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									Counseling Techniques
Author: Rosemary Thompson

Edition: 2
Table of Contents

Preface. Professionalism in Counseling and Psychotherapy. Client-therapist Relationships: Counseling
Intentions, Interventions, and Therapeutic Factors. Eclectic Techniques for Group Therapy. Classic
Gestalt Techniques. Nonverbal and Metaphorical Techniques. Expressive Techniques: Art Therapy,
Dance/Movement Therapy, Drama Therapy, Music Therapy, Psychodrama, and Writing as Therapy.
Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dialectic Behavior Therapy, Scheme-Focused Cognitive Therapy and
Paradoxical Techniques. Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, Reality Therapy, and Transactional
Analysis. Classic Behavioral Techniques. Person-Centered Techniques and Psychoeducational
Counseling Approaches. Conflict Mediation and Conflict Resolution Techniques. Stress and Stress
Reduction Techniques. Trauma, Loss, Grief and Post-Traumatic Stress Debriefing. Psychodynamic
Techniques. Eclectic Techniques for Use with Family Systems and Family Development.

This book describes counseling techniques from a broad spectrum of theoretical approaches, and gives
mental health practitioners multiple therapy options for working with clients. It emphasizes helping clients
improve relationships - with others, themselves, their families, and their environment. Techniques are
arranged according to client issues, each offering a step-by-step guide to procedures and evaluation
methods. Finally, the book recognizes the importance of clients taking on increased responsibility for
themselves, and assists them in doing so through homework assignments and treatment planning -
reflecting alternatives and combining methods in a logical and systematic way to maximize a positive
therapeutic impact.

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