; Julius Caesar Anticipation Guide
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Julius Caesar Anticipation Guide


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									                         Julius Caesar Anticipation Guide

Below are some true-false statements that deal with the play Julius Caesar. Think
about each statement and circle either true or false depending on your thoughts
and feelings on the statement. We will discuss your answers afterward.
Remember, there are no right or wrong answers!

T       F    It is sometimes acceptable to betray your friends.

T    F       Suicide is never justifiable.

T    F       If a political leader does something wrong, it is acceptable to get rid of
            him by any means necessary.

T    F      Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

T    F      No cause, political or otherwise, is worth dying for.

T    F      It is completely unacceptable to convince a close friend to do something

T   F       The more success and power you have, the more people dislike you.

T   F       It is better to listen to the advice of your peers than that of your

T   F       In certain situations, it may be necessary for a political leader to bend or
            break the rules for the good of the country.

T   F       There is such a thing as fate.

T   F       Patriotism is bravery; rebellion against government is cowardly.

T   F       Personal morals and principles are more important than friendship.

T   F       Life without personal liberty is not worth living

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