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									Campaign and Election Reform
Author: Glenn H. Utter
Author: Ruth Ann Strickland

Edition: 2

Emphasizing the major electoral reforms since 2000, this second edition of Campaign and Election
Reform investigates the development of the American electoral system from colonial times to the present.
It chronicles efforts to expand suffrage, reform campaign financing, and prevent vote fraud, and traces the
development of election technology from the paper ballot to the lever voting machine, from the punch-card
ballot to the optical-scan and touch-screen systems.The book also explores alternative voting systems,
such as preference voting and proportional representation, and compares the U.S. electoral process with
the voting systems of selected European democracies. Campaign and Election Reform, Second Edition
is essential reading for any citizen who wants to understand the U.S. electoral system, what's wrong with
it, and how it might be fixed.

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