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GROHE: European study of showering habits

There are many ways to guess the nationality of a foreign tourist
but checking out their showering habits might well be among the
most accurate ones. No matter how well people try to blend in at
their summer holiday destinations, their behaviour in the shower
cubicle will most likely reveal their origin. We have taken a look at
the results of a study of European showering habits1
commissioned by GROHE, a leading manufacturer of high quality
faucets and showers.

An important question needs to be answered first: What type of
shower are we talking about? 54 percent of the Belgian and
French respondents as well as 52 percent of the German
respondents take their showers in the bathtub. This convenient
two-in-one solution is also popular in Italy where the majority of
respondents, namely 55 percent, use an enclosed shower cubicle
with doors.

 Germany: 408 respondents, France: 329 respondents, Italy: 349 respondents,
interviews conducted by Global Market Insite GmbH
Spain: 925 respondents, interviews conducted by Burgos & Mestres S.L.
Austria: 200 respondents, interviews conducted by Karmasin Motivforschung
Belgium: 1000 respondents, interviews conducted by iVox

A good 3,200 interviews were held in 2007/2008

A shower a day ...

We have always suspected it - Europeans like to do it often and
regularly and most of them even do it on a daily basis. The ranking
by showering frequency is clearly led by France and Spain where
84 and 83 percent of the respondents have a shower at least once
a day. While the middle of the ranking shows Austria and
Germany with 69 and 64 percent, the GROHE Showering Study
reveals that Italy (60 percent) and Belgium (57 percent) are ranked
further down in the list.

It is more difficult to determine who prefers to start the day with a
splash and who likes to wash away the stress of the day in the
evening. 75 percent of the Spanish respondents say that they
have a shower before going to work in the morning but the same
percentage also say that they enjoy a shower before going to bed.
Daily or regular wake-up showers are equally popular as relaxing
night-time showers in France, Italy, Germany and Belgium. The
only country showing a clear preference is Austria where 57
percent prefer evening or night-time showers compared to 41
percent who love to have their shower in the morning.

Popular weekend pastime

There is Europe-wide agreement that showering is a great
weekend pastime. Again, the ranking is led with a wide margin by
Spain where 95 percent of the respondents have a shower at the
weekend regularly or even invariably. Even though 75 percent of
the Italian respondents share this habit, the country comes last in

this ranking because in all other countries more than 75 percent
enjoy a thorough shower at the weekend.

Spaniards have one before going out, Italians do it after

It is also interesting to see the national differences in showering
intentions. 81 percent of Spanish people going out on a date can
look forward to meeting with a freshly showered partner. 83
percent of the Italian respondents rarely or never forego a
refreshing shower after sports. A hot shower when feeling down or
unwell is preferred by 71 percent of Belgians - which will probably
come as a surprise to people in Germany where only eight percent
of the respondents invariably or regularly turn on the shower as a
“pick me up”.

Mixed doubles under the shower?

Showering involves a lot of naked skin, and one thing quickly
leads to another ... Which begs the question: Who has a shower
before, after and possibly also during you-know-what? It is
surprising to see a general preference for “before” showering. 42
percent of the Italian respondents state that they invariably or
regularly have a shower “before”, with the same percentage
saying that they enjoy a shower afterwards as well. While similar
readings (around 35 percent) were obtained in Belgium and
Germany, there is a trend towards showering “afterwards” in Spain
and France. So what about having a shower “during” the act? This
ranking is led by Belgium where 38 percent of people do it

invariably, regularly or occasionally, closely followed by France (36
percent) and Spain (35 percent). Italy finished last with 25 percent.

When the going gets hot, Europeans get going. This is also true
under European showers. 44 percent of the German respondents
invariably have a hot shower and another 36 percent do so at least
on a regular basis. The combined 80 percent put Germany in the
number one slot in this ranking, followed by Spain (77 percent),
Italy (75 percent), Austria (73 percent) and France (66 percent).
Europe’s toughest apparently reside in Belgium where “only” 53
percent love turning on the hot water.

To sponge or not to sponge?

Clear national differences can be observed when it comes to body
cleansing. 58 percent of Italian respondents expressed a
preference for sponges under the shower. The same percentage
was counted in Belgium where people prefer flannels. In contrast,
Germans take a more purist approach and cleanse their bodies
barehanded under the shower.

One result unites all Europeans - soap bars are all but history.
Today’s European consumers swear by shower gel. This is true of
90 percent of people in Germany as well as 87 percent in both
France and Belgium and 79 percent in Italy. The second rank is
held by shampoo which is favoured by 73 percent of people in
Germany, 68 percent in France, 65 percent in Italy and 64 percent
in Belgium. The only country where traditional soap bars score
more than 30 percent is Italy (35 percent); in Spain the percentage
of soap bar users is even as low as four percent.

Hairy encounters

The unpleasant aspects of showering were researched as well.
Finding other people’s hairs in the shower is the biggest no-no for
83 percent of French respondents as well as 80 and 76 percent of
their Belgian and German counterparts. The second most
important dislike is shower curtains which cling to your body - cited
by 75 percent of the Italian respondents as well as 64 and 58
percent of French and Belgian consumers.

Luckily one can seek distractions from such unpleasant sensations
because the time spent under the shower can be used in many
different ways. The most favoured side-line activity while
scrubbing is “thinking”. 71 percent of the Spanish respondents
give free rein to their thoughts regularly or invariably, compared to
61 percent in Italy and 52 percent in Belgium. The things people
think about under the shower are similar as well. The list is topped
by “planning for the day” which scores 84 percent in Germany, 79
percent in France and 75 percent in Italy.

Shower songs for Europe

Given that nobody can spend all their shower time thinking,
Europeans sometimes break into song under the shower. This is
not done regularly but there is clearly an upward trend. As for the
choice of songs, people tend to simply pick tunes that spring to
mind. However, there is a clear tendency towards local music
flavours. 33 percent of the Spanish respondents go for Spanish
pop music while 21 and 20 percent of their Italian and French

counterparts pick local songs. Germans, in contrast, favour pop
and rock songs (34 percent).

Feel like having a shower after all this reading? GROHE showers
ensure a perfect shower experience because they cater to all
personal and local preferences. Even where the water pressure is
comparatively low GROHE DreamSpray® technology creates well-
defined spray patterns by channelling the available water evenly to
all nozzles. This means maximum shower enjoyment without any
need to feel guilty about the environment, given that Rainshower
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compared to competitor products. This is only one example of how
the perfect balance of quality, technology and design encourages
resource awareness and smart resource management. Whether
it’s an Austrian-style shower in the evening, an Italian-style shower
after sports, a Belgian shower with a flannel or a purist hot-water
shower in Germany - GROHE showers inspire well-being all
around the globe.

Tops of the country rankings:
Daily showers:             France
Weekend showers:           Spain
Evening showers:           Austria
Hot-water showers:         Germany
Sponge showers:            Italy
Love showers:              Belgium


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