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									                 PENCINTA ALAM
                                                                                                                                        December 2008


Malaysian Logging Plans Threaten Rhinos and Tigers
Habitats of the critically endangered Sumatran            Malaysia. “There seems to be little regard for rele-           Dato' Dionysius also expressed his concerns
rhinoceros and the endangered Malayan tiger are           vant laws and the DEIA process.”                         over the anticipated high erosion rate due to the log-
under threat from a plan to clear nearly 19,000                 A survey conducted as part of the DEIA has re-     ging activity and forest clearing in the area, leading
hectares of forest in north-eastern Malaysia.             vealed evidence of the presence of the elusive           to deterioration in river water quality. “The Kelah
      A Detailed Environmental Impact Assessment          Sumatran rhinoceros within the Tembat Forest             fish population found in rivers there will undeniably
(DEIA) has revealed that the Terengganu state gov-        Reserve, and as recently as August 2008 a survey by      decrease,” he said. Kelah has high conservation and
ernment has proposed to extract all commercially          the Department of Wildlife and National Parks'           commercial values.
valuable timber in 12,630 ha of forest, adjacent to the   Sumatran Rhinoceros Task Force revealed evidence               The DEIA report also states that the deteriora-
6,130 ha of forest reserve currently being cleared for    such as feeding trails and horn scratch marks.           tion in river water quality in Sungai Tembat and
the construction of two hydropower dams.                        Both forest reserves are also habitats for other   Sungai Terengganu Mati will affect eco-tourism and
      The Tembat and Petuang Forest Reserves also         endangered wildlife like the Malayan tiger and           that high soil erosion and sedimentation will affect
act as a water catchment area for Tasik Kenyir, the       Malayan tapir, which are totally protected under the     fish biodiversity and spawning grounds.
largest man-made lake in Southeast Asia. They are         Protection of Wildlife Act 1972.                               Dato' Dionysius further stated that logging in a
currently being logged to build the Puah and Tembat                                                                dam catchment forest will increase siltation and
dams and are home to the Sumatran rhinoceros and                                                                   could reduce the dam lifetime in the long run, even
Malayan tiger. The forest reserves also fall within the                                                            if logging was only carried out during the construc-
dam catchment area.                                                                                                tion stage of the dam. “This is because forests take
      In addition, the DEIA, which was available for                                                               many years to regenerate and fully resume their
public viewing recently, states that 30 per cent of the                                                            ecosystem function as water catchment and for soil
existing elephant population within the project area                                                               protection,” he said.
will be forced into nearby plantations, creating more                                                              (Source: WWF Malaysia, 13 November 2008)
human-elephant conflict.
                                                                                                                    Green Living Column would like suggestions for
      “Evidence on the ground also suggests that log-
                                                                                                                    future columns.
ging and clearing of the reservoir area have already
                                                                                                                    E-mail them at to tell
proceeded prior to the approval of the DEIA,” said
                                                                                                                    them what topic you would like to learn more about.
Dato' Dr. Dionysius Sharma, CEO of WWF-
Eco Kids
                                                       Equipment:                                             Crackers traditionally contain a joke or riddle, so
                                                       1. Strong glue or double-sided tape.                   here are some sample jokes for you to write on slips
                                                       2. Pinking shears.                                     of paper to include in your cracker!
3R CRAFT:                                              3. Regular scissors.
Christmas Crackers                                                                                            Q: What do you call an old snowman?
by Wong Ee Lynn                                        Directions:                                            A: Water!
(                              1. Cut one of the cardboard tubes in half and leave
                                                          the other intact. Arrange the two halves at each end Q: What do you sing at a snowman's birthday party?
                                                          of the intact tube, as in the picture below.         A: Freeze a jolly good fellow!

                                                                                                              Q: What's Tarzan's favourite Christmas song?
                                                                                                              A: Jungle Bells!

                                                                                                              Q: Did Rudolph go to a regular school?
                                                                                                              A: No, he was "elf"-taught!

                                                                                                              Now tie up the other end of the cracker. Your cracker
                                                                                                               should resemble a long wrapped sweet.

                                                                                                             5. Use your pinking shears to trim the ends of the
You don't have to be of any particular religion to
                                                                                                                cracker to create a zigzag pattern. There may be
enjoy making, giving and playing with these Christ-
                                                                                                                wrinkles and tears on reused wrapping paper, so
mas crackers! Help reduce waste by reusing
                                                                                                                cover these up by gluing the Christmas card
discarded items in making these festive favours.
                                                       2. Make sure your sheet of wrapping paper is wide        cutouts on top of them.
                                                          enough to go round the cardboard tube without
You need:
                                                          leaving any cardboard exposed, and extends about 6. Give a cracker to each guest and have them pull
1. Cardboard toilet roll tubes (2 for each cracker).
                                                          one inch beyond the cardboard tubes at each end.      one end with you to release the goodies inside.
2. Leftover/once-used wrapping paper.
                                                                                                                Now, isn't this a great way to reuse unwanted items
3. Pictures cut out from old greeting cards.
                                                       3. Apply a thin layer of glue or double-sided tape on    lying around the home?
4. Leftover/once-used ribbons or yarn.
                                                          the paper and roll it around all 3 sections of the
5. Extra toys from fast food meals, coins, sweets and
                                                          cardboard tubes. Leave a little gap in between the Have a happy and environmentally responsible
   leftover party favours.
                                                          tubes to allow space for the ribbon. Smooth out       school holiday, everyone!
6. Confetti, made by punching junk mail into little
                                                          any wrinkles on the paper and let the glue dry.
   circles or snowflakes using a regular or craft
                                                       4. Tie a ribbon on one end of the tubes. Put a toy,
7. A Christmas joke or riddle, written or printed on a
                                                          some treats and confetti into the open end.
   slip of paper.
                    A Guide to Medicinal Plants
                    Author: Assoc Prof Wee Yeow Chin
                    MP: RM16.00                                                                                        (742912-V)
                    NMP: RM18.00                                                                       Website:
                    Publisher: Singapore Science Centre                                              Contact: Thong at
                                                                                                         H/P: 016-6375622 Office: 03-40248896
                      Traditional medicine is still practised in almost all cultures,
                      sometimes in parallel with modern Western medicine. In all        Everest Base Camp / Kalapattar trek from 28/04/09 – 18/05/09 (21D/20N)
                      these traditional medicines, plants play an important role.
      This guide gives a representative of the more common local plants that are                                                         Experience the culture of the
used medicinally. The plants are listed alphabetically according to their                                                                Sherpas en route to Khumbu
scientific names. Where available, common names are included and these are                                                               village. Enjoy a climb to the
listed in the index. A simple description and a colour photograph are provided for                                                       scintillating Kalapattar 5,545
each plant. Chemical compounds are included for reference purposes. The uses            m / 18190 ft, one of the most spectacular vantage points in the Everest region.
of the plant parts for specific ailments are provided for information only.             Explore enchanting views of Everest, Pumori, Ama Dablam, Nuptse, Lhotse,
      The main purpose of this guide is to create public awareness of the many          Makalu and many other towering peaks.
medicinal plants that are seen in urban Singapore.                                      Two free training trips will provided for the Everest Base Camp trip. Further
                                                                                        info at
                          The Encyclopedia of Malaysia:
                          The Environment                                               MT Fansipan and Halong bay Expedition from 08/04/09 to 15/04/09
                          Vol. Ed.: Prof. Dato' Dr Sham Sani
                          MP: RM85.50
                          NMP: RM95.00
                          Publisher: Archipelago Press
                           The Encyclopedia of Malaysia is the largest reference        Fansipan is branded "the Roof of Indochina" at the height of 3,143 m; Fansi-
                           work on Malaysia ever undertaken. It builds up a de-         pan is to be approved as one of the very few eco-tourist spots of Vietnam, with
                           tailed portrait of Malaysia in all its aspects, and sets     about 2,024 floral varieties and 327 faunal species. It takes 2 days to reach the
                           them in both historical and regional setting. Each vol-      3,143-m summit, the highest peak of the Indochina Peninsula.
                           ume is dedicated to a different subject.                     Ha Long bay, dotted with 3000 limestone islets rising from emerald waters, is
     The Environment volume (which is closely related to the Animals and                the best known natural wonder of Vietnam. Because of their precipitous na-
Plants volumes) gives a comprehensive account of the Malaysian environment,             ture, most of the islands are uninhabited and unaffected by human presence.
including the country’s physical geography, its weather and climate, human im-          The site's outstanding scenic beauty is complemented by its great
pact on the environment and its consequences, as well as government environ-            biological interest.
mental policy and programmes.                                                           One free training trip will provided for the Fansipan trekking trip.
Books are available at ‘The MNS Shop’T/F: 03-22873471. E:         Further info at
Please call/e-mail the MNS Shop before dropping in.
                                                        tion programmes based on the WCS' Teachers for           ence of the Jenera river and the Nenggiri, where our
                                MYCAT Watch
                                                        Tigers manual at SMK Felda Bersia, SK RKT Bersia         camp was located on the river bank.
                                                        and SK Basia Lama.                                             Everything was well organised; in the kitchen
                                                             This programme was made possible by the gen-        they were already preparing our dinner. After a long
Gerik outreach                                          erous financial support of the elc International
                                                        School and International School of Kuala Lumpur,
                                                                                                                 day, everybody went to bed early.
                                                                                                                       The following morning, after breakfast, we em-
by Loretta Ann Soosayraj                                and many thanks to our fantastic team of volunteers!     barked again, and very soon we reached the Sg Loh
Taking a new approach in reaching out to local                                                                   tributary with a nice waterfall, where most of us
communities in poaching and illegal wildlife trade                                                               could not resist the temptation of a bath.
hotspots, a team of volunteers set up a stall in the                                                                   The next stretch of the river had many rapids,
weekly produce market in the town of Gerik, Perak,                                                               which was big fun. In the afternoon we reached the
in early November.                                                                                               Orang Asli kampung of Pos Pulat, where we received
      The stall displayed confiscated parts of tigers                                                            a hearty welcome. The afternoon was free, the
and other protected wildlife, wire snares and aware-                                                             weather was perfect, we could dry our clothes and
ness materials. The volunteers scoured the market                                                                got a demonstration how to tap rubber.
collecting signatures for the petition for better                                                                      That evening we had a BBQ, followed by a
wildlife legislation, distributing magnets and bags                                                              show of Sewang dance and music. Of course we had
with the Tiger Crime Hotline 019 356 4194 on them,                                                               to take part in the dancing...
to encourage reporting of wildlife crimes.                        Nenggiri Rafting Trip
                                                        The Nenggiri trip, organised by John Chan (MNS
                                                        Nature Guides) started on Thursday evening 30
                                                        October with a supper in Raub. Around 1 am we
                                                        arrived in Gua Musang, where we found (very basic)
                                                        accommodation in the GEC.
                                                              The next morning we met the guides of the
                                                        Sahabat Sungai Nenggiri (SSN) who would accom-
                                                        pany us for the next three days. Rafts, luggage and
                                                        our good selves were loaded into a lorry that took us
                                                        to Kuala Betis, where we started our trip.
                                                              In the beginning it was easy paddling; later we
     They also engaged the locals in conversation,                                                                     On the last day we continued our river journey,
                                                        encountered several rapids, but they were not really
touching on the cruelty and illegality of snares,                                                                passing impressive limestone cliffs. One of them
                                                        difficult. Of course we got wet, very wet...
smuggling activity in the area and theimportance of                                                              contained another cave, Gua Pintu. We had to crawl
                                                              Our first stop was at Gua Cha. Excavations
protecting the nearby forests of Belum Temengor.                                                                 through a narrow passage, with many bats, to reach
                                                        have shown that this cave was already inhabited in
     The team also visited the night market in the                                                               the top chamber of the cave, from where we had a
                                                        prehistoric times. After lunch, we continued our raft-
same area, and also conducted conservation educa-                                                                spectacular view of the river far below.
                                                        ing and after a few hours we arrived at the conflu-
                                                                                                                                         continues on next page   4
     From this cave it was about 4 km to the end         (Lithocarpus) and other types of generally slender              fact, five species were added to the list of birds
point at Kg Star, and the suggestion was made that       trees. Mixed Dipterocarp forest is located on the               found in the area and the 'wow' birds are the
we could do this part using body-rafting. At first       lower slopes. Also, much natural forest was retained            White-crested Hornbill (Berenicornis coma-
many hesitated a bit, but finally almost everybody       when the golf course at Borneo Highlands Resort                 tus) and the Black Hornbill (Anthracoceros
plunged in the fast-flowing stream. It was sheer joy!    was built, creating an even wider range of habitats.            malay-anus). (I am thrilled that I saw them!)
     From here the lorry took us back to Gua Mu-               The month of October was chosen because                          As with all (most) races there are winners
sang, where we had snacks and drinks before we           migratory species are now winging their way south-              and losers. Just being there – in the jungle –
drove back to KL.                                        ward from their northern breeding grounds and might             identifying birds made all participants win-
     A memorable trip!                                   be observed.                                                    ners. However, the winning team of Jason Hon
                                                                                                                         and Lihon Singga saw 31 birds. Second and
   Counting Birds in the Penrissen                                                                                       third place went students from Universiti
                                                                                                                         Sarawak Malaysia. The team of Pang Sing
             Highlands                                                                                                   Tyan and Ada Bong came second and Mohd
                 by Mary Margaret                                                                                        Ridwan Abd Rahman and Muhammad Ikhwan
                                                                                                                         bin Idris came third, counting 18 and 11 birds
Sunday, 19 October 2008 marked the first time a bird                                                                     respectively.
race has been held in Sarawak. The Kuching Branch                                                                               The rain in the afternoon did not daunt
Birding Group of the Malaysian Nature Society and                                                                        the participants of the bird race or others who
the Borneo Highlands Resort – together – made a                                                                          came to enjoy the natural world of the Penris-
dream a reality. Ms Rebecca D'Cruz, Chairperson of                                                                       sen Range. These people enjoyed guided for-
the Kuching Branch, highlighted the importance of                                                                        est walks and learning about birds and bird
this co-operation.                                                                                                       photography.
      At 8.30 am sharp, 16 teams of two people were
                                                         Looking into the Kapuas Valley, West Kalimantan, Indonesia.
flagged off to start the inaugural Mini Bird Race. The
rules were simple – record in the logbook every bird
                                                         It is here that, if you are lucky, hornbills can be observed.      MNS Miri Branch Extreme
seen by both members of the team and be back at the            Mr Anthony Wong, one of the organizers, said
                                                                                                                               Birding Weekend
starting point by 2.30 pm. The rules were simple, but    that this bird race could increase the numbers of bird                    Nazeri Abghani/MNS Miri
not the task.                                            watchers and the appreciation for the wonders of
      The Penrissen Range is recognized internation-     forests. And this happened. The participants found              With most migrants starting to come back to
ally as an important bird area. In this mountainous      the experience awesome, and some really like jungle             our beaches and mudflats, it was thought a
region that marks Sarawak's border with West Kali-       trekking.                                                       swell idea to spend a weekend (16–17 August)
mantan, about 150 species of birds (or slightly more           However, bird racing has a serious side. The              quietly scanning the horizons for our well-
than one-quarter of the total number of bird species     data collected provides wildlife researchers with               anticipated annual visitors.
found in Sarawak) have so far been sighted by MNS        background information on bird populations and an                     The event started innocently enough with
members.                                                 understanding of their dynamics, for example fluc-              birders and potential twitchers quietly peering
      Montane forest, which occurs at about 900 m,       tuations in populations and species composition. In             through their scopes and binos at common
is composed of members of the tropical oak family                                                                        birds along the beach near the new Miri
                                                                                                                                                 continues on next page       5
                                                                                                  Marina ... it gloriously ended in Xtreme birding, zip-
FRIM-MNS-SHELL Nature Education Centre                                                            ping across international borders with riverbed cross-
School Holiday Programme 2008                                                                     ings and scrambles through little-known swamps.
                                                                                                  Leg No. 1: Miri Marina 0900–1000 h, 16 August
NATURE CAMP 1                                                                                     The first hour saw members ogling at a lone Chinese
Theme: The Fort of Tsunami                                                                        Egret; the only other time we spotted the rare visitor
                                                                                                  was in Kuala Baram. It caused some excitement. We
Date: 13th & 14th December 2008 (Saturday & Sunday)                                               only managed a lone Common Sandpiper before the
Venue: FRIM-MNS-SHELL Nature Education Centre, FRIM Kepong                                        rain arrived. We just made it to the hotel lobby with-
                                                                                                  out being completely drenched. These birds made it
Age: 7–15 years old                                                                               to our list after one short hour: Chinese Egret, Little
Charges: RM 270.00 (Early birds)                                                                  Egret, Little Heron, Collared Kingfisher, Pied
         RM 320.00 (MNS member)                                                                   Thriller, Peaceful Dove, Yellow-vented Bulbul and
         RM 360.00 (Non- member)                                                                  Common Sandpiper.
Activities: Spend the night at Kuala Selangor Nature Park, Journey into the mangrove, mud         Leg No. 2: Old Miri River/HSBC 1230–1330 h
bath, beautiful sunset of Kuala Selangor, amazing seafood dinner, Fireflies boat ride, nature     After a long, early lunch we continued further north
craft, games and many more!                                                                       along an old Miri River section which was recently
                                                                                                  reclaimed. Over a short hour walking along the Miri
NATURE CAMP 2                                                                                     River (or what used to be), these birds were spotted:
Theme: Feel Nature's Touch                                                                        Wood Sandpiper, Common Redshank, Common
                                                                                                  Sandpiper and White-breasted Waterhen.
Date: 16th & 17th December 2008 (Tuesday & Wednesday)                                                   Swinging back in a southerly direction we were
Venue: FRIM-MNS-SHELL Nature Education Centre, FRIM Kepong                                        treated to a group of Long-toed Stint and Red-necked
                                                                                                  Stint (one with an orange flag tagged to its tibia). The
Age: 7–15 years old                                                                               sighting of a tagged RNS caused quite a stir,
Charges: RM 270.00 (Early birds)                                                                  especially with other sightings recorded in Malacca
        RM 320.00 (MNS member)                                                                    by Ang and later by Karim in KK. These sightings
        RM 360.00 (Non-member)                                                                    were forwarded to Clive Minton of AWSG.
                                                                                                        Later, we were also managed to get a close-up
Activities: Venture into our adventures trail during the nature walk & night walk, visit to the   view of Little Heron and Little Ringed Plover.
Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary and Deer Land Park, learn how to use the blow pipe,
nature craft, games and many more!!                                                               Leg No. 3: Kuala Baram Prawn Farms 1600–1900 h
                                                                                                  Promptly at 1600 h we all headed towards Kg Masjid
If you are interested, call us at 03-62771703, 03- 22879422 or email us at       in the middle of Kuala Baram marshes, expecting
Please log on to to download the registration form and programme.                  swarms of waders. Well, they weren't where we ex-
                                                                                                  pected them to be ... we were consoled by sightings
                                                                                                                          continues on next page 6
of Chestnut Munia and a White-bellied Sea Eagle                                                                       With an extremely low tide we walked across
along the way. Twenty minutes of skipping logs                                                                  the mudflats to the waders: Terek Sandpiper, Lesser
along a riverbed later, we soon found ourselves on a                                                            Sand Plover (several in breeding plumage), Greater
quiet section of very sandy Kuala Baram beach                                                                   Sand Plover, Malaysian Plover, Pacific Golden
fronting the South China Sea. Ideal spot for waders!                                                            Plover, Sanderling (one in breeding plumage), Red-
      True enough, we sighted the following: Terek                                                              necked Stint, Little Tern, and Whiskered Tern.
Sandpiper, Common Sandpiper, Whiskered Tern,                                                                          A special thank you to Karim Madoya for
Little Tern, Little Egret, Pacific Reef Egret (white                                                            agreeing to be dragged around by MNS Miri birders
morph), Malaysian Plover, Greater Sandplover,                                                                   for the weekend, Steve Dexter for making the outing
Osprey and Collared Kingfisher. A White-bellied                                                                 both extreme and enjoyable, Shirley and Shim of
Woodpecker and a Cinnamon Bittern made our list                                                                 PNHS for being consummate hosts in Brunei. Not
                                                            Having exhausted our enthusiasm by the beach,
on our trek back to the car.                                                                                    least to Sparrow Tan and MNS Miri members.
                                                      we drove to Seria. At Seria Loop, we only managed
Leg No. 4: Sg Satu, Kuala Belait and Sg Seria, Seria, great views of Little Egret, Little Heron, Common         Our final tally:
Brunei 0800–1230 h, 17 August                         Sandpiper and juvenile Common Moorhen. With the           Blue-eared Barbet, Cinnamon Bittern, Cream-vented
The next day we immediately made our way across sun's heat right over our head, and expected waders             Bulbul, Yellow-vented Bulbul, Dollarbird, Emerald
the Brunei border. Even before reaching our destina- nowhere to be seen we decided to park ourselves in         Dove, Spotted Dove, White-bellied Sea Eagle,
tion we sighted a Purple Heron and a Black-winged an air-conditioned restaurant, conveniently located           Chinese Egret, Intermediate Egret, Little Egret,
Kite by the roadside.                                 in the middle of Seria town roundabout.                   Pacific Reef Egret, Little Heron, Purple Heron, Black
      Across the border we were joined by two                                                                   Hornbill, Pied Hornbill, Common Iora, Collared
                                                      Leg No. 5: Sg Taraban Dirt Tracks, Kuala Belait
Panaga Natural History Society members at Sungai                                                                Kingfisher, Black-winged Kite, Brahminy Kite,
                                                      1400–1600 h
Satu. One minute into the Sg Satu junction, we were                                                             Fiery Minivet, Common Moorhen (juvenile), Chest-
                                                      We made two stops: one on a dirt road across from
greeted by three Pied Hornbills perched along the                                                               nut Munia, Osprey, Owl sp. (heard), Pink-necked
                                                      the Rasau Bridge along the Sungai Belait; the other
road, quite a ruckus came out of the Curtin car … !                                                             Pigeon, Greater Sand Plover, Lesser Sand Plover
                                                      a dead-end dirt track not far from Kampong Sungai
      Along the way to the beach there were several                                                             (some in breeding plumage), Little Ringed Plover,
                                                      Taraban. The place looked ideal for birds with many
White-breasted Woodswallows and Spotted Doves.                                                                  Malaysian Plover, Pacific Golden Plover, Yellow-
                                                      single tracks cutting across the forest. Here we were
As we were turning onto the beach, we saw a mag-                                                                bellied Prinia, Common Redshank, Sanderling (one
                                                      rewarded with excellent views of Fiery Minivet,
nificent White-bellied Sea Eagle soaring above the                                                              in breeding plumage), Common Sandpiper, Terek
                                                      Blue-eared Barbet, Brahminy Kite, Dollarbird,
lagoon. Not a single wader in sight!                                                                            Sandpiper, Wood Sandpiper, Long-toed Stint, Red-
                                                      Common Iora, Cream-vented Bulbul, Black Horn-
      The wader weekend kind of evolved into                                                                    necked Stint (one with orange flag and metal ring),
                                                      bill, Pied Hornbill, Scarlet-backed Sunbird, Wood-
Xtreme Birding from this point onwards. This was                                                                Scarlet-backed Sunbird, Pacific Swallow, Purple
                                                      pecker sp. and Owl sp.
partly because we didn't see any waders! Some went                                                              Swamphen, Ashy Tailorbird, Rufous-tailed Tailor-
on scanning the horizons while half the team went Leg No. 6: Kuala Baram Mudflats, 1700–1900 h                  bird, Little Tern, Whiskered Tern, Pied Thriller,
exploring the coastal swamps nearby. Birds that We finally made our way back into Sarawak from                  Grey-rumped Treeswift, White-breasted Waterhen,
made onto our list on this leg: Common Iora, Purple Brunei just in time for a little well-deserved wader        Woodpecker sp., White-bellied Woodpecker, White-
Swamphen, Scarlet-backed Sunbird, Grey-rumped action. The weekend would not have been complete                  breasted Woodswallow.
Treeswift, Collared Kingfisher.                       if we hadn't added a few waders to our list in closing.   (Species in bold are rare sightings.)
  Kota Kinabalu Wader Workshop                              tinguishing features, plumage, behaviour, size and        List of birds recorded during practical sessions over
                                                            structure for proper identification. Being talented at    the two days; some of these birds were definitely
          October 2008                                      sketching helps, but the participants put in really       'lifers' for most participants:
             Nazeri Abghani/MNS Miri                        great efforts. This was hardest perhaps for the
                                                                                                                      White-bellied Sea Eagle: Tg Aru-Sutea Harbour
                                                            photographers and digiscopers who before this had
                                                                                                                      Chinese Egret: Lok Kawi, Tg Aru-Sutera Harbour,
The first-ever Wader Workshop in Sabah was held at          been 'handicapped' by their cameras. With the excep-         Likas Bay
the Institute of Tropical Biodiversity and Conserva-        tion of Dave, the best sketchers were those without       Great Egret: Tg Aru-Sutera Harbour, Likas Bay
tion, Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Kota Kinabalu,             the elaborate camera gear.                                Intermediate Egret: Likas Bay, Tg Aru-Sutera
Sabah on 17–19 October 2008.                                      On the last day, participants were broken up           Harbour
      This workshop was conducted by MNS BCC                into several groups to conduct a practice AWC             Little Egret: Tg Aru-Sutera Harbour
and David Bakewell assisted by Kota Kinabalu                session. In each group, birders were assigned duties      Striated Grassbird: Penampang
birders Jason B. Reyes and Karim Madoya. MNS                as scanners and recorders to simulate a real count.       Striated Heron: Tg Aru-Sutera Harbour
Sabah Treasurer Muhamad Ali Syed Hussein and                The Tanjung Aru-Sutera Harbour section was well           Brahminy Kite: Tg Aru-Sutera Harbour
committee member Patricia Natin ensured the pro-            covered that day. The results were later uploaded on-     Great Knot: Tg Aru-Sutera Harbour
gramme was glitch-free at the ITBC seminar room             line by Dave Bakewell to bird-i-witness database.         Black headed Munia: Penampang
with its excellent facilities.                              Probably the first count available for the area online.   Red-necked Phalarope: Penampang
      We would like to express our gratitude to Prof.             Based on initial assessment and feedback, it's      Common Ringed Plover: Lok Kawi
Dr Abdul Hamid Ahmad, Director of the Institute of          not too ambitious to say that we'll see more Sabah        Kentish Plover: Lok Kawi
Tropical Biology and Conservation for granting us           birders out there doing what birders do, perhaps even     Little Ringed Plover: Lok Kawi, Penampang
access to the Institute's excellent facilities and to his   one day contributing valuable records to existing bird    Pacific Golden Plover: Lok Kawi, Tg Aru-Sutera
keen staff for the smooth running of this workshop.         databases such as                        Harbour
                                                                  Check out David Bakewell's coverage of the          Ruff: Penampang
      The workshop was organized by birders for
                                                            KK Wader Workshop in his blog http://digdeep1962.         Common Sandpiper: Lok Kawi, Tg Aru-Sutera
birders in Kota Kinabalu and nearby areas. An idea
                                                                                                  Harbour, Penampang
originally inspired back in May by Muhammad Ali,
                                                                                                                      Wood Sandpiper: Penampang
Karim, Jason and Nazeri came to reality six months          Link to Jason's blog on the workshop:
                                                                                                                      Greater Sandplover: Lok Kawi, Tg Aru-Sutera
later in the middle of autumn wader migration sea-
son. Workshop timing just can’t be any better.                                                                        Lesser Sandplover: Lok Kawi, Tg Aru-Sutera
      This event, which was organised by MNS                                                                             Harbour
Sabah and Miri branches, was attended by 24 partic-                                                                   Black-winged Stint: Penampang
ipants from Sabah, Miri, Kuching and Brunei.                                                                          Long-toed Stint: Penampang, Lok Kawi
      At the workshop and the ensuing practical                                                                       Red-necked Stint: Tg Aru-Sutera Harbour
sessions, participants covered the basics of wader                                                                    Gray-tailed Tattler: Lok Kawi, Tg Aru-Sutera
identification, wader migration, basic sketching for                                                                     Harbour
good field notes as well as pointers on wetlands                                                                      Ruddy Turnstone: Lok Kawi
census techniques. During the practice sessions,                                                                      Whimbrel: Likas Bay, Tg Aru-Sutera Harbour
participants intently sketched their quarries for dis-                                                                (Species in bold are rare sightings.)
                                                                                                      Calendar of Activities
by Wong Ee Lynn
                                                                                                      2 Bird Photography” An Introduction to
                                                                                                        Tues Talk: “Shutterbugs:

                                                                                                      Due to unforeseen circumstances, this talk will now
As we bid goodbye to 2008, we should take the time to evaluate our role in protecting the environ-    be held on 6 January. See below for details.
ment and natural resources. What have we been doing right? What should we be doing more of?
I hope you can each take the time to ask yourself these questions:
1. What is the main thing YOU are doing to help tackle Climate Change?
                                                                                                      6 around the Botanical Gardens at Universiti
                                                                                                        Sat Guided Tour: Rimba Ilmu guided walk

2. What one EXTRA thing could you do to help tackle Climate Change?                                   Malaya. Angela Hijjas leads the walk. Wear long
3. What's STOPPING you from doing it?                                                                 sleeves and pants as a precaution against mosquitoes.
4. What PERSONAL ACTION do you PLEDGE to attempt from TODAY onwards to tackle Climate                 RM4 per person goes to the joint MNS University
   Change?                                                                                            Malaya Environmental Education Fund. Meet at the
The New Year is also a good time to reaffirm your commitment to the environment. Check the list       entrance of the Rimba Ilmu building at 9 am. No
below to see how many pledges you believe you can fulfil or have already fulfilled:                   need to book, just turn up.

1. Find ways to reduce your electricity consumption by 10% this year.
2. Find ways to reduce your water consumption by 10% this year.                                       6 Sat WYF Melaka River our part as responsible
                                                                                                        Dear members, let's play

3. Reduce, reuse, repair, refill and only then, recycle.                                              citizens in this event. Details available online at
4. Cut down on air travel and fly no more than once a year for leisure or social purposes.  
5. At least once in two weeks, eat a meatless meal in your household.

                                                                                                      9 Tue Talk:Auditorium, MNS HQ, 8 pm Rain-
6. At least once in two weeks, do not use the car or drive.                                                       “How Old Are Malaysian
7. Maintain your car well, keep tyres properly inflated and have your car serviced regularly for        forests?”
   optimum fuel efficiency.                                                                           Many tourist brochures say that Malaysia's forests
8. Avoid unnecessary shopping and take your family and friends to nature parks, libraries and other   are the oldest, or 90 million, or even 130 million
   recreational spaces instead.                                                                       years old. But how old is a rainforest? How old are
9. Avoid Styrofoam and plastic packaging and start bringing your own water bottle, food takeout       our rainforests? Where did they come from? Our
   containers and reusable shopping bag instead.                                                      forests do indeed have a venerable heritage, but the
10. Only print documents that are entirely necessary. Discontinue publications that you do not read   story is much more interesting than just a number.
   and do not sign up for catalogues and other junk mail.                                                   Speaker Dr Rhett Harrison is a tropical forest
Good Luck with your New Year Resolutions!                                                             ecologist working at FRIM on a project looking at
                                                                                                      improving biodiversity conservation in production
Green Living wishes you an environmentally responsible festive season and a blessed New Year!         forests. He has been conducting research in Malaysia
                                                                                                      since 1994, mostly in Sarawak.

11 Thu Talk: “Little Grebe: Life CycleMNS 23 Tue Talk:Bird Group) Auditorium of Schmidt
   Behaviour” (Selangor Bird Group)
                                                       “Bird Trade in Southeast Asia”
                                                                                                                     All events, times and venues are correct at time of
                                                                                                                     printing. For latest updates, contact your
Auditorium, HQ, 8 pm                                    Marketing, 5th Floor, Wisma Domain, 18A Jalan
                                                                                                                     favourite SIG, check the MNS website regularly
The Little Grebe is a small duck-like waterbird found   51A/223, Petaling Jaya (see map)
                                                                                                                     or join the eGroup by sending an e-mail to
in open bodies of water. Tan Sri Dr Mustaffa Babjee           Hunting and trade are major threats to the con-
will share his observations and a video on the life-    servation of birds in Southeast Asia. This trade in-
cycle and behaviour of the Little Grebe observed at     volves millions of birds representing hundreds of
two ponds at Janda Baik for almost two years.           species, many protected by national and international        Don’t Leave Home Without It
                                                        laws and conventions. Open markets, wholesalers,             All members are required to show their mem-
13    Sat Bukit Kutu Day Hike                           pet shops and the Internet are trade hubs that will be
      The Selangor Branch Nature Guides SIG is discussed by speaker Chris Shepherd who is Senior
                                                                                                                     bership cards to participate in any of the
                                                                                                                     Branch’s activities. New members who haven't
organizing another hike up Bukit Kutu in the Hulu Programme Officer of TRAFFIC Southeast Asia.                       received their cards will be required to show
Selangor district. The trail starts from the Temuan (Contact: Khoo Swee Seng 013-3863663)                            their membership payment receipts. Lost your
village of Kg. Pertak, just after Kuala Kubu Bahru                                                                   card? Contact Wee Chin at HQ.
on the road towards Fraser's Hill. River crossings,
steep sections and crawling under fallen bamboo ob-
stacles make this hike challenging.
      We will meet at the MNS Headquarters at Jalan
                                                                                                                   10 Sat Guided Tour: Rimba Ilmu has been
                                                                                                                      The monthly Rimba Ilmu walk
                                                                                                                   deferred to the second Saturday for this month only.
Kelantan in KL at 7 am to carpool. Along the way
                                                                                                                   See 6 December notes for details.
we will stop at Kuala Kubu Bahru for breakfast and
to pack our lunch. A nominal fee of RM15 for mem-
bers and RM25 for non-members will be collected                                                                    10 Sat Birding tripBranch)
                                                                                                                                       to Parit          Jawa (Negeri

for the SIG fund. A pictorial summary of last year's                                                               A small fishing village 30 km south of Muar well
hike can be found at: http://guynextdoor84.                                                                        known for a variety of coastal birds, especially the           January 2009                                               endangered Lesser Adjutant (burung botak).
Please register your interest with Chin at                                                                               Meet at AMJ highway Merlilmau-Jasin junc-                                        6   Tues Talk: “Shutterbugs: An Introduction to
                                                             Bird Photography” MNS Auditorium, HQ,
                                                                                                                   tion at 7 am. Coordinators: Ang (06-2326707, wen-
                                                                                                         ; Tan Bee Wah (012-2760327,
14    Sun Introduction to Birdwatching at KL 8 pm
      Lake Gardens (Selangor Bird Group)                Shutterbugs is a new component of the Selangor

Join us at 7 am in the Bukit Aman carpark opposite Branch Bird Group, focusing on avian photography.               February
                                                        This talk by John Steed is the first of several and will
the police station for a morning of delights.
      For more information and to register, contact cover the basics, including equipment and ethics.              21 Sembilan (Negeri Sembilan / Melaka Branch)
                                                                                                                      Sat Bird-watching at Telapak Buruk, Negeri

Tang at 012 3061133 (between 6–10 pm). This event             We will have on display a wide variety of cam-       Meet at Senawang exit, 7 am. Coordinators: Ang (06-
is open to all. If you are interested in signing up for eras and digiscoping equipment.                            2326707,; Lim Ming Hui
MNS membership, this is a great opportunity.                  If you are interested in attending please contact    (012-2760327,
                                                        John at
MNS HQ                                      Secretary Wong Mei Lin                    Treasurer Foong Swee Yeok               Chairman Nazeri Abghani
JKR 541, Jalan Kelantan,                                   012-5529694,         016-8542212,
Bukit Persekutuan, 50480 Kuala Lumpur       Treasurer Evone Lim                                                               Vice Chair vacant
(just before the Seri Perdana turn-off on                      PERAK BRANCH                            Secretary Sim Wan Chee
Jalan Mahameru).                                                                      PO Box 34, Ipoh Garden Post Office,     012-8076699,
M-F 9 am–5:30 pm.                           NEGERI SEMBILAN/                          31407 Ipoh                              Treasurer Sim Yuh Thin
T: 03-22879422. F: 03-22878773.             MELAKA BRANCH                             Chairman Leow Kon Fah 019-5634598,      019-8855182,               Cooltek, 350 Jalan Woodland, Tiara
Membership: Leong Wee Chin                  Melaka Golf & Country Club,               Vice Chair Ooi Beng Yean                SELANGOR BRANCH
                                            Ayer Keroh, 75450 Melaka                  017-5082206,       c/o MNS HQ address
JOHOR BRANCH                                Chairman Lim Ming Hui                     Secretary Tham Yim Fong       
c/o Prof. Madya Dr. Maketab Mohamed,        012-2760327,              012-5220268,
No. 90, Jalan Pulai 50,                     Vice Chair Saffe Mohd Yusof 012-6740054   Treasurer Har Wai Ming                  E-group:
Taman Pulai Utama, 83100 Johor Bahru.             019-5724113,          Chairman Gary Phong                             Secretary Stephanie Bacon                                                         013-3836288,
Chair Prof Madya Dr. Maketab Mohd           012-2175590,         SABAH BRANCH                            Vice Chairman Lim Teck Wyn
019-3519866,          Treasurer Lee Ah Geok                     Lot F-4-18, Block F, 4th Floor,         016-3619148,
Vice Chairman Dr. Lum Wei Wah               06-3345666x2116,    Plaza Tanjung Aru, Jln Mat Salleh,      Secretary Gan Li Li
019-7838388,                                                        Tanjung Aru, 88100 Kota Kinabalu.       012-2074840,
Secretary Zalinah Sarpan, 013-7722229       PAHANG BRANCH                                     Treasurer Bernadette Chin               F-4-4, Jalan Padang Golf,                 Chairperson Omar Abdul Kadir            012-6928356,
Treasurer Chern Boon Hong                   25050 Kuantan.        019-8110125,
012-7800023                                 Chairman Datin Marimah bt Daud            Vice Chair Anna Wong                    TERENGGANU BRANCH
                                            012-7205383                               016-8346808,         1926 Bukit Kubang Jambu,
KEDAH BRANCH                                Vice Chair Mohd Roslan bin Mohd Rais      Secretary Zarinah Waheed                20050 Kuala Terengganu
289, Tingkat Bawah, Jln Shahab 1,           019-7124595,          019-8329329,
Shahab Perdana, 05400 Alor Star, Kedah.     Secretary Chow Mee Foong 0199515169       Treasurer Muhammad Ali Syed Hussein     Chairman Hj Wan Md Adnan
Chairman Phang Fatt Khow                              016-2398111,            017-9861926,
012-3116420,            Treasurer Ho Chin Leong                                                           Vice Chair Anuar Abd McAfee
Vice Chair Kalaimani a/l Supramaniam        09-5668240                                SARAWAK (KUCHING) BRANCH                017-9864177,
019-4733505,                                                                  Secretary Dr Chong Ju Lian
Secretary Tengku Badrillah bt Abdullah      PENANG BRANCH                             Chairman Rebecca Jothi D'Cruz 
012-4880090,            Nature Information Centre (NIC),          019-8579110,         Treasurer Wee Seng Whatt
Treasurer Tan Dek                           673-B Jalan Kebun Bunga,                  Vice Chair Dr Georges Schneider         019-9363828,
019-5762823,                10350 Penang. T/F: 04 2273673.            012-8860033,
                                            Open Mon-Sat, 7.30 am – 11.30 am          Secretary Chan Mei Ching, Zora Sharon
KELANTAN BRANCH                             (Please phone before visiting).           019-8279881,
204, Jln Sultan Yahya Petra,15150 Kota              Treasurer Jacinta Wong-Schneider        A complete directory of Branch
Bharu, Kelantan.            Chairman Kanda Kumar                      012-8862911,       Committee Members and
Chairman Tan Kee Leong, Michael             04-2273673,                                                    Branch Special Interest Groups
012-9538858,          Vice Chairman Hymeir Kamarudin            SARAWAK (MIRI) BRANCH                   (SIGs) can be downloaded at
Vice Chair Cheah Sin Chor                   019-4428926,             c/o EPA-T-DGP, Sarawak Shell Bhd,
012-9567702                                 Secretary Lai Ee May 012-5385642,         Jalan Pantai, 98100 Lutong
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A modest collection of books and periodicals is housed at the       Classifieds: RM5 per column inch.                                 3 adverts paid in advance – 5% off published rate;
MNS Headquarters. Only fully paid up members may borrow             Quarter page ad: RM30.                                            6 adverts paid in advance – 10% off published rate;
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Periodicals are for use only in the library. Readers wishing        All payments must be made to “Malaysian Nature Society Se-        12 adverts paid in advance – 20% off published rate.
periodical articles may have them photocopied. A small, but         langor Branch”. Please bank in cash or cheque to Maybank
growing, collection of books for young readers is also              MBB account no 014150307352. After banking in, please scan        Editors
available.                                                          the slip and e-mail it to Bernadette Chin at:                     Iska Hashim 03-20732355 (o)
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dedicated volunteers and contributors from the Malaysian
Nature Society. Accuracy is the contributor’s responsibil-
ity. The Editor reserves the right to edit for length and

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  COLLECTION OF RECYCLABLES                                            1. Your Family
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  MNS HQ collects paper, aluminium cans, plas-                                  counts will be frozen.
  tics, used laser toner and inkjet cartridges, un-                             Your children’s welfare may not be taken care of by the people of your choice
  wanted computers and printers for recycling.                         2. The legal Process
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