeweled Treasure Chest Box (type 2) Cardboard. $11.99                         PSB1 Pirate Skull Bank (Small, type 1) 4¾” x 4¾” x 6½”. $10.98
 TC4 Treasure Chest Box (type 4) Corrugated cardboard, 13” x                      PSB1g Pirate Skull Bank (Large, type 1g) Measures 6½” x 8”
 9” x 8”. Easy to assemble. $4.29                                                 x 6½”. $13.95
 TC5 Treasure Chest Box (type 5) Cardboard, 11¾” x 7¾” x                          PSB2 Pirate Skull Bank (type 2) Measures 5½” x 6” x 6”. $14.95
 5½”. Easy to assemble. $2.49                                                     PSB3 Pirate Skull Bank (Small, type 3) Measures 5½” x 6”
                                                                                  x 6”. $9.95
                                                                                  PSB3g Pirate Skull Bank (Large, type 3g) Measures 8” x 8½”
                                                                                  x 8”. $13.95

                 TC4                           TC5
TC6 Treasure Chest Box (type 6, 11” x 8”) Heavy-weight printed
paper with simulated wood grain and brass tack print. Easily assembled
with tabs, folds, and brass fasteners. $6.95
TC6sm Small Treasure Chest Box (type 6, 8” x 5”) Cardboard.
                                                                                      PSB1 / PSB1g            PSB2              PSB3 / PSB3g
                                                                                                      TCBwl Plastic Treasure Chest Bank with
                       PBTC The Pirate in the Bottle Treasure                                         Lock This plastic treasure chest bank features
                       Chest This pirate treasure chest set features                                  simulated wood grain and brass tack print on
                       everything you need to create a high-seas                                      all sides. The slot is located on the top of the
                       adventure. Includes The Pirate in the Bottle                                   hinged lid. It will allow you to keep your loot
                       book, bottle with treasure map, 14 cardboard                                   safe from other pirates. Measures 4” x 4” x
                       coins, eyepatch, skull & crossbones flag, plush                                3”. Keys included. Lock may vary from picture
toy parrot, and a spyglass. Hardcover, 4½” x 6¼”, full-color illustrations                            (i.e. square or round). $1.95
throughout, 29 pages, $21.95
                                                                              TCBwb Wood & Brass Treasure Chest Bank Slot in the top
                                                                              accepts a quarter, latch can take a small lock. 4” x 2¾” x 2½”. $13.95
                                         10                               (800) 770-9807
TCBo Overflowing Treasure Chest Bank $16.95
TCB Treasure Chest Bank Plastic, 4½” x 3½” x 2¾”. $2.49
                                                                                                 Party Supplies
TCt Treasure Chest Tin with Lock Coin slot in the top, includes                                        Balloons
metal lock and two keys, 5” x 3½” x 2¾”. $3.49                             Bal Skull & Crossed Swords Balloon $0.39
                                                                           BalGS Grinning Skull Balloons (8 per package) $2.79
                                                                           BalR Captain Rackham Balloon $0.39

                 TCB                          TCt

skBB Blackbeard’s Skull Bank 6” x 8¾” x 6½”. $21.95
                                                                                        Bal                BalGS                 BalR
                                                                           balBT Buried Treasure Mylar Balloon $3.79
                              Locks                                        balGT Gold-tooth Pirate Mylar Balloon Says “Happy Birthday”
ALP4      Antique-looking Padlock (4”) $15.95
                                                                           across the front, 18” in diameter. $1.89
ALP275 Antique-looking Padlock (2.75”) Working lock, comes
                                                                           BalSSl Smiling Skull Supershape Mylar Balloon This balloon
with 2 keys and features an authentic-looking antique finish. $8.95
                                                                           is in the shape of a huge smiling skull and crossed swords. Measures
SBP Skull & Bones Padlock Cast iron, 2½” x 3½” x ¾”, comes
                                                                           31” from sword tip to sword tip, 21” tall. $6.95
with two keys. $39.95
                                                                           BalSSs Smiling Skull Regular Mylar Balloon 16” diameter. $2.95

              ALP275                         SBP
                                                                                           BalSSl               BalSSs
TCP275 Treasure Chest Padlock (2¾”) $10.95                                 balTC      Treasure Chest Super Shape Balloon $6.95
TCP4        Treasure Chest Padlock (4”) $17.95
lockCP      Cylinder Prison Lock $19.95
JailKyB Brass Caribbean Jail Keys $25.95
JailKys Caribbean Jail Keys These four metal jail keys attached                    Napkins, Plates, Cups, Tablecovers, Etc.
to a ring measure 9½” x 3¼”. Each key has it’s own tooth design.
These might come in handy next time you plunder a ship and find                                        Humorous Pirate Theme
yourself thrown in the brig. $24.95                                                           bpBN Humorous Pirate Beverage Napkins
PrisKys Caribbean Prison Keys The three keys on this ring are                                 (16 per package) 9¾” x 9¾”. $3.95
small (4¾” x 1½”), medium (5½” x 2⅛”), and large (6½” x 1¾”).                                 bpLN Humorous Pirate Luncheon Nap-
They are coated in a thick layer of rust for an antique appearance.                           kins (16 per package) 12¾” square. $4.95
$21.95                                                                                        These plates are made of sturdy plastic-coated
                                                                                              cardboard and are perfect for hot or cold foods.
                                                                                             bpLP Humorous Pirate Party Plates (Large,
                                                                                             8 per package) 8¾”. $4.95
                                                                                             bpSP      Humorous Pirate Party Plates
                                                                                 bpC         (Small, 8 per package) 7”. $3.95
                                                                           bpC Humorous Pirate Pirate Party Cups (8 per package)
                                                                           Holds 9 ounces. $4.49
                                                                           bpTC Humorous Pirate Party Tablecover 9´ x 4½´. $7.95
                 JailKys                   PrisKys
                                                                                                         Pirate Treasure Theme
                                                                                             bpPTbn Pirate Treasure Beverage
                                                                                             Napkins (16/pkg) $3.95
                        Treasure Maps                                                        bpPTln Pirate Treasure Luncheon
                                                                                             Napkins (16/pkg) $4.95
                     mapBE       Burned-Edge Treasure Map                  bpPTlp Pirate Treasure Large Plates (8 per package) $6.95
                     $1.99                                                 bpPTsp Pirate Treasure Small Plates (8 per package) $4.49
                     pTMS Treasure Map of Sunken & Buried                  bpPTc Pirate Treasure Cups (8 per package) $4.29
                     Treasures $1.95                                       bpPTtc Pirate Treasure Table Cloth $7.49

                                  11                            (800) 770-9807
                                  Buried Treasure Theme                    bpRRln Red Roger Luncheon Napkins (16 per package) $6.95
                             bpBTbn Buried Treasure Beverage               cupRR Red Roger Cups (50 per package) $5.95
                             Napkins (16 per package) $4.29                PSGob Pirate Skull Goblet $1.95
                             bpBTln Buried Treasure Luncheon                               PickC Colored Sword Picks (36 per package)
                             Napkins (16/pkg) $4.95                                        Perfect for skewering hors d’oeuvres. 3” in length.
                             These plates are made of sturdy plastic-                      $1.89
                             coated cardboard and are perfect for hot
                             or cold foods.                                Each pack consists of 8 sets of knives, forks, and spoons.
                      bpBTlp     Buried Treasure Large
       bpBTlp                                                              BCS Jolly Roger Black Plastic Cutlery (8 sets) $2.29
                      Plates (8 per package) $5.29
bpBTpcp Buried Treasure Pirate Costume Plates (8/pkg) $5.59                GCS Treasure Gold Plastic Cutlery (8 sets) $2.95
bpBTsp Buried Treasure Small Plates (8 per package) $4.89
bpBTc Buried Treasure Hot/Cold Cups (8 per package) $4.89
bpBTtc Buried Treasure Tablecover $7.49
                                  Pirate Loot Theme                                     Party Decorations: Centerpieces
                                                                           bpBTcp Buried Treasure Centerpieces (2 per package) $4.95
                       bpPLbn Pirate Loot Beverage Napkins
                                                                           bpPTcp Pirate Treasure Centerpiece $4.95
                       (16 per package) These 3-ply napkins
                                                                           bpCPs Pirate Ship Centerpiece Each of its three sides measures
                       feature a treasure chest filled with loot. They
                                                                           7¾” by 7¾”. $4.69
                       measure 5” x 5” folded. $3.95
                       These plates are made of sturdy plastic-coated      bpCPt2 Treasure Chest Centerpiece (type 2) This honeycomb
                       cardboard and are perfect for hot or cold           treasure chest centerpiece is printed on cardboard and includes
                       foods.                                              sixteen paper coins. Measures 11½” x 9” x 7”. Assembly instructions
                         bpPLlp Pirate Loot Large Plates (8                enclosed. $4.95
per package) These feature a treasure chest filled with loot. They
measure 8¾” in diameter. $4.95
bpPLsp Pirate Loot Small Plates (16 per package) These fea-
ture a treasure chest filled with loot. 7” in diameter. $3.95
bpPLcup Pirate Loot Party Cups (8 per package) These party
cups feature a treasure chest filled with loot. They hold 9 oz. and are
perfect for hot or cold beverages. $4.29
bpPLtc Pirate Loot Tablecover This plastic tablecover features
                                                                                          bpCPs                       bpCPt2
a treasure map design. Measures 54” x 108”. $7.95
                              Gold-Tooth Pirate Theme
                       bpGTpk Gold-tooth Pirate Party Pack
                       Enough supplies in one package for 8 people.                   Party Decorations: Banners & Flags
                       Includes the following 25 Pieces: eight 7”          blbBT Buried Treasure Birthday Letter Banner $5.49
                       plates, eight 6½” x 6½” folded luncheon             blbPT Pirate Treasure Birthday Letter Banner $5.49
                       napkins, eight 9 oz. paper cups, and one            fbPT Pirate Treasure Flag Banner $4.49
tablecover 54” x 84”. $9.49
bpGTbn Gold-tooth Pirate Beverage Napkins (16 per                                                fCCPB      Captain Condent Pennant
package) These 2-ply napkins measure 5” x 5” folded. $2.69                                       Banner 12’ long, each pennant is 8¼” x
bpGTln Gold-tooth Pirate Luncheon Napkins (16 per                                                10¾”. $2.49
package) These 2-ply napkins measure 6½” x 6½” folded. $2.79
                       These plates are made of sturdy plastic-coated
                       cardboard and are perfect for hot or cold                                                fGS Grinning Skull Pen-
                       foods.                                                                                   nant Banner This banner
                        bpGTlp Gold-tooth Pirate Large Plates                                                   has 12 plastic pennant-shaped
                        (8 per package) 9” in diameter. $2.95                                                   flags hanging from it. Banner
                        bpGTsp Gold-tooth Pirate Small Plates                                                   is 12’ long, each pennant is
                        (8 per package) 7” in diameter. $2.95                                                   8½” x 10½”. $3.49
                        bpGTc Gold-tooth Pirate Cups (8 per
 bpGTlp / bpGTsp package) These are 2¼” tall and hold 9 oz.
of your favorite hot or cold drink. $2.79                                                                       fJRS Jolly Roger Flag
bpGTpsc Gold-tooth Pirate Plastic Stadium Cups (8 per                                                           Banners 12´ Jolly Roger
package) These measure 4¼” tall and hold 16 oz. $5.95                                                           Banner with 11 flags. $5.29
bpGTtc Gold-tooth Pirate Tablecover This plastic tablecover
measures 54” x 84”. $4.49
                                                                                                                fPB Jolly Roger Pennant
                                                                                                                Banner 12´ banner with 12
 Please note that the product descriptions and prices are subject to
                                                                                                                plastic pennant-shaped flags.
 change. Check our website for the most current information.

                                      12                          (800) 770-9807
                       fRBpen Red Bandanna Pirate Pennant
                       Banner Measures 100 ft. overall and includes
                       forty-eight 12” x 18” pennants. $7.99

                                                                                  coScene Pirate Scene Cutouts (4 per package) These party
                                                                                  decorations measure approximately 12” x 16”. $3.95
             Party Decorations: Miscellaneous
                     pkCO      Crew Cutout & Stuff Party Kit
                     bpDC Humorous Pirate Festive Dangling
                     Cutouts About 3 to 4 feet, cutouts at the end
                     are about 4” x 5”, 3 per package. $4.95
                     Chain Chain of Skulls These plastic skull
                     and crossbones are linked together with plastic
                     chains. They can be configured for horizontal or
                                                                                                       coShip     Pirate Ship Jointed Cutout
                     vertical. Skulls measures 9” x 7”, total length is
      bpDC                                                                                             Colorful and detailed pirate ship cutout,
                     74½”. $19.95
                                                                                                       measures 31” x 24”. $5.95

                                                                                  wdBC Bonny Blade & Calico Jack Wall Decoration Stickers
DeadNed     Dead Ned Floating Pirate Skeleton $69.95                              $5.95
SGDS        Screaming Glow in the Dark Skull $12.98                               wdDPB Dueling Pirate & Bandit Wall Decoration Stickers $5.95
graveHS     Haunted Ship Gravestone $10.95                                        wdFT Fatal Treasure Wall Decoration Sticker $3.95
graveSC     Skull & Crossbones Gravestone $10.95                                  wdPH Pirate Hideaway Wall Decoration Stickers $5.95
ISP         Inflatable Skeleton Pirate $34.95                                      wdPS Pirate Skeleton Wall Decoration Sticker $3.95
bdB         Beach Backdrop $12.95                                                 wdPSI Pirate Ship & Island Wall Decoration Stickers $5.95
bdSO        Sky & Ocean Backdrop $12.95                                           wdPT Pirate Treasure Wall Decoration Sticker $3.95
 These paper characters have jointed positions located at their shoulders,
 elbows, hips, and knees allowing you to pose them in various positions.
 coAB Anne Bonny Jointed Cutout 38” tall. $2.95                                                  Candles & Cake Decorations
 coCJR Calico Jack Rackham Swashbuckler Jointed                                   canPT6 Pirate Treasure Six Pack Candle $4.49
 Cutout 38” tall. $2.95                                                           canPTC Pirate Treasure Chest Candle $4.95
 coCrew Pirate Crew Cutouts Measure approximately 16” in                          pickR Captain Rackham Flag Picks (144 per package) $1.95
 diameter. Four paper characters in package. $3.95

                                                                                                             Party Hats
                                                                                  PHp Pirate Party Hat Folded foam, fits both adults and kids,
                                                                                  measures 15” x 5” when flat. $1.49
                                                                                  PHppc Plastic Pirate Captain’s Hat Made of fairly stiff plastic
                                                                                  with a gold cloth trim and a white Jolly Roger sticker. These chil-
                                                                                  dren’s hats are 10” x 10” x 3”, with an inside diameter of 6”. $2.49
        coAB             coCJR              coCrew
coJR    Jolly Roger Cutout $0.99
coP     Pirates Cutouts $14.95
coPir   Pirate Jointed Cutout 39” tall. $2.95
coSKpro Skeleton Profile Cutout $2.29
coJPS   Jointed Pirate Skeleton Cutout $5.79
coSea   Jointed Seascape Cut-Out $12.95
coSK22 Jointed Skeleton Cut-Out (22”) $2.29
coSK33N Jointed Nite-Glo Skeleton Cutout (33”) $2.29                                           PHp                            PHppc
coSK44 Jointed Skeleton Cut-Out (44”) $2.95                                       PHpr Red Pirate Party Hat $0.98
coSK55 Jointed Skeleton Cut-Out (55”) $3.69
coSK55N Jointed Skeleton Nite-Glo Cut-Out (55”) $4.95                                     For more hats, see Clothing & Hats section.

                                         13                             (800) 770-9807
       Birthday Cards, Invitations & Thank Yous                                                     Party Favors
bpBTi Buried Treasure Party Invitations (8 per package) $5.29              tcNA50 Pirate Chest Novelty Assortment (50 piece) $19.95
bpRRi Red Roger Party Invitations (8 per package) $6.95                    fav48P Smiling Skull Captain 48-Piece Favor Pack $7.49
cardAMS Ahoy Matey Birthday Card w/Stickers $3.95                          favSSC4 Smiling Skull Captain Favor 4 Pack $7.95
cardPH Pirate Hat-shaped Birthday Card The right side of the               favSSCb Smiling Skull Captain Favor Bag $2.95
inside reads, “Have a swashbucklin’ birthday.” Measures 5” x 6½”           favSSCs Smiling Skull Captain Favor Set $0.59
and comes with a red envelope. $2.50                                       favSSCt Smiling Skull Captain Favor Tote $4.95
CardPS Pirate Ship-shaped Birthday Card 7” x 5”, comes with                bpBTlb Buried Treasure Loot Bags (8 per package) $3.68
a blue envelope. $2.49                                                     bpBTtb Buried Treasure Treat Bags (20 per package) $3.95
CardSTb Shiver Me Timbers! Birthday Card “Happy Birthday,                  bpGB Humorous Pirate Pirate Gift Bags (16 per package) 5”
Matey!” inside, 5” x 7”, comes with an envelope. $2.25                     x 11½” x 3¼”. $4.29
CardST Shiver Me Timbers! Blank Card 5” x 7”, comes with                   bpGTlb Gold-tooth Pirate Loot Bags (8 per package) These
an envelope. $2.25                                                         are 10” x 7½”. $1.99
cardWPH Wearable Pirate Hat Birthday Card $3.95                            bpLB1 Hands Off Loot Bags (8 per package) 6½” x 9”. Comes
                                                                           with pirate name stickers. $3.95
                   bpssI Smiling Skull Invitation Postcard The             bpPLgb Pirate Loot Gift Bags (20 per package) These cello gift
                   picture on the front says, “Pirate Party”. On the       bags feature a treasure chest filled with loot and the words “Happy
                   back there are spaces to fill in “For”, “Date”,         Birthday”. They measure 5” x 11¼” with twist ties. $3.29
                   “Time”, “Place” and “RSVP”. These measure
                   4¼” x 6¼”. Contains 8 cards and 8 envelopes.

bpGTi Gold-tooth Pirate Invitations (8 per package) The
picture on the front says, “Ahoy Matey, Come To The Party!”. On the
                       back there are spaces to fill in “For”, “Date”,
                       “Time”, “Place” and “RSVP”. These cards
                       measure 3¾” x 5¼”. Contains 8 cards and 8               bpGB         bpGTlb              bpLB1             bpPLgb
                       envelopes. $2.69                                    bpPTlb Pirate Treasure Loot Bag (8 per package) $1.95
                                                                           bpRBSlb Red Bandana Skull Extra-large Loot Bags (50 per
bpI Humorous Pirate Party Invitations (8 per package) 4” x 5”              package) $9.95
cards with envelopes. $4.95                                                bpRHlb Red Hat Pirate Loot Bags (12 per package) $2.29
bpTY Humorous Pirate Party Thank You Cards (8 per pack-                    bpssGB Smiling Skull Gift Bag with Beaded Handle (single)
age) 4” x 5” cards with envelopes. $4.95                                   Has a layered skull and crossbones design on one side with a pris-
                                                                           matic rainbow effect when reflecting light. Other side has the same
                                                                           illustration without the layered or prism effects. Measures 7¾” x
                                                                           4½” x 9½”. $4.29
                                                                           bpssLB Smiling Skull Loot Bag (8 per package) This plastic
                                                                           loot bag has “This is _____’s Loot Bag” at the top of the bag, above
                                                                           the handle, so that you can fill in an individuals name. The back of
                                                                           the bag is solid white in color. 6½” x 9¼”. $2.95
                     bpI                    bpTY

                 bpPLty Pirate Loot Thank You Cards (8 per
                 package) These feature a treasure chest filled with
                 loot. They have the phrase “Dear ..... Thank you
                 for the loot. I really treasure the ..... From .....”
                 printed on front. They measure 4” x 5”. Each packet
                                                                                          bpssGB           bpssLB
                 contains eight cards and eight envelopes. $4.95
                                                                           gbagRB Red Bandanna Skull Cellophane Gift Bags $1.89
                                                                           SSTB Spongebob Squarepants Treat Bag 13” x 15” with 3”
                  bpssTY Smiling Skull Thank You Postcards                 handles. $1.29
                  The picture on the front says, “Thank You”. The
                  back of the card is blank except for the image of the    bCP Colored Pirate Bracelets (12 per package) These cloth
                  Smiling Skull in black and white. These measure                           bracelets, in four different colors with four
                  4¼” x 6¼”. Contains 8 cards and 8 envelopes.                              different slogans, make great party favors. The
                  $4.49                                                                     material is slightly elastic, stretching from a
                                                                                            relaxed 7¼” to a full 8”. The clasp is easy to
                                                                                            operate with one hand, so an excessive intake
                 Gift certificates are available.
                                                                                            of grog won’t prevent wearing or removal.
               Please call for more information.                                                 $1.95

                                      14                             (800) 770-9807
                                                                        sfsRR Red Roger Sticker Favor Set (12 per package) $5.95
bpB1 Humorous Pirate Party Blowouts (8 per package) 14”
                                                                        spyTC Tiny Colored Spyglasses (12 per package) $3.29
when inflated. $4.29
                                                                        ssS Sticky Stretchy Skeletons (assorted colors, 12/pkg) $7.95
bpB2 Skull & Crossbones Blowouts (8 per package) 14” when
inflated. $4.79                                                                           TTC      Tiny Treasure Chests (12 per
bpGTb Gold-tooth Pirate Blowouts (8 per package) These                                    package) Small plastic treasure chests, perfect
measure 2½” across by 5” long and expand to 10” when you blow                             stuffing for piñatas, or fill with tiny trinkets to
through them. $2.49                                                                       give as party favors. Measure 1½” x ¾” x 1”.

                                                                                           Piñatas & Party Games
                                                                          Candy and treasures for inside the piñata are sold separately.
                                                                        PinatGP Green Pirate Piñata 8” x 5” x 24”. $14.95
           bpB1                 bpB2
bubPC Pirate Crew Bubble Bottles (24 per package) $8.95
Bub Pirate Bubbles (box of 12 bottles) 3½” tall 2 fl. oz. bottles.
YoYo Metal Pirate Yo-yos (bag of 12) 2” diameter and ¾” thick. $3.95
                                                                              PinatPP        PinatRP               PinatSh
                                                                        PinatPP Parrot Piñata 12” x 7” x 24”. $14.95
                                                                        PinatRP Red Pirate Piñata 14” x 10” x 22”. $14.95
                                                                        PinatSh Shark Piñata 21” x 7½” x 11”. $14.95
                                                                        PinatS Pirate Ship Piñata 16” x 8” x 16”. $14.95
                                                                        PinatT Treasure Chest Piñata 12” x 8” x 12”. $14.95
                                                                        PinatT2 Treasure Chest Piñata (type 2) 12” x 8” x 12”. $14.95
               Bub                      YoYo
YoYoR Rackham Yo-Yos (12 per package) $3.95
braceBP Burnt-looking Pirate Bracelets (12 per package) $5.95
                  ComRing Colorful Toy Compass Rings
                  (144 per package) Assorted colors. These
                  child-size rings have a 1” compass, which
                  usually works if you hold it level. Perfect for
                  party favors or as a stuffing for piñatas. $7.95            PinatS                  PinatT                 PinatT2
rCP      Cartoon Pirate Rings (144 per package) $5.95                                         PinatPF Smiling Skull Pirate Flag Piñata
rJumbo Jumbo Rhinestone Rings (12 per box) $7.95                                              This flag-shaped piñata measures 21” x 16” x
kitePC Pirate Crew Kites (12 per package) $11.95                                              2¾”. It is decorated with a smiling skull &
KR1      Pirate Magic Cube Key Rings Mix up the cubes to make                                 crossbones flag, which measures 13½” x 12”.
nine different images. 2½” x 1¼” x ⅝”. $5.49                                                  $14.95
krPB        Pirate Ball Key Rings (12 per package) $2.49                PinCan2 Piñata Candy & Toy Mix (2 pound) A blend of
KScope Pirate Kaleidoscope (singles) $0.79                              whistles, spin tops, and a mixed candy variety of Dubble Bubble,
mazePP Pirate Maze Puzzles (12 per package) $1.89                       Atomic Fire Balls, SweetTarts, Laffy Taffy, and Smarties. Actual mix
notePSm Pirate Scenes Mini Notepad (12 per package) $2.39               may vary. $10.95
noteSSC Smiling Skull Captain Notepad $1.29
noteSSm Smiling Skull Mini-notepads (12 per package) $1.95
                                                                                              PinPakP Piñata Stuffing Pirate Pack
PStamp Pirate Self Inking Stampers (24 per box) $5.95
                                                                                              Contains six different toys for up to eight kids.
padFA       Fun Ahoy! Activity Pad (12 per package) $5.49
PCBP       Pirate Coloring Book Pack (12 per package) $2.45
penTMS Treasure Map Scroll Pen (12 per package) $7.95
Pinball Cartoon Pirate Pinball Games (12 per package) $1.39                               bpGTg Gold-tooth Pirate Party Game
popupSS Skull & Swords Pop-ups (12 per package) $5.95                                     This game puts a pirate spin on the classic “Pin
                                                                                          the Tail on the Donkey” game. Set includes
                   rF Fancy Jewel Treasure Rings (bag of 12)
                                                                                          1 blindfold, 8 self-stick pirate playing pieces,
                   About 1” across. $0.95
                                                                                          game sheet, and instructions. Game sheet
                   rF1 Fancy Jewel Treasure Rings (bag of 72)
                   $5.95                                                                  measures approximately 15½” x 19½”. $1.85
                                                                        BTpin Buried Treasure Pin the Chest on the Map Game $4.29
rWS White Skull Rings (bag of 24) These are 1” tall and will fit        IPST Inflatable Pirate Ship Toss Game $46.95
most children. $1.49                                                    PEP Pin the Eyepatch on the Pirate Game $3.95
sfsBT Buried Treasure Sticker Favor Set (12 per package) $5.95          PTha Pirate Treasure Hunt Activity $3.95
                               15                             (800) 770-9807
                  Miscellaneous Party Items                                      These are 5’ x 3’, and have a strengthened white strip with grommets.
tapeJR Jolly Roger Packing Tape 82’ of 1¾” wide black tape                       fBB Blackbeard Flag $4.95
with the Jolly Roger every 1¼”. Comes on a plastic dispenser. $5.49              fBCl Brethren of the Coast Pirate Flag with grommets The
wrapCR Captain Rackham Gift Wrap The skull & crossed                             image is not quite as sharp as our smaller version (fBC). $5.19
swords emblem is from the pirate flag of Captain “Calico Jack” Rack-             fCB Captain Bonnet’s Flag (5’ x 3’) $4.95
ham, who was active around 1720. Two 20” x 30” sheets of quality                 fCJR Classic Jolly Roger Flag $4.95
wrapping paper in each bag. $6.95                                                fCRl Captain Rackham’s Pirate Flag with Grommets $4.95
                                                                                 fCTE Commitment to Excellence Flag $4.95
                                                                                 fDM Dead Men Tell No Tales Flag (5’ x 3’) $4.95
                                                                                 fJR Jolly Roger Pirate Flag (type 1) $4.95
                                                                                 fRB Red Bandanna Jolly Roger Flag (full) $4.95
                                                                                 fRB2 Red Bandanna Flag (type 2) $4.95
                     wrapCR                                                      fRCA Red Captain Avery No Quarter Given Flag $4.95
                                                                                 fRCCn Rectangular Captain Condent Flag (new style) $4.95
                                                                                 fRE Red Eyes Skull & Crossbones Flag (full) $4.95
                                                                                 fSSl Skull and Swords Flag (5’ x 3’) $4.95
            Flags, Banners & Windsocks
All our flags are strong, lightweight, and look equally good from
both sides. They are made of 100% polyester, except where noted.
                                                                                          fBB                    fBCl                   fCB
fBC8 Brethren of the Coast Flag (8’ x 5’) $29.95
fJR8 Jolly Roger Flag (8’ x 5’) $29.95
fRB8 Red Bandanna Jolly Roger Flag (8’ x 5’) $29.95
fBCg Giant Brethen of the Coast Flag (6’ x 4’) $15.95
fJR1g Giant Jolly Roger (6’ x 4’) $15.95
fRBg Giant Red Bandanna Jolly Roger (6’ x 4’) $15.95                                     fCJR                   fCRl                  fCTE
fBKl Bloody Knife Skull & Swords Flag (5’ x 3’) $5.19
fCQ2 Captain Quelch Flag (type 2, 5’ x 3’) $4.95
fCW Captain Wynne’s Flag (full, 5’ x 3’) $4.95
fGSA Ghostly Skull & Anchor Flag (5’ x 3’) $4.95
fGSR Ghostly Skull & Rum Flag (5’ x 3’) $4.95
                                                                                          fDM                    fJR                    fRB
fRCCo Rectangular Captain Condent Flag (old style, full, 5’
x 3’) $4.95
fRESB Red Eye Skull with Skull Border Flag (5’ x 3’) $4.95
fRW      Captain Richard Worley Flag (type 1, 5’ x 3’) $4.95
fRW2 Captain Richard Worley Flag (type 2, 5’ x 3’) $4.95
fSCl    Skull & Crossbones Flag (full, 5’ x 3’) $4.95                                    fRB2                   fRCA                  fRCCn
fSK5 Pirate Skeleton Banner (5’ x 3’) $4.95
fUS      United States of Pirates Flag (5’ x 3’) $4.95
 5’ x 3’, strengthened white strip along the side with grommets.
 fBBL Blackbeard Lives Flag (5’ x 3’) $5.19
 fBlk Black Pirate Flag (5’ x 3’) A most common pirate flag. $5.19                                   fRE                      fSSl
 fBrit British Union Jack Flag (5’ x 3’) $4.95
 fBritR Red British Naval Ensign (5’ x 3’) $4.95                                 These have two ribbons near the top of one edge and two near the
 fBRsk Bartholomew Roberts’ Flag (type 1, skeleton) $4.95                        bottom so it can be tied to just about anything.
 fBRh Bartholomew Roberts’ Flag (type 2, heads) $5.19                            fBC Brethren of the Coast Pirate Flag (42” x 29”) $9.95
 fCA Captain Henry Avery’s Flag (5’ x 3’) $4.95                                  fRasta Pirate Rasta Flag (43” x 30”) $9.95
 fCCR Cracked Captain Rackham Flag (5’ x 3’) $4.95                               fRR Red Rackham Flag (49” x 30”) $9.95
 fCD Captain Dulaien’s Flag (5’ x 3’) $4.95
 fLow Captain Low’s Flag (5’ x 3’) $4.95
 fCM Captain Moody’s Flag (5’ x 3’) $4.95
 fCQ Captain John Quelch’s Flag (type 1) $4.95
 fDZl Death Zone Flag with Grommets $4.95
 fJR2 Jolly Roger Flag (type 2) $4.95                                                     fBC                  fRasta                   fRR
 fRed Red No Quarter Given Flag $4.95
                                                                             fCE Captain England’s Pirate Flag (49” x 31”) $9.95
 fTew Captain Tew’s Flag $4.95
                                                                             fCR Calico Jack Rackham’s Pirate Flag (49” x 31”) $9.95
These flags have a strengthened white strip along the side with grommets.    fDZ Death Zone Pirate Flag (43” x 30”) $9.95
fRBSB Red Bandanna Surrender the Booty Flag (5’ x 3’) $4.95                  fJRr Jolly Roger Pirate Flag (type 1, 48” x 31”) $9.95
fRBSBr Red Bandanna Surrender the Booty Flag (3’ x 2’) $4.49                 fNQG No Quarter Given Flag (49” x 30”) $9.95

                                        16                               (800) 770-9807
fPC Pirate Captains Flag (43” x 30”) $9.95                                     fJRmp2 Medium Jolly Roger on a Stick (type 2, 16” x 11”,
fRJRr Red Jolly Roger Flag (regular, 43” x 30”) $9.95                          plastic) These inexpensive plastic flags measure 16” x 11” and come
fSC Skull & Crossbones Pirate Flag (43” x 30”) $9.95                           on a 22” wood stick. Sold by the dozen. $5.95
fSS Skull & Swords Flag (49” x 30”) $9.95                                      fRB2mp Medium Red Bandanna Jolly Roger on a Stick (type
fCRr Captain Rackham Flag (regular, 3’ x 2’) $4.49                             2, 16” x 11”, plastic, dozen) $3.95

                     fJRrg Jolly Roger Pirate Flag with Grom-
                     mets (type 1, regular, 3’ x 2’) Has a strengthened
                     white strip along the side with grommets. $4.49

                 fRBr     Red Bandanna Jolly Roger Flag
                 (regular, 3´ x 2´) Has a strengthened white strip
                 along the side with grommets. $8.95                                        fJRmp2                     fRB2mp
                                                                               fRB2s72 Small Red Bandanna Jolly Roger on a Stick (type 2,
fRBrg Red Bandanna Jolly Roger Flag (type 1 regular, 3’ x 2’)                  6” x 4”, plastic, 72 per package) $7.95
$4.49                                                                          fcarJR Jolly Roger Car Flag (17” x 11”) $2.29
fREr Red Eyes Skull & Crossbones Flag (regular, 3’ x 2’) $4.49
fJR1m Cloth Jolly Roger on a Stick (type 1, medium) 100%
rayon, 18” x 12”, 24½” wooden pole. $0.89                                                                   Banners
fJR1sc Cloth Jolly Rogers on a Stick (type 1, 12 per package)
                                                                               fCRbtMb Captain Rackham Breeze-through Mini-banner $9.95
6” x 4¼”, 10¾” plastic pole. $3.95
                                                                               fSK Pirate Skeleton Banner (23” x 71”) Folded back and sewn at
fJR1sp Plastic Jolly Roger on a Stick (type 1, 12 per package)
                                                                               top and bottom to make a ½” loop to hang it by. $12.49
6” x 4¼”, 9¾” wooden stick. $1.89                                                        fTT Triple Threat Banner Features the Jolly Roger,
                                                                                         Captain Rackham’s flag, and Captain Avery’s flag. 19½”
                                                                                         x 48½”. $11.95
                                                                                         fCRbtb Captain Rackham Breeze-
                                                                                         through Banner Breeze-through banner
                                                                                         with durable nylon and mesh construction
                                                                                         is designed with vents to allow air to flow
                                                      fJR1sp                             through and help prevent pole-wrapping.
                            fJR1sc                                               fTT
       fJR1m                                                                             Measures 28” x 41”. Pole not included.
fRBm Red Bandanna Jolly Roger Flag on a Stick (medium,                         $23.95
18” x 11”) 24” wooden pole. $2.95                                              MBB Mini-banner Bracket $4.49
fRBs Red Bandanna Jolly Roger Flag on a Stick (small, 6” x                     MBP Mini-banner Pole $7.49                              fCRbtb
4”) 10¾” wooden pole, clear plastic suction cup on bottom. $1.95               whirlP Pirate Whirlywheel $65.95
                                                                               windP Pirate Windsock $29.95

                                                                               wsJR Jolly Roger Windsock $4.95
                                                                               wsRB Red Bandanna Jolly Roger Windsock Measures about
                                                                               60” long with a 5¾” diameter opening. Made of polyester. $5.95
                  fRBm                        fRBs
fBBmg Blackbeard’s Pirate Flag with Grommets (18”x12”) $5.95                                     For kites, see toy section.
fBCSm Brethren of the Coast Signal Flag (18” x 12”) $4.95
fCESm Captain England Signal Flag (18” x 12”) $4.95
fCRSm Captain Rackham Signal Flag (18” x 12”) $4.95                                                  Games & Toys
fCTEm Commitment to Excellence Signal Flag (18”x12”) $4.95                                              Pirate Figures
fDZSm Death Zone Signal Flag (18” x 12”) $4.95                                 Baf1 Blackbeard Action Figure (type 1) 5¾” tall. $9.95
fJR1Sm Jolly Roger Signal Flag (type 1, 18” x 12”) $4.95                       PF1 Pirate Figures (bag of 12) Six different pirates, about 2¾”
fJR2Sm Jolly Roger Signal Flag (type 2, 18” x 12”) $4.95                       tall. $5.95
fRBSm Red Bandanna Jolly Roger Signal Flag (18” x 12”) $4.95
fRCCom Rectangular Captain Condent Signal Flag (18” x
12”) $4.95
fBCm Brethren of the Coast Flag on a Stick (medium 18” x
12”) $1.95
fCRm Captain Rackham Flag on a Stick (medium 18” x 12”) $1.95
fDMm Dead Men Tell No Tales Flag on a Stick (medium 18”
x 12”) $1.95
                                                                                          Baf1                           PF1                                       17                             (800) 770-9807
bendyP Pirate Bendy Action Figure 6” figure with eyepatch,                                                 Toys
hook, and removable wooden leg. Comes with clip-on parrot. $4.79           CIPS Cove Island Play Set $49.95
AKPFS Awesome Kids Pirate Figure Set Includes 2 ships, 20                                   ShipBB Captain BB’s Pirate Ship Contains
pirates in 10 poses, cannons, treasure chests, and a 32” x 21” treasure                     ship, five 2½” pirate figures, a cannon, a
map mat. $29.95                                                                             treasure chest, a pirate flag, an anchor, and a
BagPHS Bag of Pirates on the High Seas $2.69                                                parrot. Measures about 13½” x 6¼” x 12½”.
Bucket Bucket of Pirates on the High Seas $7.95                                                   $54.95
GloSP Glow in the Dark Skeleton Pirates (set of 6) $9.25                                          shipD Dark Pirate Ship Play Set $46.95
PFPP Poseable Figures Pirates Playset $39.95                                      shipD
psCR Captain Red’s Pirate Ship Play Set $19.95                             shipMG Mystery Glow Pirate Ship $23.95
psCRcrc Captain Red’s Mini Play Set:Cpt. Red w/Cannon $3.49                PSPS Pirate Ship Play Set This set contains a ship, lookout
psCRpc Captain Red’s Mini Play Set: Pirate w/Crocodile $3.49               tower, 3 figures, raft, crocodile, and palm tree. Ship measures about
psCRpr Captain Red’s Mini Play Set: Pirate w/Raft $3.49                    6½” x 6½”. $12.95
psCRrb Captain Red’s Mini Play Set: Pirate w/Row Boat $3.49                ShipH Hidden Adventures Pirate Ship Play Set Comes with
PSPBB Play & Store Pirates Bitty Bucket $5.95                              everything, including a trapdoor and booby traps. The set includes a
PSTC Play & Store Treasure Chest Toy Tote $28.95                           12” long and 9” tall ship, two working cannons, a retractable anchor,
TIF Treasure Island Figure Set 20 pirates, 2 cannons, ship, trea-          five poseable pirates (each about an inch tall), two cutlasses, two axes,
sure chest, and a 25½” x 19½” mat depicting Treasure Island. $7.95         two flintlocks, two blunderbusses, a landing boat, a gibbet, a treasure
TIFa Treasure Island Figure Set with Alternate Background                  chest, four barrels, a cannonball cart, eight cannonballs, a table, two
20 pirates, 2 cannons, a ship, a treasure chest, and a plastic mat with    chairs, a plank, and a shark with moving jaws! Comes mostly as-
skulls, graveyards, and monsters, treasure cave, and a ship flying the     sembled, but some assembly is required. It contains very small parts
Jolly Roger. Only mat differs from regular set. $7.95                      so we don’t recommend it for anyone under the age of 5. $28.95
                               Toob Pirate Toob A tube full of                                        ShipR Red Sharky Pirate Ship Play
                               hand-painted pirates. Figures include                                  Set A 12” long, 11” tall ship with a can-
                               a pirate ship, pirate with parrot,                                     non, a retractable anchor, six poseable
                               pirate with treasure map, pirates with                                 pirates (each about 2” tall), a treasure
swords, peg-legged pirate, cannon, skeleton, and more. Twelve pieces                                  chest, and two barrels. Some assembly is
in all. These miniatures were designed for school projects, dioramas,                                 required. Contains small parts, so not rec-
or desktops. They vary in size between 1½” and 3”. $10.95                                             ommended for young children. $22.95
                                                                           BMPS Bath Machine Pirate Ship Tub Toy $7.95
                                                                           BOB Box of Bones $2.29

                           Teddy Bears
                                                                                                  DuckPD Pirate Devil Duckie Each 4½”
                                                                                                  long rubber duck has an eye patch and a skull
                 tbJ Jolly Roger Teddy Bear This cute little ted-
                                                                                                  and crossed swords emblem emblazoned on
                 dy bear sports an eyepatch, earring, red bandanna, a
                                                                                                  his chest. $4.95
                 skull & crossbones embroidered on the front, and a
                 Jolly Roger flag embroidered on the back. He stands
                 8” to 8 1/2” tall. $6.95                                  duckJPD Jumbo Pirate Devil Duckie $11.95
                                                                                                   duckSP Small Pirate Rubber Duckies
                                                                                                   (12 per package) This motley crew of pirate
                                                                                                   duckies is waiting to commandeer your next
These pirate teddy bears measure 4½” tall. They have an                                            bubble bath! (They require a bit of ballast
embroidered skull and crossbones, ribbon bow, eye patch, and                                       to float properly though.) These adorable
hat. Sold individually.                                                    toys give a fun twist to the classic rubber duck. They measure 2” x
tbPb Blue Pirate Teddy Bear $1.79                                          2” x 2”. $5.95
tbPg Green Pirate Teddy Bear $1.79                                         WUPSbl Wind-up Pirate Ship (blue) $5.49
tbPo Orange Pirate Teddy Bear $1.79                                        WUPSbr Wind-up Pirate Ship (brown) $5.49
tbPp Purple Pirate Teddy Bear $1.79                                        SlimeS      Skull Slime Putty (3”) $1.89
tbPr Red Pirate Teddy Bear $1.79                                           JSPS        Jumbo Shark Power Squirter $18.95
tbPy Yellow Pirate Teddy Bear $1.79                                        SquidG Squid Gun $1.49

                                                                                                  BalCB Cannonball Water Balloons (50
                                                                                                  per package) These black water balloons are
                                                                                                  thicker than standard water balloons, enabling
                                                                                                  them to be filled to a larger size. Skull not
                                                                                                  included. $2.49

                                                                           BallP Pirate Bouncing Balls (12 per package) Pirate face in a
                                                                           rubber ball. $4.49

                                      18                            (800) 770-9807
                                                                              kiteFS Floating Skull Kite Features a black & white skull design.
                       BallSk High Bounce Skull Balls Detailed                Measures 28” x 40”, includes a handle with 30-lb. test line. $24.95
                       skull inside a clear plastic high bounce ball,         kiteJRS Jolly Roger Superflyer Delta kite with a 6’ wingspan,
                       1¾” diameter. $1.75                                    Jolly Roger design, 95” long center tail, and two 38”-long side tails.
                                                                              Handle with 80-lb. test line included. $34.95
                                                                              kiteJRSD Jolly Roger Sky Dancer Kite $25.95
SBB Skull Basketball (10 inch) Ships deflated, 10” diameter. $7.95            kiteRB Red Bandanna Skull Kite Delta kite with a 40” wingspan,
SBBm Skull Mini-basketball (7 inch) Ships deflated, 7”. $4.95                 skull & crossbones with red bandanna design, and three 55” long tails.
                                                                              Handle with 150’ of line included. $7.95
                       BeachB Pirate Beach Ball 14” inflatable,               kiteRBS Red Bandanna Skull Pirate Ship Kite This 3D pirate
                       black beach ball with a pirate face and crossed        ship kite has a red bandanna skull with crossed swords design and three
                       bones. It’s sure to delight young treasure             12’ tails. Measures 26” x 30”, includes a handle with line. $24.95
                       hunters. $0.79

Beach Pirate Beach Set $11.95
                                                                                                        Playing Cards
pailPA Pirate Adventure Pail $6.95                                                                  pcbCRMD Captain Rackham Mahogany
SandCas Pirate Adventure Sand Castle Set $18.95                                                     Double-deck Playing Card Box This
TSR Tiger Shark Rider Pool Float Measures 73” x 44”. $10.95                                         box features the skull & crossed swords de-
SharkP Inflatable Pool Shark Measures 40” in length. $3.29                                           sign from the flag of Captain “Calico Jack”
digSSE Sunken Ship Excavation & Paint Kit $14.95                                                    Rackham laser-etched on the lid. Box features
DigPI The Curse of Pirate Island Excavation Adventure                                               a magnetic latch with metal hinges to create a
Contains a rock island packed with treasure, hammer, chisel, glasses,         well constructed card box. Contains two decks of Rackham playing
and instruction book with pirate facts and activities. $34.95                 cards. $38.95
DigSk The Secret of Skull Cove Excavation Adventure                           pcCR Captain Rackham Playing Cards Capt. Rackham’s flag
Unearth one of six collectible pirate skulls, coins, and crabs with           on the back. $4.95
included hammer, chisel, and glasses. $15.95                                  pcRB Red Bandanna Skull Playing Cards Pirate-skull-&-
DigTC Pirate Treasure Chest Mini-dig Unearth one of four                      crossed-swords designs on the back. $2.49
different treasure chests from the chest-shaped rock using the included
scraper. Chest may contain pirate coins or replica jewels, but could
instead be a Cursed Chest, which contains a different surprise. $5.95
PTKK Pirate Treasure Kid Kit $19.95
                        kickP Pirate Footbag 2” diameter vinyl pi-
                        rate footbags featuring a pirate with hat, eye-
                        patch and crossbones. $0.69                                            pcCR                         pcRB
                        PTG Pirate Target Game 8” plastic flint-
                        lock dart gun, four suction darts, and a 6¼”                           pcbPBS Pirate Playing Cards Box Set Each
                        target. $6.95                                                          set includes 54 plastic coated cards featuring vintage
                        Pinwhee Pirate Pin Wheels (12 per pack-                                portraits of famous pirates. Also includes a metal
                        age) 4” wheel on a 10” wand. $3.79                                     doubloon-like coin and a simulated velvet carry-
                                                                                               ing case with drawstring. Illustrated storage box.
Kites made of durable ripstop nylon with interlocking stitching and a
fiberglass frame for strength.                                                pcPJ     Pirate Jungle Playing Cards $7.95
kiteCRD Captain Rackham Giant Diamond Kite Classic                            pcbCRLD Cap’n Rackham Light Mahogany Double Deck
diamond kite with enormous six foot wingspan features the Captain             Playing Card Box $38.95
Rackham design with two 25’ tails. Handle and 80-pound-test line              pcbCRLS Cap’n Rackham Light Mahogany Single Deck
included. $49.95                                                              Playing Card Box $26.95
kitePS Pirate Ship Kite 3-D pirate ship kite with a 32” sailspan              pcbCROD Cap’n Rackham Golden Oak Double Deck Playing
featuring a skull design with two 15’ tails. Eyepatch and handle with         Card Box $38.95
30-lb. test line included. $44.95                                             pcbCROS Cap’n Rackham Golden Oak Single Deck Playing
                                                                              Card Box $26.95
                                                                              pcJRR     Jolly Roger w/ Red Bandanna Poker Cards $2.49
                                                                              PokrBag Skull & Crossbones Poker Chip Bag $6.45


               kiteCRD                        kitePS
                                                                                                                 Dice Musket Ball Dice ½”
kiteBBR Blackbeard’s Revenge Ship Kite $25.95                                                                    cubed and sold by the pair. $2.29
kiteCRS Captain Rackham Superflyer Classic delta kite with a
4’ wingspan, skull & swords design, 45” long center tail, and two 29”
long side tails. Handle with 30-lb. test line included. $25.95
                                     19                             (800) 770-9807
                  Skull and Crossbones Die Skull &                        ShutD Shut The Box Game: Deluxe Edition Comes in an
                  crossbones design for the snake eye and                 attractive wood carrying case. 14” x 10.5” x 4.75”. $49.95
                  numbers 2 through 6 instead of the tradi-                                            Dig Treasure Island Dig & Play
                  tional dots. ⅝” square with rounded corners.                                         Treasure Adventure and Board
                  Sold individually.                                                                   Game Dig and find the pirate treasure
                  dieSCbr Skull and Crossbones Die                                                     in the block of stone, then play the pirate
                  (black on red) $0.85                                                                 adventure board game using the counters,
                  dieSCbw       Skull & Crossbones Die                                                 coins and treasure jewels that you have
     dieSCwb      (black on white) $0.85                                                               dug up. Each kit comes with a plaster
dieSCwb Skull & Crossbones Die (white on black) $0.85                                                  block with buried treasure, a digging tool
dieSCwp Skull & Crossbones Die (white on purple) $0.85                    and brush, game rules, a map of Treasure Island, four playing pieces,
                                                                          one die, four large and four small plastic coins, four acrylic jewels,
diceB       Bone Dice (pair) $4.49                                        and a treasure chest. Recommended for ages 7 and up. $14.95
                                                                          ASCB American Sailing Ships Coloring Book by Peter Cope-
                      Games & Activities                                  land Softcover, 8¼” x 11”, 45 pictures, 45 pages, $3.95
                                                                                            GPAB The Great Pirate Activity Book by Deri
                                                                                            Robins Build a pirate ship, dress up like a pirate, or
                                                                                            make a treasure chest to hold your ill-gotten gains.
                                                                                            Full of swashbuckling facts and activities, step-by-
                                                                                            step instructions for dozens of games, models, and
                            ChessBx                                                         other things to make. Softcover, full-color illustrations
ChessBx Chess Box with Board (pieces sold separately) This                                   throughout, 8½” x 11¼”, 24 pages, $7.95
chess board provides storage for your chess pieces. Measures 15½”
x 15½” x 2½”. $74.95                                                      PAS Create Your Own Pirate Adventure Sticker Picture by Ste-
ChessPN Pirates vs. British Navy Chess Pieces The perfect                 ven James Petruccio 9¼” x 12¼”, 25 stickers, 2 page background, $4.95
accompaniment to our chess board or box. Pieces range in size from        PBCB Pirates & Buccaneers Coloring Book by Peter F. Cope-
2½” to 3⅛” in height with a base diameter of 1”. $79.95                   land Softcover, 8¼” x 11”, 44 pictures, 48 pages, $3.95
                                                                          PIbdk Pirate Island Book & Dress-up Kit $18.99
                                                                          PSGCB Pirates Stained Glass Coloring Book by John Green
                                                                          Sixteen pirate scenes to color with crayons, felt-tip pens, or paints
                                                                          and then place near a source of bright light. Paperback, 16 full-page
                                                                          designs, 3-color illustrations on covers, 8¼” x 10¾”, 16 pages, $5.95
                                                                          PSS Pirate Ship Sticker Activity Book by Steven James Pe-
                                                                          truccio 4” x 5¾”, 24 stickers, two-page scene to stick them on, $1.50
                                                                          PTM Pirate Treasure Mazes by Dave Phillips Softcover, 8¼” x
                                                                          11”, 35 black and white mazes, 47 pages, $3.95
                                                                          PTMD Pirate Things to Make & Do Kid Kit by Rebecca Gilpin
DMT          Dead Man’s Treasure Game $24.95                              Make a shining sword, a treasure chest, and more. Includes book,
Dread        Dread Pirate Game (bookshelf edition) $69.95                 stamp and pad, and other supplies. Softcover, 8½” x 10 ¾”, full-color
                                                                          illustrations throughout, 150 gold-foil stickers, 32 pages, $15.95
DreadD Dread Pirate Game Deluxe Edition Desert islands,
                                                                          puzPAPF Pirate Adventure Puzzle with Pirate Figure $13.95
treasure, sharks, treacherous seas, and, of course, pirate battles all
                                                                          puzPS3 Pirate Ship Puzzle (300 piece) $15.95
await you in Dread Pirate. This beautiful coffee table game comes
                                                                          puzPT1 Pirate’s Treasure Puzzle (100 piece) $14.95
packaged in a wooden treasure chest and is played upon a wonderfully
illustrated cloth treasure map. Your goal is to be the first pirate to
collect all types of jewels and land on Dread Island. For 2-4 players,
ages 8 to adult. Measures 10¾” x 8½” x 5¼”. $99.95                                       Music, Stories & Comedy
                                                                                                For All Ages & Kids
                                                                          Skip Skip Henderson’s Billy Bones and Other Ditties CD,
                                                                          17 songs, $16.95
                                                                          SkipPO Skip Henderson: The Poet & Pirate Overtures
                                                                          These are mostly songs of conflict and plunder on the water. $16.95
                                                                          Tou1 Battle Songs of the Toucan Pirates CD, 15 songs, 40
                                                                          min., $15.95

gBR Dread Pirate: Buccaneer’s Revenge $32.95
gLP League of Pirates Game $29.95
gMR Morgan’s Revenge Game $13.95
gPSC Pirate Snap Card Game $9.49
PCG Pirate’s Cove Game $49.95
Plun Plunder Pirate Game The pirate game that gets it right! $29.95
Shut Shut The Box Game: Bookshelf Edition Measures 10½”
x 10½” x 3”. $29.95                                                                Skip                   SkipPO                     Tou1
                                     20                             (800) 770-9807
Tou2 Sea Changes of the Toucan Pirates CD, 18 songs, 40                           XMS The Jolly Rogers: X Marks the Spot Contains risqué ma-
min., $15.95                                                                      terial. CD, 18 songs, 62 min., $16.95
TouBT Buried Treasure of the Toucan Pirates Music CD, 19                          CCCcd Jolly Rogers: Cutlass, Cannon & Curves CD Music
songs, 40 min. $15.95                                                             CD, 18 songs, 65 min. $16.95
Bogg Captain Bogg & Salty: Bedtime Stories for Pirates                            BLACKcd The Corsairs: The Black One CD A lot of their
CD Perfect for children, more music than stories. CD, 8 songs, 3                  goofier songs on it. Contains risqué material. Music CD, 15 songs,
stories, $14.95                                                                   44 minutes. $16.95
BoggPT Captain Bogg & Salty: Pegleg Tango CD An abum                              BLUEcd The Corsairs: The Blue One CD Contains risqué
of poop-deck pop, foc’sle folk, and pirate rock that will split yer               material. Music CD, 13 songs, 38 minutes. $16.95
timbers proper. Music CD, 14 songs, $14.95                                        GOLDcd The Corsairs: The Gold One CD Sort of a “greatest
BoggPM Captain Bogg & Salty: Prelude to Mutiny CD This                            hits” album of Corsairs favorites, along with some new stuff.
is an album of pyratical rock for seasoned buccaneers, though it’s                Contains risqué material. Music CD, 21 songs, 64 minutes. $16.95
still suitable for pirates of all ages. It captures the pub-pirate-rock of        GREENcd The Corsairs: The Green One CD Contains risqué
the Pollywogg crew with epic sea anthems, mermaid laments, and                    material. Music CD, 14 songs, 46 minutes. $16.95
battle tunes of merry mutiny. Music CD, 10 songs, $14.95                          REDcd The Corsairs: The Red One CD The original Corsairs
                                                                                  CD. Music CD, 13 songs, 42 minutes. $16.95
                                                                                  SFRcd The Corsairs: Songs From The Road CD Music CD,
                                                                                  13 songs, 55 minutes. $16.95
                                                                                  WHITEcd The Corsairs: The White One CD Comes with a
                                                                                  12-page color book. Contains risqué material. Music CD, 13 songs,
                                                                                  39 minutes. $16.95
                                                                                  PRHcd The Pyrates Royale: Hello, Sailor CD Music CD, 16
         Bogg                   BoggPT                  BoggPM                    songs, 50 min., $16.95
                                                                                  PRLcd The Pyrates Royale: Lyve Behind Bars CD Music CD,
OBcd Tony Irvine’s Outward Bound CD, 15 songs, 62 min.,                           19 songs, 67 min., $16.95
$15.95                                                                            PRFNcd Pyrates Royale: Love at Fyrst Nyte CD $16.95
                                                                                  PRTcd The Pyrates Royale: Tales of the Brigantine CD $16.95
                                                                                                         cdRG Rogue’s Gallery: Pirate Ballads,
                        BPScd Pirate Songs CD by Mary Malloy                                             Sea Songs and Chanteys (2 CD set) Actor
                        & Stuart M. Frank Authentic songs about                                          Johnny Depp and director Gore Verbinski
                        pirates from the 1600s through the 1800s. CD,                                    serve as executive producers on this album.
                        13 songs, 14 page booklet, 51 minutes, $16.95
                                                                                                         Features brand new recordings by Bono, Sting,
                                                                                                         Nick Cave, Bryan Ferry, Lou Reed, Richard
                                                                                                         Thompson, Lucinda Williams, Bill Frisell,
cdRDCgd Rillian & the Doxie Chicks: Get Down (Like an                                                    Jarvis Cocker of Pulp, and a host of other
Anchor) CD $16.95                                                                 maverick artists. 2 disc music CD, tri-fold design, 43 songs, $26.95
SOBIcd    Sons of the Buccaneers: Illigitamae Non
Carborundum CD Music CD, 16 songs, 57 min., $17.95
                                                                                             See books section for books on tape and CD.
JRSPcd J.Roger’s School for Pirates CD $15.95

BPG The Bilge Pumps: Greatest Hits Vol. VIII Contains risqué
material. CD, 24 songs plus 2 comedy skits, 74 min., $16.95
BPB The Bilge Pumps: Brigands with Big’uns Contains ris-
qué material. CD, 19 songs, 73 min., $16.95
BPBBcd Bilge Pumps: Broadside Buddies CD $16.95
dvdLC Bilge Pumps: Live Crabs! DVD 15 songs of video foot-
age captured on tape by the band. This is a low-budget production but
it provides a unique glimpse of their visual humor. Contains risqué
                                                                                  cAGmi Aztec Gold Medallion with an Inexpensive Neck-
material. $21.95
                                                                                  lace 2” diameter, on a 24” woven triple link rope chain. $5.49
PGcd The Jolly Rogers: Pirates’ Gold Contains risqué mate-
                                                                                  cAGmq Aztec Gold Medallion with a Quality Necklace 2”
rial. CD, 23 songs, 70 min., $16.95
                                                                                  diameter, on a 24” gold-plated chain. $14.95

                  BPG                            PGcd                                                            cAGmq
                                         21                               (800) 770-9807
nRES Red Eyes Skull & Sword Necklace Has red jewel eyes                     erVSH      Voodoo Skull and Hand Earrings $3.49
and measures 1¼” x 1⅛”. $7.49

                 nVSH Voodoo Skull & Hand Necklace This                                     Costume Earrings & Jewelry
                 sinister necklace has a skull hanging from a skeletal
                 hand clutching a ring. Measures 1½” x½”. It comes
                 on a black cord with a chain and hook clasp on the                                erG Golden Pirate Earrings (12 per
                 end. $6.95                                                                        package) Clip-on golden hoop earrings.
nASC Aztec Skull Coin Necklace $6.95
nCBS Carved Bone Skulls Necklace (approx. 108 skulls) $54.95
nPD Pirate Dagger Necklace $4.95                                            erSCC       Skull & Crossbones Circle Earrings $3.79
nScim Scimitar on Leather Back Necklace $6.95
nSCS Skull & Crossed Swords Necklace $6.95
nSSC Skull & Swords Coin Necklace $6.95                                                         nSK Metal Skull & Bones Necklace This
nSSL Skull & Swords on Leather Back Necklace $6.95                                              metal necklace feels nice and solid. Emblem is
pendCF Crossed Flintlocks Pendant $25.95                                                        2¼” x 2” x ¼”, chain is 22½”. $1.59
nDM    Dead Men Tell No Lies Bottle Cap Necklace $6.95
nDMCL Dead Men Tell No Lies Can on Leather Back Necklace
ndtASB Ace Skull & Bones Dog Tag Necklace $6.95                                         nFCS Flashing Crystal Skull and Crossbones
ndtBBC Blue Bandanna Cuthroat Skull Dog Tag Necklace $6.95                              Necklace This cool flashing skull and crossbones neck-
ndtBE Black Enamel Skull & Bones Dog Tag Necklace $6.95                                 lace alternates red and blue pulses of light. Clear plastic
ndtBLE Blue Enamel Skull & Bones Dog Tag Necklace $6.95                                 resin pendant measures 1” x 3”, comes with a black cord
ndtRE Red Enamel Skull & Bones Dog Tag Necklace $6.95                                   necklace. Battery is included. $1.69
ndtRES Red Eye Skull & Swords Brass Dog Tag Necklace $6.95
nGP    Gnarly Pirate Bottle Cap Necklace $6.95
nGPCL Gnarly Pirate Can on Leather Back Necklace $6.95                      nPSMG Pirate Skull Mardi Gras Necklace $3.95
nJRMG Jolly Roger Flag Mardi Gras Necklace $2.79                            rSPS  Silver Plastic Skull Rings (144 per package) $9.95
nPPR Pink Pirate Princess Rhinestone Necklace $6.95
charmTCl Treasure Chest Pendant (large) $39.95
nPR Pirate Princess Rhinestone Necklace on Chain $6.95
nRB Red Bandanna Skull & Crossed Swords Bottle Cap
Necklace $6.95                                                                                   Clothing & Hats
nSCB Skull & Crossbones Beware Bottle Cap Necklace $6.95                                                   Costumes
nSCBL Skull & Crossbones Beaded Leather Necklace $6.95                      cosBa Buccaneer Costume (adult) Includes shirt with attached
nSCCL Skull & Crossbones Can on Leather Back Necklace                       vest, pants, hat and belt. $43.95
$6.95                                                                       cosBMa Bar Maid Costume (adult) $39.95
nSCL Skull & Crossbones on Leather Necklace $6.95                           cosHSR High Seas Rogue Costume (adult) Includes a dark red
nSSCL Skull & Swords Can on Leather Back Necklace $6.95                     shirt with attached black vest, black pants, black head scarf, eyepatch,
nTSD Two Sided Doubloon on Pink Card Necklace $6.95                         sculpted medallion, black leather-like sash, wristbands, and boot cov-
pendPG Pirate Grrrl Skull & Bones Pendant (tarnish-resistant                ers. Fits adults’ sizes 42-46. $51.95
silver) $169.95                                                             cosLass Pirate Lass Costume (adult) Includes a black and red
pendPSS Pirate Skull & Swords Medallion (tarnish-resistant                  striped top with shiny gold lacing and white see-through short sleeves,
silver) $119.95                                                             a black skirt, a red head sash, and a velvety black pirate-print belt.
pendSCF Skull & Crossed Flintlock Pendant (tarnish-resistant                Fits up to size 14/16. $28.95
silver) $189.95                                                             cosLHS Lord of the High Seas Costume (size 42-46) $59.95
                charmS9 9mm Sterling Silver Skull Charm                     cosPa Pirate Costume (adult) Includes shirt, vest, pants, sash and
                 $8.95                                                      headband. Cutlass not included. $26.95
                 charmSC Skull & Crossbones Charm (sterling                 cosPCa Pirate Captain Costume (adult) Includes gold-trimmed
                 silver) $12.95                                             velvet jacket with attached cuffs, jabot, belt and hat. $48.95
                 charmTCs Treasure Chest Pendant (small)                    cosSScc Pirates of the Seven Seas Captain Cuthroat (adult)
                 $24.95                                                     $79.95
                  erSCl Skull & Crossbones Earrings (large)                 cosSSsb Pirates of the Seven Seas Swashbuckler (adult)
                  Antique design, open-hook type ear wires. The             $48.95
   charmTCs skull & crossbones are about 1” square. $4.95
                                                                            cosSSWb Pirates of the Seven Seas Wench Costume (adult,
PinB Blackbeard Pin Hand-cast pewter, clutch back. $1.95                    black) $53.95
PinSCBH Skull & Crossbones Bandanna/Hat Pin Cast in pew-                    cosSSWr Pirates of the Seven Seas Wench Costume (adult,
ter. Attaches with wires on back, just stick them through and fold over.    red) $53.95
Red felt shows through the eyeholes. Measures 2” square. $9.95              cosSSS Seven Seas Siren Costume (adult) Fits most adults’
braceSC Skull & Crossbones Bracelet $3.95                                   sizes 12-14. $46.95
                                       22                              (800) 770-9807
cosPPa Pretty Pirate Costume (adult) Includes a one-piece dress                El Capitán Costume (child) Includes a top combining a white
with attached corset and scarf. $26.95                                         ruffled shirt with an attached red velour jacket, a baldric, black
cosPQa Pirate Queen Costume (adult) Includes a black and                       pants, boot covers, and a pirate hat with white feather.
white striped blouse, a velvety maroon skirt, a black and white striped        cosECto El Capitán Costume (toddler) Fits boys’ sizes 3T-4T.
head scarf, and a black leather-like vest with matching wrist cuffs.           $31.95
One size fits most adults. $47.95                                              cosECcs El Capitán Costume (child, small) Fits boys’ sizes
cosPWap Pirate Wench Costume (adult, plus size) Includes                       4-6. $34.95
dress, belt & scarf. Fits up to size 20W. $42.95
                                                                                Captain Hook Costume (child) Includes red velour jacket with
cosGLa Glam Pirate Costume (adult) Fits most adults, sizes
                                                                                character patch on chest and an attached gold belt, pants, and a
12-14. $41.95
                                                                                white ruffled dickey.
cosGLt Glam Pirate Costume (teen) Fits teens, sizes 7-9. $38.95
                                                                                cosCHto Captain Hook Costume (toddler) Fits boys’ sizes
cosPWt Pirate Wench Costume (teen) Includes a red blouse
                                                                                3T-4T. $26.95
with silver thread woven through it and white see-through sleeves, a
                                                                                cosCHcs Captain Hook Costume (child, small) Fits boys’
black leather-like vest with gold ribbon lacing, and a black and white
                                                                                sizes 4-6. $26.95
striped skirt, with a matching black and white striped head scarf. One
                                                                                cosCHcm Captain Hook Costume (child, medium) Fits boys’
size fits most teens. $32.95
                                                                                sizes 7-8. $26.95
cosFHcs Fortune Huntress Costume (child, small) Fits girls’
sizes 4-6x. $24.95                                                             cosPEto Petite Pirate Costume (toddler) Fits toddler sizes 3T-
cosFHcm Fortune Huntress Costume (child, medium) Fits                          4T. $36.95
girls’ sizes 7-8. $24.95                                                                   cosPUtod Puny Pirate Costume (toddler) Includes a
cosFHcl Fortune Huntress Costume (child, large) Fits girls’                                bodysuit with snap closure pants that is made to look like
sizes 10½-12½ (plus size). $24.95                                                          a white ruffled shirt, a black velour jerkin, an attached
 Pirate Lass Costume (child) Dress made with red and white                                 belt, black and red striped pants, a red velour bandanna
 satin-like fabric, black and gray striped fabric, and black cotton and                    headpiece, and booties with buckles. Fits toddler boys,
 vinyl-like materials. Front is adorned with a pirate-heart broach and                     sizes 12-18M. $28.95
 laced up with silver glitter ribbon. Includes a shiny red bandanna
 and boot covers.                                                              cosSSto Sea Sailing Pirate Costume (toddler) Jumpsuit made
 cosLAcs Pirate Lass Costume (child, small) Fits girls’ sizes                  to look like a red shirt with a pirate ship picture on the front, black
 4-6x. $39.95                                                                  and white striped sleeves, and black pants. Includes black and white
 cosLAcm Pirate Lass Costume (child, medium) Fits girls’                       striped bandanna headpiece. Fits toddler boys sizes 12-18M. $19.95
 sizes 7-8. $39.95                                                             cosYCPs Yarn Caribbean Pirate Costume (small, size 4-6) $34.95
 cosLAcl Pirate Lass Costume (child, large) Fits girls’ sizes                  cosYCPt Yarn Caribbean Pirate Costume (toddler, size 2-4) $34.95
 10½-12½ (plus sizes). $42.95                                                  cosYPCs Yarn Pirate Captain Costume (small, size 4-6) $26.95
                                                                               cosYPCt Yarn Pirate Captain Costume (toddler, size 2-4) $26.95
Pirate Boy Costume (child) Includes a black cotton top with red
and white striped sleeves and a shiny silver skull & crossbones sewn
on the front, cutoff pants, red bandanna, and a toy pirate sword.
cosPBcs Pirate Boy Costume (child, small) Fits boys’ sizes                                          Costume Accessories
4-6. $25.95                                                                    Made of durable vinyl, held on with an elastic strap tied to each
cosPBcm Pirate Boy Costume (child, medium) Fits boys’                          side. Adult supervision recommended when worn by a child.
sizes 7-8. $26.95                                                              maskFM First Mate Chinless Mask Peep-hole in and underneath
cosPBcl Pirate Boy Costume (child, large/husky) Fits boys’                     the eye patch. $11.95
sizes 10H-12H. $28.95                                                          maskG Gunner Chinless Mask Slits in the eye patch. $4.95
Pirate Girl Costume (child) Includes a black and red striped                   MaskS Pirate Skull Mask Latex mask with integrated red cloth
blouse with shiny gold lacing, a black skirt, a red head sash, and a           bandanna and eye patch. Measures approximately 7” x 7”. $23.95
velvety black pirate print belt.                                               MaskDS Deluxe Pirate Skull Mask Latex mask with integrated
cosPGs Small Fits girl sizes 4-6. $12.95                                       hair, red bandanna, eyepatch, and 8” black cloth neck sleeve. Mea-
cosPGm Medium Fits girl sizes 8-10. $12.95                                     sures about 7” x 10”. $36.95
cosPGl Large Fits girl sizes 12-14. $12.95                                     maskLPB Latex Pirate Bandanna Mask $12.95
Sassy Pirate Girl Costume (child) Includes a dress made with                   Tooth Gold Tooth $0.99
velvety black sleeves and burgundy fabric which is stitched with silver        toothSC Gold Tooth with Skull & Crossbones Made of a gold–
thread to black and silver skull and crossbones fabric, decorated with         colored metal, slips over a tooth and crimps together. $1.49
a shiny silver ribbon crisscrossed up the front of the dress. Includes         gaunFSC Fancy Skull & Crossbones Gauntlets $11.95
matching skull and crossbones headscarf.                                       glovPOC Pirates of the Caribbean Pirate Gloves (adult) $8.95
cosSPgs Small Fits sizes 4-6. $19.95                                           baldF Fancy Pirate Baldric $13.95
cosSPgm Medium Fits sizes 8-10. $19.95                                         coatLP Long Pirate Coat $38.95
cosSPgl Large Fits sizes 12-14. $19.95                                         beltSP Suede Pirate Belt Immitation suede. $8.49
                                                                               beltVP Vinyl Pirate Belt $11.95
 Please note that the product descriptions and prices are subject to           sashFSC Fancy Skull & Crossbones Waist Sash $6.95
 change. Check our website for the most current information.                   bSP Suede Pirate Bandanna Stretchy synthetic suede. $12.95
                                                                               BBCPH Brown Bandanna Caribbean Pirate Headdress $17.95

                                      23                             (800) 770-9807
Caribbean Pirate Headdress Comes with attached beaded                      These are 100% polyester and measure 27” x 27”.
bandanna. Headdress is flame retardant and completely washable,            bCE Captain England Bandanna (flat style) $4.95
one size fits all.                                                         bCR Captain Rackham Bandanna (flat style) $4.95
CPHbl Black $19.95                                                         bGB Guns and Bones Bandanna $5.95
CPHbr Brown $19.95                                                         bJRf Jolly Roger Bandanna (flat style) $4.95
                                                                           bS Skulls Bandanna $5.95
                                                                           bSB Skulls & Bones Bandanna (flat style) 1½” to 5” skulls. $4.95
                                                                                      Made of 100% cotton. Adjustable, one-size-fits-all.
                                                                           Captain Avery All-over Bandanna Caps
                                                                           bCAAOl Lavender $5.95
                                                                           bCAAOr Red $5.95
                                                                           bCAAOw White $5.95
                   CPHbl                    CPHbr
PBH        Pirate Bandanna Headdress $10.95
bootDP Deluxe Pirate Boots (adult) $45.95
BootST Suede Boot Tops $20.95
BootTa Pirate Boot Tops (adult) $15.95
BootTc Pirate Boot Tops (child) $15.95
M3 Pirate Mustaches (3 per package) Adhesive backed and reus-
able. Measure from 3” to 3½”. $0.95                                                    bCAAOr             bCCAnb
                                                                           Centered Captain Avery Bandanna Caps
                                                                           bCCAb Black $5.95
                                                                           bCCAnb Navy Blue $5.95
                                                                           bCCAp Pink $5.95
                                                                           bCCAr Red $5.95
                                                                           These 100% cotton bandannas feature Captain Avery’s skull &
                                                                           crossbones, Jack Rackham’s skull and swords, anchors, ships,
                  BootTa                        M3                         and cutlasses, in addition to traditional bandanna paisleys.
muCC        Cute Colors Pirate Makeup Kit $2.98                            Measure 21½” x 21½”.
muP         Pirate Makeup $2.95                                            bCAbkf Black Captain Avery Bandanna (flat style) $1.89
muSSep Pirates of the Seven Seas Makeup Kit with                           bCAgf Gray Captain Avery Flat Bandanna (flat style) $1.89
Eyepatch $8.95                                                             bCAnbf Blue Captain Avery Bandanna (flat style) $1.89
muSSgt Pirates of the Seven Seas Makeup Kit with Gold                      bCAof Orange Captain Avery Bandanna (flat style) $1.89
Tooth $7.95                                                                bCApf Pink Captain Avery Bandanna (flat style) $1.89
muSVcs Super Value Makeup Set with Creepy Skin $7.95                       bCArf Red Captain Avery Bandanna (flat style) $1.89
muSVfp Super Value Makeup Set (Family Pack) $12.95
nailSC      Skull & Crossbone Finger Nails $2.29
sprayG Glow-in-the-Dark Spray This washable spray gives an eerie
glowing effect after exposure to bright light. Aerosol, 4oz. can. $6.95

bBlkf Solid Black Bandanna (flat style) 100% cotton, 21½” x                         bCAbkf                    bCAgf                  bCApf
21½”. $1.79
                                                                           Made of 100% cotton. Adjustable, one-size-fits-all.
bRedf Solid Red Bandanna (flat style) $1.95
                                                                           Captain Avery All-over Bandanna Cap
 Captain Avery Satin Bandanna Avery’s flag silk screened on
                                                                           bCAAOl Lavender $5.95
 glossy satin front. Back has slightly dull finish. 21” x 21”.
                                                                           bCAAOr Red $5.95
 bCASb Black $2.24
                                                                           bCAAOw White $5.95
 bCASr Red $2.24
                                                                           Centered Captain Avery Bandanna Cap
bESf Eyepatched Skull Bandanna (flat style) $2.95                          bCCAb Black $5.95
bRHP Red Hat Pirate Bandanna (flat style) $0.99                            bCCAnb Navy Blue $5.95
bSFf Skulls & Flames Bandanna (flat style) $2.95                           bCCAp Pink $5.95
                                                                           bCCAr Red $5.95
                       bSCf Skull & Crossbones Bandanna                    bBlk Solid Black Bandanna Cap $5.95
                       (flat style) 100% cotton, 19” x 19”. $1.49          bHands Skeleton Hands Bandanna Cap 100% cotton, one size
                                                                           fits all, ties in back to size. Terrycloth insulated sweat strip sewn into
                                                                           inside seam. $13.95

                                      24                             (800) 770-9807
Made of a stiff pre-formed cloth-like material and covered with 100%             bJR Jolly Roger Bandanna Cap (quality version) 100% poly-
polyester. On one side is a white Jolly Roger emblem. The cap is about           ester, rim measures 8” x 6½”, about 3½” deep. Fits most adults and
7½” diameter and 3½” deep. Fits most adults and children.                        children. $2.59
bJRbk Black Jolly Roger Bandanna Cap $3.29                                       PHcc Pirate Captain’s Hat (child-size cheap version) Gold trim,
bJRrd Red Jolly Roger Bandanna Cap $3.29                                         100% polyester, 10½” x 9½” x 3½”, inside diameter of 6½”. $2.95
bLbk Metal Skull & Bones Leather Bandanna Cap (black) $19.95
bLbr Metal Skull & Bones Leather Bandanna Cap (brown) $19.95
bRed Solid Red Bandanna Cap One size fits most, ties in back
to fit. 100% cotton. $5.95
bS1 Skull Bandanna Cap 100% cotton, one-size-fits-all. $2.49
bSCr Red Skull & Crossbones Bandanna Cap 100% cotton,
skulls vary in size from ⅝” to 2¼” tall. $5.95
bSCw White Skull & Crossbones Bandanna Cap 100% cot-                                                bJR                        PHcc
ton, skulls vary in size from ⅝” to 2¼” tall. $2.95
                                                                                 PHf French Pirate Hat Soft-felt, fits both adults and children. 16”
                                                                                 x 10” when flat. $2.95
                                                                                 phHDG Heavy-duty Gold-trimmed Tricorn Pirate Hat (adult)
                                                                                 Velvet tricorn pirate hat with a fancy 1¾”-wide gold trim around
                                                                                 brim. Overall width is about 16” and size is adjustable. $28.95

           bS1                      bSCr                bSCw

           bSCe Red Eyes Skull & Crossbones Embroidered
           Bandanna Cap 100% cotton, design measures 1½” x                                         PHf                       phHDG
           2”. $6.95                                                             phEKc Evil Kitty Tricorn Pirate Hat (child) Features a kitty &
bSH Skull-head Bandanna Cap $8.95                                                crossbones design adorned with faceted plastic jewels, fancy gold
                                                                                 trim, and integrated black and white–striped bandanna. Polyester cot-
                                                                                 ton blend, size-adjustable. Secret pouch hidden inside. $22.98
                                                                                 phSTabl Scallywag Tricorn Hat (adult, black) $28.95
                                 Hats                                            phSTabr Scallywag Tricorn Hat (adult, brown) $28.95
                                                                                 phSTam Scallywag Tricorn Hat (adult, maroon) $28.95
       For party hats, see section in Party Supplies.                            phSTcbr Scallywag Tricorn Hat (child, brown) $26.95
                                                                                 These poly-cotton blend hats feature a rough-textured look. Overall
                        These triangular-shaped hats are made of a stiff         width is about 15”, they have a size adjustment band integrated into
                        felt material with a silver trim and an ironed on        the liner.
                        Jolly Roger emblem on the front. The inside is
                                                                                 phRBK Rough Black Tricorn Pirate Hat (adult) $25.95
                        round, but it can be steamed to fit.
                                                                                 phRBR Rough Brown Tricorn Pirate Hat (adult) $25.95
                    PHas Silver-lined Pirate Captain’s Hat
                    (adult Size) These are 12” x 10½” x 4½”,
                    diameter of the inside of the hat is about
                    7¼”. $4.95
PHcs Silver-lined Pirate Captain’s Hat (child size) These are
11½” x 8½” x 3½”, inside diameter is about 6¾”. $4.95
These triangular-shaped hats are made of a stiff cloth-like material with
a white plastic trim and a white paper or plastic Jolly Roger sticker on
the front. The insides of these hats are round, but they can be steamed                          phRBK                           phRBR
to fit.                                                                          These child’s tricorn pirate hats feature a tattered look with the skull
PHa Pirate Captain’s Hat (adult version) 14” x 10” x 4½”,                        & crossbones design adorned with faceted plastic jewels to form the
diameter of inside is about 7½”. $4.45                                           mouth and eyes of the skull. Adjustable size. Also, look for the secret
PHc Pirate Captain’s Hat (child-size quality version) 11½” x                     pouch located inside.
8½” x 3½”, inside diameter of 7”. $3.49                                          phTATbk Black Tattered Tricorn Pirate Hat $23.95
                                                                                 phTATbr Brown Tattered Tricorn Pirate Hat $23.95

                 PHa                              PHc                                           phTATbk                        phTATbr

                                        25                              (800) 770-9807
PHtg Gold-trimmed Tricorn Hat $11.45
                                                                                      Made of a poly-cotton blend and trimmed with ruffled
                      PHtgm Gold & Marabou-trimmed Tri-                               lace. Fits up to men’s size 44. Eyepatch, sword and
                      corn Hat This heavy felt pirate hat featuring                   headdress not included.
                      marabou with gold trimming around brim is                       sBbl Black Buccaneer Shirt $22.95
                      16” in diameter before folding. Inside diam-                    sBn Natural Buccaneer Shirt $22.95
                      eter is 7⅛”, fits most adults. $6.95                            sBr Red Buccaneer Shirt $22.95
phDX Deluxe Pirate Hat (adult) Velvet pirate hat with a metal                         sBw White Buccaneer Shirt $22.95
skull & crossbones with red background design on front, marabou             sBn
and gold trimming around brim, and integrated red bandanna. Over-       BTPbrsize Blackbeard’s Tattoo Parlor T-shirt (brown,S-XL)
all width of 18”, inside diameter measures about 7½”. Fits most         $20.95
adults. $28.95                                                          BTPbrXX Blackbeard’s Tattoo Parlor T-shirt (brown, XXL)
phGSa Grim-skull Pirate Hat (adult) Velvet pirate hat with a gray       $22.95
skull with crossbones design on front, gold trimming, and integrated    HWTBsize Home is Where Yer Treasure Be T-shirt (S-XL)
red bandanna. Measures 18” wide, inside diameter is 7½”. Fits most      $19.95
adults. $28.95                                                          HWTBxx Home is Where Yer Treasure Be T-shirt (XXL)
phGSc Grim-skull Pirate Hat (child) Poly-cotton hat measuring           $21.95
16” wide. Fits most children. $22.98
                                                                                             All Hands on Deck Shirts

                                                                                              AHDjt / AHDls / AHDss
                   phDX                phGSa / phGSc                    All Hands on Deck Junior T-shirt (junior sizes) This black T-
                                                                        shirt is made with 100% preshrunk cotton and reads, “All Hands On
PHfm Marabou-trimmed French Pirate Hat Features the Cap-
                                                                        Deck” above and “Dead Men Tell No Tales” below the logo. The
tain Rackham design, measures 20” x 7”. Made of foam covered in a
                                                                        logo on the front measures 9½” wide x 7¼” high.
velvety cloth material. $5.95
                                                                        AHDjts T-shirt (junior small) $18.95
PHsw Swashbuckler Hat Measures 15” x 12½” x 6” overall,
                                                                        AHDjtm T-shirt (junior medium) $18.95
inside diameter is 8” x 7”, 1´ long ostrich feather. $18.95
                                                                        AHDjtl T-shirt (junior large) $18.95
                                                                        AHDjtx T-shirt (junior extra-large) $18.95

                                                                        All Hands on Deck Long-sleeve T-shirt (adult sizes) This
                                                                        black long-sleeved T-shirt is made with 100% preshrunk cotton. The
                                                                        logo on the front measures 9½” wide x 7¼” high.
                                                                        AHDlss Long-sleeve T-shirt (adult small) $21.95
                                                                        AHDlsm Long-sleeve T-shirt (adult medium) $21.95
             PHfm                     PHsw                              AHDlsl Long-sleeve T-shirt (adult large) $21.95
phBP Black Plastic Pirate Hat $2.95                                     AHDlsx Long-sleeve T-shirt (adult extra-large) $21.95
beanJRr Red Jolly Roger Beanie $15.95                                   AHDls2x Long-sleeve T-shirt (adult 2xl) $21.95
beanJRw White Jolly Roger Beanie $15.95                                 AHDls3x Long-sleeve T-shirt (adult 3xl) $21.95
                                                                        AHDls4x Long-sleeve T-shirt (adult 4xl) $22.95

                    capSC Skull & Crossbones Baseball Cap               All Hands on Deck Sweat Shirt (adult sizes) This black long-
                    Features embroidered skull & crossbones detail.     sleeved sweat shirt is made with 50% preshrunk cotton and 50%
                    One size fits most, brim measures 7” across.        polyester. The logo on the front measures 9½” wide x 7¼” high.
                    Strip in back adjusts to size. $2.29                AHDssm Sweat Shirt (adult medium) $24.95
                                                                        AHDssl Sweat Shirt (adult large) $24.95
                                                                        AHDssx Sweat Shirt (adult extra-large) $24.95
                    PHtm      Marabou-trimmed Tricorn Hat               AHDss2x Sweat Shirt (adult 2x) $24.95
                    $10.29                                              AHDss3x Sweat Shirt (adult 3x) $28.95

                                                                        hPDPs       Pirate’s Den Pub Pullover Hoodie (small) $29.95
                                Tops & Shirts                           hPDPm       Pirate’s Den Pub Pullover Hoodie (med) $29.95
                    sSB Swashbuckler Shirt 100% polyester,              hPDPl       Pirate’s Den Pub Pullover Hoodie (large) $29.95
                    comes in one size, fits most adults. $26.95         hPDPxl      Pirate’s Den Pub Pullover Hoodie (xl) $29.95
   PHtm / sSB
                                                                        hPDP2x      Pirate’s Den Pub Pullover Hoodie (2xl) $34.95

                                   26                         (800) 770-9807
tsBB Captain Billy Bones T-shirts (adult sizes) Artwork on                   BPBib Baby Pirate Bib $17.95
the back with a small design on the front, 100% heavyweight cotton.          BBBO Bouncing Baby Buccaneer Onesie $19.95
S–XL: $19.95, XXL: $21.95, 3X: 22.95                                         BPO Baby Pirate Onesie One size fits most babies. $19.95
tsBBc Captain Billy Bones T-shirts (child sizes) Artwork on                                   Sew-on Shirt or Coat Buttons
front, 100% heavyweight cotton. XS–L: $15.95                                  ButG Gold-plated Skull & Crossbones Button ¾” across,
Shiver Me Timbers T-shirts 100% heavyweight cotton crew-neck                  the same size as a nickel. $1.45
T-shirt with full-color design on the back. On the front where the pocket     ButP Pewter Skull & Crossbones Button ¾” across. $0.95
would be (if it had one) is a black and white Caribbean pirates design.       ButR Skull & Crossbones Button with Rays ¾” across. $1.45
tsSMTsize Shiver Me Timbers T-shirt (adult) S-XL $18.95,                      ButS Square Antiqued Skull & Crossbones Button ½” x
XXL $20.95                                                                    ½”. $0.89
tightCa Skull & Crossbones Tights (adult) $5.95
tightCl   Skull & Crossbones Tights (child large) $4.49
tightCs   Skull & Crossbones Tights (child small) $3.95
                                                                                                     Pirate Play Sets
              Vest Adult Pirate Vest Here I am wearing the black
                                                                             3PS 3-piece Pirate Play Set Contains a 14” plastic pistol with
              satin pirate vest with white trim and a 23/8” x 25/8” skull
                                                                             working flintlock mechanism, a 13” plastic cutlass with bronze-colored
              & crossbones design on each side of the front. It will
                                                                             handle and dull silver blade, and a 2½” soft-plastic eyepatch. $9.95
              fit most adults. $9.95

vestFSC Fancy Skull & Crossbones Vest $12.95                                                4PSjs Jagged Sword 4-piece Playset This
                                                                                            four piece pirate weapon set includes cutlass, dagger,
                                                                                            eyepatch, and hook. $6.95

               Other Clothing-related Items
                                 armJR         Jolly Roger Arm               4PSspy Large Spyglass 4-Piece Playset $6.95
                                 Warmers Red and black striped               5PSpa Pirate’s Adventure 5-Piece Playset $4.95
                                 cotton arm warmers with white skull         Combat Pirate Combat Play Set Includes a hard plastic pirate hat
                                 & crossbones designs on them. One           with inside diameter of about 6¾”, soft-dart pistol, cutlass, earring,
                                 size fits most. $10.95                      eyepatch, spyglass, and vest. $23.95
bikRB11 Red Bandanna Jolly Roger Bikini (size 11/12) $32.95                  kitDP     Deluxe Pirate Kit $7.95
bikRB13 Red Bandanna Jolly Roger Bikini (size 13/14) $32.95                  PDGset Pirate Dart Gun Playset $9.79
bikRB3      Red Bandanna Jolly Roger Bikini (size 3/4) $32.95
bikRB5      Red Bandanna Jolly Roger Bikini (size 5/6) $32.95
bikRB7      Red Bandanna Jolly Roger Bikini (size 7/8) $32.95
bikRB9      Red Bandanna Jolly Roger Bikini (size 9/10) $32.95                                          Eyepatches
bikSB11 Surrender the Booty Bikini (size 11/12) $32.95                       Leather Eyepatches These are handmade and rough cut for that
bikSB13 Surrender the Booty Bikini (size 13/14) $32.95                       authentic look. Measure 3” x 2¼” and come with an adjustable cord.
bikSB3      Surrender the Booty Bikini (size 3/4) $32.95                     epLbk Black Leather Eyepatch $5.95
bikSB5      Surrender the Booty Bikini (size 5/6) $32.95                     epLbr Brown Leather Eyepatch $5.95
bikSB7      Surrender the Booty Bikini (size 7/8) $32.95
bikSB9      Surrender the Booty Bikini (size 9/10) $32.95
HOMB Hands Off My Booty Shorts S-XL women’s sizes, $16.95
bbBuc Buccaneer Belt Buckle Heavy 4” x 3¾” metal belt buckle
featuring a skull and crossbones with pirate hat and eyepatch. $17.95
bbCSC Circle Skull & Crossbones Belt Buckle $17.95
bbD Skull & Doubloons Belt Buckle 4” x 3”. $17.95
bbPPK Pink Pirate Kitty Belt Buckle Metal 3” x 3” buckle. $18.95
bbPQ Pirate Queen Belt Buckle Features a female pirate and the
words “Pirate Queen.” 3” diameter. $17.95                                    Metal Skull & Crossbones on Tooled Leather Eyepatch
bbPSC Pirate Skull & Crossbones Belt Buckle $18.95                           The loop goes toward your ear.
                                                                             EPmstlL (left eye) $39.95
                       beltCRW Captain Rackham Web Belt                      EPmstlR (right eye) $39.95
                       This Captain Rackham web belt would be the
                       perfect complement to your pirate ensemble.
                       Belt measures 45” in length by 1¼” wide.                                     Tooled Leather Skull & Crossbones
                       $8.95                                                                        Eyepatch
wbSC Skull & Crossbones Wristband 2½” wide, design is                                               EPtlscL (left eye) $36.95
approximately 1¾” x 1½”. $5.95                                                                      EPtlscR (right eye) $36.95

                                    27                             (800) 770-9807
                                                                            BSpy15w Brass Spyglass (15”) in Wooden Box $74.95
                      EPC Pirate Eyepatch with Skull & Cross-               BSpy34 Brass Spyglass (34”) $169.95
                      bones (type 2) Teeth are tiny holes to allow
                      you to vaguely see through. 3” x 2¼”. $0.59

EPer Eye Patches and Earrings Set with Skull & Crossbones
3¼” x 2¼” hard plastic eyepatches bearing a white skull & cross-
bones. Curved for comfort. Includes elastic string. Pack of four. $2.95          BSpy15w                    BSpy34
epFSC Fancy Skull & Crossbones Eyepatch $0.99                               Spy Pirate Spyglass 6½” when compressed, 13” extended. $1.89
epFSCer Fancy Skull & Crossbones Eyepatch & Earring Set                     SpyD Deluxe Pirate Spyglass 6½” when folded, 12” when ex-
$3.29                                                                       tended. $1.95
epMold Molded Skull Eyepatch $2.95
epMSC Metal Skull & Crossbones on Leather Eyepatch $1.29
EPers Pirate Eyepatch and Earring Earring measures 2¾”,
eyepatch is 3” x 2¼”. $1.19
EPpaper Paper Skull & Crossbones Eyepatch (48 per
package) Features a skull & crossbones design on black background.
Measures 2¼” and includes elastic string. $4.49
                                                                                               Spy                           SpyD
                                                                                                         spyTM Pirate Spyglass & Treasure
                                                                                                         Map Fully functional spyglass packaged
                                                                                                         with a map of shipwrecks and sunken
                                                                                                         treasure of some of the most notorious
                                                                                                         pirates, including Blackbeard, Calico
                                                                                                         Jack Rackham, Sir Henry Morgan, Jean
                 EPers                       EPpaper                                                     Lafitte, Bartholomew Roberts, and Sir
                                                                            Francis Drake. Plastic spyglass measures 14” x 1½” x 1½”. Map
                          EPr Rat-size & Rugrat-size Pirate                 measures 18½” x 14¼”. $23.79
                          Eyepatch (bag of 144) $6.95                       SpyS Small Colored Spyglass $0.98
                          EPrs Rat-size & Rugrat-size Pirate                                       SpyT Tiny Pirate Spyglass (pack of 4)
                          Eyepatch (singles) Made of hard plastic,                                 A good spyglass is very important to a pirate.
                          2” across. Our smallest eyepatch. $0.10                                  He needs it to spot his victim’s ships on the
                                                                                                   horizon and for checking out a beach town’s
                                                                                                   defenses before a raid. This tiny black plastic
EPsat Satin Eyepatch 3” x 2¼”. $0.69                                         spyglass is 1” in diameter and about 4¼” when fully extended. And
EPSC Pirate Eyepatch with Skull & Crossed Swords (type                      it actually works. $3.95
1) Measures 3¼” x 2¼”. $0.29                                                spyFSC Fancy Skull & Crossbones Spyglass $3.49
                                                                                                   comAB Antiqued Brunton Compass This
                                                                                                   brass Brunton compass makes a great gift for
                                                                                                   those who are fascinated by the sea. It has an
                                                                                                   open face to show the internal mechanism, an
                                                                                                   interior mirrored lid, and the natural sine table
                                                                                                   on the lid. Comes in an attractive wood display
                 EPsat                          EPSC                                               box with brass accents. $49.95
                                                                            Com Toy Compass Base is over 2” across, almost ¾” tall. $1.49
                                                                            comSC Skull and Crossbones Pirate Compass Fully func-
                   Spyglasses & Compasses                                   tional compass in a hinged-wood case with latch and a gold-colored
                                                                            skull and crossbones emblem printed on inside of lid. Measures 2½”
BSpy6w Brass Spyglass (6”) in a Wooden Box Brass construc-                  x 2½” closed. $15.45
tion with a vinyl fabric covering on barrel, about 6” fully extended.
Wooden box with brass accents measures 4¾” x 2¼” x 2”. $34.95
BSpy19w Brass Spyglass (19”) in a Wooden Box Features brass
                       construction with a vinyl fabric covering on
                       barrel and integrated lens hood, approximately
                       19” in length when fully extended. Wooden box
                       with brass accents and a latch has the ability to
                       accept a small padlock, box measures 8” x 3”
                       x 3¼”. $89.95
                                                                                              Com                          comSC

                                       28                            (800) 770-9807
                               Hooks                                                 4PS 4-piece Pirate Play Set Includes a
Hook Pirate Hook 8”, fits children and most adults. $1.49                            21” cutlass, 7” spyglass, 2” compass, and a
HookSk Skull Pirate Hook The skull is made of heavy-weight                           2½” eyepatch. $6.95
vinyl, while the hard plastic hook has a handle located inside of the                6PS 6-piece Pirate Play Set Includes a
skull for you to hold on to. The hook tapers to a sharp point, thus this             16” cutlass, hook, 7” spyglass, 2” compass, a
item is intended for ages 14 and above. Measures approximately 12”                   27½” red vinyl ribbon, and a 2½” eyepatch.
in length. $6.95                                                                     $7.95
                                                                                   PEC Electronic Pirate Cutlass When the
                                                                                   red button on the handle is pushed on this toy          6PS
                                                                             4PS cutlass, the base of the blade lights up and an
                                                                                   electronic swishing sound is heard. It also
                                                                                makes occasional clanging noises. Measures
                                                                                1” x 21”. Requires two “AA” batteries, in-
                                                                                cluded. $8.95
                 Hook                          HookSk                           PEF Electronic Pirate Flintlock Makes
hookCS Copper Skull Hook $10.95                                                 a cocking sound when the flint mechanism is
HookEP Toy Pirate Hook and Eyepatch Set 10” long plastic hook                   pulled back. When the trigger is pulled, the
with vinyl cover and 2½” wide plastic patch with elastic strap. $1.79           tip of the barrel flashes and an electronic gun
hookFSC Fancy Skull & Crossbones Hook $6.95                                 PEC shot is heard. Measures 1½” x 11”. Requires              PEF
hookV12 Vinyl Sleeve Pirate Hooks (12 per package) $6.95                        two “AA” batteries, included. $9.95
HookSet Hook, Eyepatch & Earring Set $3.49

                                Beads                                                         Parrots, Rats, Sharks, Etc.
beadWs White Skull Beads (300 per package) Our little white                 ParGB6 6” Green Parrot with Bandanna $3.29
skulls are only 7/16“ tall, but they’re very well detailed. Good for        ParGB9 9” Green Parrot with Bandanna $6.95
stringing onto a necklace. $7.95                                            ParL Full-size Parrot Plush Three colors (blue, red, and green)
                                                                            and are 8” tall, 13” with their tail. Multiples of three will be sent as
                                                                            one of each color. We will select the colors at random to fill out other
                                                                            amounts. $3.95
                                                                            ParS Baby Parrot Plush Three colors (blue, red, and green) and
                                                                            are 4½” tall, 7” long with tail. Multiples of three will be sent as one
                                                                            of each color. We will select the colors at random to fill out other
                                                                            amounts. $2.49
beadRB Red Bandanna Skull Ceramic Bead $1.95
beadRBs Red Bandanna Skull Ceramic Bead (small) $1.45

            Toy Cutlasses, Knives, Pistols, Etc.
Cut1 Toy Pirate’s Cutlass (type 1) 21½” long, satin finish. $3.79
Cut2 Toy Captain’s Cutlass (type 2) 21½” long, shiny hilt, in-                             ParL                            ParS
cludes holder that can slide onto a belt or sash. $3.95                     PDuckP Pirate Duck Plush $4.49
                                                                            petMon Cursed Monkey Shoulder Pet $12.95
                                                                            petPar     Cursed Parrot Shoulder Pet $12.95
                                                                            ratG       Giant Bilge Rat $19.95
                                                                            RatLSQ Large Squeaky Bilge Rat 10” long with a 13” tail, mak-
                Cut1                              Cut2                      ing them 23” overall. They are black with red eyes. $5.29
KI Inflatable Toy Knife 19”, vinyl. $0.99                                    RatSQ Squeaky Bilge Rat 6” long, 18” with tail. $1.95
TPF Toy Pirate Flintlock Pretend you’re a pirate on the high seas           sharkSQ Squeaky Shark PVC squeaky shark, 12” long. $1.59
with this plastic pirate flintlock featuring a simulated wood handle
and working trigger. Measures approximately 14” x 2”. $4.95
                                                                                                   Other Accessories
                                                                            AMMG         Antiqued Map Magnifying Glass $25.95
                                                                            BosunW Pirate Bosun’s Whistle Above the pounding waves, shrill
                                                                            bosun’s whistle had to relay orders with different notes and pitches.
                  KI                         TPF
                                                                            Made of brass, comes with neck chain. Measures 5¼” x ½” x 1”. $14.95
PSI         Inflatable Toy Pirate Scimitar $1.29                             LSE Large Skull Emblem Hand-cast pewter, two extensions on
SPS         Skull Pirate Sword $8.95                                        back with holes so it can be mounted. 2½” x 2¾”. $7.95
TCScim      Toy Corsair’s Scimitar $2.29                                    Cat1 Cat-o’-Nine-Tails 19” cat with single leather strands. $1.95
tscimP      Toy Pirate Scimitar $3.95                                       Cat2 Cat-o’-Nine-Tails (24 inch) Heavy 24” leather cat with nine
                                                                            braided tails with knots at the end. $6.95
                                   29                              (800) 770-9807
                                                                         krPSep Eyepatch Pirate Skull Key Ring $2.59
                  cat52 Cat-o’-Nine-Tails (52 inch) 52” whip             krPSjr Jolly Roger Pirate Skull Key Ring $2.59
                  with five braided leather strands ending in knotted    krRH Red Hat Pirate Skull Key Ring $2.95
                  cord. $7.95                                            KRss Small Skull Key Ring (dozen per bag) $2.29
                  PrisBC Prison Ball & Chain $89.95
                  PrisLI Prison Leg Irons $32.95
                  PrisWI Prison Wrist Irons $26.95
                      Spot The Black Spot The black spot struck
                      terror into the hearts of pirates, as it meant
                      certain death would follow shortly. Our wood                            butILP I Love Pirates Button This button
                      version features the words “The Black Spot”                             features the phrase, “I ♥ Pirates.” It is 1” in
                      with our web address on one side and the black                          diameter and has a standard metal back with
                      spot on the other. Measures 1½” in diameter                             pin. $1.39
                      and is ⅛” thick. $0.39

                                                                         These pin-on buttons are 1¼” in diameter.
                Modern Pirate Accessories                                butB Hands Off Me Booty Button $1.25
                                                                         butBP Little Baby Pirate Button $1.25
                                                                         butJRG Riot Grrrl Green Jolly Roger Button $1.39
                         JRL Jolly Roger Lunchbox This reg-              butJRl Jolly Roger Button large $1.39
                         ular-sized lunchbox measures 10” x 7” x         butJRR Red Bandanna Jolly Roger Button $1.39
                         3” and, except for the plastic handle, it is    butLPB Little Pirate Boy Button $1.39
                         made entirely of metal. Black with a white      butLPG Little Pirate Girl Button $1.39
                         skull & crossbones design. $14.95               butM Bottle of Milk Button $1.39
                                                                         butPG Pirate Girl With Parrot Button $1.39
JRDL Jolly Roger Domed Lunchbox $18.95                                   butFBB Blackbeard Flag Button $1.39
CanBagJ Jolly Roger Canvas Bag $18.95                                    butFBR Bartholomew Roberts Flag Button $1.39
cellT Jolly Roger Cell Phone Case (thin) Black case for slender-         butFCA Captain Avery Flag Button $1.39
width phones with metal skull and crossbones. Measures 2⅛” x 5½”         butFCB Captain Bonnet Flag Button $1.39
x 1”. $15.95                                                             butFCL    Captain Low Flag Button $1.39
cellW Jolly Roger Cell Phone Case (wide) $15.95                          butFCR Captain Rackham Flag Button $1.39
JRU Jolly Roger Umbrella 2´ 7½” long, over 3´ in diameter. $19.95        butFCT Captain Tew Flag Button $1.39
KRfl Flintlock Pistol Key Ring $1.98                                      butFCW Captain Wynne Flag Button $1.39

                                                                                           Accessories for Vehicles

                                                                                              airPG Pirate Gurl Air Freshener Hang this
                JRU                             KRfl                                           in your vehicle, home, office, or pirate ship.
                       JDPL Johnny Depp Pirate License This                                   Potpourri scent. Approximately 3” square.
                       laminated plastic pirate license card measures                         $3.49
                       3¼” x 2⅛” and is filled out for Johnny
                       Depp. The reverse features a skull & crossed      DPS Dashboard Pirate Skull $4.95
                       swords. $1.89                                     JRA Jolly Roger Air Freshener Pine-scented, 3½” x 3¼”. $1.65
                      PL Pirate’s License This laminated plastic
                                                                         lpJR Jack Rackham License Plate $5.95
                      pirate license card measures 3⅜” x 2⅛” and
                                                                         lpRB Red Bandanna Skull License Plate $5.95
                      features a pirate captain with parrot on the
                                                                         PPLP Pirate Princess License Plate $6.49
                      front. Reverse lists the usual distinguishing
                                                                         SBLP Surrender the Booty License Plate $6.49
                      features, such as a peg leg and a parrot. $1.89
                                                                         SCLP Skull & Crossbones License Plate Embossed metal
                                                                         license plate, measures 11¾” x 6”. $4.95
                                                                         SPLP Smiley Pirate License Plate Embossed license plate,
                                                                         measures 11¾” x 6”. $5.98
                           Key Rings
KR2      Skull Key Ring 1¾” skull, 3¾” overall. $2.69                                    Gift certificates are available.
KR3      Pirate Skull Key Ring 1¼” tall, 3¾” overall. $3.49
                                                                                       Please call for more information.
krPSbe   Bug-eyed Pirate Skull Key Ring $2.59
krPScs   Crossed Swords Pirate Skull Key Ring $2.59
                                    30                            (800) 770-9807
                Pirate Art & Posters                               JStkr Jolly Roger Stickers Contains 60 stickers, each measuring
                   Posters are shipped rolled.                     1” x 1½”, $2.45
wpBEVa Bird’s Eye View Window Poster/Wall Paper by Don             PS1 Pirate Stickers Pirate ships, treasure chests, and more. Soft-
Maitz (26” x 42”, autographed by artist) $119.95                   cover, 4” x 5¾”, 19 stickers, 4 pages, $1.49
wpDMa Dead Men Tell No Tales Poster Wall Paper by Don              stkrGR4 Ghostly Captain Rackham Sticker Here is a great-
Maitz (27” x 42”, autographed by artist) $119.95                   looking sticker, in our humble opinion, since we designed it. It’s
                                                                   paper with peel and stick back. Not recommended for outdoor use.
                                                                   Measures 4” x 4”. $0.59
                                                                   UPSB The Ultimate Pirate Sticker Book Softcover, 8½” x 11”,
                                                                   67 full-color reusable stickers, 12 pages, $6.95
                                                                   UPSBg Glow-in-the-Dark Ultimate Pirate Sticker Book $6.95

               wpBEVa                     wpDMa
pDM Dead Men Tell No Tales Poster 11¼” x 14”. $1.95
pPCE Pirates’ Creed of Ethics Poster 11¼” x 14”. $1.95
pSTB Surrender the Booty Poster 23” x 35”. $8.95
                                                                       JStkr          PS1               stkrGR4              UPSB
pWP Weapons of the Pirates Poster 13¾” x 15¾”. $1.95
TIp Treasure Island Poster by N. C. Wyeth 18” x 24”. $11.95
NLp Neverland Poster 18” x 24”. $10.95                                                   stkrILP I Love Pirates Sticker This sticker
PanHSp Peter Pan and Captain Hook’s Ship Poster Measures                                 has a skull & crossbones
24” x 35¾”. $8.95                                                                        and the phrase, “I ♥
                                                                          stkrILP        Pirates,” all with a
  Printed on a sturdy ivory-colored paper. Measurements are of
            outside dimensions and may vary slightly.              ghoulish glow, measures 6” x 2”. $3.29
 mpA1650 North America 1650 Map Poster 23” x 17½”. $12.95          stkrDM Dead Men Tell No Tales Sticker
 mpAO       Atlantic Ocean 1650 Map Poster 23” x 17½”. $12.95      This sticker measures 4¾” x 3⅞” and says,
                                                                                       “Dead Men Tell No               stkrDM
 mpBer      The Bermudas 1797 Map Poster 23” x 17¾”. $12.95
 mpC1688 The Caribbean 1688 Map Poster 225/8” x 17¾”. $12.95                           Tales.” $2.49
 mpC1715 The Caribbean 1715 Map Poster 27¾” x 18”. $12.95                              stkrPFH Pirates for Hire Sticker This skull
 mpC1718 ColonialAmerica 1718 Map Poster 22” x 17½”. $12.95                            & crossbones sticker measures 4” x 4⅝” and
 mpCI Caribbee Islands 1794 Map Poster 23” x 17¾”. $12.95                              says, “Pirates for Hire.” $2.49
 mpEWH Eastern & Western Hemisphere 1808 Map Poster                                    stkrPF Pirate Flag Sticker $3.95
 23” x 17½”. $12.95                                                                    stkrPGSC Pirate Girl Skull & Crossbones
 mpF1564 Florida Area 1564 Map Poster 20 1/8” x 17 1/8”. $12.95                        Sticker (Glow in the Dark) Measures 4” x
                                                                        stkrPFH        3⅞”. $2.49
 mpG1794 Gulf of Florida 1794 Map Poster 22½” x 17½”. $12.95
 mpHis      Hispaniola 1722 Map Poster $12.95
 mpNF       New France 1719 Map Poster 23” x 17½”. $12.95                                 stkrUBF Under a Black Flag Sticker
 mpSTI St. Thomas Island 1764 Map Poster 24” x 17¾”. $12.95                               Features a skull, a bone, a dagger, and a heart,
 mpVF Virginia to Florida 1606 Map Poster 23” x 17¾”. $12.95                              along with the words “Under a Black Flag We
 mpVI     Virgin Islands 1797 Map Poster 225/8” x 17¾”. $12.95                            Shall Sail.” Measures 4¾” x 3⅞”. $2.49
 mpW1635 The World 1635 Map Poster 23” x 17½”. $12.95
 mpWH16 Western Hemisphere 1626 Map Poster 23” x                   stkrBWC Beatings will Continue Sticker “The Beatings will
 17½”. $12.95                                                      Continue Until Morale Improves.” 4¾” x 3⅞”. $2.49
                                                                   stkrSTB Surrender the Booty Sticker Measures 4⅞” x 3⅝”. $2.49
PECA     Pirates Electronic Clip Art (CD-Rom & Book) $19.95
                                                                   stkrTF Time Flies When You’re Having Rum Sticker Measures
                                                                   4¾” x 3⅞”. $2.49
                                                                   stkrGT Gold-tooth Pirate Stickers Nine different designs, four
     Stickers, Decals, Tattoos & Patches                           sheets per package. Sheets measure 6¼” x 5”. $2.29
Decal1 Jolly Roger Vinyl Decal (type 1) 4¾” x 3¼”, $0.95           bsDMT       Dead Men Tell No Tales Bumper Sticker $2.49
DecalG Giant Jolly Roger Decal (12” x 8”) Vinyl. $3.95             bsGG        Got Grog Bumper Sticker $2.49
DecalM Medium Jolly Roger Decal (8” x 5”) $2.95                    bsIBSW I Brake For Saucy Wenches Bumper Sticker $2.49
PASSP A Pirate’s Adventure Sticker Storybook Pack $14.95           bsILP       I Love Pirates Bumper Sticker $2.49
SSStkr Smiling Skull Clear Stickers (18 per package) $1.29         bsJPCB Just a Pirate Chasing Booty Bumper Sticker $2.49
stkrAPL A Pirate’s Life Sticker Collection $3.95                   bsKM        Kiss Me I’m a Pirate Bumper Sticker $2.49
stkrBT Buried Treasure Stickers $1.59                              bsPAGB Pirates Always Get the Booty Bumper Sticker $2.49
stkrPSC Pirate Sticker Collection $3.95                            bsPG        Pirate Girl Bumper Sticker $2.49
stkrPST Pirate Sticker Scenes Tote $8.95                           bsRR        Rum Runner Bumper Sticker $2.49
stkrPTG Pirate’s Treasure Gemstone Stickers $3.49                  bsSTB       Surrender the Booty Bumper Sticker $2.49
PSglow Glow-in-the-Dark Pirate Stickers $1.49
                           31                             (800) 770-9807
                       Temporary Tattoos                                     PatchR Captain Rackham Iron-on Patch This embroidered
Temporary tattoos apply in seconds and last for days. You can swim or        cloth patch measures 3½” x 2¼”. $1.95
shower with them. Easily removed by rubbing with alcohol, oil or adhesive    patRCR Red Captain Rackham Iron-on Patch $1.95
tape. You can also apply them as decals to most solid surfaces, such as      patRJR Red Jolly Roger Iron-on Patch $1.95
glass, plastic or metal.
JTat Jolly Roger Temporary Tattoos Three tattoos. The larger
one is 2¼” x 1½”, the two smaller ones are 1½” x 1”, $2.45
PT Pirates Tattoos Softcover, 4” x 5¾”, 10 tattoos (full color),
                                                                                      Stationery & Writing Implements
each 1” to 1¾” tall, 2 pages, $1.49
TatA Assorted Pirate Tattoos Bag of 144 individually wrapped                                 Features a molded polyresin emblem on front. Measures
tattoos. 1” x 1¼”, $7.95                                                                     9” x 6” x 1” and contains 80 pages of paper.
                                                                                             noteBuc Buccaneer Notebook $11.95
                                                                                             notePS Pirate Skull Notebook $11.95

                                                                                 Stationery by Christine Markel Lampe. Each contains six themed
                                                                                 sheets, 2 blank sheets, and six envelopes, all on parchment paper.
           JTat                PT                    TatA                        ComRose Compass Rose Stationery $5.95
                                                                                 SBS Swashbunny Stationery $5.95
tatA2 Assorted Pirate Tattoos (type 2, 72 per package) $3.49                     WFTS Waiting for the Tide Stationery $5.95
tatAN Anchor Pirate’s on the High Seas Temporary Tattoos                     notePP Pirate Notepad w/ Mini Stickers $5.95
$1.49                                                                                     SSCP Smiling Skull Captain Pencils (12 per
tatC Compass Pirate’s on the High Seas Temporary Tattoos                                  package) $2.49
                                                                                          JRP Jolly Roger Pencils (12 per package)
tatDM Dead Men Pirate’s on the High Seas Temporary                                             $3.95
Tattoos $1.49                                                                                  JRP2 Jolly Roger Pencils (type 2, 12 per pack-
tatPB Prepare to be Boarded Pirate’s on the High Seas                                          age) Standard-size pencils with the classic skull &
Temporary Tattoos $1.49                                                                        crossbones design along the length of the pencil.
tatPK Pirate with Knife Temporary Tattoo $2.95                                                 $4.95
tatST Skull & Treasure Temporary Tattoos (4 sheets) $2.95                        JRP
tatWF Worn Flag Pirate’s on the High Seas Temporary                          mpenPSb        Bug-Eye Pirate Skull Pen $3.49
Tattoos $1.49                                                                mpenPSc        Crossed Sword Pirate Skull Pen $3.49
tatSB Skull & Bones Pirate’s on the High Seas Temporary                      mpenPSe        Eye-Patch Pirate Skull Pen $3.49
Tattoos $1.49                                                                mpenPSj        Jolly Roger Pirate Skull Pen $4.95
TatHP Haunted Pirates Tattoos Softcover, 4” x 5¾”, 4 tattoos                 penPE          Pieces of Eight Pen $2.45
(all in full color), approximately 2” to 3” tall, 2 pages, $1.49             penJR          Jolly Roger Pen $2.45
tatSS Smiling Skull Tattoos Two versions of the Smiling Skull                penBB          Blackbeard Pen $2.45
design. Each measures 2” x 1½”, 8 per package. $2.95                         penTM          Treasure Map Pen $2.45
tatTP Temporary Pirate Tattoos Three attention-getting tattoos               SP             Skull Pen 6” tall with bluish-black ink. $6.95
featuring a flag, a treasure map, and a treasure chest. $1.49

                                                                                                  Stationery-related Items
                                                                                                  APPT       Assorted Pirate Pencil Tops
                                                                                                  (12 per package) These feature a colorful
                                                                                                  assortment of pirates, twelve characters in all.
                                                                                                  Approximately 1½” tall. $5.49
              TatHP                 tatSS               tatTP                                     APSPT Assorted Pirate Skull Pencil
                                                                                                  Tops 1½” tall, 5 per package. $5.95
                                                                                                  PDDPT       Pirate Devil Duckie Pencil
                               Patches                                              APPT          Toppers Black rubber pencil topper pirate
        These embroidered patches can be ironed or sewn on.                  duckies with white horns, beaks, tails, eyepatches, and skull &
Patch1 Jolly Roger Iron-on Patch (type 1) 3½” x 2¼”, $1.95                   swords design on their chests. They measure ⅞” x ¾” x 1”. $4.49
patchBS Buccaneer Skull Patch Measures 3½” x 2½”. $4.49                      PHPT Pirate Hook Pencil Toppers (144 per package) $14.95
patOJR Outline Jolly Roger Iron-on Patch $1.95                               EraserC Dragon Cutlass Erasers (24 per package) $5.95
patOPB Outline Pink Bandanna Pirate Girl Iron-on Patch $1.95                 GlobePS Old Globe Pencil Sharpener $4.29
patORJR Outline Red Jolly Roger Iron-on Patch $1.95                          CLO Cutlass Letter Opener $14.95
patPB   Pink Bandanna Pirate Girl Iron-on Patch $1.95                        LOS Letter Opener Stand Fits cutlass letter opener (CLO). $6.49

                                        32                             (800) 770-9807
WWPDsf What Would a Pirate Do? Spin Folder Glossy black                                        SSWD Pirates of the High Seas Skull
& white folder with a Captain Rackham emblem as the spinner to                                 & Swords Wall Display This wall display
choose between twelve different phrases on the front. Measures 9½”                             piece features a bronze-colored resin skull
x 12”. $4.95                                                                                   with red bandanna with a scroll-shaped sign
                                                                                               hanging from the skull’s earrings, imprinted
                                                                                               with the words “Pirates of the High Seas: The
                         Greeting Cards                                                        Curse of the Haunted Treasure” across the
CardCB Pirate Chasing Booty Greeting Card “Just a Pirate                                       front. The sign measures 12½” while the skull
                                                                         height measures 7”. The metal blade cutlasses measure 16½” overall
Chasing Booty...” printed on front, inside is blank. 7” x 5”. $4.95      while the blades measure 12½”. $39.95
CardDP Drunken Pirates Greeting Card Drunken pirates on the
front, blank inside. 7” x 5”. $4.95                                      wallGS Glow-in-the-Dark Skull and Crossbones Wall Deco-
cardYHH Yo Ho Ho Christmas Card w/ Blank Envelope $3.00                  ration Plastic. Skull measures 9” x 5¼”, bones are 16” long. $4.49
                                                                         wallSJ Skeleton in Jail Wall Decoration $12.95
                                                                         WallW Wooden Skull & Crossbones Wall Decoration Mea-
                                                                         sures 9½” x 14”. $15.95
                                                                         canSCC Skull Container on Crossbones Candle Holder $19.95
                    Household Items                                      CSHWD Cannibal Skull with Hair Wall Decoration $19.95
         Home/Workshop/Office Decorations                                FVS       Flying Voodoo Skeleton $14.95
                                                                         HSK Hanging Skeleton This skeleton measures 10” x 2.5”. $11.95
These wooden pirate ships have cloth sails and fly the flag of           RubSk Full-size Rubber Skull Measures 8” x 5” x 5½”. $10.95
Captain John “Calico Jack” Rackham.                                      Skel Large Latex Skeleton Measures 13” wide at the shoulders
shipR6 Wood Captain Rackham Pirate Ship (6” x 6”)                        and 54” tall. $79.95
Measures 6” x 6” including the base. $8.95
shipR9 Wood Captain Rackham Pirate Ship (9” x 9½”)
Measures 9” x 9½” including the base. $13.95
shipR12 Wood Captain Rackham Pirate Ship Measures 12½”
x 12” including the base. $32.95

                                                                                 HSK           RubSk                Skel
                                                                         LowSK Captain Low’s Skull Figurine Resin, 2” x 1¾” x 2”. $5.95

                                                                                       LPSF Laughing Pirate Skull Figurine Measures
                                                                                       1¾” x 2” x 2”. $4.49
         shipR6                shipR9                shipR12
calDM07 Don Maitz’s Pirates 2007 Calendar $13.95
calDM08 Don Maitz 2008 Pirate Wall Calendar $13.95                       PYOR        Poor Yorick Life-Sized Skull $15.95
clockP      Pirate Wall Clock $22.95                                     SD Skull with Dagger Figurine Resin, 1¾” x 2” x 1¾”. $4.95
PirCove Pirate Cove Skull & Daggers Features two daggers                 skRot Life-size Rotting Skull Hard foam, 9” x 6½” x 7½”. $28.95
with 8” blades, overall length is 12”. Resin skull holder measures       SkelPWs Posable Wooden Skeleton (small) Articulates at the
approximately 10” x 8” x 5” overall with daggers in place. $38.95        knees, hips, elbows, and shoulders. Measures 13” x 3” x 2”. $18.95
SSMBD Skull, Swords & Map Book Display This display piece                SkelPC      Posable Cannibal Skeleton $22.95
features a bronze-colored skull with red bandanna sitting atop a book    skelPWl Posable Wooden Skeleton (large) $22.95
of maps with the words Caribbean pirates written across the pages.       skPile      Pile of Skulls $23.95
The resin skull and book display base measures 6” x 8” with the skull    skWCl       Wooden Cannibal Skull (large) $29.95
height of 7”. The metal bladed cutlasses measure 16½” overall with       skWCs       Wooden Cannibal Skull (small) $12.95
12½” blades. $39.95                                                      skWGapl Wooden Gapped Tooth Skull (large) $24.95
                                                                         skWGapm Wooden Gapped Tooth Skull (medium) $22.95
                                                                         skWGaps Wooden Gapped Tooth Skull (small) $19.95
                                                                         skWPl       Wooden Pirate Skull (large) $24.95
                                                                         skWPs       Wooden Pirate Skull (small) $18.95
                                                                         skElong Elongated Skull Wall Mount $26.95
                                                                         wallCSm Skull Mask Wall Decoration $15.95
                                                                         wallGCS Giant Cannibal Skull Mask Wall Decoration $24.95
               PirCove                      SSMBD                        wallHCS Hand-Carved Skull & Crossbones Wall Decoration
             Look for the quarter in many                                wallSMD    Skull Mask & Dagger Wall Decoration $16.95
            of our pictures to help visualize                            SSStick    Skull on Spine Stick $19.95
                 the item’s actual size.                                 figBH       Blue Hat Pirate Skull Figurine $7.95
                                                                         figCPTa     Cursed Pirate with Treasure (type A) $13.95

                                33                            (800) 770-9807
figCPTb Cursed Pirate with Treasure (type B) $13.95                    mugDead Dead ‘Til I Gets Me Coffee Mug These have a pirate
figCPTc Cursed Pirate with Treasure (type C) $13.95                    and the words “Dead ’Til I Gets Me Coffee” on both sides. 10 oz. $6.95
figCPTd Cursed Pirate with Treasure (type D) $13.95                    mugDMM Dead Men Tell No Tales Medallion Coffee Mug $9.95
figCPTe Cursed Pirate with Treasure (type E) $13.95                     mugsPG Pirate Grog Mugs (set of four) Four different ceramic
figCPTf Cursed Pirate with Treasure (type F) $13.95                     mugs featuring designs from the pirate flags of Captain Henry Avery,
figOEJ  One-Eye-Jack Pirate Skull Figurine $5.95                        Calico Jack Rackham, Captain Emmanuel Wynne, and Captain
figPC10 Pirate with Cannon Figurine (10”) $46.95                        Edward England. Mugs hold 12 ounces and measure 4½” tall. $21.95
figPCK9 Pirate Captain on Keg Figurine (9½”) $45.95
figPPS  Pistol Pirate Skull Figurine $5.95
figPPT9 Pirate Protecting Treasure Chest Figurine (9½”)
figPSW8 Pirate Skeleton at the Wheel Figurine (8”) $29.95
figWPC9 Woman Pirate with Cannon Figurine (9½”) $38.95
          snoPSas       Pirate Skull Snow Globe (type A               mugRB Red Bandanna Skull Coffee Mug Holds ten ounces,
          small) $9.95                                                pirate skull and crossed swords printed on one side. $6.95
          snoPScs       Pirate Skull Snow Globe (type C               mugSB Surrender the Booty Mug $6.95
          small) $9.95                                                mugSK Skull Mug $9.95
          snoPSes       Pirate Skull Snow Globe (type E               mugSKDM Skull & Knife Dead Men Tell No Tales Mug $6.95
          small) $9.95
          BobbleS Skeleton Bobble Head 3” in diameter
          at the base and 6” tall. $9.95                                                        Kitchen Items
                                                                      ApronP     Pirate Apron $10.95
                                                                      Mitt       Name Your Poison Oven Mitt $4.95
                Decorative Boxes & Chests                             potNYP     Name Your Poison Pot Holder $3.95
box3Sat Three Skulls Wooden Box (angled top) $6.95                    SHG        Skeleton Hourglass (4½ minute) $19.95
box4Sat Four Skulls Wooden Box (angled top) $9.95                     SHST       Skeleton Hand Sand Timer $21.95
box4Sct Four Skulls Wooden Box (curved top) $9.95
boxBSS Buccaneer Secret Stash Box $14.95
boxPS       Pirate Skull Box $23.49                                                            Signs & Plaques
boxPSS Pirate Skull Secret Stash Box $15.95
boxR        Round Stash Box w/ Skull & Bones $7.95                               Door Pirate’s Territory No Tres-
boxRSl      Rows of Skulls Treasure Box (large) $22.95                           passing Doorhanger Sign 3” x
boxRSm Rows of Skulls Treasure Box (medium) $17.95                               8”, $2.49
boxRSs      Rows of Skulls Treasure Box (small) $12.95                           Sign      Protected by Pirates
boxSS6      Skull & Swords Box $32.95                                            Property Sign Laminated card-
boxSWs Skeleton Wood Box Hinged lid, 8” x 4¾” x 4”. $11.95                       stock, 11¾” x 8”, $3.69                      Sign
boxVST Voodoo Skull Tissue Box $17.95
sboxPSc Pirate Skeleton Coffin Stash Box $7.95                             Door
sboxPSr Pirate Skeleton Rum Barrel Stash Box $7.95                                            Beware Beware Ye Who Enter Here
sboxPSt Pirate Skeleton Treasure Chest Stash Box $7.95                                        Plaque This large beware sign is made of
 These rough wooden skull & crossbones boxes are handmade,                                    strong, heavy Styrofoam with the look of
 so they may vary slightly in design and size. Decorated with a                               weathered wood. The red ribbons around the
 skull & crossbones carved into the top, skeletons and the skull &                            white skull say, “Beware ye who enter here.”
 crossbones on the sides. These boxes may have sharp edges                                    Measures 22” x 15”. $34.95
                due to the metal flashing and nails used in the                                BewareP Beware of Pirates Yard Sign
                construction, use caution in handling.                                        Warn your neighbors with this plastic Beware
                boxWSCl Wooden Skull & Crossbones Box                                         of Pirates 3-D yard sign. Sign measures 12”
                (large) 10¼” x 10¼” x 15”. $22.95                                             x 18” and is printed on both front and back.
                boxWSCm Wooden Skull & Crossbones Box                                         $5.95
                (medium) 8” x 8” x 13½”. $14.95
                boxWSCs Wooden Skull & Crossbones Box                                Made out of a solid plaster material. These are durable
                (small) 5½” x 5½” x 11½”. $9.95                                      but will chip if handled roughly. For extended outdoor
                                                                                     use we recommend applying a clear coat on the plaque,
                                                                                     such as shellac or other type of waterproof coating.
                                                                                     When placed outoors plaque may fade in direct sun-
                        Cups & Mugs                                                  light. These measure 5¼” x 8¼”.
cupBB Billy Bones Commuter Cup $11.95                                                CrestB     Pirate Crest Plaque (bronze-colored)
mugAP Attacking Pirates Coffee Mug $9.95                                             $29.95
mugBB Billy Bones Coffee Mug Has a ghostly Billy Bones and               CrestG CrestG Pirate Crest Plaque (greystone) $29.95
the phrase “Dead Men Tell No Tales”. Holds ten ounces. $11.95         plqSCH Skull & Crossbones Plaque with Hands $8.95
                                 34                               (800) 770-9807
signBB Betty Boop Pirate Booty Metal Sign Arrow-shaped,
embossed sign with a swashbuckling Betty Boop, points the way to
“Pirate booty.” 20” x 5¾”. $9.95                                                               signTF Time Flies Metal Sign This convivial
signBWC The Beatings Will Continue Metal Sign $9.95                                            embossed sign measures 8” x 12” and reads, “Time
signBWE Beware Ye Who Enter Here Sign $9.95                                                    flies when ye arr having rum!” $9.95
signHMB Have Me Booty Metal Sign $14.95

                      signPC Pirate’s Cove Metal Sign This
                      arrow-shaped, embossed sign measures 20” x             signWHO What Happens Onboard Metal Sign $9.95
                      5¾”. It features a red parrot and points the
                      way to “Pirate’s Cove.” $9.95                                         signYBW Ye Be Warned Metal Sign This
                 signPCC Pirate’s Code of Conduct Metal                                     embossed sign measures 8” x 12” and features a pirate
                 Sign Run a tight pirate ship with this piratical                           ship and a wading scallywag. It reads, “Ye Be Warned!
                 code of conduct sign. This embossed sign measures                          Pirates Be Operatin’ In These Waters.” $9.95
                 8” x 12” and reads: “Pirate’s Code of Conduct: No
                 prey, no pay. All mateys get equal share of booty,
                 wenches & grog. Deserters will see Davy Jones’s             signYCH    Ye Can Have Me Chest Sign $9.95
                 locker. Lanterns out by 8 o’clock, when at sea.             wsignBY    Beware Ye Who Enter Here Wooden Sign $7.95
                 Hostages will walk the plank.” $9.95                        wsignCQ    Captain’s Quarters Wooden Sign $7.95
signPDF Pillaging, Drinking, Flogging Metal Sign $9.95                       wsignNP    Name Your Poison Wooden Sign $7.95
                                                                             wsignNT    No Trespassing Wooden Sign $7.95
                 signPO Pirates Only Metal Sign Protect                      wsignSB    Surrender the Booty Wooden Sign $7.95
                 your property and keep unauthorized rogues out              signCKb    Pirates for Hire Metal Chalkboard $17.95
                 of your ship or treasure cave with this embossed
                 no trespassing sign. Measures 8” x 12” and reads,
                 “Pirates Only, No Trespassing: all others will walk                                Frames & Mirrors
                 the plank.” $9.95
                                                                             Fram1 Skulls & Bones Picture Frame Molded resin. Holds 4” x
                                                                             6” photo, frame is 7¼” x 9¼”, ¾” thick. Made to stand. $16.95
                  signPPO Pirate Parking Only Metal Sign                     Fram2 Celtic Skull Picture Frame 7” x 9”, ¾” thick. Holds a 4”
                  This embossed sign measures 8” x 12”. It features          x 6” photo. Molded resin, stands or hangs vertically. $15.95
                  a bearded pirate with parrot and gives the warning,        framPSl Pirate Skulls Frame (large) $12.95
                  “Pirate parking only, all others will be flogged.”         framPSm Pirate Skulls Frame (medium) $10.49
                  $9.95                                                      framPSs Pirate Skulls Frame (small) $7.95
                                                                             FramST Skeleton’s Treasure Pewter Picture Frame 7½” x
                                                                             5⅛”, ¼” thick. Holds a 4¼” x 6¼” photo. Made to stand. $14.95
                                                                             Mirror Skulls & Bones Mirror Molded resin, 7¼” x 9¼”, 4½” x
                       signPub The Skull & Crossbones Pub                    6½” visible surface. Held upright by two sitting skeletons. $19.95
                       Metal Sign This “Skull & Crossbones                   MTPA100 My Treasure Photo Album (100 pictures, brown)
                       Pub” sign features a grinning Jolly Roger and         Measures 4¾” x 6½”, holds 100 4” x 6” photos. Leathery cover is
                       advertises its “Strong Ale & Loose women.”            decorated with various pirate–related images. Photos protected inside
                       It measures 15” x 12”. $7.49                          acid and PVC emission–free sleeves. $8.45

                   signSB Surrender the Booty Metal Sign
                                                                                                     Bathroom Stuff
                                                                             JRBM Jolly Roger Bath Mat This bathmat has a slip resistant
                   This sign measures 12” x 15” features a Jolly
                                                                             backing and measures 23” x 15¾”. $14.95
                   Roger with a dagger clenched between its teeth
                                                                             JRSC Jolly Roger Shower Curtain The front features the jolly
                   and says “Surrender the Booty.” $7.49
                                                                             roger graphic, back is solid black. Measures 70” x 72”. $19.95

signSD Sea Dog Metal Sign Rusty metal sign with peg leg
Dalmatian sea dog and the words “Sea Dog,” “37¢ plus tx,” “A Pirate’s
Best Friend” across the front and the phrase, “For Over Two Hundred
Years, It’s Been Easy To Spot A Sea Dog...” 9½” x 18”. $36.95
signSDS Sea Dog Seagar Metal Sign Rusty metal sign with a
cigar smoking Dalmatian in a bandanna and the words “Sea Dog,”                                JRBM                     JRSC
“The Finest Seagar on the High Seas,” “Sold Here 5¢,” and “Rolled                                towelJR Jolly Roger Bath Towel Heavy-
on the Thighs of Island Women”. Measures 9½” x 18”. $36.95                                       weight bath towel with the Jolly Roger graphic
signSMT Shiver Me Timbers Metal Sign Measures 24” x 5”. $9.95                                    on one side and white terry cloth on the back-
                                                                                                 side. Measures 59” x 29¾”. $16.95

                                    35                            (800) 770-9807
JRWB Jolly Roger Wastebasket Metal, white skull & crossbones              BBQ Jolly Roger BBQ Sauce Has a slightly hot after-
on black background. White interior. 10” high, 9” opening. $11.95         taste. $5.95
            JTP Jolly Roger Toilet Paper Display item, contains           Hot Jolly Roger Hot Sauce Not quite as hot as Tabasco
            a standard roll of white toilet paper. $4.79                  Brand Sauce and with a bit more of a chili flavor. 6¾” tall,
            STB Skull Toilet Brush & Holder Skull Toilet                  5 fl. oz., $5.95
            Brush & Holder Hand-painted poly resin, 15” tall
            overall, $28.95
            nailRCR Round Captain Rackham Nail Clipper 1”
            x 1¼”. $1.79                                                                                                                 Hot
            nailUK Captain Rackham Utility Knife & Nail Clip-                                            Candy
   STB      per $1.79                                                     mintCBG Captain Black’s Grog Flavored Pirate Mints $3.95
SoapSc2 Skull Soap (type 2, coconut scent) $3.95                          mintGB Good Breath Tells No Tales Mints $3.95
SoapSr2 Skull Soap (type 2, rum scent) $3.95                              mintPS Polly Says Mints $3.95
                                                                          DipC Treasure Chest Dip Candy with Sword Pop $1.09
                                                                          GS Betty Crocker Gummy Sharks $5.29
                   Pool & Beach Supplies                                  GTJ Treasure Jewel Gummies (bag of 22 packs) $7.95
towelRB Red Bandanna Jolly Roger Towel $14.95                                               popGF Gourmet-flavored Skull Suckers
towelSD Sea Dog Beach Towel (60” x 30”) $24.95                                              (2 dozen) These skull lollipops come in an
towelSDS Sea Dog Seagar Beach Towel (63” x 31”) $24.95                                      assortment of six flavors: cotton candy, bubble
                                                                                            gum, raspberry lemonade, honey-dew melon,
               For beach toys, see toy section.                                             green apple, and strawberries & cream. Each
                                                                                            is a 1¼” pop on a 3½” inch stick. They are
                                                                                            individually wrapped and come 24 to a package.
             Miscellaneous Household Items                                                      $4.95
bedPCSt Pirates Comforter & Sheet Set (twin) $90.95                       JRJelly Jolly Roger Jelly Beans 12 oz. plastic container with the
bedPSt  Pirates Sheet Set (twin) $39.95                                   skull & crossbones design on the front. $10.95
                 blnktJR Jolly Roger Blanket Bearing the                  PICR Pirate’s Island Gourmet Chocolate Rocks $5.95
                 same design as our fJR flags, this 50” x 60”             popFP Frosted Pirate Pops (12 per package) Frosted pirate skull
                 fleece blanket will keep you cozy on long nights         pops, 15g each. $5.95
                 in the north Atlantic. It’s readily washable, so         popGF Gourmet-flavored Skull Suckers (2 dozen) Six flavors:
                 get a second one for your dog! $16.95                    cotton candy, bubble gum, raspberry lemonade, honey-dew melon,
                                                                          green apple, and strawberries & cream. 1¼” pop on a 3½” inch stick,
blnkRB      Red Bandanna Skull Blanket $16.95                             individually wrapped, 24 to a package. $6.95
mouseSC Skull & Crossbones Mouse Pad 10” x 7”, and has a                                        popJR Jewel Ring Pop Jewel-shaped pop
cloth top surface and dense foam rubber backing. $4.95                                          to be worn on the finger. Assorted flavors,
                                                                                                such as watermelon, strawberry, cotton
              PAB Pirate Adhesive Bandage Adhesive ban-
                                                                                                candy, cherry, grape, and blue raspberry. Sold
              dages with the skull and crossbones design. Metal tin
                                                                                                individually. 0.5 oz. (14g) each. $0.79
              measures 3¾” tall and contains twenty-five standard-
              sized 3” x ¾” adhesive bandages. Each package also                                SGS Smiling Gummy Sharks These
              contains a small trinket inside. $4.95                                            measure 2” in length, assorted fruit flavors.
                                                                                                One pound package with approximately 46
                                                                                                pieces. $6.95
PBA Pirate Bandage Assortment Tin of three large Jolly Roger
flag-shaped bandages and 10 small skull-shaped bandages. $4.95
PDP       Pirate Drawer Pull $7.95
PKS       Pirate Knob Set (4 per package) $19.95                          candyTN Candy Treasure Necklace Individually wrapped, 0.6
PGC       Pirates Growth Chart $17.95                                     oz., 48 to a box. $11.95
Spindle Pirate Skull CD Spindle Holder $16.95                             GSC Skull & Crossbones Gummy Candy Two pieces per
                                                                          package, 45 packages per bag, fat-free. Approx. 1¾” tall. $6.95

                Food & Condiments
              Pirate’s Blend Caribbean Condiment Sauce
              & Marinade Bursting with spicy ginger and curry                                                            GSC
              flavor, along with a hint of mustard. It’s a mild sauce.
              We love it.
                                                                                                cC Chocolate Treasure Coins (bag of 360
              CCs Landcrab size $5.95
                                                                                                coins) Gold-foil wrapped, chocolate-flavored
              CCm Sailor size $7.95
                                                                                                coins. Approximately ¾”. Net weight 1 lb. 3
              CCl Buccaneer size $12.95
                                                                                                oz. $29.95
                                     36                             (800) 770-9807
                       gumJ Bag of Jewels Bubble Gum Comes                     FlskR Captain Rackham Flask Stainless steel, metal skull & crossed
                       in a canvas drawstring bag marked gold bars,            swords emblem. Flask is 4¾” x 3½”, emblem is 2½” x 1¾”, $29.95
                       ruby, emerald, or diamond bubble gum. Each                              chalCR Captain Rackham Chalice $29.95
                       bag holds 1.41oz. of yellow, red, green, or                             chalJR Jolly Roger Chalice $29.95
                       white gum. We ship the bags at random. If                               gobRBS Red Bandanna Skull Goblet $4.95
                       four or more bags are ordered, we’ll do our                             mugBCS Bone-Colored Skull Mug $6.95
                       best to send one of each design. $1.69                                  mugpCS Clear Skull Mug $6.95
                                                                                               ShotDS Dead ’Til I Gets Me Drink Shotglass
                                                                                               Standard-size shot glass with the words, “Dead ’Til
                               Grog                                                chalCR
                                                                                               I Gets Me Drink.” $3.49
JBb     Jack Black’s Blue Cream Soda 12 fl. oz. $1.79
JBc     Jack Black’s Blood Red Cola 12 fl. oz. $1.79                           boCR   Captain Rackham Corkscrew Bottle Opener $3.49
JBo     Jack Black’s Orange Stash Soda 12 fl. oz. $1.79                        boNYP  Name Your Poison Bottle Opener $5.95
JBrb    Jack Black’s Dead Red Root Beer 12 fl. oz. $1.79                       boPSbe Bug-eyed Pirate Skull Bottle Opener $2.89
                                                                               boPScs Crossed Swords Pirate Skull Bottle Opener $2.89
                                                                               boPSep Eyepatch Pirate Skull Bottle Opener $2.89
                  Other Food-related Items                                     boPSjr Jolly Roger Pirate Skull Bottle Opener $2.89
                                                                               bwNYP Name Your Poison Bottle Wrap $5.49
 Coffee to start a day of plundering on the high-seas. Foil package has        chNYP  Name Your Poison Can Holder $3.89
 the skull & crossbones design on front. 12 oz., vacuum packed.                chR    Rackham Bottle or Can Holder $2.49
 cofBBb Blackbeard’s Coffee (whole bean) $10.49
 cofBBg Blackbeard’s Coffee (ground) $10.49
CakeLP Little Pirate Cake Pan Aluminum. 9” x 14¼” x 2”. $13.95                                          Smoking Accessories
                                                                               ashCS Circle of Skulls Ashtray $16.95
                                                                               ashSC Skull and Crossbones Ashtray/Small Dish $6.95
                                                                               ashSH Skull Ashtray/Container $12.95
                         Pirate Vices                                          lit2SC Double Skull & Crossbones Lighter Refillable, flip
                     Drinking Accessories                                      open, wind resistant, metal lighter. Measures 1½” x 2¼”. $11.95
ShotNPs Name Your Poison Shotglass Standard-size shotglass
with “Name Your Poison” above a skull & crossed swords design. $2.49
ShotPt Pewter Skull Shooter A 4” x 1½” shooter with pewter
skull & crossbones. $5.95                                                                                      Weaponry
ShotPs Pewter Skull Shotglass Standard-sized shotglass with                    You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase these weapons.
                                                                               Many of these swords, knives and daggers are sharp and dangerous; therefore
pewter skull & crossbones. $5.29                                               they should not be given to children, immature adults, or drunken pirates. It is
shotPWs Pirate Window Shotglass Frosted with a clear window                    the sole responsibility of the buyer to ascertain and comply with all federal, state,
to see through to skull & cross swords design on the back side. $3.49          and local laws in connection with the sale, purchase, or possession of items sold
ShotRBs Red Bandanna Skull Shotglass Standard-size shot-                       by Dead Men Tell No By placing an order, the purchaser expressly
                                                                               agrees that he/she is in compliance with all applicable federal, state and local
glass with a colorful skull and crossed swords design. $2.95                   laws, and furthermore, that he/she expressly agrees to hold Dead Men Tell No
                                                                      harmless for all claims resulting from the purchase, ownership, or use
                                                                               of any item purchased or obtained from Dead Men Tell No

                                                                                                    Swords, Knives & Daggers
                                                                               Caribbean Pirate Cutlass (24 inch) These cutlasses are 24”
                                                                               overall with a sharpened 19” blade of highly polished 440 stainless
                                                                               steel and an ornate pommel and guard. Some have a small dragon
     ShotPt / ShotPs             shotPWs            ShotRBs
                                                                               painted on the blade, while others have an eagle with “pirates”
shotSB       Skull on Black Shotglasses (set of 3) $6.95                       written under it. Either can be scraped off. The black grip has either
PFC Pirate Flag Coasters Four 4” square, cork-backed coasters                  silver or copper decorative wire. Some now come with a red tassel
with the flags of captains Wynne, England, Rackham, and Avery. $6.95           tied to the handle. Includes an open-top leather scabbard. These are
                                                                               very impressive cutlasses at an excellent price.
               flskBR Captain Rackham Black Flask Stainless
                                                                               CPCsg Caribbean Pirate Cutlass (24”, gold finish) $34.95
               steel flask with a black Naugahyde material on the
                                                                               CPCss Caribbean Pirate Cutlass (24”, silver finish) $34.95
               front and back, features a white and black enameled
               metal emblem attached to the face. Flask measures is
               4¾” x 3½”, emblem measures 2½” x 1¾”. $29.95

flskC     Corsair Flask $7.95
flskJRM Jolly Roger Medallion Flask $7.95
FlskJ Jolly Roger Flask Stainless steel with a metal skull & cross-
bones emblem. Flask is 4¾” x 3½”, emblem is 2½” x 1¾”, $29.95                                 CPCsg                                  CPCss
                                      37                                  (800) 770-9807
Caribbean Pirate Cutlass (34 inch) 34” overall, with a 27½”              CPCut Classic Pirate Cutlass This rustic cutlass is made to
blade and an ornate pommel and guard. Some come with a small             look old with rust spots and other blemishes to give an antique look.
skull with “pirates” written under it painted on the blade, which can    31½” in length with wood handle, blade is 1¾” in width. $84.95
be scraped off. Some come with a red tassel tied to the handle. The
black grip has either silver or copper decorative wire. The sharp-
ened blade is made from 440 turned stainless steel and has a highly
polished finish. Sold without scabbard.
CPClg Caribbean Pirate Cutlass (34”, gold finish) $36.95
CPCls Caribbean Pirate Cutlass (34”, silver finish) $34.95

                                                                                                Firearm Replicas
                                                                         cannonP Mini-Pirate Cannon $24.95
                                                                         BlunB      Boarding Blunderbuss $68.95
                                                                         BlunBPb Blunderbuss Pistol (antique brass finish) $64.95
                                                                         BlunBPs Blunderbuss Pistol (antique steel finish) $62.95
                                                                         BlunRb Captain Rackham Blunderbuss Pistol (antique brass
                                                                         finish) $74.95
           CPClg                           CPCls
                                                                         BlunRs Captain Rackham Blunderbuss Pistol (antique steel
                                                                         finish) $72.95
Saber Bronze Saber 20” overall, 14” sharpened stainless steel
                                                                         fl3BR       Three-Barrel Flintlock Revolver $84.95
blade. $26.95
                                                                         flHDB       Heavy-duty Flintlock Blunderbuss $70.95
saberS Saber (antique silver finish) $13.95
                                                                         flSB        Singapore Flintlock Blunderbuss $54.95
dBuc Buccaneer Dagger & Wall Mount Features a resin skull
                                                                         flSBB       Singapore Flintlock Boarding Blunderbuss $69.95
with eyepatch attached to guard, stainless steel blade measures 9”.
                                                                         flSM        Sparrowhawk Flintlock Musket $170.95
Overall length is 14¾”, guard is approximately 4” at widest point.
                                                                         FPDf       French Flintlock Pistol Dagger $70.95
Wall mount measures 7½” x 17½”. Includes mounting hardware.
                                                                         flD         Dragon Flintlock Pistol $70.95
                                                                         flEb        English Flintlock Pistol (antique brass finish) $52.95
                                                                         These are non-firing replicas, but the trigger/hammer mechanisms
                                                                         work and feel like the real article.
                                                                                         BlunCM Captain Morgan Blunderbuss Pistol
                                                                                         This early blunderbuss is stamped 1671 and has a
                                                                                         grenade cup on the end of the barrel inscribed “Henry
                                                                                         John Morgan” with the skull and crossbones. The
                                                                                         polished wood stock features a short, squared off
                   Saber                       dBuc                                      butt. Measures approximately 12½”. $59.95
                                                                                         FLPe Engraved Flintlock Pistol Approximately
BCut Black Cutlass with Leather Scabbard This rustic black                               13½” overall, features an
cutlass features all-metal construction and comes with a leather              FLPe       8” engraved barrel in steel
scabbard. Measures 32” overall. Blackened metal blade is 26½”.           finish, engraved fittings, and simulated
$139.95                                                                  wood stock. $50.95
                                                                         PF Pirate Flintlock Steel grey finish,
                                                                         plain barrel, and a wooden stock. 13¾”
                                                                         long. $64.95

                   CRCg Captain Rackham Cutlass (gold fin-
                   ish) $69.95
                   CRCs Captain Rackham Cutlass (silver
                   finish) Plated with nickel to give a silver-look-
                   ing finish. $119.95                                                                 BlunCM

                                                                                              Weapon Accessories
                                                                         BaldHL Handcrafted Leather Baldric $69.95
                                                                         frogBuc Black Leather Weapon Frog with Buckles $14.95
                                                                         frogC     Black Leather Chevron-Shaped Frog $14.95
      CRCg                                       CRCs                    frogSw    Black Leather Sword Frog $14.95
                                                                         PSSWM Pirate Skull Sword Wall Mount Painted poly-resin.
                                                                         Measures 8½” x 11”, opening through skull is 2⅛” x 1½”. $49.95
                                    38                           (800) 770-9807
                                                                BOOKS From Blackbeard to Walking the Plank
                                                                   PFB Pirates:                                                                $7.95
                          Non-Fiction                                         PIP Pyrates in Petticoats by Cathy Johnson Softcover, 5½” x
B2 Buccaneers (a.k.a. Buccaneers 1620-1700) by Angus Kon-
                                                                              8½”, 18 illustrations, bibliography, index, 38 pages, $10.95
stam Softcover, 7¼” x 9¾, 56 illustrations, 5 maps, 64 pages, $17.95
                                                                              POB2 Pirates’ Own Book (Dover edition) $12.95
BOA1 The Buccaneers of America by buccaneer surgeon Al-
                                                                              PP Privateers and Pirates 1730-1830 by Angus Konstam Soft-
exandre O. Exquemelin (a.k.a. John Esquemeling), translated by
                                                                              cover, 7¼” x 9¾”, 60 illustrations (10 full-page color pictures), 3 maps,
Alexis Brown First published in 1678, this is the most accurate transla-
                                                                              64 pages, $16.95
tion. Softcover, 5” x 8”, 2 illustrations, 2 maps, index, 233 pages $10.95    PS4 The Pirate Ship 1660-1730 by Angus Konstam Softcover,
BOP Blackbeard and Other Pirates of the Atlantic Coast by                     9” x 12”, 52 illustrations (7 in color), 48 pages, $14.95
Nancy Roberts Hardcover, 5¾” x 8¾”, bibliography, 204 pages, $17.95           Rum And a Bottle of Rum The history of rum, with drink recipes.
                CBP Captured by Pirates: 22 Firsthand Ac-                     Hardcover, 294 pages, $23.95
                counts of Murder and Mayhem on the High
                Seas edited by John Richard Stephens This ex-
                citing nonfiction book contains twenty-two dramatic,
                real-life adventures written between 1500 and 1850 by                               Reference Books
                pirate captives. These are true tales of terror as told by
                men and women who unexpectedly found themselves                                BB Blackbeard the Pirate: A Reappraisal of
                helpless victims on the open seas with death staring                           His Life and Times by Robert E. Lee This is
them straight in the face. Definitely fascinating reading. Softcover,                         a fascinating and authoritative study that reads like
some illustrations, indexed, 392 pages, $19.95                                                an exciting swashbuckler. It goes beyond the myths
CBPh Captured by Pirates (hardcover edition) $7.95                                            to reveal a new Blackbeard, who is infinitely more
                                                                                              interesting than the legend. Softcover, 6” x 9”, bibliog-
DW Dangerous Waters: Modern Piracy and Terror on the                                          raphy, index, 264 pages $12.95
High Seas by John S. Burnett Softcover, 5½” x 8½”, 3 maps, bibli-
ography, index, 346 pages, $13.95                                             BBart Black Bart Roberts: The Greatest Pirate of Them All
EBW Empire of Blue Water (Captain Morgan) $24.95                              by Terry Breverton Softcover, 12 illustrations, 3 maps, bibliography,
            EYE Pirate (Eyewitness Books) by Richard Platt                    6” x 9”, 176 pages, $17.95
            An amazingly well illustrated book which primarily                CLG Coins of the Lost Galleons $4.95
            consists of an amazing array of over 400 pictures of              GHP A General History of the Robberies and Murders of
            pirates and pirate-related artifacts. The text is mini-                          the Most Notorious Pirates by Capt. Charles
            mal, being used primarily to describe the pictures,                              Johnson (attributed to Daniel Defoe) The king of all
            most of which are in full color. Hardcover, 8¾” x                                pirate books. Almost everything we know today about
                  11¼”, over 400 pictures (almost all in full color), 64                     the golden age of piracy comes from this one book.
                  pages, $15.95                                                              Nearly every nonfiction book on pirates since has re-
GhostS Ghost Ships: Tales of Abandoned, Doomed, and                                          lied on this classic work as a major source. Originally
Haunted Vessels by Angus Konstam Stories of ghost ships,                                     published in 1724, this book was written when many
              mysteriously abandoned vessels, and tales of un-                               of the pirates described were still roaming the seas.
              explained disappearances on the high seas have                  This edition contains both the expanded 1726 fourth edition and the
              been circulating for as long as man has sailed the
              oceans. The author Angus Konstam describes                      complete 1728 volume two. Softcover, 5¼” x 8½”, 781 pages $19.95
              himself as a natural sceptic, unwilling to accept               GHPc A General History of the Robberies and Murders of
              these stories at face value. However, after uncov-              the Most Notorious Pirates by Capt. Charles Johnson; edited
              ering all the evidence he has admitted that some                by David Cordingly Contains the third edition of volume one from
              of these accounts simply defy logic. Follow him
              on his investigative journey into some of the most              1925. It also has the chapter on Captain Kidd, taken from volume two.
              abiding and perplexing mysteries of the sea. Hard-              Softcover, 6¾” x 9⅛”, 101 illustrations, 4 maps, 384 pages, $19.95
cover, 8 ¾” x 11”, 38 b/w illustrations, 61 photographs, 8 maps, index,                          HOP2 The History of Pirates by Angus Kons-
bibliography, 144 pages, $24.95                                                                  tam Softcover, 8½” x 11”, 191 illustrations, 74 maps,
HLBE The History of the Lives and Bloody Exploits of the                                        index, 192 pages, $19.95
Most Noted Pirates Their Trials & Executions Softcover, 5” x
7⅛”, 9 illustrations, 295 pages, $13.95
                                                                                                NQGP The No Quarter Given Pyrate Prymer
HOB History of the Buccaneers of America by James Burney                                        edited by Christine Markel Lampe Comb binding
                                                                                                with clear protective covers, 8½” x 11” 72 illustra-
Softcover, 5½” x 8½”, originally published in 1816, 394 pages, $16.95
Idiot The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Pirates by Gail Selinger and                                tions, 1 map, bibliography, 54 pages, $5.95
W. Thomas Smith Jr. This book gives readers a comprehensive yet               NQGS The No Quarter Given Pirate Song Book by Christine
entertaining history of those swashbuckling brigands. Softcover, 7¼” x        Markel Lampe Comb binding with clear protective covers, 8½” x 11”,
9⅛”, 64 illustrations, 381 pages, $18.95                                      63 songs, 32 illustrations, bibliography, 79 pages, 2nd edition, $11.95
JR Jolly Roger: The Story of the Great Age of Piracy                          PH The Pirate Hunter: The True Story of Captain Kidd by
by Patrick Pringle Softcover, 5¾” x 8½”, 35 illustrations, bib-               Richard Zacks Softcover, 5¼” x 8”, 6 document facsimiles, 9 maps,
liography, index, 294 pages originally published in 1953, $12.95              bibliography, index, 426 pages, $15.95
P2 Pirates! (a.k.a. Pirates 1660-1730) by Angus Konstam Soft-                 Rebel Pirates, Privateers and Rebel Raiders of the Carolina
cover, 7¼” x 9¾”), 60 illustrations (10 full-page color pictures), 3 maps,    Coast by Lindley S. Butler Softcover 6¼” x 9¼”, 32 illustrations, 6
64 pages, $16.95                                                              maps, bibliography, index, 296 pages, $16.95
                                     39                              (800) 770-9807
                PDict The Pirate Dictionary by Terry Breverton
                We hear the terms “steer clear of”, “hit the deck”, and
                                                                             AdSci The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists by Gideon
                “to harbor a grudge” and give little thought to their
                                                                             Defoe Hardback, 15 b/w pictures, 4¼” x 6½”, 144 pages. $15.95
                origin. Left together on ships for months or years,
                                                                             Blood Captain Blood by Raphael Sabatini Softcover, 5” x 7½”,
                pirate crews developed terms and expressions that
                                                                             331 pages, $6.95
                made their way into common usage. This dictionary
                                                                             Crusoe Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe Unabridged. $2.49
                is written to be entertaining as well as informative,
                                                                             LPG Lafitte: The Pirate of the Gulf by Joseph Holt Ingraham
                to give a flavor of these interesting times from the
                                                                             Softcover, 5¼” x 8”, bibliography, appendix, 314 pages, $30.95
15th to the 18th centuries, when pirates controlled many sea lanes.
                                                                             Pyle Howard Pyle’s Book of Pirates (unabridged edition) writ-
It also contains a treasure trove of factual information about the life
                                                                             ten and illustrated by Howard Pyle Softcover, 6½” x 9¼”, 74 illustra-
aboard ship, important pirate haunts, and technical terms. Softcover,
6” x 9”, 28 b/w illustrations, 5 maps, 3 tables, 192 pages, $15.95           tions (11 in color) originally published in 1921, 247 pages, $12.95
PTHS1 Pirates: Terror on the High Seas—From the Caribbe-                     Pyrates The Pyrates by George MacDonald Fraser Softcover,
                                                                             5½” x 8½”, bibliography, 413 pages, Retail: $16.95, Special price:
an to the South China Sea edited by Dr. David Cordingly This
                is the best pirate book we’ve seen. It’s a wonderful
                coffee table book full of well-written, authoritative
                articles covering from the Golden Age of piracy to
                the present day, completely illustrated with a rich
                                                                                                     Treasure Island
                                                                             Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson, is one of the world’s best-
                selection of full-color pictures, many of which can-         loved novels. It spins a heady tale of piracy, a mysterious treasure map,
                not be found elsewhere. If you only want one book            and a host of sinister characters charged with diabolical intentions.
                on pirates, then this should be it. Hardcover, 11” x         The action-packed adventure tells of a perilous sea journey across the
                    9½”, 238 pictures (mostly color), index, bibliogra-
     PTHS1                                                                   Spanish Main, a mutiny led by the infamous Long John Silver and a
                    phy, 256 pages, 1996, $19.99
                                                                             lethal scramble for buried treasure on an exotic isle.
Scourge Scourge of the Seas $24.95                                           TI2 Treasure Island (deluxe edition) Supplements the text with
SeaRov The Sea Rover’s Practice: Pirate Tactics and                          notes providing additional background information. Semi-hardcover,
Techniques, 1630-1730 by Benerson Little Softcover, 11 b/w                   7” x 9¼”, 458 full-color photographs, drawings, and paintings, 4 maps,
illustrations, 2 maps, 6¼” x 9¼”, 318 pages, $17.95                          296 pages, $19.95
TChests Treasure Chests: The Legacy of Extraordinary                         TIpaper Treasure Island (paperback) Paperback, 1 map, Bibliog-
Boxes by Lon Schleining From sea chests to toy chests, this book             raphy, 4⅛” x 6⅞”, 221 pages, $3.95
celebrates how extraordinary a box can be when it is meant to hold                            TIw Treasure Island (N.C. Wyeth edition) This
something we treasure. Details more than 100 chests from museums                              is a magnificent large-format edition of the world’s
and private collections in over 250 photos. Softcover, color photos                           favorite pirate tale, beautifully illuminated with N.C.
throughout, 9¼” x 10½”, 206 pages, $24.95                                                     Wyeth’s timeless illustrations. Printed in large-face
Trial The Pirate Trial of Anne Bonny and Mary Read by Ta-                                     type. $27.95
mara J. Eastman and Constance Bond Anne Bonny and Mary                                        TIwc Treasure Island (N. C. Wyeth Children’s
              Read were two of the most notorious female pirates to                           Edition), illustrated by N.C. Wyeth Abridged for
              ever wreak havoc on the high seas. Contains detailed                            younger readers. Hardcover, 10” x 13¼”, 18 full-color
              eyewitness accounts of captives and the complete                    TIw         illustrations, 1 map, 47 pages, $9.98
              unabridged transcript of their trial. It explains what
                                                                             TIr Treasure Island (retold edition) $4.95
              may have actually transpired inside the Jamaican jail
                                                                             TIgn Treasure Island: The Graphic Novel adapted by Tim
              — including new information regarding Mary’s death
                                                                             Hamilton Softcover, 5” x 8”, 176 pages, $9.95
              — and how ongoing research has uncovered some fas-
                                                                             TI18C Treasure Island and the Pirates of the 18th Century
              cinating new facts regarding Anne Bonny’s mysterious
                                                                             This book aimed at young adults places Stevenson’s classic within
disappearance from her jail cell. Softcover, 5½” x 8½”, 29 illustrations,
                                                                             historical context. Hardcover, 64 pages, $25.95
bibliography, index, 66 pages, $9.95
UBF Under the Black Flag: The Romance and the Reality of
Life Among the Pirates by Dr. David Cordingly Dr. Cordingly,
               former head of exhibitions at England’s National Mar-
                                                                                          Coloring & Activity Books
               itime Museum, explodes many closely held myths and            BBCB Blackbeard and Other Notorious Pirates Coloring
               replaces them with a truth that is more complex and           Book by Peter F. Copeland Paperback, 30 B&W illustrations, 8¼” x
               every bit as fascinating. This book makes tangible the        11”, 32 pages, $3.95
               day-to-day existence of pirates; how they attacked, how       CPCB       Caribbean Pirates Coloring & Activity Book $3.95
               they governed themselves, what they wore, what ships          SGCB       Shipwrecks Giant Coloring Book $6.00
               they used, why they flourished in the years around
               1720, and what brought their reign of terror to an
end—all is revealed in this rousing and revisionist history. Softcover,
6” x 9”, 26 pictures, 8 maps, index, bibliography, 296 pages, $13.95
                                                                                        Children’s General Nonfiction
                                                                             PLM A Pirate’s Life for Me! A Day Aboard a Pirate Ship by
                                                                             Julie Thompson and Brownie Macintosh Softcover, 11” x 8½”, 38
 The product descriptions and prices are subject to change. Check            full-color illustrations, 32 pages, $6.95
 our website for the most current information and latest products.           PLMc A Pirate’s Life for Me! A Day Aboard a Pirate Ship
                                                                             (book/cassette package) by Julie Thompson and Brownie Macintosh
                                        40                              (800) 770-9807
Softcover book, 11” x 8½”, 38 full-color illustrations, 32 pages, story and
music cassette, $13.95
                                                                                               Young Readers: ages 4-8
                                                                               1001PT 1001 Pirate Things to Spot $9.99
                  EWonder Eye Wonder: Pirate Hardcover, 120
                                                                               All Pirates (All Aboard Books) written by Dina Anastasio Soft-
                  color illustrations, 13 maps, 8” x 10½”, 48 pages,
                                                                               cover, 8” x 8”, full-color illustrations throughout, 32 pages, $3.95
                                                                               BPQ The Ballad of the Pirate Queens by Jane Yolen Softcover,
                   Knill Pirates edited by Harry Knill This chil-
                                                                               9¾” x 11¼”, full-color illustrations, 32 pages, $7.00
                   dren’s book contains some wonderful source ma-
                                                                                                      Abdul Captain Abdul’s Pirate School by
                   terial that most piratologists will find interesting.
                                                                                                      Colin McNaughton If your dad sent you off
                   Softcover, 8½” x 11”, 44 illustrations, 66 pages,
                   $5.95                                                                              to Captain Abdul’s pirate school, what would
                                                                                                      you do? You might end up having the most fun
                MTH Pirates (Magic Tree House Guide) by Will                                          you’ve ever had! Softcover, 40 pages, 10¼” x
                Osbourne and Mary Pope Osbourne How did                                               10¼”, $6.99
                people become pirates? Where did pirates bury their                                   AbdulLT Captain Abdul’s Little Treasure
                treasure? Dig up the answers to these questions and                                   by Colin McNaughton Hardcover, 10¾” x
                more in this Magic Tree House Research Guide. It               10½”, 25 illustrations, 41 pages, 29-minute story cd, $14.99
                includes information on pirate flags, pirate treasure,
                real-life pirates, walking the plank, and much more!           Clarke Pirates by Clarke $4.95
                Softcover, 5” x 7½”, 67 illustrations, 1 map, index, 118       DoraTH Dora the Explorer: Treasure Hunt! Super Color-
                pages, $4.95                                                   ing Book by Golden Books Softcover, full-color illustrations, 7¾” x
                                                                               10¾”, 64 pages, $2.95
PRHS1 Pirates! Raiders of the High Seas by Christopher May-
nard Softcover, 6” x 9”, 67 full-color pictures, 1 map, 48 pages, $3.95
                     Soul Pirate Soul: A Swashbuckling Jour-                                     EIK Everything I Know About Pirates written
                     ney Through the Golden Age of Pirates by                                    and illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld A hilarious
                     Pat Croce Inside this deluxe interactive adven-                             encyclopedia of piratedom. Thoroughly researched
                     ture you’ll find engaging authoritative text on all                         using educated guesses and made-up facts. Softcov-
                                                                                                 er, 8½” x 11”, 51 illustrations, 32 pages, $6.95
                     facets of pirate life and history, complemented by
                     fantastic full-color art and over 30 fun and fasci-
                     nating three-dimensional features. This one-of-a-
                                                                               HowTo How to Be a Pirate by John Malam Published by National
                     kind book-plus includes a working period com-
                                                                               Geographic. Hardcover, 8” x 11”, 32 pages, $14.95
pass, a replica authentic jolly roger, a fold-out treasure map, pieces
                                                                               Lazy Lazytown Pirates $3.95
of eight, period playing cards, a flask of “gunpowder,” a cat-o’-nine-
                                                                               NitePir The Night Pirates $16.95
tails, Henry Every’s 1696 Wanted poster, and much more! Hardcover,
                                                                               PirHand Pirate’s Handbook $12.95
100 full-color illustrations and photographs, 30 interactive 3-D fea-
                                                                               PPN Pirates Past Noon (Magic Tree House Series) by Mary
tures, $29.95
                                                                               Pope Osbourne Softcover, 5” x 7½”, 12 illustrations, 67 pages, $3.95
TSP True Stories of Pirates by Lucy Lethbridge Paperback, 14                   PS3 Pirate School (All Aboard Reading) by Cathy and Mark
illustrations, 13 maps, 5” x 7¾”, 144 pages, $4.95
                                                                               Dubowski Softcover, 6” x 9”, 43 full-color pictures, 48 pages, $3.95
                                                                               PTmice Pirate Treasure $15.95
                                                                               SOP Stories of Pirates by Russell Punter Softcover, 46 full-color
               Beginning Readers: ages 1-3                                     illustrations, 5⅛” x 7¾”, 48 pages. $5.95
                                                                               SOPkk Stories of Pirates Kid Kits Includes Stories of Pirates
HIBP How I Became a Pirate written by Melinda Long Hard-
cover, 8¾” x 11¼”, 25 color illustrations (most are large double-page          book, pirate bandanna, spyglass, pirate flag, black eyepatch, clip-on
pictures), 36 pages, $15.95                                                    gold-earring, compass, and five golden coins. Includes ideas for mak-
Jolly Jolly Roger and the Pirates of Captain Abdul by Co-                      ing such things as treasure maps. Softcover, 46 full-color illustrations,
lin McNaughton Softcover, 10¼” x 10¼”, 45 color illustrations, 46              5⅛” x 7¾”, 48 pages. $15.95
pages, $6.95                                                                               SOPcd Stories of Pirates Book & CD Pack
                        Pete Pirate Pete by Kim Kennedy With                               Combines exciting stories with easy reading text. Now
                        map in hand, Pete and his parrot hit the high                      the stories are brought to life with lively music, dramatic
                        seas destined for the “X” that marks the spot.                     sound effects, and superbly characterized readings.
                                                                                           Paperback, 5” x 7¾”, 48 pages, full-color illustrations, 28
                        This whimsical book, brought to life through
                                                                                           min. CD with two readings of the story—one read-along
                        vibrant oil paintings, will have both children
                                                                                           and one listen-along, $9.95
                        and adults giggling as they follow Pete and
                        crew on their adventures. Hardcover, 10½” x
                        10”, 27 full-color illustrations, 34 pages, $15.95
PirCom      Pirates Coming Through! by Rozanne Lanczak
Williams                                                                                   Advanced Readers: ages 9-12
Softcover, full-color illustrations throughout, 9” x 6¼”, 16 pages, $2.95      BBP The Big Book of Pirates by Chuck Tessaro Hardcover,
SOS Sheep on a Ship by Nancy Shaw Softcover, 8” x 8”, full-color               13¼” x 10”, 2 maps, 32 illustrations, 56 pages, $9.98
                                                                               CP Caribbean Pirates $4.95
illustrations throughout, 32 pages, $4.95
                                                                               MadLib Pirates Mad Libs $3.95
SSP Sticker Stories: Pirates! $4.95
                                                                               MCB Mutiny at Crossbones Bay (Puzzle Adventures) $4.95
                                                                               PCurse The Wave Walkers: Pirate Curse $15.95
                                      41                              (800) 770-9807
                     BBKing Blackbeard the Pirate King by J.
                     Patrick Lewis This dramatically illustrated book
                                                                              Some of Our Bestselling Items
                     combines history, adventure, geography, and poetry
                     in a treasure trove of rhymes about Blackbeard
                     and his bloodthirsty seadogs. While the author’s
                     swashbuckling verse celebrates Blackbeard’s
                     mystique, his extensive historical note recovers the
facts of Edward Teach’s life from time-encrusted layers of legend.
Blackbeard’s seaborne reign of terror also roars to life in carefully
selected historical prints, dating back to the earliest known images of
him. Hardcover, 9¼” x 11¼”, 19 illustrations, 32 pages, $16.95
                        Pedia Piratepedia by Alan Hecker and
                        Alisha Niehaus Designed as a hip time-travel
                        journal into the pirate past, this compendium
                        of the sea scoundrel’s world includes all the de-
                                                                                                  C4 Treasure Coins
                        tail of classic DK reference as well as excerpts
                                                                                                      See Page 7
                        from favorite piratical fiction. Hardcover, 125
                       pages, 9” x 8”, $12.95
                    Pology Pirateology This book purports to
                    be the journal of pirate hunter Captain William
                    Lubber from 1723, telling of his around-the-world
                    voyage on the trail of the “verminous female pirate”
                    Arabella Drummond. Features foil-embellished
                    and jewel-encrusted cover, envelope containing
                    Lubber’s letter of marque, a piece of an aged
                    treasure map (find the missing piece!), foldout                                                JewlRC Rough-cut
                                                                                  JewlB Treasure Jewels              Treasure Jewels
      Pology        map showing Lubber’s route and the locations of                    See Page 7
pirates around the globe, instructions and string for practicing sailor’s                                               See Page 8
knots, a packet of gold dust, ransom note, and more. Hardcover, 32
pages, 12” x 10”, illustrations throughout, $19.95
                         OlogyGM Pirateology: Guidebook &
                         Model Set This companion to Pirateology is
                         a guide to the goings-on aboard a pirate vessel
                         and comes with an exciting scale model of a
                         pirate ship to assemble. Addresses how pirates
                         capture a ship, what sort of ships they favor,
                         and how they entertain themselves. Presents a
                                                                            CTC Clear Treasure Chest Com Toy Compass
     OlogyGM             true taste of life aboard a pirate vessel. Hard-
                    cover, 24 pages, illustrated throughout, $17.95
                                                                                  See Page 10             See Page 28        PHp Pirate
PirMatt Pirates by John Matthews $19.95                                                                                       Party Hat
PJB Pirate Jigsaw Book $14.95                                                                                                See Page 13
Sbobyo Spongebob Squarepants: Yo-Ho-Ha-Ha-Ha $3.95
Sead Seadogs $17.95
SPC Secrets of the Pirate Captain (book & list) $19.99
TIbcd Treasure Island Book & CD Pack by Robert Louis
Stevenson Paperback, 5” x 7¾”, 64 pages, full-color illustrations, 50
min. CD with two readings of the story–one read-along and one listen-
along, $11.95
VampDO Vampirates: Demons of the Ocean $15.95                         PTCdb Plastic Treasure Chest
                                                                                    See Page 10
                                                                                                            fRB Red Bandanna Jolly Roger
            Young Adults: ages 12 and up                                                                              See Page 16
                Barry Peter and the Starcatchers by Dave
                Barry and Ridley Pearson Hardcover, 8” x 6½”, 464
                pages, $17.99
                PPass Pirate’s Passage by William Gilkerson

                                                                                 C1 Treasure Coins            cC Chocolate Treasure Coins
                                                                                     See Page 7                         See Page 36
                                        42                        (800) 770-9807
                                               Mermaid Items
               butBBM Baby Blue Mermaid Button $1.25            dolSLHp Sparkle Long-Hair Mermaid (pink) $9.95
               butGM Green Mermaid Button $1.39                                     DLMVel     Disney’s Little Mermaid Vel-
               butLavM Lavender Mermaid Button $1.39                                vet Doodles $5.98
               butMS Moon Secrets Button $1.39                                      DLMVTB Disney’s Little Mermaid Vel-
               butTM Turquoise Mermaid Button $1.39                                 vet Doodle Treasure Box $11.99
               patAri Ariel Patch $4.79                                             DLMVVP Disney’s Little Mermaid Vel-
               patBBM Baby Blue Mermaid Patch $4.49                                 vet Value Pack $12.98
     butMS     patGM Green Mermaid Patch $5.95                                      LBMT       Little Box of Mermaid Trea-
patLavM Lavender Mermaid Patch $4.49                                                sures $20.95
             patSS Sea Sprite Patch $4.79                              LBMT         lmSAB      Little Mer-
             krA    Ariel Pewter Key Ring $6.29                 maid Sticker Activity Book $1.50
             krAP Ariel with Pearl Pewter Key Ring $6.95        MFTH      Mermaid & Friends Treasure
             krBBM Baby Blue Mermaid Key Ring $3.49             Hunt $3.95
             krDLM Disney’s Little Mermaid Key Ring             MSPD Mermaid Sticker Paper Doll $1.49
                $3.89                                           MTCP Mermaid Trio Coloring Pictures $12.00
              krGM Green Mermaid Key Ring $5.95                 MTMD      Mermaid Things to Make & Do
              krSeaS Sea Sprite Key Ring $3.49                  Kid Kit $15.95                                    MTMD
     krGM     krTM Turquoise Mermaid Key Ring $3.49             dolSSbp Sea Sisters (blue and purple) $4.59
          cosAcm Ariel Standard Costume (girl 7-8) $26.95       dolSSgp Sea Sisters (green and pink) $4.59
          cosAcs Ariel Standard Costume (girl 4-6X) $26.95      dolSSpb Sea Sisters (pink and blue) $4.59
          cosADcm Ariel Deluxe Costume (girl 7-8) $35.95        dolSSpg Sea Sisters (purple and green) $4.59
          cosADcs Ariel Deluxe Costume (girl 4-6X) $35.95       FKMg      Fairykins Mermaid - Goldie $7.95
          cosAPcl Ariel Prestige Costume (child 10-12)          FKMsan Fairykins Mermaid - Sandie $7.95
                                                                FKMshe Fairykins Mermaid - Shellie $7.95
        cosAPcm Ariel Prestige Costume (child 7-8) $59.95       MBFpk     Mermaid Bath Family (pink) $6.95
        cosAPcs Ariel Prestige Costume (child 4-6) $59.95       MBFpur Mermaid Bath Family (purple) $6.95
cosADcm cosAto Ariel Standard Costume (toddler 3T-4T)
                                                                psFM      Fairy Mermaid Play Set $8.95
                                                                psFMcr Fairy Mermaid Mini Play Set - Coral Reef $3.49
cosEMm     Elina Mermaidia Costume (medium, 5-7) $29.95         psFMec Fairy Mermaid Mini Play Set - Enchanted Castle $3.49
cosEMs     Elina Mermaidia Costume (small, 4-6) $29.95          psFMsb Fairy Mermaid Mini Play Set - Sail Boat $3.49
shoeA      Ariel Shoes $11.95                                   psFMss Fairy Mermaid Mini Play Set - Sea Shell $3.49
shoeAD     Ariel Deluxe Jelly Shoes $18.95                                          SwimM      Swimming Mermaid $11.95
               tiaraA   Ariel Tiara $10.95
                                                                                    barbSP Barbie Mermaidia Shell Pail $7.95
               tiaraAD Ariel Deluxe Tiara $12.95
                                                                                    dolBP Bathtub Princess Color-Chang-
               tiaraGS Green Shell Mermaid Tiara $10.95
                                                                                    ing Mermaid $11.95
               topSSa Soft Seashell Top (adult) $1.29
                                                                                    dolBTb Bath Time Mermaid (blue) $3.29
               topSSap Sea Shell Top (adult, plastic) $4.69
                                                                                    dolBTg Bath Time Mermaid (green) $3.29
               topSSc Soft Seashell Top (child) $1.29                   SCP         dolBTpk Bath Time Mermaid (pink) $3.29
               wandA    Ariel Wand $6.95
                                                                          dolBTpr Bath Time Mermaid (purple) $3.29
               wandAD Ariel Deluxe Wand $10.95
   tiaraGS                                                                SCP Sea Creature Pack (36 per package) $11.95
               wigA     Ariel Wig $16.95
                                                                          towelMD Mermaid & Dolphin Beach Towel (30” x
wigBMe Barbie Mermadia Elina Wig $16.95                                   60”) $17.00
BMFlit     Barbie Mermaidia Flitter Velvet Doodles $4.95                  mirrorM       Mermaid Hand Mirror $18.95
dlmCGS Disney’s Little Mermaid 3 in 1 Card Game Set $11.95                ATT Ariel Tabletop Standup $8.99
dlmCT      Curl & Twirl Book and Hairstyling Set $9.95                    boxCMJ Circle Mermaid
dlmCTT Disney’s Little Mermaid Checkers & Tic Tac Toe $11.95              and Jewel Box $24.95
DLMDB Disney’s Little Mermaid Doodle Bag $5.95                   towelMD boxMT          Mermaid’s
dlmDom Disney’s Little Mermaid Dominoes $11.95                  Treasure Box $37.95
DLMFlit Disney’s Little Mermaid Flitter Velvet Doodles $4.95    boxPM     Pearl Mermaid Box $37.95
dlmUSG Disney’s Little Mermaid 4 in 1 Under the Sea             boxWM Wishing Mermaid Box $37.95
Games $22.95                                                    bedMCSt Mermaids Comforter &
kiteMD Mermaid Delta Kite $22.95                                Sheet Set (twin) $129.95
kiteMS Mermaid Superflyer Kite $17.95                            coMW      Mermaids Wallpaper Cut-             mirrorM
BabyMb Baby Mermaid (blue) $2.49                                outs $16.95
BabyMg Baby Mermaid (green) $2.49                               MGC       Mermaid Growth Chart $17.95
BabyMp Baby Mermaid (pink) $2.49                                MKS       Mermaid Knob Set (4 per package) $19.95
dolMM      My Mermaid Doll $1.29
dolMPS Mermaid Princess Doll Set $6.95                                        Gift certificates are available.
dolSLHb Sparkle Long-Hair Mermaid (blue) $9.95                              Please call for more information.
dolSLHg Sparkle Long-Hair Mermaid (gold) $9.95 kiteMD                        43                         (800) 770-9807
             lampMMb Mermaid Moon Lamp (bronze colored)                             lboxBM Blond Mermaid Long Box $23.95
             $39.95                                                                 lboxRM Redhead Mermaid Long Box $23.95
             lampMMS Mermaid Magic Spinner Lamp $26.95                              lightSS Sea Shells Light Set $7.95
             lampMMi Mermaid Moon Lamp (ivory colored)                              magBA Breaking Away Mermaid Magnet $4.95
             $39.95                                                                 magBBMBaby Blue Mermaid Magnet $4.49
               wallHMl Hand-Carved Mermaid Wall Decora-                             magGM Green Mermaid
               tion (facing left) $25.95                                            Magnet $4.49
               wallHMr Hand-Carved                                                  magSM Secrets Mermaid
  lampMMb Mermaid Wall Decoration                                      lboxRM       Magnet $4.95
(facing right) $25.95                             wallHMl          magSS Sea Sprite Magnet $4.95                       lightSS
windM      Mermaid Windform $26.95                                 magTM Turquoise Mermaid Magnet $4.49
windWM Mermaid Windwheel $24.95                                    magWFT        Waiting for the Tide Magnet $4.95
              canRSS Real Scallop Shell                            mugARMW Ariel Ready to Make Waves Mug $14.95
              Candle $2.69                                         GMOP Mother of Pearl Gummies (60 per package) $16.95
              canScal Scallop Candles (4                           StarD         Starfish Decoration $0.99
              per package) $2.29                                                     calMTD Mermaid To-Do Calendar $12.95
              canSNS Sea Nymph with                                                  cardME Mermaid Embellished Note Cards (8
              Shell Candle Holder $41.95                                             per package) $7.95
              canSRS      Spotted Real Shell                                         CMN Chagall Mermaid Notebook $1.89
              Candle $3.95                                                           MSKtbss Mermaid Secret
              chimeMF Mermaid with Flute           canSRS                            Keeper Treasure Box Station-
              Windchime $14.95                                                       ary Set $17.45
              chimeMH Mermaid with Harp Windchime $14.95                             padMD Mermaid Desk Pad $6.95
chimeMT Mermaid with Tamborine Windchime $14.95                        cardME        padMGP Mermaid Shopping
framMSL Mermaid and Sea Life Picture                               List Gift Pack $6.95
Frame $6.95                                                        padMSL Mermaid Shopping List Pad $5.49
ibMS Mermaid and Shell Incense                                     cardMMb Mermaid Magical Birthday Card w/
Burner $13.95                                                      Stickers $3.95                                         postSS
incSS Sea Sprite Incense $3.79                      ibMS           postSS Sea Sprite Postcard $0.99
                wdAriel Ariel Wall Decoration Stickers (2 per      pendGM Gabriella Mermaid Pendant
                package) $5.95                                     (small, tarnish-resistant silver) $89.95
                crownIP Inflatable Persephone Crowns (12            pendGMl Gabriella Mermaid Pendant
                per package) $12.95                                (large, tarnish-resistant silver) $119.95
                MArt Six Mermaid in Art Cards $1.69                pendMM Madison Mermaid Combing
                pAF     Ariel & Friends Poster (16” x20”) $4.95    Her Hair Pendant (small, tarnish-resistant
                pBM Barbie Mermaidia Poster $7.89                  silver) $89.95                                     pendGM
     MArt       pJSOM Jewel of the Sea Mermaid Poster $8.95        pendMMl Madison Mermaid Combing
                                                                   Her Hair Pendant (large, tarnish-resistant silver) $119.95
                       pMD     Mermaid Dreams Poster (23” x
                                                                                          pendMCg Gold-Plated Pewter Mermaid
                       35”) $8.95
                                                                                          in Circle Pendant $2.59
                       pPA     Princess Ariel Poster $9.89
                                                                                          pendMCp Pewter Mermaid in Circle
                       pPOW Princess of the Waves Poster $7.89
                                                                                          Pendant $2.24
                       signEM Enchanted Mermaid Inn Sign
                                                                                          pendMDg Gold-Plated Pewter Mermaid
                       signMW Mermaids Welcome Sign $9.95                                 on Dolphin Pendant $3.49
      signEM                                                             pendMM           pendMDp Pewter Mermaid on Dolphin
               dlmARp Ariel Rising Poster $16.95                   Pendant $2.89
               ClockA Ariel Special Edition Pen Holder &           pendSMg Gold-Plated Pewter Swinging Mermaid Pendant
               Clock $24.95                                        $2.95
               ClockM Mermaids Clock $22.95                        pendSMp Pewter Swinging Mermaid Pendant $2.89
               figGM3l Glitter Mermaid Figurine (3¼”, laven-                  charmMg Pewter Mermaid Charm (gold) $2.29
               der) $3.29                                                    charmMs Pewter Mermaid Charm (silver) $2.29
               figGM3p Glitter Mermaid Figurine (3¼”, pink)                   charmMm Sterling Silver Mini Mermaid Charm
               $3.29                                                           $2.39
  dlmARp       figGM5a Glitter Mermaid with Dol-                                charMST Antiqued Pewter Mermaid w/ Starfish
               phin Figurine (5”, type A) $4.95                                Charm $2.39
figGM5b Glitter Mermaid with Dolphin Figurine                                   charmSM Antiqued Pewter Sitting Mermaid
(5”, type B) $4.95                                                             Charm $2.39
figGM5c Glitter Mermaid with Dolphin Figurine                         charmMs   dlmLB    Disney’s Little Mermaid Light Up
(5”, type C) $4.95                                                 Bracelet $7.29
figGM5d Glitter Mermaid with Dolphin Figurine                       nISLp       Iridescent Sea Life Necklace & Bracelet Set (pas-
(5”, type D) $4.95                                   figGM5b        ter colors) $3.95
                              44                        (800) 770-9807
nISL       Iridescent Sea Life Necklace & Bracelet Set $3.95                           Mermaid Books
braceFE Ariel Flashing Emerald Bracelet $7.95                     RML       Rani in the Mermaid Lagoon $5.95
braceLU Little Mermaid Light Up Bracelet $7.95                                 EmWind Emily Windsnap and the Monster
dlmRSB Disney’s Little Mermaid Reusable Sticker Book $6.95                     from the Deep $15.95
                    LMS Little Mermaid Stickers $1.49                          MMA        Mermaids Most Amazing $15.95
                    stkrBBM Baby Blue Mermaid Sticker $3.29                    TEW        The Tail of Emily Windsnap $5.95
                    stkrGM Green Mermaid Sticker $3.29                         barbJM Barbie’s Journey to Mermadia Col-
                    stkrLavM Lavender Mermaid Sticker $3.29                    oring Book & Stickers $3.95
                    stkrMS Moon Secrets Sticker $3.29                          barbMS Barbie’s Mermadia Storybook $4.95
      stkrLav       stkrSS Sea Sprite Sticker $3.29                            dlmAA      Adorable Ariel $3.95
tatM       Mermaid Tattoos $1.50                                    EmWind dlmATH Ariel’s Treasure Hunt Storybook &
cakeDLM Disney’s Little Mermaid Cake Pan $14.95                   Playset $15.95
canDLM Disney’s Little Mermaid Candle $4.45                       dlmWT     A Whale of a Time $3.25
topDLM Disney’s Little Mermaid Party Toppers $4.55                lmFCSB The Little Mermaid (Full-Color Sturdy Book) $1.49
iceDLM Disney’s Little Mermaid Icing Decorations $3.25            LRLM Listen & Read The Little Mermaid (cassette/book) $7.95
colDLM Disney’s Little Mermaid Icing Color Set $5.45              Touchy    Sparkly Touchy-Feely Mermaids $15.95
bakcDLM Disney’s Little Mermaid Baking Cups (50 per pack-         dlmLFS Love at First Sight (coloring book) $3.99
age) $1.95                                                        LMJSS The Littlest Mermaid (Jewel Sticker Stories) $4.95
bpDLMgb Disney’s Little Mermaid Gift Bags (16 per package)        MGCB      Mermaids Giant Coloring Book $6.00
$2.75                                                             MW        Mermaid World Glow Sticker Stories $4.95
                                                                                   UKGCB Undersea Kingdom Giant Coloring
                 balAS Ariel Super Shape                                           Book $6.00
                 Balloon $8.95                                                     AWC Ariel’s Wavy Curls $7.95
                 balAU Ariel Underwater                                            BarbM Barbie’s Mermadia $4.99
                 Jumbo Insider Balloon                                             dlmAS Ariel’s Secret $4.95
                 $14.95                                                            dlmCB Disney’s The Little Mermaid Color-
    balAU                                                                          ing Book $2.95
                     balDA       Dancing         balHKss
                                                                                   dlmLGB Disney’s The Little Mermaid (Little
                     Ariel Mylar Balloon $3.89                                     Golden Book) $2.99
                     balHKss Mermaid Hello Kitty Super            dlmMBB Make-Believe Bride $3.99
                     Shape Balloon $6.95                          dlmMMC A Merry Mermaid Christmas $3.99
                     balLMb Little Mermaid Happy Birthday         dlmPB     Disney’s Little Mermaid (Pictureback Book) $3.99
                     Balloon $4.49                                dlmRABB Disney’s The Little Mermaid (Read-Aloud Board
                     balUM       Undersea Mermaid Jumbo           Book) $4.99
                     Insider Balloon $13.49                       dlmRAS Disney’s Little Mermaid (Read-Aloud Storybook) $8.95
                     bowlGCS Giant Clam Shell Bowl $9.95          dlmSK     Sealed with a Kiss $3.95
                     dishDb Colored Shell Dip Dish (blue)                        MBFA My Best Friend is Ariel $4.95
                     $2.39                                                       lmCB Little Mermaid Color-
                     dishDpk Colored Shell Dip Dish (pink)                       ing Book $3.95
                     $2.39                                                       LMlh     The Little Mermaid
      dishGE        dishDpr Colored                                              (large hardcover) $15.95
Shell Dip Dish (purple) $2.39                                                    lmLS The Little Mermaid / La
dishGE Gold-Edged Scallop Shell Dish                                             Sirenita $6.95
$3.95                                                                  LMlh      lmMarks The Little Mermaid
shelBAS Basket of Assorted Shells                                 (Alan Marks edition) $8.95
$15.95                                          shelBAS           lmSGCB Little Mermaid Stained Glass Col-         lmSGCB
shelBSS Basket of Scallop Shells $6.95                            oring Book $0.99
                    dishPS      Plastic Seashell Dish $2.95       LMSS Little Mermaid Sticker Storybook $0.99
                    inD24b Inflatable Dolphin (24”, blue) $0.99    SparkM Sparkly Mermaid $5.95
                    inD24p Inflatable Dolphin (24”, pink) $0.99    SSLM      Strawberry Shortcake - The Little Mermaid $6.95
                    inTF27g     Inflatable Tropi-
                    cal Fish (27”, green stripe)
      inTF27y       $1.99                                          Please note that the product descriptions and prices are subject to
                    inTF27m Inflatable Tropi-                       change and our selection is always growing. Check our website for
cal Fish (27”, magenta stripe) $1.99                               the most current information.
inTF27y Inflatable Tropical Fish (27”, yellow
stripe) $1.99                                                      
MCBP       Mermaid Gourmet Chocolate Beach
Pebbles $5.95                                       MCSS
MCSS Mermaid Gourmet Chocolate Sea Shells $5.95

                         45                            (800) 770-9807
                                          4 Easy Ways to Order
 Order by Phone: 800-770-9807 or 805-927-4151        Order Online: 
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    Shipping varies per weight of each item. Call or email us. Tell us which items you want
      and we’ll calculate the shipping for you. All domestic orders are shipped by priority        California sales tax
      mail or UPS. We normally ship within 48 hours of receiving an order.
    California residents please add 7.25% sales tax.

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                                        Dead Men Tell No Tales

                                                         P.O. Box 1708
                                         Cambria Pines by the Sea, California 93428-1708
                                        Phone and fax: (800) 770-9807 or (805) 927-4151
                                46                             (800) 770-9807
                                                   Poster designs may vary slightly from images.

        Voodoo Poster                                                                                       Dead Man’s Chest Poster
  POC2Vp (27” x 39”) $16.95                                                                                 pDMC (27” x 39”) $16.95
 pPC2V24 (24” x 35½”) $8.95                                                                                pDMC24 (24” x 35½”) $8.95
                                                  Jack & Will Treasure Map Poster $8.95

            pJSwms                                                             Will Turner Sunset Poster             pJDjss2
         Jack Sparrow                             pPJS                                                              Jack Sparrow
                                                                               pWTS (27” x 39”) $16.95
     Where’s My Ship Poster            Pirate Jack Sparrow Poster                                                  Savvy 2 Poster
            $16.95                               $16.95                                                         (27” x 39”) $16.95

       pJSS                             cCAGes                                                             Search for Dead Man’s Chest
                                   Elizabeth Swann                                  dicePOC                Storybook & Spyglass $24.95
Jack Sparrow Sunset
   Poster $16.95                   Cursed Necklace                           Pirates Dice $22.95

                                        4 Easy Ways to Order
Order by Phone: 800-770-9807 or 805-927-4151         Order Online: 
Order by Fax: 800-770-9807 or 805 927-4151           Order by Mail: just rip out form, stuff in envelope and shove in mailbox                                    47                           (800) 770-9807
            Davy Jones’s                                                                                ArtPOC
            Key $14.99                                       JSPB
                                              Jack Sparrow’s Pistol & Belt $22.95         The Art of Pirates of the Caribbean

     Jack Sparrow’s Electronic
           Sword $33.95
                                                           Monoply                                       FDDD
                                        Pirates of the Caribbean Monopoly $39.95             Flying Dutchman Deck Duel

                  JSPG                                  Flying Dutchman
Jack Sparrow’s Pirate Gear Role Play $34.95             Smoking Cannon                              shipBP
                                                             $32.95                 Ultimate Black Pearl Pirate Ship $119.95
           D e a d M e n Te l l N o Ta l e s . c o m
                         P.O. Box 1708
            Cambria Pines by the Sea, CA 93428-1708

                           48                         (800) 770-9807

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