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Public Sector Sustainable Food Procurement Initiative: advice for producing
your case study
The aim of the case studies is to demonstrate progress on sustainable food procurement
and to disseminate best practice across the public sector. The studies are intended to
inspire others to contribute, in a proactive way, to the sustainable food initiative. They
should be no more than 2 sides of A4 and each case study should:
 • focus on a specific initiative that contributes to sustainable food procurement, e.g. by
     increasing resource efficiency, reducing environmental impacts, increasing social
     benefits or decreasing negative ones – see guidance note for buyers at
 • be user-friendly and easy to understand and give details of new and novel
     approaches from which other buyers and their internal customers can learn;
 • provide accurate and reliable information and, where available, provide figures to
     allow the reader to relate the achievements realised in the case to his or her own
Please use the following outline as a guide to producing your case study and submit to

You can see examples of completed case studies on Defra’s web site at:

Case Study [Title]
Organisation: For example: Government Department, local authority, school, higher
education establishment, NHS Trust.

Describe the initiative in no more 150 words. This should include background information,
purpose and details of participants.

List (as bullet points) up to five benefits of the initiative to the organisation, participating
partners and society - in order of greatest benefit first.

Lessons learned during implementation
List (as bullet points) up to five lessons learnt from the initiative that may be of help to
other organisations wishing to take similar action. These might include: failings,
challenges, problems encountered and overcome, creative thinking, and innovative ways of
working within the public procurement rules.

Future developments
Briefly list any proposals to expand or develop the project, e.g. new targets, future plans
for further improvements.

Further information
Give URL of web site or contact details where readers can obtain further information.