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					When a Brand’s a Place

   or a place is a brand?

         The brand
• An emirate on the Arabian Gulf that started out as a
  small trading post
• Now a modern city that aims to be in the same league as
  NY, London and Paris
• Fastest growing economy in the world (17% in 2004;
  double that of China)
• 80% of population are expatriates, only 20% are
• Tax-free haven
• Home to every multinational corporation on the planet
• Cultural makeup is very diverse: Arab, English, Russian,
  Iranian, Filipino, Indian, Australian, Kiwis, American,
  French, etc.
             Brand Personality
• Ostentatious

 Man-made Palm Island   Tallest bldg in world   Tallest hotel in world
                                                Only 7 star hotel in world
        Brand Personality
• Slow down? Who?! Me?!

        1990                          2003

               Main street in Dubai
These first few charts are
great, they tell me just what I
need to know about the
brand, could maybe be a little
less, but basically fine.
                                  Brand Promise
   • No compromises on your life

                                        Upward mobility              High-class living
     Stable economy
                                   Cheap fuel
                                                             High salary

              Tax-free                     International cuisine             Beaches

    Low interest rates             Relatively cheap real estate properties
                                                                              Warm weather
                                    Did I mention TAX-FREE?
           Target Audience
• For the sake of this project, I’ll focus on
  just one of the many archetypes you would
  typically find in Dubai:

   The live-hard-die-young-I-own-a-Porsche-and-
Current Relationship with Dubai
• Dubai makes it possible for me to live out
  the lifestyle I always dreamt of living…
Current Relationship with Dubai
• …but couldn’t in my home country

  – My country has a per capita income of just
    $100 per month
  – My country is war-ridden
  – A studio apartment back home costs more
    than I would make in 2 life-times
  – It’s usually below -10C on a good day back
   Ways to develop relationship
• The ingredients of any strong, healthy relationship:

Know what really drives your partner:
   – Dubai government to conduct research into needs and
     motivations of current population (especially the TA specified in
     this presentation)

   – Based on research findings, come up with proposals that further
     enhance the brand relationship e.g. research could tell us that
     our TA miss certain aspects of their home country. Proposal:
     bring that part of their home country experience to Dubai
This is good. Putting

    Some examples that have already
examples of something that
already works is smart.

              taken off

                                               Irish themed pub with live music
Middle East’s first and only indoor ski dome   and lots of Guinness
   Ways to develop relationship
• A solid relationship
  requires a healthy dose of
  love and lust.

   – Dubai is doing a good job on
     this front – what with sexy
     new real estate
     developments (tallest
     building, underwater hotel),
     A1 racing (Formula 1 but with
     a twist), gold plated hotel
     bathrooms, sexy nightclubs,
     affordable convertibles
   Ways to develop relationship
• Dubai needs some more work here.
  People live here, but they don’t
  necessarily LOVE living here.

   – First step: find out ‘where is the love’?
     (qual research)

   – Second step: Inject the love
       • Recommendations: more cultural
         outlets (such as the Dubai Film Festival
         – already a world-class venue), more
         community building activities (such as
         Dubai World Cup horse race)
       • Remembering all the time that our TA
         loves to be seen out and about.
Propose marriage
  – Currently expats remain expats
    forever. You can never become a
    citizen of Dubai even if you wanted
    to. There are extenuating
    circumstances for a few (those who
    have lived in the country for 20+ yrs
    and are incapable of returning

  – For the brand ‘Dubai’ to be fully
    embraced by its TA, it must be
    totally owned by them
• Reco: immigration with the
  possibility of becoming a full citizen

Because what better way to own
‘Dubai’ than to be able
to proudly say:

                ‘I live in Dubai.          Dubai
               I work in Dubai.
               I party in Dubai
              I am a Dubaiyan’
There are smart strategies in
here. It’s better about Dubai
than it is about the audience.
You’ve not given me anything
very deep about them,
nothing beneath the surface
of the cliché. I’m sure what
you’re saying is right but
you’ve not brought the
people to life for me, you’ve
not made me understand
them or care about them.

                                 Thank you!

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