Higher Education and Sustainable Development by P-TaylorFrancis


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									Higher Education and Sustainable Development
Key Issues in Higher Education

Author: Stephen Gough
Author: William Scott
Table of Contents

1. Higher Education, Sustainable Development and the Free Society: An Overview Part 1: What is Higher
Education For? Possibilities and Their Problems 2. Learning to be Human 3. The Exercise of Liberty 4.
The Achievement of Justice 5. Emancipation of the Oppressed 6. Development of Individual Capability 7.
Building Social Capital 8. Building Human Capital: Curriculum and Skills-Development 9. The Education
Marketplace 10. Policy Implementation and the Nature of Citizenship Part 2: Aspects of Sustainable
Development 11. Sustaining Development on Environmental Conditions 12. Sustaining Development on
Social Conditions 13. Being Human 14. Liberty, Capability and Emancipation 15. Social Justice;
Ecological Justice 16. Policy and Social Capital 17. Sustainable Development as 'Triple Bottom Line':
Financial Viability, Environmental Conservation, and Social Betterment 18. Sustainable Development as
Learning: Learning in Higher Education Part 3: Case Studies 19. Higher Education Funding Council for
England (Hefce) - Uk-Based Case Study of the Response of the Hefce to Imperatives Mandated Through
the UK Government's Sustainable Development Action Planning Process 20. US-Based Case Study of
University Leaders for s Sustainable Future (Ulsf), Whose Work and Influence Has a Global Reach 21.
Unesco: Reorienting Teacher Education to Address Sustainable Development Case - An Influential UN
Initiative Which is Headquartered in Canada and the USA, but Involves Universities Across the World 22.
National Health Service Purchasing and Supply Agency (NHS Pasa) Case Study of an Innovative
Programme of Research and Development in the Training of Health-Sector Professionals. Conclusions:
No Noiseless Steps - No Backdoor Exit 23. The Literature of Sustainability in Higher Education: Insights
and Obstacles 24. Higher Education and Sustainable Development: An Identity of Interest?

The 'Key Issues in Higher Education' series aims to raise both awareness and the standards of debate on
the fundamental issues that lie at the very heart of higher education and intends to assist national and
international debate.Higher Education and Sustainable Development examines whether it is actually
possible to mandate, plan, monitor and evaluate the higher education sector's route to the production of
educated, innovative, independent, self-determining, critical individuals while at the same time achieving a
range of wider policy goals on the side. This book examines this question in the context of a particular
international policy issue - sustainable development - which is now seen across the globe as a necessary
and urgent response to a range of social and environmental issues that threaten the integrity of the
biosphere and human well being. The book concludes that the idea of sustainable development holds
both opportunities and dangers for universities as they pursue their proper role in a free society.Illustrated
by seven in-depth case studies this book considers the complex inter-relationships of a free society and
sustainable development in the context of higher education, and aims to makes recommendations for
realistic future development. It is essential reading for the international higher education research
community, policy-makers, university managers, students and non-Governmental organizations in the
development, environment and social policy sectors.

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