The YMCA of Greater Boston General Board of Directors 2010 Officers

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					The YMCA of Greater Boston
General Board of Directors 2010 Officers

                     John Conley is a Partner and Co-Founder of Gilliam Capital, a life-science investment firm
                     in Concord, Massachusetts. John has spent several years in the biotechnology industry. He
                     was VP of Business Development at Transkaryotic Therapies, and a Co-Founder of Alnylam
                     Pharmaceuticals. During his ten years at Biogen-IDEC, John served in several marketing,
                     business development, sales and finance positions, including Treasurer. Previously he was a
                     Manager at the consulting firm of Bain & Company. John graduated with a BS in Economics
                     from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and an MBA from the Yale School of
                     Management. John has served as Vice-Chair of the YMCA of Greater Boston General Board
                     of Directors for the last three years. He has chaired the Board’s Marketing and Reach Out
                     committees and Co-Chaired the Capital Campaign Cabinet. John joined the YMCA of Greater
                     Boston General Board in 2000.
John G. Conley

                              Patricia Bellinger is the                               Eileen Connors is a former
                              Chairman of the Board                                   psychiatric social worker. Eileen
                              of Directors of Nordic                                  has served as a foster care and
                              Windpower Inc., a leading                               adoption worker, college counselor,
                              manufacturer of wind                                    and therapist. She is a member of
                              turbines, and a non-executive                           the R.O.S.E. Fund, and is Co-Chair
                              director of Sodexo SA.                                  of the Advisory Board of the
                              Patti is an internationally                             Boston College Graduate School
                              recognized expert and                                   of Social Work. She has been
Patricia S. Bellinger         speaker on diversity, equality                          involved with the Leukemia
Vice-Chair                    and leadership development.                             Foundation, the Cystic Fibrosis
                              Until 2007, Patti served         Eileen M. Connors Foundation, and the Task Force
as one of the top 40 executives at British Petroleum plc.      Vice-Chair             on Women and Boston College.
Patti is a member of the New England Advisory Board and                               Eileen received her BA in Education
the Board of Trustees of Facing History & Ourselves, and       and her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Boston
the Organizational Resources Council’s Worldwide Diversity     College. For the past three years, Eileen has been the
and Equality Practice Advisory Board. Patti joined the         co-chair of the Hello Party, the Y’s signature annual
YMCA of Greater Boston General Board in 2008.                  fundraising gala. Eileen joined the YMCA of Greater
                                                               Boston’s General Board in 1997.

                      Brian Kavoogian is the Founder                                  Jeff Conway is Executive Vice
                      and President of Charles River                                  President and head of State
                      Realty Investors. Brian is a                                    Street’s Investment Manager
                      Trustee of Tufts University and                                 Services Business Unit. Jeff also
                      the Park School and an Overseer                                 leads the relationship management
                      of the Tisch College at Tufts and                               and ongoing service delivery for
                      Newton-Wellesley Hospital. Brian                                State Street’s large operations
                      is the President-Elect of the local                             outsourcing customers. Most
                      chapter of the National Association                             recently, he was head of the
                      of Industrial and Office Properties.                            Global Strategy group. Jeff joined
                      He is a past Chairman of the                                    State Street in 1987 and held
Brian H. Kavoogian Greater Boston Real Estate Board            Jeff Conway            several senior managerial positions.
Vice-Chair            and a past Director of the MA            Treasurer              In 1998, he was appointed to the
                      Development Finance Authority.                                  position of Managing Director of
                      Brian joined the YMCA of Greater         State Street Australia. Jeff joined the YMCA of Greater
Boston General Board in 2001.                                  Boston General Board in 2005.
                      John Ferrell was appointed
                      President of the YMCA of Greater          The YMCA of Greater Boston:
                      Boston in 1993 as only the 11th Chief
                      Executive Officer since the founding of   Delivers after school programs to more than 1 in
                      America’s first YMCA in 1851. John        6 Boston elementary-aged children.
                      has provided leadership for many
                                                                Awards scholarships to 43 % of the 10,000 Y
                      national YMCA initiatives and is past
                                                                summer campers.
                      Chairman of the Urban Group of
                      YMCAs, the 30 largest YMCAs in the        Runs the largest summer jobs program for
                      country. John graduated from              youth, employing over 640 teens.
John M. Ferrell       Birmingham Southern College
President             with a BA in 1964 and completed           Enables over 1,400 families to live healthier
                      an MDIV at Yale Divinity School in        through reduced fee memberships.
                      1967, which he attended initially
through a Rockefeller Brothers Fellowship. He began his         Provides job training that has a 90 % retention /
42-year career in New York’s Harlem after working part-time     promotion rate for graduates.
at the New Haven, Connecticut YMCA.

                  The YMCA of Greater Boston is pleased to announce our
                        General Board of Directors 2010 Officers:
                                              John G. Conley, Chair
                                         Patricia S. Bellinger, Vice-Chair
                                         Eileen M. Connors, Vice-Chair
                                         Brian H. Kavoogian, Vice-Chair
                                             Jeff Conway, Treasurer

BOSTON, MA 02115

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