; 1 ENEMY OF THE STATE written by David Marconi directed by Tony
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1 ENEMY OF THE STATE written by David Marconi directed by Tony


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written by David Marconi
directed by Tony Scott

Park outside Washington. 7:40 a.m. Robards comes to play with dog. Voigt wants to talk about
a communications security and privacy act. Robards says no. Voigt gives bad guy speech, about
how we're at war and we need this bill to pass. Robards says no. Voigt begs him to reconsider.
Voigt's men kill Robards, needle in neck, dump pills in car, and send it into lake. Dog barks by
shore. Inciting Incident.

Law office. 11:30 a.m. Union people testify that the Mob is hurting their business. Will Smith
is going to deal with the Mob people. Hero will deal with his initial problem, the Mob.

Deli. Smith meets with Rachel. She gives him a videotape that she got from Brill. Smith pays
her $10,000, which she keeps 15%. Smith can never meet Brill. She wonders whether he should
use her, because of their complicated history. He says no. Hero meets Female Ally, gets
videotape from unknown Male Ally.

Pintero social club. Smith shows videotape of Pintero hanging out with convicted felons, and
Pintero says it's not him. Pintero will have to go to jail... unless Pintero leaves Smith's clients
alone. Pintero wants to know who made the tape, and who the acquaintance is that got Smith to
the guy who made the tape. If Smith doesn't tell him in a week, Pintero's going to kill him.
Hero tells Mob guy to behave now, Mob guy wants tape back, will kill Hero.

FBI is watching social club from a window. They want to know who Smith is, photo his license

Park. Body is being pulled out. Zapatz in a Jimmy pulls up across the creek as newscasters are
talking about the murder, opens a birdwatching box. Fake ranger Henchman sees him remove a
videotape. Henchman calls in the license plate to... Kid has video of murder. Bad Guys

NSA. Voigt learns that the camera taped the murder. Voigt says to form a team and get the tape.
Team is quickly assembled. Bad Guy forms team.

Zapatz's apartment. He sees Robards murder on tape. Calls a newspaper friend. Bad guys listen
in. Team calls Voigt and tells him. Tap newspaper editor's office.

Lingerie store. Smith comes in to buy for wife. He's tense in an unfamiliar situation.

Zapatz's apartment. Bad guys make a neighbor say something to let them in. Zapatz looks out
back door, sees them. Drilling lock as tape is being copied. Puts disk in hand video game.
Chase. Satellite follows him. Helicopter. Chase through restaurant, pool hall, barber shop.

Lingerie store. Zavatz bumps into Will Smith, who knew him in law school. Smith gives him
his card and Zavatz hides the video game in Smith's bag. Hero buys lingerie for wife. Kid
gives evidence to Hero. Kid is killed by Bad Guys, who i.d. Hero.

Outside, he steals bike. Chased. Zavatz is hit by fire truck. Bad guys find Smith's card.

5:00 p.m. Smith comes home. Son plays video game with friend. Son asks if Smith has his
Christmas present. Son will spend night at friend's house. Smith tells wife about Zavatz and
Pintero threatening to kill him. Wife is very liberal, against the Privacy Bill. Meet Wife & Son.
Christmas presents for Wife & Son.

NSA. Zavatz and newspaper guy are dead. they have the original tape, but there is a copy.
They found about Smith, so they pull up his records. They see his phone calls to Rachel. His
withdrawals, and her 15% deposit the same day. They have footage from underwear store that
show Zavatz dropped something in Smith's bag. Bad guys learn of Female Ally and learn
Hero has the evidence.

Smith's house. Bad guys come, pretending to be D.C. cops. Van outside watches all. They see
his watch and his pen. they wonder if lingerie was for Rachel Banks. he sends them out. Looks
in packages, finds nothing. Bad Guys come to Hero's house. Learn information about him,
scare him.

NSA. 9:22 a.m. Voigt wants to ruin Smith's credibility. "I want to get what we need because
this little son of a bitch is not going to be the final chapter of my life." Bad Guy decides to
destroy Hero.

Car. Wife wants to know how he got the video on Pintero.

House. Bad guys break in.

Wife wants to know if Rachel is involved, Smith says she's not an issue.

House. Bad guys put bugs everywhere. They make it look like vandalism, ruin all clothes but
for the ones with bugs. Bad Guy makes a move.

Smith finds the vandalism. Call police. He hopes it was kids and not Pintero.

Rowing club locker room. Bad guys swap his watch and his pen, phone and pager. Smith talks
with his lawyer buddy. Bad Guys make second move.

Law Office. He's in newspaper and in trouble with bosses. Rachel calls, she's been fired and
reporters are asking about her relationship with him. Bosses say a grand jury is being convened
to investigate him. He says it's Pintero coming after him. Smith says they can win. Bosses ask
if he had an affair with Rachel Banks four years ago. they fire him. Things get worse for Hero,

he loses his job.

Home. Wife is furious at him. She is reading papers. He says he lost his job. She throws him
out because of Rachel. Bad guys are watching. Smith goes to nice hotel, his credit cards don't
work, someone steals his briefcase. Wife throws Hero out. He loses his money.

BMW. Calls Rachel, says he'll meet her tomorrow at 11:00 in Mt. Vernon Square.

Cheap motel. He goes there.

Bad guys plan Mt. Vernon surveillance.

10:00 a.m. Pintero limousine Service. He asks Pintero for help, is rudely told no. Re-establish
Mob Guy, who won't help Hero.

Mt. Vernon Square. Bad guys tape the conversation, take photographs of Smith and Rachel.
Smith asks about Brill. Bad guys can't hear all conversation. She tells how she meets Brill.
Hero meets Female Ally, finds how to meet Male Ally. Bad Guys watch.

He leaves something at the drop. Ferry boat.

Bathroom at dock. Byrne (who we think is Brill) comes, sweeps him for bugs, finds one in his
shoe. Smith gets in Byrne's taxi and they're being followed. Byrne says "what did Zavatz give
you?" "Nothing." they're being chased. Smith sees Hackman chasing them. Byrne shoots at
Smith, who runs. Bad Guy pretending to be Ally tries to extract information, tries to kill

Hotel. Smith calls wife, who is looking at pictures someone has messengered over, of him and
Rachel in the Square. Smith sees Brill (Hackman) who mouthed, "fuck you." Smith hangs up on
wife. Brill corners him with gun. On elevator, as Bad Guys are tracking him, Brill pulls
tracking devices off him. Pager, pen, phone. Brill is furious, wants to know if he's a target.
Ally appears, helps Hero. Tells him this isn't the Mob.

Roof. Smith asks if this is about Pintero... the mob doesn't use devices like this. Bad guys
coming up elevator. Brill tells him to get rid of his clothes. "If you live another day, I'll be very
impressed." "If you come near either Rachel or me, I'll kill you." Helicopter comes. He throws
away watch. Ally threatens to kill Hero.

He breaks into a Japanese guest's room. Right as Bad Guys come up the hall. He takes off
clothes as Japanese wife cheers him on. Bad guys break in and he goes out window. He throws
away his pants. Bad guys pick up his clothes, including monogrammed cufflinks. Bad Guys
chase Hero. He escapes.

Smith locks self into closet. Lights fire. It gets out of control. Fire men come. Bad guys are

watching all the time. He is taken away on stretcher by ambulance. Steals gun from cop, jumps
out of ambulance. Runs into tunnel. Chase. Bad guys talk to man running surveillance in tunnel
so they can follow. He swaps places with maintenance worker and escapes.

Voigt's house. they wonder if it's the real Brill helping him. Voigt decides to raise the stakes.
Bad Guy decides to raise the stakes.

Smith's house. Wife goes to see what dog is barking at in garage. Smith tells her he loves her.
She trusts him, will help. He tells her to leave. She resists. She's wearing the underwear he
gave her-- before Christmas, "You're as bad as Eric..." Figures out that Eric took the game.
Hero meets Wife, who trusts him. Hero figures out where the evidence is.

Nanny drives her car away. Pick up boys walking to school. Son and friend. Son took the game
and they give it to Smith. Has a disk in it. Hero gets evidence from Son.

Smith calls cops on van. Van leaves. Hero makes small move vs. Bad Guys.

Smith makes mark on mailbox, to meet Brill. Hero contacts Male Ally.

11:24 a.m. Rachel's apartment. Smith goes there. She's dead. He finds his clothes and
cufflinks. Sees photographs of her, her dad, and Brill. Hero finds Female Ally dead, and he is

Ferry ticket place. Smith gets in Brill's car, shows him the disk. Brill tosses him out of car, then
lets him back in. Brill knows the NSA set him up and it has nothing to do with Rachel. they're
just trying to discredit Smith. Brill needs to eat. Hero convinces Male Ally to help him.

NSA. "We've got nothing." they can't find Brill's face from satellite photograph. Bad Guys
can't find Hero.

Convenience store. They stop to eat. Smith calls wife's secretary. Bad guys trace call. There is
a video camera. Hero makes mistake, leads Bad Guys to them.

Bad guys come to 7-11.

NSA. They get Brill's face. Bad Guys i.d. Ally.

Brill's building. Brill comes in and parks. Bad guys follow his El Camino on satellite.

Brill's super secure secret office. Brill gives anti-government bad guy's speech. Bad guys come.
 The disk is encoded, and they break the code. See Robards get murdered and see Voigt on disk.
They run his photo. Identify Voigt as bad guys come in. Brill and Smith and cat run off, arm
self destruct. Bad guys run away. Ally takes Hero to his sanctorum, explains everything.
Bad Guys find them and attack. Ally destroys sanctorum, runs with Hero. Chase, escape.

"I blew up the building." "Why?!" "BECAUSE YOU MADE A PHONE CALL!" Chase
through railroad parking lot. Car catches fire in chase. Smith's coat burns. The disk burns.
Brill quits and Smith convinces him to stay. they argue. "I'm all you've got and you're all I've
got. You didn't care about Rachel." Brill hits him. Under bridge, they carjack a Mercedes.
Hero convinces Ally to stick wit him. They keep running.

NSA. Agent 2 tells Voigt about Brill's file.

Restaurant. Brill says that in past, his partner died and he would take care of Rachel, the
daughter. Agency forgot he existed. Ally's backstory.

Brill's apartment. They decide to fight, guerrilla style. They're small. They'll go after the strong
guys. Ally and Hero begin to fight back.

Radio equipment store. They buy things. they see Congressman on TV, about the Bill.

Follow Congressman into hotel, talking to his wife. They beak in, wire the room. find
Congressman is having affair with assistant. Congressman finds the place is bugged. Ally &
Hero make a move against the Bad Guy.

Voigt's house. Brill comes and talks to maid in Spanish. Ally & Hero make Move #2.

Voigt's house, later. Voigt sees self on TV. He's been bugged. His wife is furious, as much
money has appeared in his account from nowhere. Krista, the congressman's assistant has sent
flowers to him... Bad Guy feels the heat.

NSA. Big meeting about Congressman's bugs. Boss says that if someone did this, they're going
to prison. Voigt comes out for phone call. Brill on phone, says to meet at 4:00. Bad Guy feels
more heat, Ally calls for meeting.

Hotel. Brill and Smith wire Brill. Smith will turn on the mike after they sweep Brill. He'll have
four minutes before he has to run. Very dangerous meeting. Try to trick Bad Guy.

Baltimore Police Department. Brill talks to Voigt. Smith watches, turns on wire. Brill wants to
know why they killed the girl. Bad guys locate Smith. He runs, they catch him. Bad guys grab
Brill. Meeting goes bad. Bad Guy capture Hero and Ally. Low Point.

Van. Brill and Smith in van. One kid in van starts to record it all. Smith says I'll tell you where
the tape is. At Washington and Fourth. They drive there. Hero makes a clever move.

Outside Pintero Social Club. FBI is watching, gets the van plate. Smith convinces Voigt to go
in with him. FBI identifies Smith from window. Brill eats. Everyone convenes on one spot.

Inside Club. Everyone goes in, and we watch via TV from van. Voigt wants the tape back.

Brill pretends to puke, they take him out, FBI sees his badge. Inside, everyone pulls guns. Brill
scares everyone, sends them in. FBI sends people in. Shootout, everyone is killed. Brill leaves
truck. Climax. Hero outwits Bad Guy.

FBI. Henchmen say it's a training op. Wrap up. All is well.

Capitol. Congressman says the bill is dead.

Smith's house. He's been cleared. He's watching TV at home and sees footage on his own TV of
Gene Hackman's feet... on the beach, "wish you were here."

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