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									Red Aces
J.G. Reeder

Author: Edgar Wallace

J G Reeder is a shabby little man with red hair and weak eyes. However, his extraordinary mind is rapier
sharp. Here are three thrilling episodes torn from his casebook: Red Aces about a man who gambles high
and lives in fear; Kennedy the Con Man, reveals the impeccable mask stripped from a fiend, and finally
The Case of Jo Attymer, a thoroughly intriguing mystery involving murder on London's Thames.
Author Bio
Edgar Wallace
Edgar Wallace was a soldier, poet, war correspondent, reporter, author and playwright. He wrote more
than 170 books, which have been translated into 28 languages and sales of which have exceeded 50
million copies. Over 160 films have been made from his books - more than any other author. He was
working on the original screenplay for King Kong when he died. In the 1920s one of Wallace's many
publishers claimed that a quarter of all books read in England were written by him.

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