The Fourth Billy Goat Gruff Version 4 by maclaren1


									   The Fourth Billy Goat Gruff       Version 4


Once upon a time, in the hill country of Texas,

there lived a family of goats named Gruff.

They loved climbing grassy hills to eat their fill

of sweet grasses away from the mesquite trees.

    One hot sweaty summer day, the goats

happened upon a small tributary of the Colorado

River. It was filled with clear cool rushing

water. It tasted so good after their long

journey. On the other side of the stream was

an old stone bridge which crossed a deep gully

and led to a hill covered in tall green grass.
    They were ravenous after their long journey

to find water to drink and sweet grass to eat.

“Z-Z-Z-Z-Z...”              they heard a sawing

sound. Someone was snoring out here in the

middle of nowhere?

    The oldest Billy Goat Gruff followed the

sound to see if it came from friend or foe. He

found a large grotesque troll sleeping and

drooling on a rocky ledge beneath the arch of

the bridge. You see, the Billy Goats Gruff had

heard rumors about trolls living beneath bridges

in these parts of Texas, but they didn’t believe

in such things and they had never seen one.
There were land trolls, and water trolls. Then

there was an especially large evil troll who lived

on land but had to be close to water. This was

that type of troll....the especially large evil


    A sign near the bridge read: Do Not

Tresspass. “Fee, Fi, Fo, lives the

Terrible Taraglum. Ye who trespasses will be my


    The old Billy Goat Gruff noted that the

troll was sleeping very heavily, like he had just

eaten a large meal. His snoring was so loud, he

figured that the 3 of them should be able to

get across the bridge safely and get safely up

the hill, if they were very quiet.
                          ” one by one the three goats
    “Trip, trap, trip, trap

cautiously crossed the bridge trying not to wake

the troll.

    The last and smallest Billy Goat was in the

middle of crossing the bridge when “BEEP-

BEEP”, his cell phone alerted him to an incoming

text message. The troll woke up, jumped to his

crusty green feet, and sped off to capture his

intruders, but he could not catch the Billy Goats


    The Billy Goats Gruff sped up the hillside to

safety. They stayed up there for a whole day

eating and taking turns napping. Then they got

thirsty. They looked around for another way

down the hillside to get some water, but there

wasn’t a way. The whole hill was surrounded in
dense briar with thick thorny stems, all except

for the path that led to the bridge.

    The oldest Billy Goat felt it was up to him

to come up with a way to descend the hill safely

since the two adolescent Billy Goats Gruff were

preoccupied eating, napping, listening to a book

on their ipod or playing games on their iphone.

They were oblivious to the dangers and problems

that faced them.

    The old Billy Goat went over to the younger

goats and asked them for help. Would they use

their iphone to hook up to the internet, check

their location on maps and also check the news

in the area? As the young Billy Goats Gruff

were surfing the internet, they were getting

distracted and bored. They couldn’t find

anything that would help them get down that hill
and safely past the troll. So, “just for kicks”

they went to

    There they saw that Warner Brothers

Pictures was having a casting call in Llano,

Texas for the part of the troll in their making

of a movie called Spiderwick Chronicles.

    “Spiderwick Chronicles !”,both kids hollered.

They had just finished listening to that book on

their ipod. They started thinking about their

dilemna, and how they knew a troll they’d like

to get rid of. So, they sent a text message to

the troll named Taraglum, telling him about this

casting call and how he’d be perfect for the


    Well, Taraglum had been rather bored

lately and in need of an adventure. So, he went
to the audition and he got the part of


    He got his script, rehearsed and did very

well in the movie. But it came with a price. In

the movie, Mulgarath, was a nice troll. Taraglum

had to give up his evil slimmy ways and through

the movie he transformed himself into someone

quite pleasant. He actually liked having friends,

cooperating with others and doing nice things

for people.

    When the director called out “That’s a

Wrap” and the movie went to the big screen,

everyone fell in love with Mulgarath, the nice

troll, who could transform himself into anything

he wanted.

    He turned himself into the fourth Billy Goat

Gruff and changed his name to Ruff! Everyone
lived happily ever after drinking the cool water

and eating the sweet green grass.

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