Tips for Effective Classroom Discipline by latenightwaitress


									Tips for Effective Classroom
Have a Plan

   Be organized
   Minimize classroom rules (positive)
   Have rules clearly displayed
   Include both positive and negative

   Communicate with students
    –   Communicate expectations
    –   Develop a rapport
    –   Develop trust
   Communicate with parents
    –   Before there are problems
    –   When positive things are occurring
    –   When there are problems
Hierarchy of Discipline

   Cue student
   Change environment
   Issue detention
   Office referral

***** contact parents at every stage
Discipline Options

   Teacher Detention
   Lunch Detention
   Administrative Detention
   After School Restriction
   Inschool Restriction
   Out of School Suspension
   Long term options
    –   Long term suspension
    –   Alternate placement at DMMS/ Other
    –   NREP
Important Notes

   Be Positive
   Develop Trust
   Be Consistent
   Have fun
Additional Sites
 great resource site
   School Improvement Research Series (SIRS)
   Research You Can Use Schoolwide and Classroom Discipline
 11 Techniques for Better Classroom Discipline
 The English Teacher Methods and Practices
    of Classroom Discipline
   General Classroom Pledge, Getting Down to Business: Tips for Starting the Day Getting a
    Headstart: Classroom Chores
   Behavior & Discipline
,1871,18560-171462-22-17583,00.html Mrs.
    Schneider H OW I A CT Discipline System (Example of a plan)

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