Tips for Creating a Webquest Using Quest Garden by latenightwaitress


									Tips for Creating a Webquest Using Quest Garden

Author • This information that appears here was taken from the input you supplied when you opened a Quest Garden account. • You can only change it by opening a different account.

Topic The information you enter about your topic does not appear on any page in the webquest. It is only to help you get started thinking.

Title & Description • This information will appear on the home page of your quest. • It should be a very brief description of what level student the quest is designed for and what it consists of. • The audience for this information is other teachers who may want to use or modify your quest.

Standards 1 • The information will appear when a participant clicks on Teacher page and then chooses Standards. • Choose only the one or two standards that your quest is designed to meet. • Write out the wording of the standard.

Standards 2
New York State Learning Standards for 28 Subjects New York State Language Arts Standards with Key Ideas
TESOL PreK-12 Standards

Langages Other than English (Foreign Language) Standards

Learners • The information you enter will appear on Teacher page under Learners. • The description should be a very brief description of what level (grade or age) the quest is designed for. • Describe any special needs of learners the quests is designed for such as language proficiency level or other conditions.

Task • This section simply specifies the final product such as a written report, oral report, Power Point presentation, skit, etc. • The task description should be about one paragraph in length. • It should be written in the second person and in language accessible to your targeted learners.

Process • Address the students directly. • Use to keep track of links as you develop this section. • Intersperse relevant online resources within the steps in the process. • Assigning different roles is a good technique. • Provide scaffolding by using checklists or guiding questions.

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