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									The Ballad of Cauldron Bay
Author: Elizabeth Honey

Funny, engaging and wise, this novel from the one and only Elizabeth Honey is the third adventure
involving Henni and the Stella Street mob. On holiday in a remote old house by the beach, Henni finds
that being a teenager is more complicated than being a kid.The Stella Street mob is off to remote
Cauldron Bay, and everything promises to be blissful in the fascinating old wooden house by the beach,
until a new girl is foisted on them. Tara is sophisticated, fashionable and into boys especially the wild
surfies. Henni just wants to play and have the kind of holiday they ve always had, but now she has to
look out for Tara, and her holiday is in danger of being wrecked.Following the success of 45 & 47 Stella
Street and Fiddle-back, Elizabeth Honey takes us on another adventure with Henni, Danielle, Zev, Frank,
Briquette and the others, but this time it s not so clear just who are the goodies and who are the baddies.
As Henni turns thirteen, she learns that people are not always what they seem.Elizabeth Honey writes
with the invigorating energy of a salty wind off the sea that wakes you up and makes you see the world
afresh. Warm-hearted, funny, touching and wise, this is wonderful story about growing up and living life to
the full.
Author Bio
Elizabeth Honey
Elizabeth Honey is the hugely popular, award-winning author of poetry, picture books and junior novels.
Her playful humour, originality and energy strike a chord with kids everywhere. Her books are published in
the USA, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Hungary, Bulgaria, Korea, Taiwan and China.

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