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									Engaged to the Sheik
In a Fairy Tale World

Author: Sue Swift

Dearest Godmother,I'm almost to my matchmaking goal. If I can get this couple to the altar...Of course, I
should have known better than to match an expert heartbreaker like Selina Carrington with a sheik of
legendary charm. The sassy exec's one sorrow too many has hardened her to love—and the sensual
flirtations of Kamar ibn Asad. But I know this charismatic desert lord is just what she needs, so I've
arranged a pretend engagement—followed by an accidental marriage. Kam's soulful eyes and moonlit
walks haven't melted Selina's single-girl heart, but maybe a husband's whispered promises can.Merry
Author Bio
Sue Swift
A former criminal defense attorney for twenty years, Sue Swift always sensed a creative wellspring
bubbling inside her but didn't know how to express herself. Though she studied drama in high school, art
in college and has sung soprano with numerous choirs, she didn't find her niche until attending a writing
class with master teacher Bud Gardner, who's turned many students into successful authors.Within a
short time, Sue realized her creative outlet was romance fiction. She began writing her first novel in
November 1996 and hasn't stopped since.The 2001 president of the Sacramento chapter of the Romance
Writers of America, Sue credits the RWA, its many wonderful programs and the help of its experienced
writers for her new career as a romance novelist. She also lectures to women's and writers' groups on
various topics relating to the craft of writing.Her books have garnered great reviews from Publishers
Weekly and Library Journal. A 2002 RITA Award finalist, Sue's hobbies are yoga and world travel.

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