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									Same-Day Resume
Same-Day Resume
Help in a Hurry

Author: Farr, Michael

Edition: 2
Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Quick Tips for Creating and Using a Resume
Chapter 2: Do a Simple Resume in About an Hour
Chapter 3: Write a Skills Resume in Just a Few Hours
Chapter 4: The 15-Minute Cover Letter and Other Job Search Correspondence
Chapter 5: Use Your Resume on the Internet
Chapter 6: Write a Better Resume Now
Chapter 7: A Stupendous Collection of Professionally Written and Designed Resumes

A quick, easy way to put together an effective resume in a hurry. While other huge tomes bog down the
busy job seeker with too much information, this compact guide gives the reader the essential tools to
apply for jobs on the fly. Also includes advice on cover letters, JIST Cards, thank-you notes, online
resumes, and job search strategies.

Same-Day Resume is the book that started it all, launching the Help in a Hurry series and propelling it to
nearly a half-million in sales. Readers and chain buyers welcomed the compact format and affordable
price, as well as the “fast” approach. The series has grown to six titles encompassing many aspects of
finding a job and getting an education.

• High school students and graduates
• College students and graduates
• Busy adult job seekers

Key Features
• Step-by-step instructions to write a great resume—now!
• Dozens of sample resumes from professional writers
• Worksheets to organize your work history
• Cover letter tips
• JIST Cards and thank-you notes
• Steps for putting together Internet and scannable resumes
• Tips to use your resume in the job search

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