Haunting Olivia by P-Kensington


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									Haunting Olivia
Author: Janelle Taylor

Bestselling author Janelle Taylor’s novels of romantic suspense deliver it all—desire, deception, and
thrilling danger. In Haunting Olivia, a magazine editor travels to her childhood home in Maine—and into a
labyrinth of deception and fear…

A Face From The Past…

Olivia Sedgwick never really knew her wealthy father, and she can’t imagine why he bequeathed his
summer cottage to her. It’s a cozy little place, but Blueberry, Maine, holds only bittersweet memories for
Olivia—heartrending memories of Zach, her long-lost first love, and the child she gave up for adoption. But
what begins as a brief trip north to inspect her new property becomes a journey of revelation when she
runs into Zach himself—and their beautiful daughter.

And A Threat To Her Future…

Zach is stunned that Olivia has returned to the small town where they fell in love. But what’s more
shocking is the realization that her father lied to them both, driving them apart all those years ago.
Rebuilding their relationship offers a temptation that neither of them can resist. But someone is
determined to break apart their small family once more, and will stop at nothing to do it…

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