Fundamental Themes in Clinical Supervision by P-TaylorFrancis


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									Fundamental Themes in Clinical Supervision
Editor: Tony Butterworth
Editor: John R. Cutcliffe
Editor: Brigid Proctor
Table of Contents

1. Contemporary Themes in Clinical Supervision: National and International perspectives of Education,
Policy, Practice and research: An Introduction Section One 2. Clinical Supervision: Personal and
Professional Development or the Nursing Novelty of the 1990's 3. Training for the Supervision Alliance:
attitudes, Skills and Framework 4. An Alternative Training Approach in Clinical Supervision 5. Clinical
Supervision: Visions from the Classroom 6. Development Transitions Towards Effective Education
Preparation for Clinical Supervision Section Two 7. Implementing Clinical Supervision in a NHS
Community Trust: Sharing the Vision 8. Implementing Clinical Supervision: A Personal Experience 9.
Clinical Supervision in Nursing and Health Visiting: A Review of the UK Literature 10. Implementing
Clinical Supervision in a Large NHS Acute Trust: Starting from Scratch Section Three 11. Clinical
Supervision: My Path to Clinical Excellence 12. Clinical Supervision in Gerontological Nursing and in the
Private Sector Nursing 13. Clinical Supervision for Nurse Educationalists: Personal Perspectives from a
Post Graduate Mental Health Nursing Course 14. Providing Cross Discipline Group Supervision to New
Supervisors: Challenging Some Common Apprehensions and Myths 15. Personal, Professional and
Practice Development: Case Studies of Clinical Supervision Practice in Mental Health Nursing 17. Clinical
Supervision in the Multi-Disciplinary Groups: Qualitative Evaluation of Clinical Supervision using a Focus
Group Technique Section Four 18. An Australian Perspective on Clinical Supervision 19. Clinical
Supervision in Finland: History, Education, Research and Theory 20. A North American Perspective on
Clinical Supervision 21. Clinical Supervision and Clinical Governance for the Twenty First Century: Where
do we go from here?

Clinical supervision has been available to nurses for over a decade. This book, edited by leading
practitioners in the field, looks at how clinical supervision has developed during this period and what the
issues are for the future, including: education and training in clinical supervision the introduction of clinical
supervision into policy and practice the practice of clinical supervision within the different nurse
specialisms current research activity international perspectives and experiences.The book is firmly
grounded in clinical practice and all the contributors write from real experience. They include clinicians,
educationalists, researchers and policy makers from the UK, Finland, America and Australia.Containing
the latest research evidence, Fundamental Themes in Clinical Supervision demonstrates the potential of
this form of training to support staff and improve client care an essential tool for nurses and other health

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