Applied Electrospray Mass Spectrometry by P-MarcelDekker


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									Applied Electrospray Mass Spectrometry
Practical Spectroscopy Series, Book 32

Editor: Birendra Pramanik
Editor: Ashit K. Ganguly
Editor: Michael L. Gross
Table of Contents

Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry: History, Theory, and Instrumentation
Robert B. Cody

Nanospray Electrospray Ionization Development: LC/MS, CE/MS Application
Tom R. Covey and Devanand Pinto

Characterization of Pharmaceuticals and Natural Products by Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry

K. Ganguly, Birendra N. Pramanik, Guodong Chen, Petia A. Shipkova

Electrospray Mass Spectrometry Applications in Combinatorial Chemistry
Mike S. Lee

Electrospray Mass Spectrometry in Contemporary Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics

Mark J. Cole, John S. Janiszewski, and Hassan G. Fouda

Electrospray Mass Spectrospray of Peptides and Proteins: Methodologies and Applications

Joseph A. Loo and Greg W. Kilby

Structural Analysis of Glycoproteins by Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry

Anthony Tsarbopoulos, Ute Bahr, Birendra N. Pramanik, and Michael Karas

Advanced Mass Spectrometric Approaches for Rapid and Quantitative Proteomics
Richard D. Smith, Gordon A. Anderson, Thomas P. Conrads, Christophe Masselon, Mary S. Lipton,
Ljiljana Pasa Toli, and Timothy D. Veenstra

Detection of Noncovalent Complexes by Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry

K. Ganguly, Birendra N. Pramanik, Guodong Chen, and Anthony Tsarbopoulos

Application of Hydrogen Exchange and Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry in Studies of Protein
Structure and Dynamics
Yinsheng Wang and Michael L. Gross

Microelectrospray Analysis Combined with Microdialysis Sampling of Neuropeptides and Drugs
Per E. Andrén and Richard M. Caprioli

Discusses current strategies to determine the structure and machanisms of numerous compound
classics. Covers new chemical and elctrophoretic techniques for rapid sample preconcentration and

This state-of-the-art reference/text summarizes the most recent breakthroughs in the theory and
instrumentation of electrospray mass spectrometry in pharmaceutical and biomedical applications-
providing practical examples for the characterization of peptides, proteins,
and glycoproteins, as well as applications in proteomics, combinatorial chemistry, and drug

Discusses current strategies to determine the structure and mechanisms of numerous compound
classes, including synthetic organic compounds, B-lactams, steroids, macrocyclic compounds,
peptides, glycoproteins, oligosaccharides, proteins, lipids, and polymers!

Detailing the latest advances in proteomics, noncovalent complexes of ligands and proteins, nanoflow
methods, and combinatorial chemistry, Applied Electrospray Mass Spectrometry covers

new chemical and electrophoretic techniques for rapid sample preconcentration and separation
modern screening processes for proteins from libraries of compounds
sensitive ionization methods for large biomolecules
the profiling of metabolites in in vivo and in vitro matrices
protein folding and dynamics

With more than 1000 contemporary references, Applied Electrospray Mass Spectrometry is an invaluable
reference for mass spectrometrists; analytical, medicinal, and protein chemists and biochemists;
biotechnologists; enzymologists; molecular biologists; and pharmaceutical scientists; and an excellent
text for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in these disciplines.

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