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									Principles of Social Psychiatry
Editor: Craig Morgan
Editor: Dinesh Bhugra

Edition: 2

Social psychiatry is concerned with the effects of the social environment on the mental health of the
individual, and with the effects of the person with a mental disorder on his/her social environment. The
field encompasses social interventions, prevention and the promotion of mental health. This new edition of
Principles of Social Psychiatry provides a broad overview of current thinking in this expanding field and
will be a source of ideas both in research and for the management of mental disorder. It opens by putting
social psychiatry in perspective, within both psychiatry and the social sciences. From the patient's
perspective, the outermost influence is the culture in which they live, followed by their neighbourhoods,
workmates, and friends and family. The next section considers how we conceptualize the social world,
from families through cultural identify and ethnicity to the wider social environment.

The book reviews the social determinants and consequences of the major mental disorders before
considering interventions and service delivery at various levels to mitigate these. It closes with a review of
the social impact of mental illness around the world and a thoughtful essay by the editors on the current
state of social psychiatry and where it is heading.
Author Bio
Craig Morgan
Dinesh Bhugra is Professor of Mental Health and Cultural Diversity at the Institute of Psychiatry in
London. He is currently President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, having previously served as
Dean. In May 2009, he was elected as an International Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association,
in recognition of having made significant and continued contributions to the field of psychiatry. He has
authored/co authored over 200 papers, 50 chapters and 14 books, the most recent volume being Culture
and Self-harm, Handbook of Psychiatry. He is editor of the International Review of Psychiatry. <br>

Dinesh Bhugra
<br>Craig Morgan is Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London and Associate
Member of the Social Psychiatry Unit, University of Oxford. He has completed higher degrees at the
Universities of Oxford and London and his research focuses on the impact of social and cultural factors
on the onset, course and outcome of mental disorders. He has authored numerous academic papers and
book chapters on these topics and has co-edited a book on the relationship between the social
environment and serious mental disorder, Society and Psychosis. He is on the editorial board of
Psychological Medicine.<br>

"This should be of interest not only to those in the mental health professions who are committed to the
practice and investigation of social psychiatry but to all who are engaged in the mental health system
irrespective of their theoretical persuasions."

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