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									Organized Crime
Author: James D. Ciment
Author: Frank G. Shanty
Author: John R Burch Jr.

Despite its impact on international security and the world economy, organized crime is an unusual topic
for a reference book. Difficult to research, the high-profit, high-risk subculture of drug lords, diamond
smugglers, and sex slavers is rarely investigated by scholars. Organized Crime: An International
Encyclopedia ventures behind the scenes into this hazardous territory.In the first volume, expert
contributors offer a global perspective on issues such as weapons and arms trafficking, high-tech and
cyber crimes, the future of organized crime, and the connection between organized crime and armed
conflicts. The second volume consists entirely of primary documents, national and international laws, and
treaties that reflect the international community's many attempts and largely ineffective and to combat
organized crime. Together the two volumes provide students and general readers with a road map to a
shadow world with far-reaching impact on the world we know.

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