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Health of perception, intelligence, thoughts, emotions, feelings, passions, instincts and personal and social actions is Holistic Health according to Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar.

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If you were to listen to the introspective soliloquy of a media person, what would you find? The media is supposed to be not merely factual but it has to be realistic. Reality is that which transcends what merely happens or merely appears. Reality is the direction of future events. Realistic means having the vision of this blossoming future amidst what is visible! Media has to reflect its profound and clear vision of this blossoming of the billions all around the world. The media persons are likely to be aware of this. But it is not easy to do

what you want to do. You are usually dragged by your instincts, passions, temptations, vested interests, pressures and so on. Media persons are most likely to get enamored by the glamour and glitter to which they are always exposed and they therefore are likely to be mislead by it and in turn mislead the others! Media people are also exposed to and are likely to be affected by the daily petty politics of power and its frenzy. In fact media people seem to be caught in the unending pressures of the glamour, glitter, petty politics of opportunism and power, nuisance value, cynicism, personal temptations and so on.

They seem to lose the vision of blossoming of their own and that of the mankind, in the course of their job. They seem to degenerate in that sense. But it is important to note that everyone including the media people who are shrouded by the forces of degeneration have a definite and realistic hope! This realistic hope comes from NAMASMARAN, which is remembering your true self. NAMASMARAN can protect media person just as everyone from the disturbing and stupefying illusions and delusions created by rapidly changing environment inside and outside!

Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar

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