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					                                                                         ENCLOSURE 1 TO
                                                                         ICSC(M) 10/6a


From:         CPO Wtr
To:           DSOO
Subject:      Mr Barnaby Bakon
Date:         9 Jun 09


1.      We have received a letter requesting information on a former sailor (Enclosure 2). You
may recall that nasty bit of work we eventually managed to sack just after you arrived last year.
He was the man implicated with the football gang when the Ipswich fan was left with brain
damage. His name was Barnaby Bakon; it’s the same person this Body Guard Company wants
the reference for.

2.      Although he was never charged for the football gang business he has a history of fighting
after a few beers. He was busted 6 years ago for GBH against his Chief and spent some time at
the MCTC in Colchester. We eventually managed to get rid of him when he failed a compulsory
drugs test, it was Class B, and the word on the street was he was into lots more. Most of the
guys hated him but equally most were too scared to tell him what they thought.

3.     Towards the end he had an increasing problem with authority and he would often turn up
stinking of beer. I pity his poor wife Jackie, she was always far too good for him and he was
increasingly possessive. On more than one occasion she turned up at the HIVE with bruises but
she would never have a bad word said about him.

4.     He received a testimonial on leaving the Service and we don’t normally enlarge on this - but
this guy is a really nasty bit of work; even a bunch of Body Guards don’t need a guy like this. I
have composed a few words in the form of a draft letter. I know it’s not usual policy to say more
than we need to but I’m sure that if I were Hug I would want to know the real Bakon. It’s on file No
710/11 (Enclosure 3).

Task. You are to achieve the following:

First check the letter (Enclosure 3) that the Chief has produced, then annotate the draft with a
number and produce a consolidated list of errors. Second correct the error stating if it is factual
or DW. Third, draft your own solution on a separate sheet.


The letter is on headed note paper so use the format provided.
                                                                          ENCLOSURE 2 TO
                                                                          ICSC(M) 10/6a

                                  Impact Body Guarding Services
                                         The Warehouse
                                          32 King Street
                                           NR21 5XT

                                       Tel: (01263) 553 2281
                                       Fax: (01263) 553 2282

The Commanding Officer                                                    Ref: IS/Pers
Flag Officer South
Naval Base
Royal Navy
PO5 8DX                                                                   8 June 2009

Dear Sir,

Barnaby Bakon from Aylsham in Norfolk has applied for a position as a body guard with our
company and has given your name for a reference, as I understand you were his employer for the
last two years. He has given us a testimonial but as it is rather short, I would be grateful if you
could provide a reference and confirm that he worked for you.

I would be particularly interested in your assessment as to his suitability for guarding ‘celebrities’;
is he trustworthy and does he have a criminal record? Please forward this information as soon as
possible as we cannot proceed with his application until we receive it.

Yours Sincerely,

A Hug

Andy Hug
Human Resources Manager
                                                                             ENCLOSURE 3 TO
                                                                             ICSC(M) 10/6a

Reference: FOS/710/11                                   FLAG OFFICER SOUTH
                                                        Room 166
                                                        East Battery
                                                        Dolphin Island
                                                        PO5 8DX
                                                        Mil Net: 93832 621234
                                                        Telephone: 02392 621234
                                                        Fax: (02392) 621234
Mr A Thug
Human Resources Manager
Impact Body Guarding Services
The Warehouse
32 King Street
NR21 5XT                                                Jun 09

Dear Mt Thug

1.        Thank you for your letter in which you requested a reference for Barnaby.

2.      Barnaby was under my command and he was given a testimonial when he left the service.
He left the Navy a while ago which was not a moment too soon, he was frankly a bit of a disgrace,
and he didn’t really click in a military environment. To answer your question I would imagine he
would be good at looking after celebrities, as long as the pay is good. I remember, I think, that he
did get into a scrape with the law but that was a long time ago and he has probably mellowed
since then.

3.        I hope this is of help and if there’s any more help I can give please give be a bell.

Yours faithfully

Joseph Farquharson

J Farquharson
Lieutenant Royal Navy
    IS/Pers dated 8 June 2009.
for FOS

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