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									Baby Cereals & Biscuits

     Innova Market Insights
           June 2009

   This review focuses on ‘Baby Cereals & Biscuits’ product launches
    globally tracked by Innova Database.

   The review contains information regarding new ‘Baby Cereals &
    Biscuits’ product launches from January 2008 to December 2008.

   Market Analysis
   Company Analysis
   Positioning Analysis
   Flavour Analysis
   Baby Cereals & Biscuits Product Trends
   Packaging Analysis
   Conclusion
Market Analysis
  Market Analysis: Top 15 Countries

United States and Vietnam are the
most active countries in terms of
baby cereals and biscuit product
launches, followed by UK and

Despite increasing opposition, the
baby food industry continues to
grow on account of rising health
awareness, the changing roles of
women and the expanding and
emerging economies.

The baby food market has been
recording growth over the years
due to rising per capita income,
migration to urban areas and the
increasing number of working
Company Analysis: Top Companies
 Company                      Products Launched
                                                  Nestlé is the world's foremost Nutrition, Health
                                    26%           and Wellness company. The Nestlé
 NESTLE                                           Developmental Nutrition Plan (NDNP) identifies
                                    16%           four major stages of development for babies from
                                                  six months to around three years old. NaturNes
                                    12%           is the first wholly natural baby food to be
                                                  launched in Europe by Nestle. NaturNes baby
                                     9%           foods claims to retain nutrients more effectively
                                     7%           and captures more of the taste of natural
 GERBER                                           ingredients than competitor products.
                                     5%           (

 MILUPA                              4%           Heinz claims that its baby foods are "Everything
                                                  you could want in a baby food!" and provide
                                     4%           "Only the best ingredients for the best nutrition."
 HUMANA GMBH                                      In keeping with the company’s ongoing
                                     3%           commitment to innovation and advancing
 NUMIL                                            nutrition for infants and toddlers, the new Beech-
                                     3%           Nut Let’s Grow! foods are the first to feature
 UNILEVER                                         Beech-Nut’s “No Junk Promise” to mothers.
                                                  Baby food is a $1.25 billion a year industry in the
 ORGANIX BRANDS LTD                  3%           United States. Just three companies--Gerber,
                                                  Beech-Nut and Heinz--control over 95% of the
 COW & GATE                                       market (Source:
Positioning Analysis
Positioning Analysis
Positioning Analysis: Top 15 Positioning Categories
     Positioning Category         Products Launched

     No Additives/Preservatives         13%           Product “naturalness” is very important in
     No Added Sugar                     10%           Baby food market and it is not surprising
                                                      that the No Additives/Preservatives
     Vitamin/Mineral Fortified           9%           positioning topped the table.
     Convenience                         9%           The DHA positioning should experience
     Allergy                             8%           significant growth in the future as this
                                                      ingredient is increasingly being utilised with
     DHA                                 8%           associated brain health claims.
     Digestive/Gut Health                7%           Digestive/Gut Health should experience
     Wholegrain                          7%           significant growth due to the emerging trend
                                                      of adding prebiotics and probiotics to baby
     Organic                             6%           cereals & biscuits.
     Vegetarian                          5%           Companies are focusing on the market
     Low Sodium                                       potentiality of alternative baby products
                                         4%           such as organic, frozen and gluten free
     Gluten Free                         4%           items.

     Added Calcium                       4%
     Natural                             3%
     Added Iron                          3%
                                                         Products may have more than one positioning.
No Additives/Preservatives A Natural Choice

    13% of products had a No Additives/Preservatives positioning.
                                                                    United States: Beech Nut
                            United States: Comforts For Toddler     Let's Grow! Toddler's
                            Cereal Bars with Mixed Berry Flavor.    Yogurt Nibbles - Tropical
                            Individually wrapped cereals bars       Fruit. No Junk Promise -
                            made with real mixed berry and oats.    No artificial colors, flavors,
                            Perfect size for little hands. For      MSG or preservatives All-
                            toddlers 12 months onwards.             natural ingredients without
                            Naturally flavored with other natural   unnecessary salt, sugar or
                            flavors. No artificial flavors or       trans fats Excellent source
                            preservatives.                          of vitamins and minerals
                                                                    for healthy growth and
                                                                    development Wholegrain.

    Russia: Frutonyanya
    Buckwheat Porridge with
    Apples for Babies. Buckwheat
    porridge with apples, for
    babies from 5 months. Comes                                                       Ukraine: Remedia Non-milk
    in a foil sachet. Enriched with                                                   Instant Oat Cereal for
    12 vitamins and minerals.                                                         Newborns Older than 5
    Sugar free. Gluten free. Milk                                                     Months Babies. No sugar,
    free. No preservatives, colors                                                    salt, and preservatives.
    and flavors.                                                                      Contains gluten, 21 mineral
                                                                                      and vitamins. For 25
Fortifying with Vitamins & Minerals

   Vitamin and mineral fortification adds value.
                                                                         India: Wockhardt Farex Milk
                                                                         Cereal Based Complementary
                                                                         Food for Babies Stage 2 - Wheat
                                                                         Rice Fruits. Essential to build
               China: Glanboo Banana                                     immunity. Fortified with ion, zinc,
               Flavored Biscuits for 6-                                  calcium, iodine, vitamin A.
               Month to 3-Year Old
               Baby. Enriched with
               taurine, potassium, beta-
               carotene, calcium, and

               Brazil: Cornstarch
               Based Traditional
               Baby Food.
               Enriched in
               vitamins and
               minerals (A, B1,                                                          Brazil: Nestle Mucilon
               Zinc, B12, B2,                                                            Lacteo Oat and Honey
               Niacinamide, C, B6,                                                       Powder for Babies.
               Folic Acid, Iron, D).                                                     Enriched with calcium
                                       United States: Beech Nut Good Morning 2-Pack      and 12 vitamins.
                                       Peaches, Oatmeal & Bananas for Babies. All        Enriched with iron of
                                       natural plus added vitamins and minerals.         better absorption.
   Minimal Organic Choices

       Only 6% of products had an organic positioning. Further growth
        however, is predicted for the future.
                              Dr. Harvey Karp, noted pediatrician and author of
                              the best-selling book The Happiest Baby on the
                              Block says, “When children develop a preference
                              for fresh foods, parents establish a foundation of
                              healthy-eating habits that will last a lifetime.
                              Parents can build a foundation of healthy eating
                              habits by feeding their babies and toddlers foods
                              rich in fresh, organic ingredients”.

                                                                                      Belgium: BioKorn Bis Kids 6 Duo
                                                                                         Packs Biscuits for Babies. No
                                                                                                added sugar. Organic.
Canada: Hot-Kid Organic Toddler                                   United Kingdom:
Mum-Mum Organic Rice Biscuits.                                      Organix Finger
USDA Certified Organic Rice.                                     Foods 12 Organic
                                                                     Baby Biscuits.
                                                                 Five organic baby
United Kingdom: Heinz Organic Pure
                                                                 biscuits naturally
Baby Rice. Organic pure baby rice
                                                                   sweetened with
enriched with vitamin B1 and with no
                                                                    grape juice and
added sugar, suitable for babies from
                                                                 suitable for stage
4 to 6 months onwards, just add
                                                                  2, from 7 months
baby’s usual milk.
DHA Product Launches Thrive

                              From product launch
                              data to date for 2009,
                              product launch
                              numbers will well and
                              truly outnumber those
                              of 2008.
The Happy Baby Difference With Organic

  Marketing DHA To Mothers

      Front of packaging promotion for DHA.

                                           Malaysia: Heinz Farley's
                                    Rusks - Orange Contains DHA,
                                    15 vitamins and minerals, iron,
                                                      and calcium.

Indonesia: Milna Marie
Vegetable Flavored
Biscuits for Babies.
Contains AA, DHA,                                                    Indonesia: SGM Vegetable Baby Cereal.
prebiotic, calcium, 18                                               Added with omega 3 (47.5mg/serving),
vitamins and minerals.                                               omega 6 (475mg/serving), DHA
                         United States: Nurture Happybellies Organic (2.5mg/serving), prebiotic FOS
                         Multi-Grain Cereal. With DHA + probiotic    (43mg/serving), vitamins, minerals, and
                         immunity support.                           honey.
Probiotics Set To Take Off

                             Baby cereals &
                             biscuits containing
                             probiotics is
                             showing promising
                             growth in the
                             global market. 2009
                             product launch
                             numbers should
                             eclipse those of
Probiotic Baby Cereal & Biscuits

   Immune health seems to be one of the most important health
    platforms in baby food NPD at present.
                       Slovakia: Nestle Osmizrnna
                       Bifidus - No Milk Pudding                               Vietnam: HIPP Milk Pap
                       Mix for Babies. Contains 8                              Fruits with Yogurt. Probiotic
                       vitamins and essential                                  milk pap fruits with yogurt,
                       minerals. Contains active                               for babies from 8 months.
                       cultures bifidus B L.

      United States: Nurture
      Happybellies Organic
      Brown Rice Cereal.
      Happybellies Organic                            Indonesia: Cerelac Gold
      Brown Rice Cereal is the                          Oats and Prunes Baby
      only baby cereal that is                      Cereal. With added bifidus
      organic and that has                              BL, DHA and prebio 1.
      probiotics and DHA.                                       Certified halal.
 Starting Young With Dietary Fiber (Prebiotics)

Indonesia: Promina Instant Cereal for         Indonesia: Cerelac Baby Porridge with         Indonesia: Promina Cookies Balita.
Babies - Swiss Chocolate. With prebiotic      Honey and Milk. Enriched with DHA,            Soft cookies for toddler, made of
FOS, omega 3, omega 6, and lecithin.          prebio 1, and easy digest CHE.                arrowroot. With prebio, omega 3,
                                                                                            omega 6, calcium, and iron.
                Indonesia: Nestle
                Cerelac Gold for
                Babies 8-24 Months.
                Enriched with bifidus,
                prebio 1 and DHA.
                  India: Heinz Farley's Rusks
                  for All Ages from 4-6 Months
                  – Original. With prebiotics -
                  supports baby's natural
                  defenses. Good sources of
                  iron and calcium. With added
                  vitamins.                                                                      Vietnam: Powdered Cereal
                                                                  India: Nestle Cerelac Infant   Made with Milky Rice &
                                                                  Cereal with Milk for Stage 1   Fruits For Babies. Contains
                                                                  After 6 Months.                prebiotics and DHA.
 Prebiotics Available Everywhere

     As Asian and Eastern European markets continue to develop,
      more specialty products are emerging in these markets. Prebiotic
      fiber is just one example.

China: Glanboo Pumpkin Flavored Biscuit for 6-Month to
3-Year Old Baby. Enriched with dietary fiber, calcium,   China: Wakodo Roast Sweet Potato Biscuit for 9-
mineral, and vitamins.                                   Month Old Babies and Above. With added dietary
                                                         fiber (Fructo-oligosaccharides-can act as prebiotic).
  Healthy Wholegrain Choices

      7% of products had a wholegrain positioning. This number should
       rise as wholegrain is now in more demand.

                        UK: Organix First Organic
                        Creamy Oat Porridge. Organic
                        wholegrain oat flakes with milk,
                        apples and added vitamin B1.
                        Suitable for babies from 6
                        months onwards.

                                                              United States: Beech Nut Let's Grow! 7
                                                              Grain Nibbles Sweet Potato Snacks for
                                                              Babies. Made with wholegrain.

Canada: Beech Nut Good
Evening Whole Grain Brown
Rice Cereal for babies from                                India: Nestle Cerelac
7 months old, or stage 2.                                  Infant Cereal with Milk,
                              United States: Earth's       Multi Grain & 5 Fruits
                              Best Organic Whole           Stage 4 for Babies from
                              Grain Wheat                  12 Months.
                              Semolina Pastina.
Cutting Out Salt Where Possible
     United States: Beech Nut
     Let's Grow Wakey Flakes                                                  Australia: Heinz
     Cereal Apple Cinnamon                                                    Little Kids 6 Rice
     Oats. All-natural                                                        Bars - Banana &
     ingredients without                                                      Honey. Contains
     unnecessary salt, sugar or                                               25% less sugar.
     trans fats.                                                              80% less sodium.
                                                                              Source of dietary
                                                                              fiber. No
           Ukraine: Remedia Non-milk                                          preservatives.
           Instant Oat Cereal for
           Newborns Older than 5 Months
           Babies. Non-milk instant oat
           cereal without sugar, salt, and

                                                     India: Heinz
       United States: Gerber                 Farley's Rusks for
       Graduates For Toddlers                  6 Months Babies
       Crackers Made with Whole                   – Original. No
       Grain – Cheese. Contains                 artificial colors,
       2g whole grain cracker per                    flavors, and
       serving. 25% less sodium               preservatives. No
       than the leading snack                 added salt. 100%
       cracker.                                       vegetarian.

                                                          Vietnam: Heinz Multigrain Banana Breakfast
                                                          for Babies. Enriched with iron and high in
                                                          protein. No added sugar or salt.
Flavour Analysis
Flavour Analysis: Flavour Group

Healthy grains and fruit
are natural choices for
growing bodies.
 Incorporating Fruit For Healthy Eating

                United States: Beech Nut
                Let's Grow Wakey Flakes
                Cereal Multigrain with
                Bananas. No artificial
                colors, flavors, MSG, or
                preservatives. No added

                        United Kingdom:
                        Heinz Orchard Apple
                        Biscotti Baby                          United Kingdom: Bebivita Fruity
                        Biscuits.                              Breakfast Cereal Baby Food. A
                                                               smooth blend of apple, orange, pear,
                                                               banana and apricot for babies and
                                                               toddlers from 4 to 18 months, just
                                                               add water.

                                                       Australia: Heinz
Ukraine: Nestle                                        Little Kids 6 Rice
Non-Milk Oat                                           Bars - Apricot
Cereal with Apple                                      Delight.
and Apricot. No
milk. Contains 11                             Hungary: Milupa Jo
mineral and                                   Ejszakat! Tejpep Almas
vitamins including                            - Powdered apple
iodine and zinc.                              flavored cereal milk
                                              puree for babies from
                                              the 8th month.
   Incorporating Protein With Poultry, Meat & Fish
                                                                     South Korea: Maeil
                                                                     Mamamil Okelbokel
                                                                     Takkoki Yache Yong Yang
                                                                     Juk - Porridge with
                                                                     Chicken & Vegetable for 9
                                                                     Month and Older Babies.

                                                             Vietnam: Nestle Bot
                                                             Ngu Coc 3 Dau Nanh
                                                             Ga - Infant Cereal with
Indonesia: Empro Baby Choice                                 Soy and Chicken.
Rice Rusks for Babies -
Chicken with Vegetable.

   China: Eastwes Salmon Carrot Starch.
   Instant rice flour with salmon and carrot,   Vietnam: Nestle Lua Mi Ca Infant       Indonesia: Promina Baby
   for 4 month to 24 month aged baby.           Wheat Cereals – Anchovies.             Cereal For Weight Gain -
                                                                                       Chicken & Corn.
Flavour Analysis: Flavour Sub-Category
   Multiple Berry Flavour Alternatives

                                                                                                  Germany: Bebivita
China: Beingmate Happy      United States: Parent's Choice   Sweden: Nestle Puuro Grot -
                                                                                              Fruhstucks Musli Himbeere
Mouse Baby's Nutritional    Little Puffs Plus Calcium        Baby Porridge with Wholemeal
                                                                                                  - Raspberry Muesli
Biscuits – Strawberry.      Blueberry Grain Snack.           & Raspberry. Sugar free!
                                                                                              Breakfast Meal for Babies.

                                                                         India: Gerber Graduates
                                                                       For Toddlers Cereal Bars -
                                                                       Strawberry Banana Fruit &
                                                                                     Cereal Bars.

                                                                      Brazil: Maizena
 Russia: Rasti Bolshoy Raspberry Flavored                             Morango -
 Biscuits for Babies 6-Months Onward.                                 Strawberry Flavored
                                                                      Pap Powder.
Flavour Analysis: Primary Flavour
Oats & Oatmeal Offer A Healthy Start To The Day

           Russia: Myllyn Paras
           Instant Oat Mash
           with Orange, Cherry                            United Kingdom:
           Cola and Sugar.                                Organix Goodies
                                                          Organic Oaties. Five
                                                          snack bags of tasty
                    Malaysia: Country                     mini oat biscuits
                  Farm Organics Oats                      containing
                   Instant Baby Oats.                     wholegrain oats and
                 High in Beta-Glucan,                     naturally sweetened
                 nutritious, high fiber,                  with grape juice.

          Brazil: Nestle
          Mucilon Lacteo
          Oat and Honey
          Powder for Babies.

                                            Beech Nut
               Germany: Humana                Morning
                   Haferflocken-           Whole Grain
                  Milchbrei - Milk          Oatmeal &
                      Cereal with          Mixed Fruit.
              Oatmeal for Babies.
Flavour Analysis: Secondary Flavour
Yogurt Inclusion For Flavour & Calcium

   Inclusion of ingredients such as yogurt increases the functionality
    and nutrition value of products. Yogurt is a good source of friendly
    bacteria and calcium and can partially fulfill the calcium need for

Canada: Heinz Mini Cereal Bars –
Strawberry Banana Yogurt Flavour
For Babies From 12 of Age.

                                   Vietnam: Nestle Gold Stage 3 Brown
                                   Rice with Yoghurt & Raspberry for
                                   Babies. With DHA, Bifidus - Prebio1,
                                   and CHE-easy to digest.
                                                                          United States: Beech Nut
                                                                          Let's Grow! Toddler's Yogurt
                                                                          Nibbles - Berries & Cherries.
 Added Vegetables Increases Nutrients

India: Graduates For       China: Firmus Babyrich Nutritious      China: Nestle Rice with       France: Carrot Flavored
Toddlers Crackers Made     Rice Powder with Marrow and            Mung Bean for 8-Month         Instant Cereal Formula for
with Whole Grain Veggie.   Vegetable for 6-24 Month Aged          Old Babies.                   Babies from 4 to 6 Months.
                           Baby. Added with walnut oil, carrot
                           powder, and vegetable marrow.

Thailand: Nestle Cerelac Pumpkin
Tomato Carrot & Milk for Infants.
Contains DHA. Easy to digest.
                                         South Korea: Euu Organic                Malaysia: Nestle Rice Porridge
                                         Vegetable Biscuits for Babies.          Vegetable with Carrot.
Flavour Analysis: Tertiary Flavour
Baby Cereals & Biscuits Trends
   Morning & Night Products From Beechnut
 •Beech-Nut Good Morning products give babies the right nutrition for
 breakfast: One gram of soluble fiber – soluble fiber gives Good Morning a
 low glycemic index which enables a steady release of energy and balanced
 blood-sugar level throughout the morning. This helps to keep babies
 satisfied, alert and happy, and contributes to better attention span,
 concentration, word recall and memory – all essential to good learning.

 •Beech-Nut Good Evening products give babies the right nutrition for
 dinner: Whey protein - a high-quality, easy to digest protein that helps build
 muscles when baby grows most – at night. Prebiotic - nutrients that
 stimulate the growth of “good” bacteria in the digestive system

United States: Beech-Nut Good Evening    Puerto Rico: Beech-Nut Good
Whole Grain Mixed Grain Cereal For Baby. Morning Whole Grain Oatmeal
                                         & Mixed Fruit Cereal for Baby.           Source:
  New Easy Pour Packaging

United States: Beech Nut Rice
Cereal for Baby. Rice cereal for
babies, packed in a carton box
with an easy-to-pour spout. Made
with natural ingredients, plus
vitamins and minerals. 45% daily
value of iron. 25% daily value of 10
other vitamins and minerals.
Single Grain With Multiple Benefits

               United States: Gerber Oatmeal
               Cereal with DHA Single Grain.
               Single grain cereal for babies
               transitioning from milk to solid
               foods held in a cardboard container.
               Cereal for babies that helps support
               brain and eye development.
               Contains 18 mg of DHA per serving.
               Made with natural grains. No added
               sugar or artificial flavors.

                          India: Gerber DHA Helps Support Brain
                          & Eye Development Rice Cereal. DHA is
                          an important nutrient in aiding brain
                          development. All the great nutrition of
                          other Gerber cereals including iron,
                          zinc, and 6 B vitamins. Contains 18mg
                          of DHA per serving. Resealable tin for
                          freshness and no mess serving. Made
                          with natural grains. No added sugars or
                          artificial flavorings.
Packaging Analysis
Packaging Analysis
Packaging Analysis

  China        Slovakia        China    France          Vietnam

 Philippines   United States
                                          Netherlands   United States
Packaging Analysis

            United States

    Japan                                       United Kingdom

   USA (14%), Vietnam (14%) and UK (12%) were the product launch

   Nestle (26%) was the company with most product launches, with the
    other 14 companies ranging from 16% to 2% of remaining product

   Baby food's naturalness is an important trend in all the regions.
    Preservative and/or additive free and organic/natural formulations
    have established their niche in the baby food market.

   Gut/digestive health positioned products should experience
    significant growth due to the recent trend of adding prebiotics and
    probiotics to baby cereal and biscuit products.

   DHA product launches in this category should also experience growth
    as the associated claims have appeal to parents.

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