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									Full Service ATM Solution Provider
       151 Prospect Avenue, St.19B
           Hackensack, NJ 07601

          Phone: 201-788-9607
            Fax: 201-512-0980

Eagle Express Solutions
provides cash when and
where your customers
need it……at your
business locations
Who Are We?
 Established in 1996
 Seasoned leader in the ATM industry
 Bank Sponsored ISO for ATM solutions
 Experts in Sales, Service, and Business
 Specialize in the New York, New Jersey,
  Pennsylvania, and Florida regions
 First Data business partner
 Driven by the entrepreneurial sprit and
  customized interpersonal business
Our Services
   Pioneers in off premise ATM solutions
   ATM Data Processing Services
   Portfolio Management
   Custom investor solutions
   On site 24/7 Technical Support
     Whether you want to start a new program or
      improve or supplement the one in place, Eagle
      Express can accommodate individual needs.
Off Premise ATM Solution
 Perfect for small businesses, large
  corporations, banks, credit unions, or
  real estate development
 Offers customers, employees,
  members, or residents additional
  banking services at low transaction
Off Premise ATM Solution
 Ex: Placing an ATM in a small convenient
   Customers have a safe, reliable, and convenient
    location to take out money.
   Statistics show that a portion of the funds
    withdrawn are then spent at that location
   Merchant benefits and profits: commissions
    from the ATM transaction and increases sales of
    goods by providing cash for their customers
   Increases foot-traffic into locations helping to
    increase sales
Off Premise ATM Solution
 Is it profitable for me?
   Proven and predictable positive cash flow
   Monthy commission check with detailed
    summary of transactions
   Minimal retail space required: 2sq ft
   Average recovery of initial investment is
    less than 14 months if purchased
 Off Premise ATM Solution: How does it
 Contact an Eagle Express Systems
   One-on-one consultation to pick the best
    solution for your business
   Offer a broad portfolio of state of the art
    ATM machines that investors can
    purchase, lease, or receive free-
    placement and management.
   Includes on site service 24/7
 Off Premise ATM Solutions: How does it

 Who provides the cash?
   Cash funding options available based
    specific needs
   Have a large range of opportunities for
    cash partners and providers
Data Processing Services
 Part of the First Data and STAR®
  ATM Processing Network
   STAR® drives more ATMs across the
    country than any other processor
 End to end transaction management
   Integrated web application that allows
    real time ATM management
Portfolio Management
 Investor value proposition
   Establish and maintain hardware,
    software, cash management, and end to
    end web based transaction management
 Certified expert technicians on call
  24/7 for all ATM and data processing
State Of the Art ATM Equipment
 State Of the Art Lobby Models

 Walk Up Models

 Drive Up Models
 Crystal Springs Resorts
   Real estate development company
   6 Championship golf courses with 5 club
    houses, each equipped with a Eagle
    Express ATM solution
   2 world class luxurious hotels also each
    equipped with an Eagle Express ATM
   World class spa equipped with an Eagle
    Express ATM solution
 Inserra Supermarkets owns and operates
  22 ShopRite supermarkets and superstores
  in northern New Jersey and southeastern
  New York State.
 It is a family owned business and is one of
  the 500 largest private companies in the
  United States.
 Eagle Express Systems is the alternative
  non-bank solutions provider.
Strategic Alliance Partnership
 Allentown Federal Credit Union
  “Cash Branding” solutions provided by Eagle Express
 Free ATM access to AFCU members at the following
   AFCU locations:
    St. Luke's Hospital North
    St. Luke's Offices at 3rd and Polk Streets, Bethlehem
    St. Luke's Quakertown Hospital
    St. Luke's Minersville Hospital
    City of Allentown, Main Lobby
    Good Shepherd Rehabilitation at the Health and
      Technology Center
    And more to come in the future!
Contact Eagle Express Systems
 Contact a Eagle Express Systems
  Representative today:
    Phone: 201-788-9607
      Fax: 201-512-0980

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