Magnetic Shower Curtains

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					                                                   No More Puddles

                                                        Before                                          After
                                              Shower curtains can unexpectedly              With the magnetic shower curtains,
                                              open in certain areas since there is          one pull of the curtain towards the
                                              nothing fastening the curtain to the          wall will naturally draw and fasten
                                              bathroom wall.                                the curtain against the wall.

                                                   Natural Attraction

                                                                                     Magnets hidden inside, or attached
                                                                                     on, the wall as well as metal inserts
                                                                                     sewn in the shower curtain naturally
                                                                                     attract each other at touchpoints
                                                                                     creating a seal.

                                                                                     Metal inserts inside the shower
                                                                                     curtain also functionally weigh down
                                                                                     the curtain.

                                                shower curtain             bathroom wall

Magnetic Shower Curtains
                    Designed by Michael Lin
                                              Analgolous real world control: Magnetic latches on cabinet doors.