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									                                       INSTRUCTIONS FOR INSTALLATION & USE
                                                      WD63, WD64
  Hotpoint recommends, for your own safety and to ensure you get the best possible results from your Washer
                 Dryer, you read through this booklet and follow these steps thoroughly.
     STEP 1       Electrical Guide                                     STEP 2   Installation Guide
      Choose a location for your washer dryer,                                  Dispose of packaging material in a safe
      where possible on a solid floor, with the                                 place and remove any labels.
      electrical sockets and water supply taps
                              easily accessible.                                Please read through thoroughly to
         Allow sufficient space: 600mm width,                                   ensure you understand each stage
              600m depth and 900mm height.                                      before you begin.
            DO NOT install in a bath or shower
                                         room.                                  Remember you may be charged for a service call if a
                                                                                problem with your washer dryer is caused by
             WARNING: This appliance must be earthed.
                                                                                incorrect installation or misuse.

      STEP 3      Dispenser Drawer                                     STEP 4   Wash Guide
       Read through this section to familiarise                                 A wash chart is provided to help you to
                   yourself with the different                                  select your required programme.
          compartments within the dispenser
                                      drawer.                                   Examples given for the maximum
                                                                                washing load weight for different fabric
               Hotpoint recommend the Persil range of                           types.
                                detergent products.

            NOTE: Always follow manufacturer’s dosage

      STEP 5      Options Guide                                        STEP 6   Drying Guide
       All available optional wash features are                                 A guide to drying times is provided for
         explained within this section - These                                  independent drying programmes, along
       allow you to adjust your selected wash                                   with a list of items not suitable for
                programme to suit your needs.                                   tumble drying.

                                                                                Examples given for the maximum drying
                                                                                load weight for different fabric types.
              NOTE: In addition to the temperature of the                       NOTE: Always make sure the mains button is in the
           incoming water, the selection of optional wash                       OFF position before selecting an independent
                features will affect the programme times.                       drying programme.

      STEP 7      Wash & Auto Dry Programme                            STEP 8   Troubleshooting
              A picture guide provides a clear                                  Please refer to the Troubleshooting
       explanation how to set a wash and auto                                   section if you have any problems when
                              dry programme.                                    using your washer dryer.
           DO NOT overload the washer dryer.                     READ BEFORE
                                                                 CONTACTING     There may be nothing wrong!

           NOTE: Hotpoint recommend, on completion of
            your programme, that you switch off both the
             electricity and water supply to the appliance.

Read the rest of these instructions to get the best from your appliance, remember to fill in your guarantee registration.
                             Keep these instructions in a safe place for quick reference.
  STEP 1                  Electricity Supply                                              STEP 2
WARNING: The appliance must be earthed.
                                                                                1        POLYSTYRENE BLOCK...
Your appliance comes fitted with a plug and a 13A fuse. If you need to          NOTE: YOU MAY NEED A SECOND PERSON TO HELP YO
replace the fuse, only those rated at 13A and ASTA approved to                  RAISE AND LOWER THE APPLIANCE.
BS1362 should be used. To change fuse lift holder to vertical position
and lift fuse out. To replace, insert fuse and push fuse holder down
into locked position. Correct replacement is identified by colour cod-                            This is part of the packaging
ing or the marking on base of plug.                                                               and should have come away
WARNING: Do not use plug unless fuse holder is in locked position.                                with the polystyrene base -

                                                                                                  IF IT HAS NOT... REMOVE IT!
Changing the Mains Lead
A special lead can be ordered from Hotpoint Service
UK: 08709 066 066 or                  Republic of Ireland: 1850 302 200
If you have damaged the existing lead or require a longer one a
charge will be made. It is strongly advised that this work is carried out                                                            4
by a qualified electrician.

Changing the Plug
Cut off and dispose of the supplied plug if it does not fit your socket.                                                             ALO
WARNING: To avoid a shock hazard do not insert the discarded plug into
a socket anywhere else.
IMPORTANT: WIRES IN THE MAINS LEAD ARE COLOURED IN                                                                                     W
ACCORDANCE WITH THE FOLLOWING CODE:                                                                                                     Y
     Green/Yellow          -      Earth                                                                                                HO
     Blue                  -      Neutral                                                                                             LEV
     Brown                 -      Live                                                                                                 (*se
If you change the plug, the colour of wires in the mains lead may not
correspond with the colour of the markings identifying terminals in
the plug. You should therefore wire it as shown:
Green and yellow (Earth)
wire to terminal marked ‘E’,
symbol , or coloured                              13A ASTA approved fuse to                 LEVEL?...
green and yellow.                                                  BS1362.
                                                                                            YOUR MACHINE WILL BE NOISY IF THE TW
                                                Brown (Live) wire to terminal               NOT ADJUSTED SO THE MACHINE STANDS
Blue (Neutral) wire to                            marked ‘L’ or coloured red.               Each foot has two parts: The Locking Disk
terminal marked ‘N’ or
coloured black.                                                                               Locking


                                                                                    i   Release the locking disk on the           ii Turn O
        CE marking certifies that this appliance conforms to the following
        EEC directives:                                                                 two front feet and screw the feet           on th
        Low Voltage Equipment - 72/23/EEC & 93/68/EEC                                   in or out until the machine stands          each
        Electromagnetic Compatibility - 89/336/EEC, 92/31/EEC & 93/68/EEC               firm and level.                             of the

                         2      REMOVE TRANSIT BRACKETS...
                                                                                                                                                                       3       CONNECT TO TH
                                                                                                                                                                       PLEASE USE THE NEW HOSES
YOU                     IMPORTANT:                                                                                                                                     SUPPLIED, FITTED TO THE
                        Internal transit brackets                                                                                                                      MACHINE.
                        are fitted to prevent           Remove and
                                                                                 From the rear of the
                                                                                machine, grip sides of                               Remove 3 screws
                        damage during transit          retain 3 screws
                                                      from the back of
                                                                               the worktop lid, lift, slide
                                                                                                               Remove 4 screws
                                                                                                              and the rear transit   and front transit
                                                                                and pull towards you.
                        and MUST be removed            the worktop lid                                          bracket - retain.     bracket - retain.
                        before use...                              Slide and push worktop lid back
                                                                   into position, ensuring front edge is
                        Failure to do so may                       correctly located into the console.                                                                  DO NOT REMOVE!
                        cause damage to your
                        machine!                                                                                Replace the work top lid                                Old hoses may cause leaks
                                                                                                                using the 3 original screws.                            due to worn out washers.

   DRAINAGE SYSTEM... we recommend one of the following:
                                       STANDPIPE METHOD                                                         UNDER SINK METHOD
 OVE THE HOOKED END SUPPORT            Hooked End Support
 ONG THE GREY DRAINAGE HOSE,                                Insert drainage hose
                                                            approximately 100mm
       DO NOT REMOVE IT.                                    into the standpipe.

                                                                                                 OR                                                       800mm
                                                                                                                                                          from floor
 OOKED END SUPPORT IS FIXED                                   Standpipe height:
VEL TO, OR ABOVE THE ‘MINIMUM                                 minimum 500mm                                       cut off the blocked                 Fix the hooked        Attach the GREY
                                                              from the floor.                                     end of the under sink               end support at        drainage hose to the
DRAINAGE HOSE HEIGHT LINE’*                                                                                                                           a minimum             under sink drainage
 ee Getting to Know your Appliance)                                                                               drainage unit.
                                                                                                                                                      800mm from            unit securely, using a
                                                                                                                                                      the floor.            hose clip.

                                        6                                                                                                                                  7
                                              CONNECT TO THE POWER SUPPLY...                                                                                                     READY...
 S FIRM AND LEVEL.                                                                                                                                                         TO CHECK ALL PARTS O
                                       EASILY ACCESSIBLE. SWITCH ON                                                                                                        CLEAN THE INSIDE OF
 k and The Foot
                                                                                                                                                                           SELECT A 95˚ WHITE
                                                                                              NOTE: Hotpoint recommend

                                                                                              extension leads are not used.

 ONLY the locking disk                                                                   Move your machine into position,
he two front feet until                                                                  take care not to trap or kink the
  is up against the base                                                                 hoses.
 e machine.                                                                                                                                                                    THIS WILL TAKE AP
                                                                     STEP 3 The Dispenser Drawer
                                                             Changing the Main                                                             1
HE WATER SUPPLY...                                           Wash Indicator:                                                               2
S                                                            The main wash indicator
    i  Check both hot and      If you have no hot water
                                                             has been fitted to                                                            3
       cold water supplies     supply...
                                                             dispense powder
       are running freely...   A cold fill adaptor is        detergent only.                                                               4
                               available from your local     If you wish to use liquid
    ii Connect fill hoses to   Hotpoint authorised Service   detergent, reposition the                                                     5
       water supply taps:      Centre or by
       - Red or Grey Hose      calling the                   main wash indicator as
                               Genuine                       shown below:                                                                  6
         end to Hot            Parts &
       - Blue Hose end to      Accessories
         Cold                  (see KEY                                                                                     1. Drawer latch
       TURN ON BOTH TAPS       CONTACTS).                                                                                   2. Button
                                                                                                                            3. Main wash
                                                                                                                            4. Main wash
                                                                 Pull the drawer out until                                     compartment
                                                             1   it reaches its stop.                                       5. Prewash
                                                                                                                            6. Fabric conditioner
                                                                                             Dispensing Powder
                                                                                             To achieve optimum wash
                                                                 Press down on button,       results we recommend that
                                                             2   to release the drawer       you use the detergent
                                                                 latch and remove the        manufacturers dispensing
                                                                 drawer.                     cup, to dispense no more
                                                                                             than 300ml of powder.

                                                                                             Dispensing Fabric
                                                                                             Pour fabric conditioner into
                                                                                             the compartment.
                                                                 Lift the main wash          We recommend that you do
                                                             3   indicator out of slots,     not exceed the maximum
                                                                 rotate and reposition for   level indicated.
OF THE INSTALLATION AND TO THOROUGHLY                            Liquid, ensuring it is
YOUR MACHINE:                                                    secure.
                                                                                             Cleaning the Dispenser Drawer &
HOUT ANY LAUNDRY                                                                             Compartments:

                                                                                             It is advisable to clean the dispenser
          and                                                                                drawer regularly:
                                                                                             Remove the drawer, see ‘Changing
    WITHOUT ANY DETERGENT                                                                    the Main Wash Indicator’, wash
                                                                                             the dispenser drawer and clean
                                                                 Relocate the drawer and
PPROXIMATELY 2hrs 30mins TO COMPLETE                         4   push back into place.
                                                                                             out the compartment.
                                                                                             Dry thoroughly and relocate.
      STEP 4                                      Choosing a Washing Programme
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The temperature of the incoming water supply and selection of any Optional Wash Feature, ie. Economy
Wash, will affect the programme times.
ITCL      Codes Fabric                                   Temp. Full              Programme               Approx. Max     WASHING
                                                         ˚C    Load              Time (mins)             Spin Speed
                                                                                 based on hot            depending     WEIGHT LOADS
                                                                                 and cold fill           on model
                                                                                                                       Two examples of
                      Heavy soiled loads.                                                                              typical loads for
 A                    On completion, switch ‘OFF’                                                                      washing different
Prewash               mains button before selecting 40            3 - 5kg        15 - 25                 400rpm        types of fabric:
                      wash programme.
                      WARNING: Not for woollen or delicate items.                                                      COTTON
                      Heavy soiled white cotton                                                                        2   Bath Towels
  B                   loads (includes a prewash).        95          5kg         130 - 140               *1200rpm
                                                                                                                       6   Shirts
                      White Cotton & Linen                                                                             6   Blouses
  C                   without special finishes.          95          5kg         110 - 120               *1200rpm
                                                                                                                       2   Set of Pyjamas
                      Colourfast cotton, linen or                                                                      4   Sets of Underwear
 D                    viscose without special finishes 60            5kg         160 - 180               *1200rpm
                                                                                                                       2   Pillow Cases
                      Non-colourfast cotton, linen
  E                   & viscose                          40          5kg          65 - 75                *1200rpm                 = 5kg
                      Coloured nylon, polyester,
                      acrylic/cotton mixtures, cotton                                                                  SYNTHETIC
  F                   or viscose with special finishes
                      (eg. drip dry), coloured                                                                         2   Children’s Dresses
                      polyester/cotton mixtures        50            3kg          50 - 60                900rpm        4   Shirts
                      Acrylics, acetates & tri-acetate                                                                 4   Blouses
 G                    blends of these fabrics with                                                                     1   Set of Pyjamas
                      wool, polyester/wool blends        40          3kg          45 - 50                900rpm
                                                                                                                       4   Sets of Underwear
                      Quickwash for freshening up        Incoming
 H                    lightly soiled items               Household
                                                         Supply   0.9kg          30 - 35                 900rpm
                                                                                                                                  = 3kg
                      WARNING: Not for woollen items.

                      Woollen blankets, wool
                      mixtures with cotton, rayon
  J                   or silk.                           40          2.7kg        40 - 45                900rpm

                      Shrink resistant machine
                      washable wool                      40          1.4kg        40 - 45                900rpm

* Maximum spin speed for Model WD64 only.                                                                                           Start of Wash,
                                                                                                                                Final Rinse & Spin
                                                                                               Low Heat Symbol                       programmes
Wash Dial & Symbols:                                                                           Pointer                                     Rinses
Before selecting a wash programme, ensure the mains button is in the ‘OFF’ position.
Turn dial slowly clockwise. You will hear a click as the pointer aligns with the start of                                              Short Spin
                                                                                               Letters represent                         Symbol
your chosen wash programme, final rinse or spin.                                               programme
Note: Failure to correctly align the pointer at the start of a wash programme will result in   High Heat Symbol
detergent not being dispensed.                                                                                                            End of
                                                                                               Long Spin Symbol
   STEP 5                                       Optional Wash Features

Button Selection:
To select, press button.
Press again to cancel.

Economy Wash for Models WD63 and WD64                              Time Saver for Model WD64
Save money and time on lightly soiled loads.                       Save 43 minutes on programme ‘D’ and up to 25 minutes on any
Lightly soiled clothes are washed at the temperature of the        other wash programme.
incoming household water supply.                                   q Not available with programme ‘A’ or the wool programme ‘J’.
q Programme ‘A’ is heated to a reduced temperature of 30˚C.
q Not available with programme ‘H’.

Super Rinse for Models WD63 and WD64                               Rinse Hold for Model WD64
For larger wash loads, wash items for young children and people    Suspends your clothes in the final rinse water.
with sensitive skin.                                               Helps minimise creasing of delicate or synthetic fabrics.
q Increases the water level of the last two rinses on all          Complete final spin by cancelling this option.
    programmes except programme ‘A’ and the wool                   q Only available with programmes ‘F, G & H’.
    programme ‘J’, which increases automatically.

NOTE: Remember to cancel buttons after use!

                                                   Automatic Features
Intelligent Care:
  Your appliance has an inbuilt feature to prevent it spinning with an unbalanced load, avoiding excessive vibration and prolonging
  the life of the appliance.

Pulse Spin:
  Helps reduce wear and tear on your laundry.
  Pulse spin is an automatic function where a long, steady spin is followed by a 30 second burst at the maximum speed for your
  appliance, to enable safer, more efficient water extraction.

Dry Spin:
  There will be a 2 minute spin about 20 minutes after the drying programme has started; this improves the drying performance.
  NOTE: This feature will not operate if you have selected a combined Wash & Auto Dry Programme for synthetic fabrics.
     STEP 6                                   Choosing a Drying Programme

Items Not Suitable                 Fabric Programme Dry Weight Programme                          Time Setting         DRYING WEIGHT
                                    Type               Load   Selector Setting                   (approx.mins)
for Tumble Drying:                                                        SPIN       HEAT    IRON DRY FULL DRY
q Garments with the ITCL                                                                                               Two examples of typi-
                                  Natural      B,C,D & E   2.5kg max.        Long     High       55         80         cal loads for drying dif-
  code -                                                                     Long     High       35         50
  DO NOT TUMBLE DRY.                                                                                                   ferent types of fabric:
q Woollens.                                                                                                            COTTON
q Large bulky items eg.          Synthetic     F,G & H      2kg max.         Short    Low        80         90
  quilts, bedspreads,                                                        Short    Low        45         60         1     Bath Towel
  pillows etc... expand                                                                                                3     Shirts
  when dry, preventing air       IMPORTANT INFORMATION: A 10 minute ‘Cool Tumble’ phase at the end of                  3     Blouses
  flow through the               each drying cycle allows fabrics to gently cool down, minimising creasing.
  appliance.                                                                                                           1     Set of Pyjamas
q Items containing plastic       All fabrics contain a little natural moisture even when ‘dry’, this should not        2     Sets of Underwear
  film, foam rubber or           be lost if the clothes are to remain soft and fluffy. If clothes are subjected
                                 to extreme drying they tend to wrinkle and consequently need more                     1     Pillow Case
  rubber like materials eg.
                                 ironing than usual. As clothes feel damper when warm, allow for this
  pillows, cushions, PVC
  rainwear or inflammable        when removing items before the ‘Cool Tumble’ phase is complete.                                = 2.5kg
  articles which contain                                                                                               SYNTHETIC
  inflammable substances         This machine incorporates a ‘Dry Spin’ feature, see Automatic Features.
                                                                                                                       2     Children’s
  eg. towels contaminated
  with hair lacquer.             Spin Only Option:                                                                           Dresses
q Fibreglass (eg. some                                                                                                 2     Shirts
  types of curtains).            To select Long Spin turn wash dial
                                 clockwise until the pointer aligns                                                    4     Blouses
q Items which have been
  dry cleaned.                   with , to select Short Spin turn                                                      1     Set of Pyjamas
                                 wash dial pointer to .
                                 Press the mains button ‘ON’.                                                                      = 2kg
                                          Independent Drying Programme
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Before selecting an independent drying programme, ensure the mains button is in the ‘OFF’ position.
 1                    2                        3                         4                            5                       6

Remove the wet       Close door by           Turn the drying dial to    Switch on both the         Press ‘ON’ to start the   1-2 minutes after
laundry and          applying pressure at    select a suitable drying   water and electricity      drying programme.         completion of the
dosing ball (if      the 2 o’clock position. time, see chart above.     supply at the mains.       After a few seconds       wash programme
used) until the                                                                                    the door will lock and    the door locked
correct ‘Drying                                                                                    an indicator light will   indicator light will
Weight Load’ is                                                                                    illuminate throughout     go out and the door
left in the drum.                                                                                  the programme.            can be opened.
                                                                                                                             Switch ‘OFF’ after
q If your appliance is not permanently        q The dryer is intended   q Be careful not to        q On no account           q Misuse of the
  plumbed in, turn on the cold water supply     for use only where        touch the drum at          should liquid fabric      dryer may create
  to the appliance and hook the drain hose      water is used for the     the top as this area       conditioner be            a fire hazard.
  over the sink to enable to condensing         cleaning process.         gets hot during            added during the
  action to work.                                                         drying.                    drying process.
    STEP 7                                       Wash & Auto Dry Programme

           1                         2                       3                          4                        5

          Sort laundry by label Close door by               Add detergent and/or       Select required wash     Select optional wash
          into groups with the applying pressure at         fabric conditioner to      programme (see STEP      feature (see STEP 5) by
          same wash & dry       the 2 o’clock position.     the dispenser drawer       4) by turning the wash   pressing button.
          requirements, load                                (see STEP 3).              dial clockwise.
          the appliance.
          See Drying Weight
          Load examples
          (STEP 6).

                          6                         7                       8                         9

                      Turn the drying dial to      Switch on both the      Press ‘ON’, the door      1-2 minutes after
                      select a suitable drying     water and electricity   will lock and after a     completion of the
                      time and temperature         supply at the mains.    few seconds the           wash programme the
                      for fabric type (see                                 indicator light will      door locked indicator
                      chart, STEP 6).                                      illuminate and stay lit   light will go out and
                                                                           throughout the wash       the door can be
                                                                           & dry programme.          opened. Switch ‘OFF’
                                                                                                     after use.
q Do not allow children       q Do not overload the      q Do not attempt to open the        q Do not use a dosing ball
  to play with the              appliance! It may          door when water is visible in     to dispense detergent
  appliance or tamper           damage laundry and         the drum or if the door locked    when using a wash and
  with the controls.            reduce the quality of      indicator light is lit.           auto dry programme.
                                the wash.

                                     Low Heat Setting
Drying Dial:                                                                                 Variable Spin Speed Control Dial:
Rotate the dial in any direction                                                             Only available on Model WD64
to the required heat setting /
drying time. During operation                                                Start of        To reduce the maximum
the dial will slowly rotate      Numbers                                     Programme       programmed spin speed,
clockwise to the next OFF        represent                                                   turn the dial before, or
position at which point the      drying time
                                                                             End of          during a programme.
drying cycle will end, after a                                               Programme       NOTE: The spin speed
few seconds the door locked                                                                  cannot be increased again
indicator light will go out and                                                              whilst the appliance is
the door can be opened.                                                                      spinning.
                                    Fabric Type                              Pointer
                                    High Heat Setting
     STEP 8                                                                                                                        Troubles

                                               MY MACHINE MAKES A
                                                                                     MY MACHINE WILL NOT                      MY MACHINE DOE
                                               NOISE OR VIBRATES IN A
                                                                                           START                                PUMP OUT WAT
                                                 SPIN PROGRAMME.

Washcare Tips:                                                                       Close the door. Choose a
Before washing:                             Check all loose items, such as                                                Has the drain hose bee
                                             coins, have been removed             programme and then press ‘ON’
q Pre-treat stains.                                                                                                                   correctly?
                                                 from the laundry.
q Close zips, tie belts, strings etc...                                                                                                   
    and press studs to prevent                                                     Does the ‘door indicator’ light
    tangling.                                                                       come on after 2 seconds?               Are the drainage unit,
q Remove papers or tissues from             Have both transit fixings been                                                  or under sink connect
    pockets.                                 removed from the machine?                                                             from blockage
q Remove sharp objects and coins
    from pockets as they could cause                     
    damage to clothes or the                                                                                               Has ‘Rinse Hold’ been
    appliance.                                                                      Is the machine plugged in
                                           Has the polystyrene block been                                             ✗   The light will flash until
q Limit the size of absorbent loads                                                      and switched on?
                                           removed from underneath the                                                             is pressed agai
    ie. towels, to 3kg (7lb) to give                                                            
    good washing/rinsing results.                    machine?                                                                               
q Place small items in a wash bag.                                                  Is the socket OK? Test with
q Check wash labels as some items                                                  another appliance to check.        ✗      Press the ‘Rinse Hold
    may require a cool programme.
q Wash non-colourfast woollens or                                                                
    really dirty laundry separately as      Have you adjusted the feet to           Is the fuse in the plug OK?                See STEP 2: Install
    they may affect other items.               stabilise the machine?
q Laundry will not wash properly if                                                                                         Clear any blockages t
    you overload the appliance.                                                      Plug the machine in and                         been found
q Laundry without a wash label                                                      turn the socket switch on.
    should not be machine washed.              See STEP 2: Installation
                                                                                                                             Is the machine conne
                                                                                                                                  a sink waste syst
                                                                                  If possible use another socket
                                                                                         for the machine.                                  
                                                                                                                            Check the blocked en
                                                                                                                            under sink drainage
                                               MY LAUNDRY HAS NOT                   If not replace it, see STEP 1:                  been cut off.
                                                    SPUN DRY.                            Electricity Supply

                                            Was a short spin programme
                                                                              ✗                                               WATER COLLECTS
                                            used on a non-synthetic load.
                                                                                       MY MACHINE STOPS                         FABRIC DISPEN
                                                                                        BEFORE A SPIN                           COMPARTMEN
                                                 There has been an                       PROGRAMME.
                                          unbalanced load and the machine
                                           could not spin. Redistribute the
                                          clothes by hand and select a spin                                                 Clean fabric dispense
                                                  only programme.                   The ‘Rinse Hold’ button has
                                                                                    been pressed, this will hold              See STEP 3:‘The Dis
                                                                                  laundry in the final rinse water,                    Drawer’.
                                               Did the water pump out?              until the button is pressed
                                           If not see ‘MY MACHINE DOES                         again.
                                               NOT PUMP OUT WATER’.

 ES NOT                                                       THE PROGRAMME TAKES A
ATER                  MY MACHINE IS LEAKING                         LONG TIME

en installed
               ✗                                            Check for low temperature and
                    Are the fill hoses on correctly?         low pressure for the hot and                OUT OF BALANCE!
                         If not tighten them.                     cold water supply
 tions free    ✗                                                                                   Did you know that putting one or two
es?                                                                                               highly absorbent items in your machine
                      Is your water pressure too       ✗                                                  can cause it to become
                                high?                                                                       ‘OUT OF BALANCE’.
l the button ✗                                                SUDS ARE COMING FROM                 This happens because the items are
 in.                  Turn the main supply tap                                                      clumping together, retaining large
                                                              THE DISPENSER DRAWER
                               down.                                                              amounts of water and therefore acting
d’ button                                                                                          as a heavy weight in your machine.
                    Is the standpipe or household
                             drain blocked.            ✗     Check the correct amount of          When your machine is ‘out of balance’ it
lation                                                       suitable detergent has been                     will not spin.
                                                            used, refer to manufacturer’s
that have                                                         recommendations.                   Try adding a large item such as a
                       You may need to call in a                                                   bedding sheet into the load. This will
                             plumber.                                                             not absorb as much water and will help
 ected to                                                                                           to spread the weight in the drum.
                       Is steam coming from the
                            dispenser drawer?          ✗
nd of the                                                     THE LAUNDRY IS NOT DRY
 unit has                                                      AFTER USING THE DRY
                      The machine is designed to
                   release steam from the dispenser
                       drawer during hot washes.           Is the cold water turned on at the ✗
                                                                                                    If the appliance is still not working
NSER                   Check the feet have been
                                                                                                   Repair Service and Information Desk
                                                                                                            UK 08709 066 066
 NT                            levelled.
                                                                                                      Republic of Ireland 1850302 200
                                                           Did you select the right heat/time
                                                                        setting?                    You will be asked for the following
                                                                                              ✗       details: Name and Address, Post
er drawer.                                                                                           Code,Telephone Number, Date of
spenser                                                                                            Purchase, Colour and Model/Serial
                                                           Was the laundry spun dry at the          Numbers - which can be found on
                                                           end of a wash programme, if not                 the inside of the door.
                                                            select a spin and dry option to        Clear and precise details of the query
                                                                  suit the fabric type.                            or fault.
                                         Getting to Know your Appliance
               Optional Wash Feature Buttons (depending on Model)       Interlocking Door System:
Dispenser Drawer                                                        To Open...
                                       Door Locked Indicator            Grip the door handle and press the button whilst pulling open the door.
                                        Mains ON/OFF Button             To Close...
                                        Wash Dial                       Apply pressure at the 2 o’clock position until the door clicks.

                                                                        Indicator Light...
                                                                        When the machine is switched on, the door will lock and after a few
                                        Drying Dial                     seconds the door locked indicator light will illuminate. The indicator light
                                                                        will remain lit throughout the programme.
                                        Door Handle &                   Approximately 1-2 minutes after the programme has finished the
                                        Release Button                  indicator light will go out and the door can be opened.
                                                                        WARNING: Do not attempt to open the door whilst the indicator light is on.

                                               Rating Plate             Cleaning the Exterior:
                                                                        Use a damp cloth or silicon polish to clean the exterior surfaces of the

                                                                        Cleaning the Door Bowl:
    Adjustable Feet
                                                                        Clean the internal surface of the door bowl regularly with a soft cloth.
RED line indicates the minimum                                          A build up of soap powder and water hardness residue may result in
height for the drainage hose.                                           water leaking from the door.

Hot Water inlet point and supplied                                      DO NOT clean any part of the machine with abrasive cleaners, scouring
           Hose (Red or Grey end)                                       agents, acids, chlorine based bleach or metal polish as they may cause
        Cold Water inlet point and
         supplied Hose (Blue end)                                       Maintenance Wash:
                  Mains Cable                                           We recommend a maintenance wash 2 or 3 times a year, to avoid a build
                                                                        up of greasy deposits and water hardness residue.
                Drainage Hose                                           Simply run wash programme ‘C’ without any laundry in the drum, using
                                      Retaining Flaps                   the usual amount of detergent.
                                                  Hooked End Support

                                                              Key Contacts
                                                              After Sales Service
   Over 1200 trained specialists, directly employed by us, ensure that you can have      complete confidence in both the appliances and
                                                                   services we offer.
             Repair Service and Information Desk                                                Extended Warranties
                          UK: 08709 066 066                                                        UK: 08709 088 088
     (Open 8 to 8 Mon - Fri, 8 to 6 Sat, 10 to 4 Sun & Bank Holidays)                           (Open 8 to 8 Mon - Sun)
                   Republic of Ireland: 1850 302 200                                         Republic of Ireland: 1850 502 200
 Note: Our operators will require the Model number and Serial number.
                                                                                           Genuine Parts and Accessories
                                                                                                    UK: 08709 077 077
                                                                                        (Open 8-30 to 5-30 Mon - Fri & 9 to 12 Sat)
                                                                                            Republic of Ireland: (01) 842 6836
                Hotpoint guarantee                                                           After Sales Service
     “Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back”                          “No company is better positioned to offer an after sales service on
                                                                           a Hotpoint appliance than us - the manufacturer”       .
 We give you a unique ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ promise - valid
     for 90 days - after you have purchased your Hotpoint                    As part of our commitment to you, all Hotpoint appliances have the
                                                                           added benefit of a fully inclusive parts and labour guarantee for the first
  appliance. If there is a technical problem simply call Hotpoint             12 months. In addition to this you also have the advantage of free
               Repair service or visit our web-site at                        replacement parts for the first 5 years when fitted by a Hotpoint and where necessary, we will                 engineer. When the 12 months parts and labour guarantee expires we
 arrange for an engineer to call. If the technical problem is not                        offer the following after sales service options:
 resolved under this guarantee, we will replace your machine
         or, if you prefer, give you your money back.                                    Repair Service and Information Help Desk
                                                                                                       UK: 08709 066066
 All Hotpoint appliances carry a fully inclusive 12 month parts                        
 and labour guarantee as well as free replacement parts for the                                Republic of Ireland: 1850 302 200
 first 5 years (except microwaves, selected integrated                     Note: Our operators will require the Model number and the Serial number
 appliances and cooker hoods, which have a one year                                                    of your appliance.
 guarantee) provided that they are fitted by a Hotpoint                        Available 364 days a year with a fast, effective and value for money
 engineer.                                                                 service. We have the largest white goods repair service in the UK with over
                                                                             1200 of our own fully trained engineers. All repairs include a parts and
 Guarantee terms and conditions                                                     labour guarantee for 12 months from the date of the repair.
                                                                                 If you require any information or have any questions about your
 Your guarantee is only applicable in the United                                     appliance, our operators are on hand with help and advice.
 Kingdom or Republic of Ireland and is subject to the                       All this ensures that you will receive the best available after sales service
 following provisions that your appliance:                                                                    possible.
 q Has been installed and used correctly in accordance with
      this instruction booklet.                                                         Extended Warranties
                                                                                          UK: 08709 088 088
 q Has been used solely for domestic purposes and is located               
      on domestic premises (ie. not for commercial or trade                       Republic of Ireland: 1850 502 200
 q Has been properly connected to a suitable electrical        Whether you have just one or a number of Hotpoint appliances in your
      supply voltage as stated on the appliance rating plate. kitchen, we offer two service cover plans to give you total peace of mind.
 q Has not been subject to misuse, accident, modified or      q Repair Protection Plan - FREE service repairs for a single Hotpoint
      repaired by anyone other than one of our own service                                 appliance during the period of cover.
                                                              q Kitchen Cover            - FREE service repairs for all your Hotpoint
      engineers.                                                                           appliances less than 8 years old.
                For pre purchase information on any other Hotpoint                               Genuine Parts and Accessories
                product,                                                                               UK: 08709 077 077
                call: 08701 50 60 70 or visit:                       
                                                                                                Republic of Ireland: (01) 842 6836

                       Recycling & Disposal                                  A wide range of genuine parts and accessories are available from our
                                                                                               hotline or through our web site.
                           Information                                       Genuine parts and accessories, extended warranties and service
                                                                                                        repairs are all
  As part of Hotpoint’s continued commitment to helping the environ-                            available on our web-site at:
  ment, Hotpoint reserves the right to use quality recycled components
  to keep down customer costs and minimise material wastage.
  Please dispose of packaging and old appliances carefully.
  To minimise risk of injury to children, remove the door, plug and cut
  mains cable off flush with the appliance. Dispose of these parts sepa-                 
  rately to ensure that the appliance can no longer be plugged into a
  mains socket, and the door cannot be locked shut.

                                     General Domestic Appliances Limited, Morley Way, Peterborough, PE2 9JB.
PRINTED BY SIMLEX . FOUR ASHES, WOLVERHAMPTON.                                                                            August 2002 1366200002-02

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