Arterial Chip Seal Program - Tips For Drivers by latenightwaitress


									                         City of Yakima
                 Arterial Chip Sealing Program

                 Tips For Drivers
Tip #1 – Avoid Work Zones If Possible
                    Heavy equipment, dusty conditions, and
                    traffic challenges can all be found on
                    streets where chip sealing is being done.

                    It’s best to find alternate routes while
                    chip sealing work is underway.

Tip #2 – Slow Down!
20 mile-per-hour speed limits will be
strictly enforced in work zones.
For the safety of the work crews
and yourself, Give ‘Em A Brake.

Tip #3 – Pay Attention To Signs And Flaggers

                Signs and flaggers are there to help
                you navigate work zones.
                Follow what they have to say and
                you’ll make your way through safely.

Tip #4 – Stay Alert and Be Patient
Expect the unexpected. That includes other drivers
not following the rules or making sudden stops.
Traffic delays in work zones are possible. Build in
a little extra time for your trip if you’ll be going
through a work zone.

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