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									Electroanalytical Chemistry
Electroanalytical Chemistry: A Series of Advances Series, Book 21

Editor: Allen J. Bard
Editor: I. Rubinstein
Table of Contents

Template-Synthesized Nanomaterials in Electrochemistry,
Charles R. Martin and David T. Mitchell

Electrochemical Atomic Layer Epitaxy,
John L. Stickney

Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Studies of Metal Electrodes,
T. P. Moffat

This series is designed to provide comprehensive, authoritative reviews on recent developments and
applications of well-established techniques in the field of modern electro- and electroanalytical chemistry,
defined in its broadest sense. Both specialists and nonspecialists alike will discover
substantial discussions of areas still under intense investigation, in addition to established techniques
coverage of peripherally related areas, including the kinetics and mechanisms of electrode reactions,
which can be fruitfully applied to electrochemical problems

Electroanalytical Chemistry, Volume 21 is essential reading for analytical, physical, and organic
chemists and electrochemists. In addition, it provides a background and a starting point for graduate
students undertaking research in the field of electro- and electroanalytical chemistry.

"[This is] a series which, from its very beginning, proved to be one of the most successful and most
frequently cited reference books in electrochemistry. The series has shaped the electrochemists of the
last thirty years and, even more remarkably, each volume has turned out to be of lasting significance and
influence. Volume 19 continues this series of excellent reviews .
" highly recommended."

" there can be no doubt that this is an extremely thorough and well-researched text a snapshot of the
current state-of-the-art in electroanalytical chemistry.
" good value for [the] money a must for those enthusiasts of the topics described."

" up-to-date, comprehensive, well written, and thoroughly illustrated."

" valuable and well organized .
" should be an essential book for any chemist working in the area of solid state electrochemistry."

" this volume should be an essential book for any chemist working in the area of solid state

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