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									Ajax Starter Kit Quick Start Guide
Author: Phil Ballard

Edition: 1

Ajax Starter KitPhil BallardEverything you need to start learning Ajax today!Ajax Programmer's Toolkit
For Windows, Mac, or LinuxQuick Start Guide Learn Ajax programming basicsTutorial Reference Library
In searchable PDF formatPlug-n-Play Code Source code and frameworksAjax Programmer's Toolkit with
all the technologies you need to set up an Ajax development and testing environment on your Windows,
Mac, or Linux computer.Quick Start Guide teaches you the basics of Ajax programming in 21 short,
easy-to-read lessons.Tutorial Reference Library with more than 1,000 pages of how-to's on Ajax,
JavaScript, HTML, XML, and PHP in searchable PDF format.Plug-n-play source code and popular Ajax
framework libraries to help you reduce tedious typing and shorten programming tasks.Learn how to...
Build better, more interactive interfaces for your web applicationsMake JavaScript, HTML, XML, and PHP
work together to create Ajax effectsCompile an Ajax applicationCreate and consume Web services with
SOAP and RESTAvoid common errors and troubleshoot programsUse popular Ajax libraries to speed up
and improve common programming tasks

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