Ventilation Systems by P-TaylorFrancis


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									Ventilation Systems
Editor: Hazim B. Awbi
Table of Contents

1. Airflow, Heat and Mass Transfer in Enclosures 2. Ventilation and Indoor Environmental Quality 3.
Energy Implications of Indoor Environment Control 4. Modelling of Ventilation Airflow 5. Air Distribution -
System Design 6. Characteristics of Mechanical Ventilation Systems 7. Characteristics of Natural and
Hybrid Ventilation Systems 8. Measurement and Visualization of Air Movements

This comprehensive reference guide to ventilation systems provides up-to-date knowledge based on the
experience of internationally-recognized experts to deal with current and future ventilation requirements in
buildings. Presenting the most recent developments in ventilation research and its applications, this book
covers the fundamentals as well as more advanced topics. With rigorous coverage for researchers and a
practical edge for building professionals, Ventilation Systems is the one stop guide for the subject.

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