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					                                                                                                                                                 Dec. 4,
                        Norwich University                        Northfield, Vermont                           Vol. 91 No. 5

Students complain about dirty dorm
By Joshua Flanders
Norwich Guidon Staff Writer
   Dirty bathrooms, water leaks, mold, bugs
and piles of trash are just some of the problems                                                                                       “If you had a video
chronically plaguing Crawford Hall, one of                                                                                       camera right now I would
three civilian dorms at Norwich.
   Residents report many issues with cleanliness                                                                                  show you the bugs in the
and safety.                                                                                                                                     shower.”
   Chris Bean, 20, a junior criminal justice major
from Keene, N.H., said he has been a resident of                                                                                                 Chris Bean
Crawford Hall for two and a half years. “There
is lots of dirt that never gets cleaned up under
heaters in the bathrooms. There is mold in the
vents in the bathrooms.”                                                                                                     because the safety guards are breaking or fall-
   “If you had a video camera right now I would                                                                              ing off. I personally have slipped down them
show you the bugs in the shower, they are still                                                                              and my boss last year got a concussion trying
there,” Bean said.                                                                                                           to shovel them,” Downs said.
   Andy Holtz, 22, a senior criminal justice ma-                                                                                Rick Meehan, 21, a junior accounting major
jor from Florida who is going on his fourth year                                                                              from Pennsylvania, said his biggest concern
in Crawford, said, “The bathrooms are a little                                                                                is the stairs on the entrance bridge because of
unsanitary at times.”                                                                                                         how slippery they get, along with the water
   Mallory Downs, 20, a junior computer engi-                                                                                 leaks on the fourth floor near lighting fix-
neering major from Dayton, Ohio, is the resident                                                                              tures.
coordinator of Crawford Hall and has resided                                                                                     LaSpina said her biggest concern about
there since she was a freshman.                                                                                               safety is “the door in Milano doesn’t lock all
   “After my freshman year there have been is-                                                                                the time so anyone can break in easy there.”
sues with the bathrooms, hallways and stair-                                                                                     Mostly everyone agreed that Crawford is
wells,” she said.                                                                                                             generally a good place to live other than the
   Danielle LaSpina, 19, a sophomore sports                                                                                   cleanliness and safety issues. But many are
medicine major from Reading, Mass., is going                                                                                  troubled by the lack of attention.
on her second year as a resident of Crawford                                                                                     “The bathrooms need to be cleaned espe-
Hall.                                                                                                                         cially the showers, they never get cleaned and
   “There is always dust in the hallways which                                                                                the toilets never get cleaned and possibly mop
is not good for cold season. The heat sometimes                                                                               and wax the floors,” Bean said.
doesn’t work, and they don’t clean the show-                                                                                     “I would like to see the floors moped, espe-
ers which is kind of a health concern,” LaSpina                                                                               cially in the rest rooms,” Downs said.
said.                                                                                                                            “Cleaning the bathrooms and maybe empty
   Brittane Michaud, 19, a sophomore business          A frequent occurence in Crawford Hall, trash is left for               the trash out, too.” Holtz said.
management major from Lewiston, Maine, is days before it is taken out by building custodians. (Flan-                             “I think they could clean the bathrooms
also going on her second year in Crawford. She ders Photo)                                                                    more and keep things cleaner,” Michaud
described the showers as “disgusting” and she                                                                                 said.
doesn’t like the mold turning the shower curtains                                                                                Downs said that while there are problems,
                                                                “The catwalk on the entrance of Crawford is get-
orange.                                                                                                              “I have met with facilities operations on numerous oc-
                                                            ting icy, and the staircase is half gone already,” Mi-
   Bizhan Yahyazaden, director of facilities at Nor- chaud said.                                                     casions and they are working to fix this problem.”
wich, said, “Cleaning and serving the student in gen-                                                                  These long-term residents of Crawford say these
                                                               Other students concur.
eral are the most important issues to me and the facili-                                                             problems are ongoing.
                                                               “On the fourth floor the last rain storm we had there
ties staff.” He added, “The student is our number one was a huge leak. Also on the stairs on the bridge it is          They all want to see the dorm cleaned every day
customer.”                                                                                                           for personal preference and for the health and safety
                                                            very slippery,” Bean said.
   Bizhan noted that this is the first he has heard of the                                                           precautions that go along with them.
                                                               “I worry a lot about getting in and out of the build-
issue and he has plans on researching it further.                                                                      “Bathrooms need to be cleaned every day, trash
                                                            ing via the bridge,” Downs said.
   Students also cites safety concerns about the dorm.         “It has a tendency to not get shoveled regularly and See DIRTY DORMS pg 7
2                                                                   CommeNtary                                                                 the Norwich Guidon
                                                                                                                                               Dec. 4, 2008
                                                                                                                                               managing editor: mark Steenburn

               Asa rwet ssee it was taking to combat
                P   e n   university                                           utility was rationed—the amount
               and        students     this crisis.                            of water used for showers—there
                                                                                                                              A series of racial incidents have occurred across the
               at         Norwich         The editorial staff here at          are other utilities that could
                                                                                                                           country since our national election. This trend is dis-
University recently received a         the Guidon would like to offer          be better utilized, such as the
                                                                               electricity used in buildings.              turbing for many reasons.
letter from University President       some suggestions that could be
                                                                                  There are several buildings on              We have come so far as a nation, with the civil rights
Richard B. Schneider about             implemented here on campus to
                                                                               campus that can be seen to be               movement of the 1960s, and the creation of laws to
the financial crisis that is           help cut costs and save money.
being experienced here at the             There are two areas that             illuminated on a near-constant              fight discrimination based on gender, religion and
university.                            immediately spring to mind              basis, not always during times,             race. Now we have elected the first African-American
   While it focused on the             when someone starts to consider         or conditions, when it is strictly          president in our history. Regardless of your political
actions parents could take to          standard household money-               necessary.                                  party, this is a time
ensure that their student could        saving items: utilities and food.          Two major points are the
                                                                               dormitories during the wee hours
                                                                                                                           to be proud to be an                The
afford to return for the upcoming
spring semester, it also briefly
                                          While our fellow students
                                       would probably crucify us if the        of the morning and the academic
                                                                                                                           American. As a na-
                                                                                                                           tion we have taken           President’s
mentioned the actions that the         most obvious, and expensive,            See AS WE SEE IT pg 7                       a step which shows
                                                                                                                           we truly believe
                Letters to the editor                                                                                      “all men are created
                                                                                                                              Yet a small percentage of the population exists whose
                     So much for       8” called for defining marriage as      of Prop 8, allowed polygamous
                                                                                                                           actions display ignorance and intolerance that hurts our
                   equal rights in     “between a man and a woman.”            marriages for a long time. Ad-
                   America. This       It passed six months after the Su-      ditionally, arranged marriages
                   month I watched     preme Court’s ruling, after about       are no longer a commonplace in                 One of the most bothersome aspects of this situation
California, Arizona and Florida        18,000 gay couples had married          America. The definition of mar-             is that some racial incidents have occurred on the cam-
join 27 other states in banning        under the May ruling.                   riage has evolved to give rights            puses of colleges and universities around the country.
gay marriage. How can more                Gay marriage can bring fami-         to minorities and to women. Gay             College students should be mature, open-minded and
than half of our states deny gay       lies closer by legally binding          Americans also deserve this right.          above this type of conduct.
and lesbian Americans the funda-       them. Myths about gays produc-          America’s 50 percent divorce rate              Unfortunately, Norwich is not immune to this abhor-
mental right to marry? This does       ing all-gay or less successful chil-    and domestic abuse pose more of             rent behavior. Several alleged racial incidents have
not reflect well upon our coun-        dren have been proven false by          a threat to the institution of mar-         been reported on campus. We have worked hard for the
try’s founding principle of “life,     studies, such as a Chan, Raboy          riage than expanding the defini-            past 189 years to create our reputation. For this to be
liberty and the pursuit of happi-      and Patterson study in 1998:            tion to include same-sex couples            tarnished by the actions of a few is not acceptable.
ness.” What really irks me is that     “Children of gay families are just      in love.
                                                                                                                              A few weeks ago in this column I addressed the issue
Americans wish to intervene in         as cognitively and morally ma-             This country allows freedom
                                                                                                                           of respect. Norwich men and women are expected to
the marital rights of a minority. It   ture, on average, and are other-        of speech, which entitles people
is a civil-rights issue. In my view,   wise as well adjusted as children       to believe what they want about             show respect towards all people, regardless of their ra-
marriage is the legal bond be-         of hetero families.” Over 10 mil-       gays, but does not entitle people           cial, ethnic, or religious background. Members of a mi-
tween two people who love each         lion children in America are be-        to impose their beliefs on gays.            nority group are not outsiders or second-class citizens.
other and wish to remain together      ing raised by same-sex parents          Even if gay marriage goes against           They are no less deserving of rights or acceptance. To
forever.                               and thriving.                           the beliefs of a particular reli-           act or think otherwise is not the Norwich way.
   California’s Supreme Court             Those who are more concerned         gion, nobody is forcing anyone to              Set an example. Treat others how you would like to
ruled 4-3 earlier this year to grant   with the definition of marriage         have one. Americans should stay             be treated - with respect. Live the “Golden Rule.”
marriage licenses to gay couples.      than the happiness of fellow            out of the personal lives of those             I hope that you all had a very happy Thanksgiving
Those who were unwilling to tol-       Americans need to reexamine             who desire one. The government              break with family and friends and are well rested for
erate any lifestyle besides their      their motives. Before Loving vs.        is supposed to protect the rights           the final push of the semester. Keep focused, study hard
“traditional” one claimed that the     Virginia in 1967, interracial mar-      of minorities. Instead, on Nov.
                                                                                                                           and finish up strong. See you in 2009.
institution of marriage needed         riage was illegal in some states.       4, the basic rights of millions of
protection, proposing Proposi-         The Mormon Church, which                Americans were suppressed.
tion 8 in California. This “Prop       ironically was a major backer                                 Sam Spinrad

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December 4, 2008                       The Norwich
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                                                                                                                                      Dec. 4, 2008
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                                                                                                                                      Shameka Fitzpatrick & Ian Kemp

Pegasus Players produce ‘False Servant’
                                                                                                                                                     actresses to become even more
By Paige Westcott
                                                                                                                                                     engulfed by their character role.
Norwich Guidon Staff Writer
                                                                                                                                                     This makes the performance all
   The Pegasus Players recently                                                                                                                      that more entertaining, said the
performed a hilariously clever                                                                                                                       actors.
three-act French farce called                                                                                                                           “We have a better show if the
“The False Servant.” It was                                                                                                                          audience reacts to the lines, the
written in the 18th century by                                                                                                                       positive atmosphere is enhanced
the French playwright Pierre                                                                                                                         if the audience is participating,
Marivaux.                                                                                                                                            understanding and truly enjoy-
   With a modern English trans-                                                                                                                      ing it,” said Katie Diego a 21-
lation, the play presented a very                                                                                                                    year-old senior English major
unique love triangle with a man                                                                                                                      from Northfield, Vt. Diego was
who tried to deceive two women                                                                                                                       one of the lead actresses.
to obtain their money.                                                                                                                                  Professor Helen Caudill was
   “This play and other works by                                                                                                                     the director and the set was de-
Marivaux were like Shakespeare                                                                                                                       signed and built by Dr. Beckwith
for the French,” said William                                                                                                                        and her theater class.
Gelatt a 22-year-old fifth-year                                                                                                                         “The cast, though very small,
senior international studies ma-                                                                                                                     with only six onstage characters,
jor from Romulus, N.Y.                                                                                                                               were great to work with, the
   Gelatt played the humorous                                                                                                                        play was a huge hit,” O’Sullivan
role of the false servant.            Londonderry, N.H. O’Sullivan          in theater call the week before a    better than expected, according
   The play was performed last        had a role in the play while jug-     production.                          the performers. The first night,
                                                                                                                                                        With everyone working as a
month in Dole Auditorium and          gling the responsibilities of as-       “Last Monday, the third of         Friday night, was a fairly good
                                                                                                                                                     team under the pressure to come
the turnout was much better than      sistant director.                     November, we didn’t even think       turnout, but Saturday night was
                                                                                                                                                     together and perform in front of
expected.                                Pegasus Players rehearsed dil-     we would have a show, it all         a full house.
                                                                                                                                                     hundreds of people, it becomes
   “We tried to talk it up and        igently for months. Rehearsals        came together on Tuesday and            The audiences both nights
                                                                                                                                                     a family atmosphere. “We are a
get the word out,” said Patrick       were two to three hours a night,      Wednesday night,” O’Sullivan         were very responsive to the in-
                                                                                                                                                     group of people that basically
O’Sullivan, a 21-year-old se-         four nights a week up until “hell     said.                                nuendoes and humor, which re-
                                                                                                                                                     love theatre, love to act and be
nior political science major from     week,” as actors and actresses          The turnout was significantly      ally encouraged the actors and
                                                                                                                                                     on stage,” Diego said.

ROTC celebrates annual ball
By Brittney Schlauch                  sity the ball symbolizes the Navy
                                      Marine Corps team and how well
                                                                               The Corps of Cadets has two
                                                                            balls every year, the Regimental
                                                                                                                 Ledyard, Conn. “I thought it
                                                                                                                 was an excellent experience and
                                                                                                                                                     shipmen from the Marine Corps
                                                                                                                                                     and Navy side cut the cake then
Norwich Guidon Staff Writer
                                      we work together.”                    ball and Junior Ring ball. Those     just being there in front of Ma-    pass it to the youngest midship-
   Every year the Navy and Ma-           “We have one combined ball         balls have a ceremony but not        jor General Milstead, the guest     men on both sides.
rine Corps ROTC departments           for the naval battalion for all the   like the one the Navy Marine         of honor, was a pretty profound        “The cutting of the cake repre-
have a ball to celebrate both de-     Navy and Marine Corps option          Corps ball has. There are many       experience.”                        sents the oldest generation pass-
partments’ birthdays. This ball       mid-shipmen,” said Hagenlocher.       traditions that happen during the      Other traditions were the Pris-   ing the legacy and tradition to the
gives a chance for the Navy and       “We take one night to celebrate       ceremony.                            oner of War table, Iwo Jima pre-    youngest tradition,” Hagenlocher
Marine Corps to celebrate to-         both services in a fairly unique         There is a presentation of the    sentation, old glory and the Navy   said.
gether and to continue traditions,    and really special service.”          flags, which involved all 50         Marine Corps cake.                     Participants practiced for two
according to the executive officer       This year the ball was held on     states, American flag and the          “All these traditions remind      weeks before the ball, and many
of the naval reserve officer train-   Nov. 1 at Plumley Armory.             service flags. In the beginning of   us why we are in this battalion.    felt the end result was a success.
ing corps battalion.                     “This year we had a great          the ceremony 50 people march in      The dedication of how strong the       “If you forget tradition then
   “Navy Marine Corps ball is         turnout and everything went           holding a state flag.                Navy and Marine Corps depart-       you forget who you are,” said
unique; usually in the fleet there    smoothly, “said Chris Prybella,          “I was a flag bearer and I rep-   ment has come,” said Prochnow,      Elizabeth Cropsey, a 20-year-old
is a separate Navy ball and a         a 21-year-old senior mechanical       resented my state Connecticut.       a 21-year-old junior studies of     junior business management ma-
separate Marine Corps ball,” said     engineering major from Phila-         It was an honor representing my      war and peace from Freehold,        jor from Wethersfield Conn. “It is
CDR Hagenlocher, executive of-        delphia, Pa. “The ball is such a      state and America,” said Brandon     N.J.                                good to remind people where we
ficer of the Naval ROTC depart-       great experience for everyone         Jennings a 18-year-old freshman        The birthday cake is also a       came from. It’s a patriotic ball.”
ment. “Here at Norwich Univer-        who comes.”                           international studies major from     huge tradition. The oldest mid-
December 4, 2008
                                       5                                          The Norwich
Norwich students deal with peer pressure
By Paige Westcott                    riences it at one level or anoth-      jor from Vestal, N.Y. Students                                                N.Y. Jones said, “It isn’t nega-
Norwich Guidon Staff Writer          er,” said Charles R. Coolidge, a       are embarking on a new time in                                                tive pressure, however; it is
                                     25-year-old junior criminal jus-       their lives. “While there are so-
                                                                                                                       Some students                      good pressure, pushing students
   Peer pressure is a difficulty
that every college student expe-     tice major from Barnstead, N.H.        cial pressures everywhere you            find peer pressure                   to do better as a whole and as in-
                                        Students deal with the pres-        go, college is a particularly easy                                            dividuals.”
riences on various levels. Stu-
                                     sures of friends, social situations,   time to say yes to anything be-
                                                                                                                     distracting to their                    Standing up to friends is one
dents here at Norwich University
think peer pressure is present in    fitting in, academics and social       cause it’s a time in most people’s             grades                         of the most difficult things a per-
everyday situations whether it’s     norms in different fashions.           life where they are truly unsu-                                               son might experience. It is very
positive or negative.                   “It’s a difficult thing to deal     pervised,” Coolidge said.                                                     tasking to say no to someone
                                                                                                                    ity said some nights he won’t
   “I think everyone deals with      with, it has to do a lot with self        Some students don’t give into                                              you value and care about.
                                                                                                                    want to drink, but will end up
peer pressure, it’s a normality of   control,” said James Ramsay, a         peer pressure.                                                                   “Your friends invite you out
                                                                                                                    doing it anyway. This affects his
being in college, everyone expe-     20-year-old junior physics ma-            Joe Manno, an 18-year-old                                                  and you find a way to make the
                                                                                                                    academics if he had obligations
                                                                            freshman business management                                                  time, because it’s more for so-
                                                                                                                    for his classes the next day.

                                                                            major from Pittsgrove, N.J., said,                                            cialization, as long as you have
                                                                                                                       “Last year it was more of a
                                                                            “If I get asked to go to a party, I                                           a strong enough developed per-
                                                                                                                    positive side of peer pressure,
                                                                            never go because I’m not a big                                                sonality to say no when you

                                                                                                                    everyone feeding off of each
                                                                            partier. I stick up for myself and                                            need to or want to it will work
                                                                                                                    other to do well in the Corps;
                                                                            just say no.”                                                                 out,” Coolidge said.
                                                                                                                    this year being a sophomore, it’s
                                                                               “I am a member of the Norwich                                                 “I just try not to let anything
                                                                                                                    more a negative peer pressure,”
                                                                            volleyball team,” said Jane Hawk-                                             that people say about me affect
                                                                                                                    said Breandan Arbuckle, a 19-
  It’s your future we’re                                                    ins, a 19-year-old sophomore civil
                                                                                                                    year-old sophomore nursing ma-
                                                                                                                                                          me. If I don’t want to do some-
                                                                            engineering and English double                                                thing, I have strong enough will
      talking about ...                                                     major from Bellport, N.Y. “There
                                                                                                                    jor from Mansfield, Mass.
                                                                                                                                                          to say no,” Arbuckle said.
                                                                                                                       There is a lot of pressure on
                                                                            are quite a few girls that go out and                                            According to Coolidge, this is
                                                                                                                    freshmen in the Corps.
                                                                            party but it’s not really my thing. I                                         all part of life, going through and
                                                                                                                       “I definitely feel peer pressure
      Focus on: Facebook and Google                                         have my own group of friends and
                                                                                                                    here to get good grades because
                                                                                                                                                          learning from everything and
                                                                            we don’t have to go out and party                                             everyone. Knowing who you
                                                                                                                    scholarships rely on exceptional, and their ilk can be a fun                 to have fun.”                                                                 are and having a strong sense of
                                                                                                                    academics and everyone is com-
    way to meet people, talk about issues or advertise events,                 Some students find peer pres-                                              identity and self, matters greatly
                                                                                                                    peting for them,” said Felicia
    but it can also affect your career – positively or negatively.          sure distracting to their academ-                                             and can have the most impact on
                                                                                                                    Jones, an 18-year-old freshman
       You can certainly use your accounts to highlight informa-            ics. A sophomore in the Corps of                                              an individual when they want or
                                                                                                                    pre-med major from Sherburne
    tion you wish to share with employers, such as, job experi-             Cadets who requested anonym-                                                  should say no.
    ence, volunteer activities, academic accomplishments and
    so on. But most students are concerned about how these
    sites can adversely affect their job opportunities.
       Brian Krueger, president of, says that
                                                                            Florida students adjust to the north
                                                                            By Noah Pressley                        was given the opportunity to get         Another reason Floridians
    although some employers are looking up potential candi-
    dates on and similar sites, even more are                  Norwich Guidon Staff Writer             away, it was a very easy decision     come to Norwich is to play ath-
    “googling” potential employees. Employers are also using                   Adjusting to Vermont from            in making my college choice,”         letics.
    the resume page of a candidate and then back-tracking it                South Florida can be tough, re-            There are many different rea-         In the highly populated state of
    to the person’s primary page, which may be filled with all              port some Norwich students. But         sons why Floridians come from         Florida there’s no question that
    sorts of interesting tidbits about the potential hire.                  Vermont offers the opportunity          down south to attend school at        the level of talent is high. This
       Because searching about a potential hire is so easy,                 to get away from the drugs and          Norwich University, violence          makes it harder for the students
    Krueger recommends that any new job seeker clean up                     violence that are in many Flori-        playing a major part in that de-      to earn scholarships. In Broward
    the personal Web sites they control. He also suggests you               da neighborhoods.                       cision. According to Florida law      County alone there are 33 public
    “Google” yourself to see if information or photos (yikes!)                 Many people, when they think         enforcement in 2007 there were        high schools that offer varsity
    are posted on someone else’s site.                                      of South Florida, think of a            1,201 murders recorded com-           sports, compared to the 88 high
       If something less than professional is posted, politely ask          huge tourist attraction, the great      pared to 12 in Vermont.               schools in Vermont.
    the individual to remove the information.                                                                          “In my city, Miami, from Car-         “Coming from South Flori-
                                                                            weather and the sandy beaches.
       Your future employer views you as an extension of the                                                        ol City to Homestead, it’s easy to    da, it’s either you better be re-
                                                                            But just east of I-95, the story
    company, a public projection of the type of workers that the                                                    find yourself in a bad situation.     ally smart, play sports to earn a
                                                                            is different, with neighborhoods
    company employs. You need to make sure your background                                                          With all the armed robberies,         scholarship, or fall to the street
    is spotless.                                                            marked by violence and drug
                                                                            abuse.                                  murders, and other violent acts       life,” Menzie said.
       In the end, as Krueger says, “The rule is simple: If you                                                     going on, why not come to Ver-           Norwich University athletics
    don’t want information known about you (by an employer                     “Coming from South Florida
                                                                            to Norwich, I knew it was go-           mont?” said Darnell Jackson, 22,      gathers up its coaches and takes
    or anyone else), don’t post it online.” By taking personal                                                      a senior communications major,        an annual trip to South Florida’s
    responsibility for your account(s), you can enhance your                ing to be a hard transition,” said
                                                                            Andrew Menzie, 18, a freshman           from Miami, Fla. “At least you        recruiting fair to give kids op-
    future career and make the most of this new opportunity.
                                                                            physical education major from           won’t have to worry about that        portunity.
                                                                            Coral Springs, Fla. “When I             here.”                                See FLORIDA pg. 8
6                                                                             The Norwich
                                                                                                                                     December 4, 2008

Norwich students try
supplements, some
find them dangerous
By Rachel Bitar                     weeks when he woke up with             Most supplements are de-
Norwich Guidon Staff Writer         EMTs in his dorm room and he        signed to help people become
   Many students on campus turn     was rushed to the hospital.         stronger in a short amount of
to diet supplements to put on ex-      “My body had a bad reaction      time, by either adding more nu-
tra weight or get more energy for   to two of the ingredients, which    trients into the body or giving
their workouts – sometimes with     caused me to have two grand         people more energy allowing
dangerous results.                  mal seizures,” said O’Malley.       them to get more out of a work
   At least two Norwich stu-           A grand mal seizure is caused    out.
dents have had bad reactions to     by abnormal electrical activ-          One of the more common sup-
supplements, one requiring hos-     ity in the brain. The person be-    plements used on the Norwich
                                                                                                             An example of the type of supplement taken by some
pitalization.                       comes unconscious and violent-      campus is whey protein; it comes
                                    ly shakes.                          in powder form and can be made       Norwich students.
   None of these supplements
have been approved by the Food         The combination of Yohim-        into a shake to add more protein
                                    bine and an alpha two blocker       into someone’s diet.                Jacquelyn Chafe, 20, a sopho-         “I take Arimatest, No Ex-
& Drug Administration and most                                                                              more psychology major from         plode, Animal Stack and whey
people who use them have no         caused both O’Malley’s sei-            Whey protein comes in many
                                    zures.                              different flavors and from many     Northfield, Vt.                    protein,” said Taylor Schenck,
idea what they are putting into                                                                                For some people looking to      22, a senior criminal justice ma-
their body.                            Yohimbine is an alpha-block-     different companies such as
                                    er that dilates the blood vessels   Muscle Milk and Muscle Tech.        gain muscle just drinking whey     jor from Baldwinsville, N.Y.
   Two years ago those warnings                                                                             protein and not working out is        Most of what Schenck uses are
took on a whole new meaning for     and increases certain chemicals     Both advertise rapid muscle
                                    in the body. The combination        gain.                               not enough.                        nutrient boosters and vitamins,
TJ O’Malley, 21, a senior crimi-                                                                               If a person doesn’t work out    but Arimatest is much more than
nal justice major from Hanson,      nearly killed O’Malley twice.          The whole purpose of whey
                                       His second seizure happened      protein is to boost the amount of   while drinking whey protein, it    a simple vitamin.
Mass.                                                                                                       is metabolized as fat and stored      Arimatest is a testosterone
   During O’Malley’s sopho-         a week later, and he was not as     protein in a customer’s diet, and
                                    lucky as the first time.            anything the body doesn’t use is    in the body.                       inducer and estrogen blocker.
more year in college he began to                                                                               Whey protein is not the only    Which seems harmless, but the
take a product called Lipo-6 to        O’Malley fell 6 feet off a top   turned into waste.
                                    bunk, hit his head on the way          “I started to use whey protein   product students on campus use.    warning label suggests other-
help him get in better shape.                                                                               Students who are serious about     wise:
   He was taking Lipo-6 for four    down and that time woke up in       to gain weight, because I have
                                    the hospital.                       a really high metabolism,” said     gaining muscle take an array of       “Possible side effects include
                                                                                                            supplement from pills to pow-          See Supplements pg. 8

                   Falls General Store & Deli
                              NFL Sunday Special
   Large Meat Lovers Pizza, Party tray, comes with jalapeno poppers, mozz
   sticks, potato skins, and chicken wings plus one 2 lt bottle of any soda all
                        for only $35.99 not including tax.
                     We deliver on campus 7 days a week                                                          9 East Street - Northfield 05663
                     Mon-Sat starting at 5pm - 9pm                                                                       485-SUBS (7827)
                                                                                                                         Sunday - Thursday : 8AM - 10PM
                     Sundays starting at 12n-7pm
                                                                                                                          Friday & Saturday : 9AM - 11PM
                     Cash or Cadet Cash only
                     Delivery will be to Crawford parking lot                                                            Stop by and enjoy one of our
                     Try our Pizzas & Subs!                                                                                 Five Dollar Footlongs
December 4, 2008                                                                  The Norwich
                                                                                  Guidon                                                                                   7
DIRTY DORMS from page 1
needs to be taken out every day                                                                                    According to residents the      said.
and the hallways need to be                                                                                      dorms looked the same when           Residents expect something
mopped every day,” Bean said.                                                                                    they returned from the one-       to be done about the problems.
   Crawford Hall has been                                                                                        week break.                          Hyman said he thinks the
known for quite some time as                                                                                       “When we came back it was       janitors should get on their
the arm pit of Norwich Univer-                                                                                   the same basically; it was like   duty, or the school should hire
sity, but residents say they are                                                                                 no one even came in here,”        somebody who is on top of
not to blame.                                                                                                    Hyman said.                       things so at least the dorm gets
   For      example,      students                                                                                 “There was dirt all over        cleaned every day.
cleaned out their rooms before                                                                                   the floor, mud, granted it just      Woods said the school should
break, piling trash near the gar-                                                                                snowed, but I was one of the      find out who is responsible for
bage bins, but returned after                                                                                    last ones to leave for break      this, or at least hire someone
Thanksgiving break to find the                                                                                   and it was the same way. I        new who is on top of things.
trash still there.                                                                                               don’t think it was cleaned over      “This shouldn’t happen in
   “Usually when you come                                                                                        vacation,” Colburn said.          the future that’s for sure, it’s
back from vacation you expect                                                                                      “Yea, we were gone for a        disgusting, as a person living
somebody to clean the place or                                                                                   week, it was kind of expected     here I just don’t feel like it’s
at least make it look nice but                                                                                   that things should be done        clean at all,” Colburn said.
that didn’t even happen,” said       A montage of Crawford Hall’s lack of cleanliness. It is                     when we are away,” Colburn
Corey Hyman, 19, a sopho-            not uncommon for the bathrooms in Crawford to look as
more athletic training major         shown above on a weekly basis. (Photos Flanders)                                                                  Your Family
from Boston, Mass. “It was
nasty, the bathrooms were dirty
                                                                                                                                                      Hair Care Center
and there was all sorts of stuff                                                                                                                     MARSHA DONEY, STYLIST
in the halls, it was just nasty.”
                                        “Usually when you come back from
   Tyler Woods, 19, a sopho-          vacation you expect somebody to clean                                                                            Mayo Block,
more geology major from Es-                                                                                                                        Northfield, VT 05663
sex Junction, Vt., said it is
                                       the place or at least make it look nice
normal for the dorm to be dirty         but that didn’t happen. It was nasty                                                                           485-7200
when students leave for home.
   “There was trash piling up
                                         and the bathrooms were dirty and
because kids were leaving,            there was all sorts of stuff in the halls,
trashes were full so kids were
                                                 it was just nasty.”                                                                Movies on Campus
stacking trash up on top,”
Woods said.
   Kyle Colburn, 20, a sopho-                                    Corey Hyman
more criminal justice major
from Lebanon, N.H., said he          were dirty.                            and trash piled up on the trash-
was one of the last ones to           “There was dirt on the floor          cans,” Colburn said.
leave for break and the dorms

AS WE SEE IT from page 2
buildings in the waning hours of        The other major money saving           The other is much more
the night.                           area is food.                          practical and used to be the
   While a case can be made             Almost anyone working in            modus operandi at this university:
that the dorms have to be            food services in general, but          family style dining.
properly illuminated for safety      especially in areas where several         People could sit around a table
reasons, one light in three panels   hundred people, or more, are fed       as a group and pass the food that
provides sufficient illumination     daily, can speak about the waste       is brought to the table. Typically
for navigation to the restroom       that abounds.                          there is only enough food for
and through the halls during the        Yet a larger part of it is due      the people sitting at the table
nighttime hours.                     to people taking more food than        brought.
   Since there is a campus-          they can possibly eat and then            Now these are obvious
wide Taps call, that would be        throwing it away.                      money-saving solutions for
an appropriate time for the             There are two obvious               implementation here on campus
lights-out to be implemented as      solutions to this problem.             that can be used now. The staff
well, both in the dorms and the         One is not practical in a college   here at the Guidon hopes the
academic buildings.                  environment: prepare each meal         university takes our suggestions
                                     as it is ordered.                      and implements them.
                                                                                                                               Dec. 4-5
                       Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
8                                                                                  The Norwich
                                                                                                                                        December 4, 2008

Norwich intramurals going strong
By Gregg Kessler                                                                                                                                     Mountain and hitting some of
Norwich Guidon Staff Writer                                                                                                                          the trails up there,” Anderson
  The new intramural activities                                                                                                                      said.
have helped alleviate the prob-                                                                                                                        The “Rook Cup” is also
lem of boredom for some Nor-                “These new intramural events are really cool. I think this is great                                      something new that is being of-
                                                                                                                                                     fered this year for the freshmen
wich students.                                       way to meet new people and have some fun.”                                                      class in the Corps of Cadets.
  “These new intramural events
are really cool,” said Phillip                                                                                                                       Each company is competing for
                                                                                     Philip Brown                                                    the Harmon Trophy. The Corps
Brown a 19-year-old sopho-
more from Virginia Beach, Va.                                                                                                                        of Cadets has many upperclass-
“I think this is great way to                                                                                                                        men participating to coordinate
meet new people and have some                                                                                                                        this event.
fun.”                                not offered last year. New events      an intramural basketball league      for student. All equipment is         “We have tried to set up dif-
  Neal Anderson was hired this       have been planned and weekly           will be set in place.                provided and lessons will be        ferent events that will challenge
year to take over as the head        scheduled days for different             “There are a lot of people on      available.                          the freshmen, and keep them
coach for the men’s lacrosse         sports are set in place. Ideas for     campus who are just looking to          “We have a small budget and      busy,” said Chris Prybella, a
team. As apart of his responsi-      more sports and activities can         have some basketball,” Ander-        some older equipment but we         21-year-old senior mechanical
bilities he will also be a major     be presented to Anderson.              son said. “Our first open pick-      are going to see if we can have     engineering major from Phila-
part of the intramurals pro-           “It really is up to the students     up game we had around 20 stu-        some fun this year,” Anderson       delphia, Pa. “The companies
gram.                                though, we are going to be ask-        dents show up to participate.”       said.                               will play flag football and many
  “Last year there were not          ing for your help in what events         Monday and Wednesday                  Another activity offered for     other sports.”
many events being offered to         you would like to be set up,”          nights there will be a variety of    students and faculty is snowshoe      The new intramurals will be a
students,” Anderson said. “I         Anderson said.                         sports and games offered to stu-     trips that will begin as soon as    way for students to play sports
wanted the students to have a          Thursdays from1900 to 2100           dents. Students have the choices     the snow falls. Also backwoods      and games at a competitive
chance to participate in some        Plumley Armory will be re-             of indoor soccer, street hockey      skiing and snowboarding trips       level.
athletics.”                          served for those students who          and dodge ball.                      will be led this winter.              “Come on down, have some
  There are many activities be-      are looking to play basketball.          The rock wall is open every           “I plan on getting a big group   fun and get a good work out,”
ing offered to students that were    When students return in January        Wednesday from 1600 to 1830          together and heading up on Pain     Anderson said.

SUPPLEMENTS from page 6                                                                                                             FLORIDA from page 5
acne, hair loss, hair growth on the                                                      heart started to jump, and I didn’t re-      “It’s hard to receive a Division I scholarship
face (in women), aggressiveness, and                                                     ally think anything of it until it hap-    coming out of Florida because there’s thousands
   The side effects listed on the label
                                               These products can                        pened for a week straight.”
                                                                                            When that happened Foley went to
                                                                                                                                    of kids all fighting for the same thing,” said Gu-
                                                                                                                                    erschom Jean-Gillies, 19, a sophomore physical
are the same side effects a person            damage the liver and                       see his doctor who ran a series of tests   education major from Coral Springs, Fla. “So of
would experience if they used ana-
bolic steroids.
                                               heart and other or-                       to find out why his heart was beating
                                                                                                                                    course someone is going to get overlooked,”
                                                                                                                                      “I was a kid overlooked by many college scouts
   “These kinds of products are all           gans, and some have                           “They asked me a bunch of questions     because of my height and weight,” said Jeremy
manufactured stuff,” said Chris Bal-
ich, 21, a senior criminal justice major
                                               even caused death.                        and one was, ‘Do you take anything
                                                                                         when you work out?’” said Foley
                                                                                                                                    Little, 18, a freshman architect major from Port
                                                                                                                                    St. Lucie, Fla. “In recruiting it’s a numbers game
from Avon, Conn. “This stuff is basi-                                                       His doctor advised him to stop us-      they play, but Norwich saw my talent and gave
cally a step down from steroids.”                                                        ing supplements immediately because        me a chance to continue my playing career.”
   Although these products can work,         are in danger.                              some have ingredients that speed the         Norwich also offers a unique type of education.
they also can damage the liver, heart           “All these testosterone boosts and es-   heart.                                     For those students who want to be groomed with
and numerous other organs in the             trogen blockers are going to boost your        When a person takes these supple-       military experience, Norwich offers the Corps of
body; still others have caused death.        muscle mass, but they also enlarge the      ments and works out the heart beats        Cadets.
   “The manufacturers can put what-          walls of your heart,” said Balich.          too fast and that can cause death.           “Most of the guys from down South Florida
ever they want in these supplements,            When the walls of the heart become          It took less than a week for Foley      choose to be civilian students, I on the other hand
because they are totally unregulated,”       enlarged the heart has to work harder       to notice that there was something         chose the Corps of Cadets because of what I want
said Jeff Kruger, Norwich strength and       to pump the same amount of blood            wrong, but for others these symptoms       to do with my career,” said Devon Dunson, 20, a
conditioning coach.                          to the body, this can cause a series of     never show until long after a person       sophomore, from Tampa, Fla.
    “A lot of these products are meth-       heart problems later in life.               stops taking supplements.                    Despite the bad weather in Vermont, Norwich
ylated,” said Balich, “which means              In the summer of 2008 Laurence Fo-          There are benefits to taking supple-    offers South Floridians a place to continue play-
they pass through your liver and cause       ley, 20, a junior criminal justice major    ments but for Foley and O’Malley the       ing athletics, a safe environment and opportu-
damage to it.”                               from Stoneham, Mass, noticed that his       cost far outweighed the benefits.          nity.
   The warning labels on products            heart began to skip beats.                     “Be smart,” said Coach Krugger,           “If not for Norwich giving me a chance, I’ll
like Lipo-6 only warn those who have            “I was taking a supplement that          “don’t believe all the labels, know        probably be back home on the block hustling and
heart conditions, but it is not just peo-    my friend gave me that he got from          what you’re buying and research these      doing foolish things to survive in the streets,”
ple with known heart conditions that         GNC,” said Foley, “and one day my           products.”                                 Menzie said.
10                                                                           SportS                                                  the Norwich Guidon
                                                                                                                                     Dec. 4, 2008
                                                                                                                                     Sports editors: Drew Dilley and
                                                                                                                                     Josh Flanders

Swimming kicks off with a splash into community service
By Greg Kessler                                                                                                                                     hard but at the end of the season
Norwich Guidon Staff Writer                                                                                                                         when you break a record or [re-
                                                                                                                                                    cord] your best time it all pays
   The men’s swimming and div-                                                                                                                      off.”
ing program is hoping a well-                                                                                                                          The team lost an All Confer-
balanced team and the leader-                                                                                                                       ence performer at the end of last
ship of the upperclassmen will                                                                                                                      season. Ben Courtney is a record
help swimmers have the same                                                                                                                         holder at Norwich and the team
success as last season, according                                                                                                                   will be hoping the new group of
to the head coach.                                                                                                                                  freshmen can fill the space he
   One event the team partici-                                                                                                                      left on the team.
pated in, along with their sister                                                                                                                      There are 10 freshmen who
team, was the third annual na-                                                                                                                      will decide the success of the
tional Ted Mullin “Hour of Pow-                                                                                                                     Cadets swimming and diving
er Relay” on Nov. 6.                                                                                                                                program this year. Michael Ze-
   “It was a great opportunity as                                                                                                                   manek, Kevin Webber, Simon
a team [to work] together and                                                                                                                       Hugh and Zander Fields high-
build relationships within the                                                                                                                      light the young group. They all
team,” Head Coach Laura Dunn                                                                                                                        come from high school programs
said.                                                                                                                                               and hope to make an impact on
   The “Hour of Power” relay                                                                                                                        the team.
is in honor of a Carleton Col-                                                                                                                         “Right now they are making
lege swimmer, Ted Mullin, who                                                                                                                       the change from high school to
died in the fall of 2006 from sar-                                                                                                                  collegiate swimming,” Prybella
coma.                                                                                                                                               said.
   Sarcoma is a form of soft tis-                                                                                                                      Another player who will be
sue skin cancer.                     Junior Joe Moeller swims the Austrialian Crawl, better known as the freestyle, during                          a major contributor to the team
   Funds raised through this         a meet against St. Michael’s. (Photo Norwich Athletics)                                                        this season is Pete Bue. He will
event support research at the                                                                                                                       be taking over the duties of the
University of Chicago into the                                                                                                                      backstroke for the team, replac-
causes and treatment of sarcoma      to bring our team together,” said     third in the New England Inter-        “I am looking forward to this     ing Courtney.
in young people.                     Chris Prybella, a 21-year-old         collegiate Swimming and Div-         season,” said Moeller, a 20-year-      “He will help the team by
   Over 100 college and high         senior mechanical engineering         ing Championships. The team          old junior criminal justice major   stepping up and being the main
school swim teams took part in       major from Philadelphia, Pa.          only lost one swimmer from last      from Lake Luzerne, N.Y. “We         backstroke swimmer on the
this event.                          “We had to work as a team to          year’s squad, and the team be-       have a good group of freshmen       team,” Dunn said. “His experi-
   The “Hour of Power” relay         swim each relay as one unit.”         lieves it can have similar success   who can come in and help us         ence and work ethic will help
consists of continuous relays           The team had fun working           this season.                         win.”                               him be successful.”
while participants do any stroke     hard for the cause and working           “We are looking to bring 12         He is a record holder in the         Dunn was promoted to the
with all-out swimming for one        as a team. The work out took ef-      people to New England Cham-          200 and the 400 individual med-     head coach position this season
hour.                                fort from everyone who was par-       pionships this year,” said Kyle      leys, and the 200 butterfly.        after three years of being an as-
   “It is also an opportunity to     ticipating.                           Kenia, a 21-year-old senior            “The team is really tight this    sistant coach.
recognize and be in support of          “It felt good to do something      physical education major from        year, we have been becoming            “Our coach, Laura Dunn, is
cancer research,” said Dunn.         in the memory of another swim-        Byram, N.J. “Our main goal is        closer every year,” Moeller said.   great, she really knows what is
“Just about everyone has known       mer,” said Prybella.                  to place top three at the cham-        The team has one of the most      talking about,” said Bue a 19-
someone that is going through a         It is sentiments like these that   pionships.”                          successful swimmers to ever         year-old sophomore studies of
difficult situation with cancer.”    lead to the great leadership that        The team is anchored by three     swim for Norwich in the sprint      war and peace major from Tyn-
   The team is planning on par-      Dunn says she wants on her            captains this season. Prybella,      events this season. Prybella will   gsboro, Mass. “I really enjoy
ticipating in this event next year   teams.                                Joe Moeller and Kyle Kenia           be competing in the 50 and 200      working with her.”
as well. The team is looking to         “Great leadership, and the         each will contribute something       meters freestyle this season.          The men’s swimming and
raise more funds and have more       new freshmen class should re-         different to the team this season.     He is a record holder in the 50   diving program has an 11-meet
people participate.                  ally produce some amazing re-            Kenia is the freestyle distance   and 100 freestyle. Prybella also    schedule before the champion-
   The team had to swim a num-       sults,” Dunn said. “The team is       swimmer of the team. He holds        helped the team as a member of      ship meets begin.
ber of relays as one team for a      really well balanced, we have         records as a member of the 400       the record setting 200, 400 and        “The team is training hard and
constant hour. They could not go     returnees in both the sprint races    and 800 free style relay.            800 free style relays.              fast in the water, and I think if
ahead of each other and had to       and the long distances.”                 “My teammates look up to            “You need to be able to train     they keep that same intensity it
stay as one unit.                       Last season the men’s swim-        me and there is a pressure to do     hard, and push past your limits,”   will be an exciting year,” Dunn
   “This was a great opportunity     ming and diving team finished         well,” said Kenia.                   Prybella said. “Work outs are       said.
Deember 4, 2008                                                             The Norwich
                                                                            Guidon                                                                    11
Men’s basketball drops opener to Plattsburg                                                              Darnell Jackson Breaks NU Record
By Jordan Lewis                                                           “They played better than us
Norwich Guidon Staff Writer                                            tonight,” said Tim Fico, 21, a
                                        “We need to                    criminal justice major from
   In front of a crowd wearing
all white in Andrews Hall, the         make our shots                  Monroe, Conn.
                                                                          After this game the Cadets
men’s basketball team dropped         and play defense                 record is 0 and 3. They trav-
its opener against Plattsburgh
State University.                         better.”                     eled to North Carolina over the
                                                                       Thanksgiving break to play in
   The Cadets fell behind in the                                       a tournament.
first few minutes of the game              Kyle McQuarrie
                                                                          “We need to make our shots
and were unable to mount a                                             and play defense better,” said
comeback.                                                              Kyle McQuarrie, 18, a fresh-
   “We did not shoot the bas-       maine Lattimore , 20, a sopho-
                                    more business major from Ta-       man communications major
ketball very good in the first                                         from Proctor, Vt.
couple of minutes of the            coma, Wash.
                                      The Cadets played better in         The team has several games
game,” said Jaren Jeffcoat, 20,                                        left in the season. “We are
a sophomore communications          the second half of the game,
                                    according to the team captain.     off to a bad start, but we can
major from Dallas, Texas.                                              turn it around and still go to
   At halftime the Cadets were      At one point in the second half
                                    the Cadets got the Plattsburgh     the NCAA tournament this
down 41 to 32 against Platts-                                          year,” said Antonio Davis, 18,
burgh State.                        State lead down to six points.                                         Darnell Jackson made history by becoming the Ca-
                                                                       a freshman English major from
   “They played well in the first   Plattsburgh State pulled away
                                                                       Albany, N.Y.
                                                                                                         dets all-time leading rusher. Jackson capped off his
half of the game and we did         and kept a lead of 10 points for                                     outstanding career rushing for 3,045 yards.
                                    most of the second half of the        “We just need to play bet-
not play good defense or shoot                                         ter basketball and we will play     Jackson, who broke the record, also did it on a sep-
the basketball good,” said Jer-     game.
                                                                       better,” said Jeffcoat.           arated shoulder, dislocating it the week before in a
                                                                                                         28-25 lost to Utica College. (Photo: Norwich Athlet-
                      Reduce, Reuse, Recycle                                                             ics)
December 4, 2008                                                                  The Norwich
                                                                                  Guidon                                                                  12
Norwich hockey: Renewing the chance for greatness
By Josh Flanders                      Albany, N.Y., said, “It’s a good
Norwich Guidon Staff Writer           feeling and I hope to be right
                                      back there again where they end-
   The Cadets are coming off of       ed up last year contending for a
an incredible season, last year       national title.”
having won the ECAC Confer-              Nick Doiron, 21, a freshman
ence and placing fourth in the        communications major from
nation for Division III hockey.       Quebec City, Quebec, Canada,
Although the team lost 12 play-       said it’s good to come into a suc-
ers, including All American Rick      cessful program as a freshman.
Cleaver, current players say they        There are many returners on
are looking towards another           this year’s squad as well, led by
strong season.                        senior CJ Viso, Russian star Ni- released its first       kita Kashirsky and Rico Piatelli.
poll recently which ranked the           This season so far the team is
Cadets fourth nationally, behind      2-1, with a shootout win (tie).
St. Norbert and Elmira and ahead         “I think McShane knows the
of St. Thomas. (USCHO is Unit-        game, he has been there before,
ed States College Hockey)             he obviously knows what it takes
   The Cadets are a young and         to win and what it takes to go
talented team with 10 new fresh-      further in pursuit of the champi-
man and two transfer students.        onship,” Doiron said.
   Pasha Kozhokin, 21, freshman          “[Head coach Mike McShane]
civil engineering major from          is the main reason for Norwich’s     D.J. Fimiani (No. 23) controls the puck in a game against Southern New Hampshire
Kharkiv, Ukraine, said, “It’s a       successful hockey program,”          (Joey Hubert photo)
big responsibility” being on this     Kozhokin said.
                                         “He had coached and won be-         “Absolutely yes, people are
team; “you have to perform well
and live up to the expectations.”     fore, so he knows how to coach       expecting good results from           Brittane Michaud returns from injury
                                      college hockey. He runs this         Norwich hockey and we have to
   Emmond Bell, 21, freshman
                                      program similar to a Division I      perform well to meet their ex-
business management major
                                      program so he knows what he is       pectations,” Kozhokin said.
from Ottawa, Canada, said, “It
                                      doing,” Bell said.                     “All the freshmen have to step
feels good because the team has
                                         With 12 new players there is a    up” for the team to continue to
had some success in the past few
                                      lot expected of the new players,     be successful. Bell said.
years so coming to a successful
                                      not only from coaches but play-        “I think everyone part of the
team is always a good thing.”
                                      ers also feel they owe it to the     team, regardless of age, has a
   Steve Coon, 22, a junior elec-
                                      fans to do well, Coon said.          role and has to play his own
trical engineering major from
                                                                           role,” Doiron said.

Women’s rugby fails to make playoffs
By Matthew McClellan                                     go back to nationals,” Lally said.
Norwich Guidon Staff Writer                                 This year’s freshmen played a big role in the sea-
                                                         son. “One of the key players was Katie Hathaway
  The women’s rugby team ended this year in an           this year, coming to Norwich for the Corps and
abrupt loss to Stonehill College, a controversial loss   joining the rugby team never playing rugby before
that knocked the team out of the playoff standings.      and making the Northeast Under-19 rugby team,”
  For the first time in women’s rugby history at         said Jennifer Hutt, a 19-year-old sophomore nurs-
Norwich the team is a varsity sport. “This didn’t        ing major from Boyertown, Pa.
change the conference that the team played in or            The team finished third overall out of a 36-team
who we played throughout the season but it al-           field in the Northeast Rugby Union standings.
lowed the school to recognize the sport a little bit     Although this is not what the team hoped for, the
more,” said Ashley Lally, 21, a senior studies in        women still played great throughout the year, said        Norwich women’s hockey team had high hopes last
war and peace major from Sparta, N.J.                    the team captains.
  The change allows the team to get more funding
                                                                                                                 season for #13 Brittane Michaud, who had a season-
                                                            The team is graduating only six players. “That the
and to be recognized by the National Collegiate          team is so young could help [us] in future years get    ending injury four games into the season.
Athletic Association (NCAA).                             back to nationals and possibly win it as a varsity        Since last season Michaud has made a full recovery
  The team missed nationals for a first time in          sport for Norwich,” said Angela Lakey, 21, senior       and hopes to pick up where she left off last season.
three years. It “was a mild heartbreaking experi-        criminal justice major from Houston, Texas.
ence being a senior captain and not being able to
                                                                                                                   (Photo Norwich Athletics and Michaud)

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