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					                     Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Limited



The Govt incorporated Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Limited in March, 1969.
Of India, it was, at that moment, only the second company in the country to be
engaged in the manufacture and marketing of the petrochemical products.

IPCL’s first Baroda based Aromatics complex was commissioned in 1973. In 2001-
2002 Baroda complex produced 3.94 lakh metric tones of merchant products (104%
capacity utilization. IPCL’s second petrochemical complex, based on associated
gases on Bombay high was commissioned in 1991 known as MAHARASHTRA
GAS CRACKER COMPLEX               (MGCC) at Naghothane in Raigad district of
Maharashtra. MGCC is contemporary on technology and has produced LLDPE for
the first time in India. MGCC complex has achieved the production of 4.35 lakh
metric tones of merchant products, resulting in capacity utilization of 102 %.. The
contribution of polymers was 87 % , fibre & fibre intermediates was 12 %.

In keeping with its objective of remaining the largest petrochemical production entity
in the fast growing Indian market, IPCL has commissionined its third mega complex
at Dahej in Bharuch district of Gujarat. It has produced 5.33 lakh metric tones of
merchant products .

Today, IPCL’s product portfolio includes petrochemical that form the basic raw
material for almost every section of Indian industry: Plastic, Synthetic Rubber,
Synthetic Fibre and Fibre Intermediates, Solvents, Industrial chemicals, Synthetic
resins, Engineering plastics, Catalysts, Adsorbents, Wire and Cable compounds.

In keeping with the changing economic scenario, the government of India pursuant
to the disinvestment commission’s recommendendations had decided to disinvest
25% equity in favour of a strategic partner with management control. On 4 th June
2002 the management of the company has been vested in the hands of Reliance
Petroinvestments Limited , a Reliance Group Company

IPCL-MGCC has several distinctions to its credit: Best performance award for 1990
among petrochemicals companies worldwide(CI London). ICMA awards,Dr.R.J.
Rathi Award, National Energy Conservation Award, Certificate of Merit for high
standards management of fire systems and procedures by M/s Fire Protection
Associattion.(FPA),UK. Indo-German Environment Excellence Award by Greentech
Foundation in association with Centre For International Transfer of Environmental
Technologies , Germany and United Nations APCTT( Asian and Pacific Centre for
Transfer of Technology, Maharashtra State Vanashree Award Perfect Record
Award’ received from National safety Council, “Sword of Honour” by British Safety
Council based on the 5-star rating given by the accredited British safety council
Auditors. One of the best managed Indian company: Asia Money 1995
IPCL-MGCC has ISO-9002 certificate for PP and LDPE plant and ISO 14000 for the
entire Nagothane complex including township.

                                                 1999-00      2000-01      2001-

       Energy consumption in terms of
       % of manufacturing cost            :      37.7          37.83         44.03

       Specific energy consumption in
       mmkcal/MT of product               :      3.77          3.66          3.74

       Purchased liquid fuel cost in
       Rs.Lakhs                           :      157.68        122.51        758.26

       Purchased lean gas cost Rs.Lakhs:         3363.1        4024.6        3428.7

       % of purchased fuel energy :              35.64         32.96         29.54

       IPCL-MGCC has reduced 36% in specific energy consumption over the
       period of 9 years.


       In IPCL-MGCC unit energy conservation is always a part of its overall
       strategy to reduce energy costs and hence to achieve lower production costs.
       At the technology selection stage itself, the specific energy consumption is a
       key factor determining the selection. In all plants right at the design stage
       itself, energy conservation features have been built in. the energy policy
       declared by the company reflects the top management commitment to energy
       conservation. There is total commitment to energy conservation from all
       levels of operating personnel.

       A systematic approach to energy conservation is followed for Technological
       change to adopt energy efficient technology, optimum utilization of available
       fuels and improvement in house keeping measures and eliminating wastage
       of energy.

       During the year 2001-2002, many areas for energy efficiency improvement
       were identified. The ENCON measures has resulted in the saving of Rs.
       285.92       Lakhs
The major projects, which contributed towards the savings are

1.    Earlier the off gas generated in Gas Cracker plant was used in the
      Boilers at Captive power plant to generate steam. In order to meet
      fuel requirement arising out of uncertain and low lean gas receipt
      ,Off-gas compressors at Captive Power plant were commissioned
      to consume the off gas in GTG’s to generate power This has
      reduced the costly liquid fuel consumption, resulting in a saving of
      Rs 20 lakh.

2.    Optimisation of capacity control system of air compressors by
      changing the minimum electrical current setting reduced the
      specific power consumption resulting in saving of Rs 17.8 lakhs per

3.    The scheme for recovering cooling water going to drain from
      sample coolers has been implemented amounting saving of raw
      water consumption of 200 m3/day. Implementation of this scheme
      has resulted in the saving of Rs. 10 lakhs per annum.

4.    Improved level indication in Acetylene stripper reboiler condensate
      pot in Gas Cracker plant, has resulted in reduced steam
      consumption. Savings due to this is Rs.18.4 lakhs per annum.

5.    Reduced steam consumption at GC (ISBL) achieved by
      condensate wash of cracked gas turbine. The saving due to this is
      Rs. 183.52 Lakhs per annum.
6.    Vapor absorption heat pump vent condensate recovery scheme
      has resulted in reduced DM water consumption at EO/EG plant .
      Saving due to this is 53000 Rs/annum
7.    M/s Saket Projects Ltd has been appointed to carry out an energy
      audit of the complex in order to prepare future course of action
      towards effective energy management.
8.    M/s EIL has been appointed to carry out a process integration study
      of EO/EG Plant to improve the energy efficiency of the process
9.    Rectification of condensate recovery scheme in PP plant has
      resulted in reduced DM water consumption. Saving due to this is
      67,000 Rs/annum.
10.   In order to meet fuel requirement arising out of uncertain and low
      lean gas receipt waste solvent from LDPE, oil from spent caustic
      treatment Plant and unusable treated LSHS dead stock were
      recovered and used in the boiler. The recovery of waste solvent
      from LDPE alone has resulted in a saving of Rs 30 lakhs based on
      the differential cost of LSHS and waste solvent.

       The qualitative objectives are minimizing energy bill and create
       awareness and alert response to energy conservation movement
       among the employees.
       The quantitative objective is to effect 1.0% overall reduction in
       energy consumption every year, so as to effect reduction in
       purchased energy bill.
       To achieve above objectives, following are the plans worked out for
       the future.

   Implementation of the schemes suggested by the external energy audit

   Implementation of the schemes suggested by process            integration

   Replacement of the rotors of ethylene refrigeration turbine and
    propylene refrigeration turbine, at Gas Cracker plant.

   Recovery of purge gas from LLDPE plant and EO/EG plant, to use as

   Replacement of the insulation in Gas Cracker furnace.

   Further improvement in the run-length of Dilution steam generator.

ISO-14000 certificate was received for all the plants/deptt. including estate
and township medical unit with effect from october-2000.
IPCL-MGCC has one separate full-fledged department looking for health,
safety and environment of the complex as well as nearby villages.

IPCL-MGCC is committed towards minimization of consumption of resources,
minimization of the wastes produced, creation of an environment conductive
to increased efficiency and productivity. Its commitment towards the
environment is reflected in the fact that it has been complying with the
statutory limits and norms of pollution prevention and control

The Environmental policy is as under :

 Aim to maintain environmental norms as per prevailing statutory
 Strive   to    conserve the natural resources and to minimise waste
  generation in petrochemical operations.

 Contribute to a green economy for sustainable development in
  minimising environmental impacts by technological innovation and

 Encourage environmental awareness in employees and society for
  vigilant hazard management and prevention.

The pollution control systems were designed on the fundamental principle of
source treatment and segregation of waste. The “ State- of-the- art” waste
treatment plant have all unit operation of physical, chemical and biological
treatment, which are able to put back the treated waste water next to raw-
water received, in respect of quality.

Recently IPCL-MGCC has been honoured by the Dr. R.J. Rathi Award for
pollution control in Chemical Industry category from MCCI , Pune.The
afforestation efforts of IPCL-MGCC is recognised by the state of Maharashtra
has been appreciated by the world bank for various measures taken up for
environment protection. The treated effluent is now being extensively used for
gardening purpose.

IPCL–MGCC was awarded Indo-German Environment Execllence Award
for the year 2000-2001, in the category of “Petrochemical Sector”. The
award is instituted by Greentech Foundation in association with Centre
For International Transfer of Environmental Technologies, Germany and
United Nations APCTT (Asian and Pacific Centre for Transfer of

Prestigious “Maharashtra State Vanashree Award” for the year 2001
was bestowed on IPCL-MGCC, Nagothane for best afforestation and
horticulture activities at MGCC..

“Perfect Record Award” received from National Safety Council, USA for
achieving 3.4 MMH without any reportable accident.

      16.Provide details on energy efficiency improvement project/measures
      including renewable energy systems commissioned during last three
      years giving energy saving achieve and the investment incurred.
YEAR OF         PROJECT DESCRIPTION                                  INVESTMENT
                                             ACTUAL                  INCURRED ON
                                             ACHIEVEMENT OF          THE PROJECT
                                             ENERGY SAVING           (RS.LAKHS)
                                             PER YEAR BASIS

                                               Total fuel    TOTAL
                                              (MMKCAL)      (RS.LAK
1999-00         Optimisation of CG and       90927.4        302.57  Operation
                C3R Turbine operation                               improvement
1999-00         Optimisation of H-14         43280.44       144.02  Operation
                excess oxygen in flue                               improvement
1999-00         Reduction of Decoking        83062.87       276.4    Operation
                time cycle of furnaces                               improvement
                SUB TOTAL                    217270.71      722.99    -
2000-01         Optimisation            of   8575.82        41.26    Operation
                secondary de-ethaniser                               improvement
                column at Gas Cracker
2000-01         Optimisation of High         8575.82        41.26    Operation
                Pressure Steam, supply                               improvement
2000-01         Re-routing of Absorber       9145.33        44.0     Operation
                water at EO/EG plant.                                improvement
2000-01         Improved run-length of       3886.76        18.7     5.0
                dilution steam generator
                at gas Cracker plant
2000-01         Increasing the running       14715.66       70.8      Operation
                hours of energy efficient                            improvement
                third chain of N2/O2
2000-01         Reduction in DM water        1454.94        7.0      Operation
                consumption at LLDPE                                 improvement
2000-01         Optimization of fuel         51567.82       248.6    Operation
                firing in gas Turbine at                             improvement
2000-01         Optimization of fuel         36718.49       176.66   Operation
                firing in supplementary                              improvement
                fired Waste heat
                recovery boiler at CPP
2000-01         Reduction in fuel            14073.41       67.71    0.01
                consumption by flare.
                SUB TOTAL                    148714.05      715.99   5.01
YEAR OF         PROJECT DESCRIPTION                                INVESTMENT
                                           ACTUAL                  INCURRED ON
                                           ACHIEVEMENT OF          THE PROJECT
                                           ENERGY SAVING           (RS.LAKHS)
                                           PER YEAR BASIS

                                             Total fuel    TOTAL
                                            (MMKCAL)      (RS.LAK
2001-02         Reduction in steam         42350.118      183.52  Implemented
                consumption           by                          during the shut
                cracked gas turbine at                            down.
                Gas Cracker,achieved
                by condensate wash.
2001-02         Reduction in steam         1153.83        5        Operation
                consumption by CG                                  improvement
                regeneration heater.
2001-02         Reduction in steam         4246.089       18.4     0.25
                consumption by
                Acetylene stripper
2001-02         Sample cooler water        2307.66        10        7.0
                recovery scheme at
                Gas Cracker plant.
2001-02         Optimisation of            4107.629       17.8     Operation
                capacity control system                            improvement
                of air
2001-02         Recovery of waste          6922.97        30       Waste
                solvent and usage of                               minimisation
                the same as fuel
2001-02         Rectification of           154.613        0.67     0.2
                condensate recovery
                scheme in PP
2001-02         Commissioning of Off-      4615.31        20       Increased
                gas compressors at                                 utilization of
                captive power plant                                internal off gas
2001-02         Vapor absorption heat 122.3058            0.53     0.2
                pump vent condensate
                SUB TOTAL             65980.525           285.92   7.65
GRAND TOTAL OF 3 YEARS                     431965.29      1724.9   12.66